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It’s 11/22/22; 5, 11’s or 55. It is highly Tzolkonic as the 5GForce or the Fifth Force. It’s the overtone 5th which was yesterday. Remember, the Uranus and Earth Time Tunnels are open now. It’s The Age of Aquarius ♒️ . All the new, future energy for this timeline can stream onto the planet.

There are about 41 A.I. posts on here now and it’s coming up as an Intuitive Category. I highly recommend you read these articles over Thanksgiving while you take bites of your pumpkin pie and educate yourself, your family, and friends and make sure they are led to this page or these articles.

This is a serious issue and Elon Musk is the richest man in the world and an A.I. prophet. Anything he supports needs to be boycotted. A.I. is not going to run this planet. Please take a stand on this.

A.I., Artificial Intelligence Runs THE Federal GENOME PROJECT

“Whole-Genome Sequencing Plus AI Yields Same-Day Genetic Diagnoses – NIH Director’s Blog”

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because they think humans wouldn’t be such losers if we were run by the machine world or had Elon Musk’s Neurolink in our brains. We would be more profitable to them, as if human slavery as it is right now, isn’t enough. We’d be putty in their hands if we were robots full of nanites like the Reptilians. They will go extinct soon.

Our genes, our DNA is REAL, not artificial and we don’t want any of their fake crap or fake tests or fake operations. Sick care has done enough iatrogenic, physician caused damage to the human race. These people work with dark forces. That is not good enough for humans.

Same-day diagnosis; What is this drive- through like McDonalds? Have a big Mac with your A.I. genome diagnosis which will of course recommend that you need more genetic engineering jabbed into you, synthetic joints, sledge hammer big pharma, and surgery. It’s a sham because there is no more genetic determinism via DNA. Everything is EPIGENETIC. Dynamically evolving RNA controlled by our own minds and heart determine our individual genome as time; our time.

The entire sick care system, for 100 years has been lying, prepping and convincing people that they have the Cadillac of health care. They do not. Sick care is the gutter for the body. Too much tech turns humans to soulless victims, unable to mate and reproduce. That’s what they want.

That’s what they think of anything that comes from SOURCE because they hate nature, they hate creation, they hate God and hate natural DNA that is time. It’s Luciferian.


SSP and Earth Alliance Destroys Elon Musks Starlink Satellites: From Corey Goode

This warms my heart on Valentine’s Day. SSP Alliance and Earth Alliance are one of the good arms of the U.S. military.🇺🇸-Lisa T.

“The Secret Space Program Alliance has admitted that they and the Earth Alliance were behind an operation to destroy a number of Star-Link Satellites as well as a couple of other commercial satellites that were part of Elon Musks plan to use his Neurolink project as a network to connect and control to all of the brain chip implants and nanotechnology that parts of the shadow government have secretly been putting in our bodies for years.

Spokespersons from the SSP Alliance admitted that the satellites were taken out by directed EMP weapons aboard one of their spacecraft. The SSP Alliance commander stated that Elon and his Deep State partners are well on their way to completing their very own SKYNET constellation of satellites similar to those in the movie Terminator.

We were told that more and more information about Elon Musk and the Mad Scientists that work for him will be coming out in the next year in a half in an effort to wake up humanity to the danger of Transhumanism and the direction Elon and the Deep State want to take our civilization. Read below how Elons scientists tortured Monkeys in their experiments with brain chips. Do not allow yourself to be deceived into Transhumanism.”

HORRIFYING EXPERIMENTS Elon Musk’s Neuralink test monkeys ‘were tortured suffering from brain hemorrhages, bloody rashes and self-mutilation’ –

Transhumanism A.I.-Nada.

Sphere Being Alliance – Ascension Works TV, [29.10.21 09:06]

Will you be one of the people seduced into the transhumanist agenda? Elon is an AI Prophet who is pushing this AI agenda. What if at some point tall beautiful human-looking ET’s come down and promise it is safe and urge the people of Earth to use chips and nanites to connect with the other advanced inhabitants of the Galaxy? If what they say resonates is that all it will take for you to be implanted? The AI Transhumanist agenda is being pushed heavily right now and in some cases, it is dressed up in love and light language. Most of the worlds taken over by the AI god were deceived and seduced into their own extinction through their distortions of hubris and ego. The Orion Group plans to repeat that process on this planet. Don’t allow yourself to be seduced. The spiritual path of ascension is not compatible with the false technological one. CG:

My Opinion

To be fair, this is dated 2016. Now, in 2021, the last board meeting in October at which I heard him speak, he is AGAINST A.I. but feels that a certain amount of it may be inevitable.

Elon is a White 3 Electric Worldbridger and a CANCER Sun. So the Moon and Mars wrap around his brain.

He is so wrong.

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