Monday-Podcast on Synchronicity as Two Timelines Crossing in Your Body as DNA Strands

The telomeres absorb the electrical polarities, negative and positive. Electrons are (-) and Protons are (+) Too many electrons, which make you visible and dense also cause you to age. Your DNA tries to balance your polarities but it is largely up to your choices, mindset, activities, breathing, and intentions. Our RNA is completely programmable. If it solidifies it turns to DNA and goes into the nucleus of all of our cells. Your RNA remains MALLEABLE your entire life. Your family does not set your DNA, you do.

Look at the previous blog with the image first. This podcast goes with it.

Synchronicity is the Congruence of AC/CA Timelines

Aboriginal Continuity= future to the present moment. CA=Civilizational Advance is the past to the present moment. When the two strands of DNA cross (two timelines that cross), there is synchronicity. Your DNA is YOU, in your BODY so the timelines crossing is TIME CROSSING IN YOUR BODY!

If you aren’t paying attention to where your body is in spacetime or how it feels, or your intuition, you will not be able to catch any synchronicity. They don’t WANT you to pay attention to your body, how you feel and your intuition or they won’t be able to program you with THEIR AGENDA!! They have a use for you. Understand?

It is a matter of life and death folks. Study this for five minutes. I”m about to do a podcast on it.

Page 14 of “Time & The Technosphere”. 911 is at the top, circled. It was entirely predictable. So are other things coming but you have to pay attention to the 4D world around you, not the Fake MSM that helps you feel less lonely when you have it on or gives you the guidance you think you need. This is also in “Earth Ascending” Map 19

Monday-Podcast from Time & the Technosphere

The theme is 9-11. We are at the end of artificial time and the specter of artificial intelligence impacting humans in any meaningful way. They can’t make a SOUL and they can’t make human blood.

More Synchronicity; Late Queen Elizabeth Arrives in Edinburgh on 9/11/22. We Are at the End of Artificial Time Dictated by the Gregorian Calendar

9/11/01 occurred in HF63/inverse 3. King Charles III, her son, taking her place, is White 2 Polar Dog who was born in HF 53/Inverse 13, only 10 apart!!! There is the synchronicity between 911, the end of artificial time, and the Queen’s death.

Sunday-Daily Reading; 21st Annv. of 911 and the Destabilization of the Technosphere/Attempted Machine-World

It has been 56 years (28 x 2) since Hiroshima, August 6, 1945, and the dropping of the atomic bombs and the Inevitable Event in New York on 9/11/01. The prophecy is on the lid of the sarcophagus of Pacal Votan. (see bottom of the blog) The cause of all of this is a disturbance in the Cosmic Web due to artificial time (12:60, the 12-month Catholic Calendar, denying the karma of the destruction of Maldek, blood, and sex lust, and inequity of women with men) which is the invention of Materialist Science whose outcomes and methods are frequently incorrect and trash HUMANS and the BIOSPHERE. Who is doing it and why? It’s a rhetorical question. If you don’t know why after reading this blog for years you’ve missed something.

Earth Holon

The Tomsk, Russia monitoring station is still down. Idk. Maybe the Ukrainians sabotaged it.

Body Holon

Have we expressed the intelligence of cooperation? That was the goal for the last 4 days since the Queen died and the FBI raids commenced on the same day; Red 9 Solar Skywalker; Thursday. Today is Sunday.

A must-read about the true context of 911. This hit on Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey on 9/11/01, 21 years ago today. My 23-year-old was 2. I read this book straight through back then.

Yellow Warrior pulses to the left shoulder and Crystal Tone 12 pulses to the left knee.

Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior/Histidine~Blue 12 Night/Alanine mediated by Saturn. The 5 gforce is Yellow 2 Polar Seed. Yellow Warrior is Ripener kin. Today is a GAP kin
The questions are about everything, from the Source of 911 to the E.T. interacting with us for 100 years or more. Don’t vote for someone who keeps secrets and doesn’t get answers.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn today and Venus, Mars, and the asteroid belt are pulsing on our cells in 5th density due to Yellow 12 Warrior. In 3D astrology we have…

  • The Moon continues its transit of Pisces only until 2:48 AM EDT, after which the Moon is in Aries. The Aries Moon is bold, confident, and enterprising. We more readily take the initiative.
  • This morning, the Sun forms a trine to Uranus, promoting changes and stimulating us to embrace the new. This transit helps loosen things up. Our willingness to take a few creative risks and experiment may be the key to success. This aspect brings out the visionary in us. Taking advantage of unusual or unconventional opportunities can bring rewards. An original, unique approach to life is in order and works to our benefit. This energy serves to detach us just enough to be able to embrace change or to move forward in some manner.


Page 111 (!) of Time and the Technosphere

September 12 Should See a Real CLARITY Finally, Post 9-11.

Something is going to let loose in the next 12 days, finally, that has some truth to it. Also in this wavespell is 9-11.

9-11-22, all master numbers. 21 years since 9-11-01. My son was 2 and now he’s 23. Crazy stuff. José’s book “Time and the Technosphere” illuminates the truth of what happened on that inside job and this year we are about to get even more clarity. I can feel it.

Dissolution says the I Ching. Dissolution of our political system and both parties? Yes please.

Tuesday-Today’s Podcast on the Synchronicity of Wars and Twin Towers over 28-year Periods.

9-1-2001, Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey. 28 years before that, on April 4, 1973, they were dedicated. That is Blue 11 Spectral Monkey, Jose’s gateway. Huge synchronicity, especially if you read his book, “Time and Technosphere”
The Eiffel Tower was dedicated on March 31, 1889, Blue 10 Planetary Hand. This tower is also linked to tech advancement over the years.

The years in 28-year increments; 1889, 1917, 1945, 1973, and 2001. We all know what happened in those years as a matter of historical fact, according to the Gregorian Calendar of course. Still, it has to abide by the Law of Time.

In Honor of Jose on His Birth Gateway and 911, Quotes from his Book about 911, “Time and the Technosphere”

Epic Book about 911

“Change your calendar, get back to living in harmony with the natural cycles of the rest of the biosphere–and the universe. If you don’t, well, the destruction of the Twin Towers was just the first stage of the Apocalypse but we still have a choice.”

“Human beings can begin to understand that they are a function of the biosphere, but not necessarily its controlling mechanism.” (Actually THE SUN and the Van Allen Belts around the Earth are. Together, they program the biosphere with DNA which is Time.)

“Who owns your Mind owns your Time. Own your own time and you will know your own mind.” (and your body. Same thing.)

“The destruction of the Twin Towers defines the LIMIT of artificial time.” (And A.I.)

“The synchronic order is measured and gauged by the 13:20 matrix.”

“The Science of Time is dependent on two factors; a sudden and radical disruption of the historical continuum; and a genuine globalization or planetarization of consciousness.

“With the Final War between blood and money now upon us the question we must ask is; will the TECHNOSPHERE collapse before the BIOSPHERE or not?”

I use this symbol all of the time; ∞∞∞

“TV~~~~~~∞, means; Formulation: velocity of time is instantaneously infinite”

“The purpose of the 12:60 measure was to establish a timing standard that was actually a pseudo-solar calendar to assert male intellectual dominance.” (Ya don’t say.) (They had to do something to compete with women since they can’t automatically make a human being with a soul in their bodies. The competition hasn’t stopped.)

“Although we tend to think of the moon as feminine, the knowledge of the synodic measure, the cycle from new moon to new moon, became the exclusive province of a male priest class that used the lunar calendars to capture and control the feminine principle and to oppress women in general.”

“There is no question that the lunar calendar civilizations are the tool of powerfully patriarchal societies, the tables of the moons and the years being the possession of a dominant male priest class.”

In gratitude, Lisa T., Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker


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