Time in The Body is Just Play

Ponder your life in years and you will see how your mind just feels and sees it as one moment in the body. The truth is the body is eternal, RIGHT NOW, which is why we chat with others and then look off into the distance and say, “Where did the time go?” as if it has legs running on a linear line. It does not. It is still and is one with your breathing in and out.

It’s not moving on a linear line, it’s spiraling in the eternal moment as your DNA, your precious, holy, mind and body. A free gift AS TIME, given to us by our parents, mostly our mothers TO EXPERIMENT AND LEARN on this experimental planet.

We can’t get this wrong whether we’re in light or shadow or any gray in between because our Source is a great ARTIST who has endless magical, seemingly tragic ideas, maybe levity but always FREE and interesting.

I can’t fathom that I am 60 years old according to MSM and sickcare program hexing. It doesn’t even exist to me and I never absorbed it. I was raised to absolutely worship ancestry and the birth family in the tradition of the Maldekian Red Serpent tribe and White Wizard whose kin have dominated my life and taught me that 3D birth kin is your life. Red Serpent will forever teach that and I accept the teaching but I will not absorb it as universal truth because it is not. It is our human past. The red tribes on the future DNA spiral are Red Skywalker and Red Earth; prophecy and synchronicity. That happens to be my son and I.

Look at where your tribe lies from 0-19 on the Interplanetary Holon. 0-9 is Yellow Sun to Red Moon. 10-19 is White Dog to Blue Storm. Those of us on the future strand are bringing it forward to align and dissipate the past. Cleave to and learn from your same color tribes on the future strand. If your tribe is on the future strand let go of your same-color tribes on the past strand that may be holding you back. Look deeply at your inverse Harmonic and release and forgive all of the events and people you find there and hold them in the light.

My grandmother, mother-in-law, and rogue Catholic time thief priest were Red 11 Serpent, at the top on my inverse HF62, and seeded a tremendous amount of pain in my family past and recent present. I am just now learning much from my 82-year-old mother, and her oldest daughter, Blue Hand, my 5gforce. đź’” I am releasing that past because it is not true for me. We can heal it if we’re willing to see the truth in the details.

I have a future that comes from the stars, not just this one life. We all do.

As a Human Collective We Need to Stop Blaming Individuals for Ancestral Crimes in the Past

Time moves within our bodies simultaneously from past to present and future to present depending on your Tzolkin Theme-plex

We need to balance them in the interplanetary Holon with the CA or civilizational advance of past to present timeline embodied in the RNA of tribes 0-9 and AC or aboriginal continuity timeline embodied in tribes 10-19 to increase the strands in our DNA.

The Yellow Sun is O/20 and processes in the Tzolkin down the White Dog or 9.

The timeline then shifts to future back to present and all ten of these tribes are PROPHETIC and need to be listened to to calm THE DIN of constant predominance of THE PAST.

If, as a collective, we keeping talking about, thinking about, and feeling the past we keep it alive in all of it’s trauma. That’s not helping. We’ve got to realize that we can remember and honor it a bit but we need TO CREATE a new future and let these tribes lead us;

  • White Dog kin-create a new future in love and loyalty
  • Blue Monkey kin-create a new future full of free and spontaneous art, no control
  • Yellow Human kin-create a new future where humans are empowered in free will granted to them by the universe. They are no longer slaves to be used by elite.
  • Red Skywalker kin-create a new future where we realize that we are ONE Human race no matter what gender or culture. There is diversity in unity and all are free to explore. Chill out on fear of differences.
  • White Wizard kin-create a new future where we meditate, receive spiritual guidance calmly, uplift our consciousness and respect healers and shamans
  • Blue Eagle kin-create a new future where those with a new vision are listened to. Our Minds are more malleable to change.
  • Yellow Warrior kin-create a new future where it’s realized that raising the level of intelligence in a human being needs to be paramount to support consciousness. Education based on the truth, not secrets and lies takes precedence.
  • Red Earth kin-create a new future where we daily tune into the EARTH or GAIA to be in SYNCHRONICITY with her cycles and the galactic cycles. In this way, we will be part of a galactic collective.
  • White Mirror kin-create a new future that isn’t afraid of it’s own reflection. See yourself in truth not in some romantic fantasy that is a lie.
  • Blue Storm kin-create a future where you SELF-GENERATE from within. Turn off and tune out outside influences and tune into Spirit’s voice. Everyone will know how to do it.

Note that each kin has BOTH CA and AC in their DNA. It’s either your theme or your analog and it’s very important then to note your other 3 positions in your theme-plex to see how they move. Do your best to balance thought on the FUTURE and the PAST in alignment with your theme-plex.

(President Eisenhower 1953-1961) was heavily betrayed by those he trusted to the dark actor E.T.’s after WWII.

FDR was President from 1933-1945 during the war. Then we had Harry Truman from 1945-1953. They were both Democrats getting the Deep State going before Republican Eisenhower came into office. Many dark scenarios were put in place way before Eisenhower was President. We are not individually responsible for the choices of our ancestors and the tRNA sequencing in the Tzolkin theme-plex proves it.

Our family DNA is only in the Hidden Wisdom or Occult partner position. It’s only 20% of our story and it’s our parents, not us. WE ARE NOT OUR PARENTS OR OUR FAMILY! We are children of the Universe or children of God. We need to stop the ancestral guilt and blame simply because it’s not accurate! I’m so very sorry it’s everyone’s HABIT and way of being on this planet but its done. You have control over your own soul, body and mind and that’s ALL you have control over.

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