Wednesday. White 13 Mirror. Rupert Sheldrake on The Presence of The Past and the Future IN US.

I’m musing on physics history on this audio and how it applies to The Tzolkin. There is a section in Sheldrake’s book where he talks about cumulative memory; because of habits over time, experiments aren’t necessarily going to be exactly duplicated. This applies to morphogenetic resonance in nature. There are no laws of nature but there are habits.

This one is short and focused on the past and the present

The Body Holon

  • Theme is White 13 Cosmic Mirror; Meditation and Reflection
  • Analog is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon; Memory
  • Guide Power is White 13 Cosmic Wind; Spirit
  • Antipode is Yellow 13 Cosmic Star: Art
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 1 Magnetic Night; abundance
  • 5Gforce is White 1 Magnetic Wind, like the Guide Power; Spirit

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune. Guide power is mediated by Uranus and we have a very strong Mars opposition to Uranus today.

Jupiter and Saturn are both in Aquarius and if you remember back, their allignment ushered in The Age of Aquarius. Uranus rules ♒ Aquarius.

With Mars strongly opposing and the recent events relayed by Corey Goode on the previous post, we may have some cranky c%^&$ not getting their way with A.I. acting out. Watch out for impatience and aggression from shadow workers. Mars-Maldek drama is finishing up its karma with the old gods.

Awesome Neptune

Sunday-The Sun is Now in Scorpio (in Sync with Wizard/Serpent Mediated by Maldek

The Sabian Symbols are ancient just as astrology is and come from the astrological line-ups for the day. Both come from astronomy or the observation of the planets. Both are based on the energies of what we now call the Interplanetary Holon. I have dialed up many people with the Sabians and find their interpretation of planetary placement at birth to be more accurate than modern astrology. Check this out for today. And be sure and put yourself in the Sabian Calculator and see if it rings true. Mine does. I’m giving you a synopsis below but do read the info. or watch the videos on this link. It’s a good way to spend a Sunday and see the truth about your alignments and those close to you.

I have shown you the synchronicity between the astrological Sabian Symbols and the Mayan Oracle

Body Holon-tRNA evolving in a 5 membered cell in every cell of our bodies

  • Theme is 2Lysine or White 2 Polar Wizard: Timelessness
  • Analog is 2Serine or Red 2 Polar Serpent; Sex
  • Guide Power is 2Threonine or White 2 Polar WB; Change-Death
  • Antipode is 2Valine or Yellow 2 Polar Seed; Flowering
  • Hidden Wisdom is 12Isoleuicine or Blue 12 Crystal Hand; Accomplishment
  • The 5GForce is 12Threonine or White 12 Crystal WB; Communal Change/Death.

Interplanetary Holon

“Sabian Symbols Calculator – sabian mysteries”

  • The Sun is in Scorpio2. The degree is nostalgia in sync with the mediating planet Maldek and the analog; Red 2 Serpent.
  • The Moon is in Gemini15; confirmation and validation in sync with Yellow 2 Seed, the antipode.
  • Mercury in Libra 14; Taking a break in sync with the guide power, White 2 WB.
  • Venus in Sag19; raise your standards for the vulnerable by following your Higher Self not your lower self which always invokes LACK or sacrifice. We need to pivot to abundance mindset for everyone, in my opinion in sync with the Hidden Wisdom; Blue 12 Crystal Hand and the GForce White 12 WB.
  • Mars in Libra26; Mastery. In sync with Tone 2 and White 2 WB in the oracle today.
  • Jupiter is in Aquarius23-the discipline of Self-Control in sync with the theme; White 2 Polar Wizard and the antipode Yellow 2 Polar Seed.
  • Saturn is in Aquarius 8-Creative Power of Admiration in sync with Blue 12 Hand
  • Uranus is in Taurus14; Simple Pleasures in sync with the antipode.
  • Neptune is in Pisces 21; Training in Optimism in sync with the Hidden Wisdom

Here is an example of one of the Sabian Videos. We each have twelve of these. This is my N. Node in Cancer. The dark shadow is the burden of leading or power to teach in the public eye. Strong confidence to teach alignment and balance is a gift that when I’m ready, I may have to bear.

