How auroras light up the sky

The light particles are charged by the Tzolkin Harmonic projected as an intelligent time hologram from galactic center. We basically live in a 4D movie that is an illusion.

Visual For the Hologram

Radial Light expands and contracts When you watch a movie in the theater they don't show the picture with three different tracks; the image, the color, and the sound. All three tracks are overlayed and synced with each other so that you are watching a 2D movie as though it's happening in 4D space-time. However, …

The 4DTesseract

How Does Time as DNA Affect Mindset? The four dimensions are height, width, length and depth. Most of us call anything we can measure around us that is manifested, “real”. If you perceive anything else you need to go to a psychiatrist? Right? No. Thank goodness we have science and epigenetics that has proven that …

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