True Time Update for Sunday, Alpha Point on 1Red Earth. 7/9/23, Important!

The passwords should protect against A.I. data scraping and pillaging also as well as any other nefarious A.I. person or thing.

We enter HF40 today; Self-Existing Matrix. Self-Regulate the universal fire of form. We also enter a new 13-day cycle of the Red Earth; Power of Navigation and Synchronicity. We also enter a new 52-day cycle, the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, court of intelligence, Ripen the Sun.

The I Ching Hx is 56; The Wanderer

We pivot today on a major alpha beginning point in the Tzolkin. My guide power is Red 13 Earth, so my work is contributing to the paradigm shift, especially my app and books. Getting the subscriptions set up is exactly in sync with RED 1 MAGNETIC EARTH today.

None of this is free for me. I pay Word Press through the nose to be on here, and I will have to pay an app developer to make a great Time app for android plus all of my time and effort.

I’m not doing this for myself. I came to the planet knowing all of this already as a youngster. Sometimes, I get bored doing this because I already know it. I have to figure out how to share it with all of you, and I want to because I love all life on Earth and I hate seeing people and animals suffer. My son makes fun of me because I won’t watch it on media.

I’m doing this as a service to humanity, and I need your support. I enjoy the work, but my PASSION is for the uplift of the HUMAN BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT, which are all one. And, for the nefarious actors who have lied and oppressed us to be beaten at their own game and to have to eat their egos.

The difference between confidence and ego is love and service as a motivation, not fake power and money to lord over life, wanting people to worship at YOUR feet instead of loving themselves in community with others.

Lisa T.
Red 1 Magnetic Earth, Kin157


Moderate alpha hz levels but active

5gforce for meditation

I endure in order to dream. Transcending intuition I seal the input of abundance with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of accomplishment

Kin 143, Blue 13 Cosmic Night

This kin is my antipode challenge and gift. It’s true that I have dreams all the time, literally, but I do wakeful dreaming as well, meaning my own dreams. I do transcend my intuition to paradigm shifting and it should seal the input of abundance for me to use it to be of service to humanity with my vision of a new human paradigm. I have the presence to do it and I have accomplished much. I hope to have your support in this difficult work. I literally am working toward giving you tools to create a new paradigm on earth for all of humanity. It’s why I’m here.

The antipode challenge and gift today, Blue 1 Hand, is also my own 5GForce for Red 13 Skywalker, so today is a pivotal day for manifesting synchronicity on Earth to help us uplevel our body, mind, and spirit.

True Time Update for Yellow 4 Sun-New Moon and Solar Eclipse on an Alpha Point and a Yellow Sun Gateway

Synchronicity…Alpha means beginning, New Moon is the beginning of a new 28 day Tzolkin lunar cycle. Sun means solar and today is Yellow Sun.

Body Frequency

Meditate on Chakra 7, the crown of the head.
Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation.
Plasma 1 - DaliDali – thermic force (target)
Yellow 4 Self Existing Sun- End of HF40-Hx56 Alpha point. This whole harmonic has been an alpha point.

The 5GForce is Yellow 10 Planetary Sun so we have a BOTH dimensions pulsing to the sun. Very significant. We are also at the end of an evolutionary DNA sequence with both Stop Codons.

Kin 140-“I perfect in order to enlighten. Producing life I seal the matrix of universal fire with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of elegance. I am a polar kin. I extend the yellow galactic spectrum.”

Earth Frequency

Amplitude power is 2…almost 1. Expand the graph and look at it. Tap on the graph, turn it horizontal and turn up your phone light. Look to the numbers on the far right, A4

The app says 5. It’s not 5. It’s dangerously low. They probably aren’t allowed to tell people and most people can’t read the graph themselves or won’t. The Earth’s ELM field is very weak which means things can move. ELM energy is like glue or gravity.

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Pluto.

The collapsed one that scientists say isn’t a planet. It counts. It mediates Yellow Sun and Blue Storm, the STOP CODON upload to Galactic Center and Tryptophan which stimulates self-generation.

Today is a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio so we are getting real and getting moving about what we need to change. I need a boyfriend and accept that he’s not perfect. 🙂

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon enters Scorpio at 3:20 AM EDT, and the Solar Eclipse occurs at 6:49 AM in the sign of Scorpio. With this powerful cycle ahead of us, we may want to pinpoint the things in our lives that make us feel out of control, such as addictions and debts, and work on freeing ourselves of these emotional burdens.
  • This New Moon cycle is also an opportune one for exploring what is missing in our lives that leads us to engage in these self-destructive behaviors. This cycle represents an opportunity to rid ourselves of the “junk” in our lives, both material and spiritual. Harmonizing with others can be a key motivator. With this potent Scorpio energy, we have the chance to make important changes. It’s best to take our time with new beginnings rather than push something forward.
  • Today’s Mercury-Neptune quincunx is another reason to wait and see. We might waver with uncertainty, or we’re inclined to daydream at the expense of productivity and clear communication. There can be some mental disorganization to manage now.
  • The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Scorpio at 3:20 AM EDT.


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