Friday-Our DNA is From the Cosmos so it’s Not Hard to be a Cosmic Human

We are at the end of the Yellow 13 Sun Wavespell. We’ve gone from cosmic enlightenment to cosmic freewill.

Body Holon

  • Theme is 13Glutamic acid or Yellow 13 Cosmic Human: cosmic free will.
  • Analog is 13Isoleucine or Blue 13 Cosmic Hand: cosmic accomplishment and healing
  • Guide Power is 13Histidine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Warrior; intelligence
  • Antipode is 13Glycine or White 13 Cosmic Wind: cosmic spirit
  • Hidden Wisdom is 1Methionine or Red 1 Magnetic Moon; Magnetic Feeling of Universal Flow
  • 5GForce is 1Leucine or Yellow 1 Magnetic Star; Magnetic Beauty

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is EARTH.

Today’s Coordinate is 13:12:13:52
  • The Moon spends the day in stable, steady, sensual Taurus. (Synchronicity with the Theme/Analog)
  • Today’s Mercury-Ceres trine supports healthy conversations and thinking. (Synchronicity with Red 1 Moon)
  • The Moon’s square to Jupiter midday can have the effect of magnifying our feelings and attachments, perhaps disruptively.
  • It might stimulate restlessness which may very well lead to indulgence.
  • However, the Moon-Pluto trine this afternoon is far more deliberate and decisive.
  • We appreciate gentle challenges, as we feel alive and vital as we meet them.
  • The planets mediating in the Theme-plex today are Earth, Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury.

What is the Psi Bank, or the Earth’s Mind? The Van Allen Belts.

On this blog this comes under accurate EARTH HOLON information.

A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetosphere. Earth has two such belts, and sometimes others may be temporarily created. Here it is in Earth Ascending. Definitely click on this to enlarge and see it clearly.

“Here the four plates and their division into eight seasonal parts are depicted in their actual resonant spherical relation to the earth and its magnetic field. The more detailed map on the left depicts the flow of civilization within the context of the major longitudinal division. The actual psi balk plates are referred to as holonomic recollection plates while the corresponding geographical equivalents are referred to as psi seasonal resonance field memory plates. Also indicated in the left-hand map are the geographical sites corresponding to the temporal or sequential arrangement of the kua of I Ching, starting with the spring equinox, northern hemisphere, along hieratic longitude zero. In the diagram to the right, which shows more fully and simply the relation of earth to the electromagnetic fields and psi bank, the kua are arranged in their earlier or celestial/electromagnetic relation to each other.

As we have seen, what we refer to as history is actually a function of a much larger, integrative global harmonic. The guiding factor of this historic harmonic is the psi bank with its holonomic recollection plates. Each of these plates may be envisioned as carrying and/or simultaneously containing levels of information that connect stages of organic/cyclical seasonal growth; geo-cultural information—-psions—-as well as information concerning successive and cumulative stages of the psycho-cultural process—history itself.

What this points to is the study of history as a geological subfield in an overall study of psycho-atmospheric harmonics as monitored by the guiding factor, the psi bank. Thus, in order to better understand and evaluate “what happened in history, ” it is best first to understand the guiding function, structure, and nature of the psi bank itself.”- Earth Ascending

This is mainstream science, truth as far as they are concerned. Tzolkinists call it the Psi Bank and it’s the source of the Tzolkin Harmonic. It is the Earth’s mental field. MSS (mainstream science) calls it The Van Allen Belts for James Van Allen who is credited for their discovery.

This is MSS version of it.

Monday; Focus Brings Awareness but Can Dissolve Other Things

This was the gateway of the 2008 stock market crash. It’s also the Mayan New Year.

Body Holon

I activate in order to Target. Bonding Awareness I seal the input of flowering with the electric tone of Service. I am guided by the power of Elegance.

Tone 3 pulses to the Right Hip

  • Theme is 3Valine or Yellow 3 Electric Seed. Pulse is to the right arm and hand or the right wing
  • Analog is 3Arginine or Blue 3 Eagle. Pulse is to the left arm and hand or the left wing
  • Guide Power this morning is 3Leucine or Yellow 3 Electric Star. Pulse is to the left low back, buttock, genitals and thigh.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 3Lysine or White 3 Electric Wizard. Pulse is to the left pec and breast.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 11Phenylalanine or Red 11 Spectral Earth. Pulse is to the left side of the face
  • 5GForce is 11Histidine or Yellow 11 Spectral Warrior. Pulse is to the left neck.

