True Time Update; Red 7 Resonant Earth, 6/19/23-Last month

Today is 7/13/23, and I’m going to show this to you again. This is when Twitter blew up on my feed, and I had 1200 hits on this blog. It was just a hit n’ run. They didn’t come back. That’s how fear is. Fickle.‐——-‐—‐–‐—————


We have 3 big things hitting today;

ScR magnestosphere disturbance, New Moon pulse, Summer Solstice/ Sun moving into Cancer ♋️, and the last harmonic of the central column in the Tzolkin or count of days/people. A kin is a day AND a person.

This is ALL a natural evolutionary phase which I’ve been following for 33 years. Synchronicity in time is real and it tends to manifest in the birth family. The earth has gone through major changes many times before in 4.5 billion years, but now humans are here growing up. Frankly, it appears to me that the other species of animals and plants, as well as ocean life, generally dig humans. We like each other and have mixed in well with the web of life. Good bonding! Let’s continue!

There are 20 Mayan symbols for the DNA amino acids of all life. These symbols have been artistically interpreted over time. The original Mayan depiction of the tribes of time, amino acids is on this blog. Humans are artists and we create different perspectives.

We enter HF35 today, the last harmonic of the central column. Each column is 20 days and there are 13 so there are 260 days that sync EXACTLY with the 365 day solar year. It’s all explained in my book “Time is DNA”. 3D life, what we call “real”, and 4D Time are ONE at all times, and with the larger grand universe. Our bodies are ELM stations to absorb and transmit all of it as we make choices and knock around.

HF35 is a planetary matrix whose purpose is to self-regulate the universal fire of manifestation. (OUR BODIES). To achieve that, today, we hone to evolution of the tRNA in all of our trillion cells focused on phenylalanine, glycine, methionine, isoleucine, and valine. This is I Ching49; Revolution/Molting.

I will be putting all of this in an app so that you can input any date and see the synchronicity. You can also use an app if you have an iphone. The app for android is currently being amended I believe. The one I use is but it says the website is under construction. You can no longer download the app.

The work I do hails from Jose Arguelles and his book Earth Ascending where he confirms that the Tribes of time are amino acid proteins, the building blocks of all life and all DNA. It’s a complicated book that most people can’t understand at all. I do and I’ve pulled it apart and analyzed it. I’ve posted on it quite a bit on here. Dr. Fernando Chavez also confirmed it and it’s in my book “Time is DNA”. Both men are from South America and then lived in the United States.

5GForce Meditation

I channel in order to dream. Inspiring intuition, I seal the input of abundance with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of vision.

Kin163, Blue 9 Solar Night,The Dreamspell

I have spent countless hours analyzing the book Earth Ascending for my followers. There is no way I can nutshell it or bring it down to a simple level. Suffice to say, if you look at Map43, the Psi Bank Flow key WHICH IS THE SCHUMANN RESONANCE MONITORING THE EARTH’S MAGNETOSPHERE, Today, we just hit HF35, Red 7 Earth and we are in the throes of the end of “the way things have been”. I’ll be specific.

  1. The earth will remain
  2. The human race will remain
  3. The governments all over the world will be reorganized
  4. We will finally have disclosure of the military secrets and U.S secrets for the last 200 years.
  5. The Vatican archive secrets will likely be opened
  6. Our bodies/mind, same thing will continue to be put through the grinder to ASCEND and IMPROVE
  7. We do NOT need any more cults
  8. Ego based humans with a closed heart will continue to aggressively project their own mind-body-spirit lineup onto others and insist they agree. Ignore it. We are each free to be who we are and live as we need to live.
  9. My work here is education based on research and personal experience from the last 33 years. You can take it or leave it. I don’t rely on people agreeing or disagreeing with me for my mission to be felt.
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