Thursday-Radiant Change is in the Air

You can listen to this while you're reading. Earth Holon-S.R. Physics Fact; Our electrons race about the nucleus of every one of our trillion cells at 600 mps (miles per second). Our protons and neutrons race about the nucleus of our cells at 40,000mps. THIS IS WHY WE APPEAR DENSE. -Fritjof Capra in The …

Let’s Watch This Again as a Dedicated Focus.

This gives background to the Draco and The Reptilians (Neptune next to the Kuiper Belt) and our asteroid belt (Tiamat blown up). This also flows over to Mars (Red Skywalker∞White W.B.) because part of it was blown off during the Tiamat Breakup. All the tribes in this drama are the red tribes.

Pyramids Found Beneath Antarctic Ice | The UnXplained (Season 3)

A perfect, gigantic pyramid that dwarfs the ones in Egypt. I'm pretty sure this was built by The Ancient Builder Race of E.T. If not them then some other ancient alien ancestors. Here is something.

Watch “Excavation of Ancient Alien Crash Site & City in Antarctica – Corey Goode & Dr. Salla” on YouTube Annunaki were Reptilians as well as all other E.T. This video is about the Pre-Adamites. Earth Alliance is a positive international group that seeks the demise of the Cabal/Illuminati/dark fleet. There are 6 Anshar bases in Antarctica. Geothermal tunnels are being formed running to the surface and destabilizing the Ross Ice shelf.

This is Quite Remarkable from Dr. Salla

Check out this link. Whenever I look at HF33 and watch as we pass through it, it feels to me that it's been hacked for thousands of years by the c!@#$ which is Luciferian. We enter HF33 in 18 days so this closing and opening of the gate is right around the corner...January 7, …

Watch “SSP Alliance Update: RECON – Reptilian ET bases on the Moon, Mars, & Antarctica Pt. 1” on YouTube

Stick with this as you watch. There is an important section on the Maya. There are two groups; the E.T. (who I am in meditation with one woman Alishka) and the Olmec group here on earth.🌎 The Maya are great healers and have worked with me now for 30 years in all of my work …

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