Earth Holon

Yellow Seed Time portal is south. It’s a Gateway kin at the Root of the planet whose job it is to transmit from it’s location on earth to the cosmic web. It’s location is 60°S–165°E in the South Pacific, South of Australia.

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet for Yellow Seed-Blue Eagle is Jupiter

A Mercury-Uranus quintile is synchronous with 11 Red Earth Hidden Wisdom

From Cafe Astrology;

  • Mars-Chiron minor square this morning can point to touchiness or difficulties asserting ourselves confidently or naturally.
  • A Mercury-Uranus quintile, on the other hand, inspires creative ways to approach technical matters.
  • The Moon is in Pisces all day, and it’s a time for winding down or mellowing out and taking a break from the usual pace.
  • The Pisces Moon understands that taking some downtime ultimately helps us be more productive.
  • Emotional or mental refreshment gives us perspective. We may not have an easy time putting our ideas into action, however.

Monday. The Purpose of Evolving and Raising Your Frequency is to Realize Synchronicity

I pulse in order to Evolve. Realizing Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of Space.

Today is kin 217 in the S. Polar Zone of Earth which is negatively charged (-) in the crossover polarity of the double helix DNA. Coordinate is 55:17:9:217. Hz frequency for mediation is 1090.8Hz.

I Ching Hx is 51; Arousing Shock and Thunder. Hmmm. Maybe in 2 days on Blue 11 Spectral Storm. My Dream-spell book is full of big events on that day. Eyes open, head up on Wednesday. The next I Ching Hx is “Progress”.

  1. Raise your frequency by becoming conscious of bad habits and replacing them with good ones, especially regarding your body and thoughts.
  2. When you do that you start to notice and understand Synchronicity in the matrix.
  3. Forthwith, your navigation or decision making starts to be ON TARGET bc you are loving yourself and have no guilt, thus no resentment, thus no jealousy. Self-esteem raises your frequency. But it’s not ego.
  4. Add to all of that, writing down your INTENTIONS meaning things you really want to do and can do or people to meet up with.
  5. The power of Space is Red Skywalker. My tribe is very supportive of people to improve themselves and get heathier and happier. No competition on that. We can all achieve that abundance.

Body Holon

Tone 9 pulses to the left elbow all day.

  • Theme is 9Phenylalanine or Red 9 Solar Earth. Body pulse is to the left side of the face, nose, mouth, cheek
  • Analog is 9Glycine or White 9 Solar Wind. Body pulse is to the right side of the face. (the mouth, communication), nose, cheek.
  • Guide Power this morning was 9Glutamine or Red 9 Solar Skywalker. Body pulse is to the left thorax, ribs, organs. I was thinking of you this morning even though I’m late again. Snowed under with duties.
  • Antipode right now is 9Isoleucine or Blue 9 Solar Hand. Body pulse is to the right abdomen.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Valine or Yellow 5 Overtone Seed. Body pulse is to the right arm and hand. Plant good seed with your choices so you don’t feel guilty
  • 5GForce is 5Alanine or Blue 5 Radiant Night. There is nothing wrong with feeling abundant whichever way you define it. Body pulse is to the right neck.

Earth Holon

We are in the South Polar Zone on the planet. The Time Portal pulses to the majority of the African continent. Red Earth is a Core Kin pulsing to the heart of the planet whose job it is to TRANSDUCE info. from the cosmic web to earth. It’s location is Equator–15°W, the mid Atlantic off of the coast of Liberia, Africa.

Interplanetary Holon

Red Earth is mediated by far out URANUS

Mercury is in square to Chiron so communication can be tricky even though we have White Wind as our ANALOG. Still, go ahead and talk through it.

There can also be some self-doubt with this aspect but it’s just clarifying what we still need to release from our upbringing that doesn’t suit us as conscious adults.

Sun is semi-sextile Venus this afternoon with Blue Hand holding space. Eat a healthy lunch. That will be for starters and do your best not to resent people who are in your way or who you don’t agree with.

The Moon is void right now but will enter Sagittarius at 5pm. before we hit radiant Yellow Seed. The archer has that target in mind you know and Seed is all about targeting and flowering potential. Go ahead and be a leader in your own vortex and fulfill your potential no matter how threatening it is to weaker and lazier kin. If they’re not happy for you they don’t love you so let it go.

Saturday; Seeing Synchronicity Between the Past and the Present

Cysteine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, and the Stop Codon.

Blood memory as primodial mother, reflection and refraction, finding synchronicity between the present and the past, being challenged to lighten up and be creative, and Christ Consciousness providing wisdom.

Saturday; Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey

I define in order to PLAY.

Measuring ILLUSION I seal the Process of Magic with the Self-Existing tone of FORM.

I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.

The Dreamspell; 63:11:4:251

The Analog Support is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star so we can revel in our own beauty today or examine it for what we deem flaws in order to make the FORM perfect.

The Guide Power is Blue 4 Hand so we can also examine what we have actually accomplished and let go of any delusions of what we think we have accomplished but have not. Honesty is vital with tone 4. The FORM will not take the shape we desire if we don’t look in the mirror with RATIONAL eyes.

The antipode challenge, which we have just entered since it’s NOON, is Red 4 Dragon, or holding onto BLOOD MEMORY or our primordial mother. I think it’s a pain in the butt that’s because I’m Tone 13 and I don’t stop moving for anything or anybody. Change is part of life and it’s supremely important THAT WE HACK OUR OWN TIMELINES NOW, our own memories we were GIVEN by our family. They don’t necessarily belong to our timeless souls.

We are now ALL able to access our timelines from our Higher Selves and literally CHANGE the BIRTH DNA in our bodies. I already let it change me and it continues to change me. I get new DNA downloads via the SUN whenever I stop my daily life and meditate and ask for a change in my body. I have a list of pieces that need fixing and one by one they are getting fixed because I ask. You have to ask and believe. Meditate on, “My DNA is TIME, therefore it’s malleable.

Your BODY is your first, self-existing form. It is no longer controlled by the Dragon tribe who believe they own and run this planet and it’s genetic experiment. The Archon from the Gnostics are not in charge. The Pleiadeans, the Sacred Heart of Christ Alliance, Jesus Christ and all Stellar Species that honor his teaching are in charge.

And that brings me to the Hidden Wisdom; White 10 Planetary Dog, or Manifested, 3D, LOVE and LOYALTY of THE HEART, the Sacred Heart of Christ. This is a fascinating themeplex in that at the center of it is ILLUSION in the Matrix supported by ART and Beauty. Indeed the human race has accomplished much (Blue Hand) but thwarted and challenged by THE DRAGON, The Archon, Satan, or just plain bullshit and lies in religion and state. He posed as an angel of light but that’s not what he was at all and now his time is done. The human race belongs to the Heart of Christ and an entire Local Universe of diverse species who love and honor his way and teachings.

The 5 GForce the Galactic Force Group of Higher Beings is Red 10 Planetary Moon or Earth Emotion that helps us CLARIFY our soul direction. That is the purpose of emotions. Feel it, identify it, let it go. Intuition merges with the the rational mind which is then The Higher Mind and you will be sitting in your destiny path.

Have some fun today and enjoy the sunlight wherever you are.

A Gardenia, my favorite flower.

Thursday, Parting Ways to Be True to Yourself

Red 2 Polar Moon

Universal Water, Purifying, Flow, Stabilizing, Duality, Polarizing, Double Helix, Creative Tension, Emotional Action

The Moon is in Cancer (chicken soup placement) today but it squares Mars in Aries so…hold your tongue and consider others feelings. However, if something needs to be said, be CIVIL and DIRECT not passive.

Saturday. Targeting a Vision

Jupiter is Yellow Seed-Blue Eagle’s mediating planet. There is full synchronicity with the astrological interplanetary holon in that the mediating planet Jupiter is in positive alignment with aspects of the Sun and Mercury today. Also, the Moon is in Taurus. The earth signs I know tend to be Yellow Seed for some reason. There is big grounding and truth going on.

In addition, Neptune goes direct now after 5 months retrograde. Neptune is the mediating planet for Red Dragon and White Mirror.

Yellow 10 Seed is supported by Blue 10 Planetary Eagle; Vision so they can Target with Precision to advance Free will.

The Guide Power from dawn to noon is the EPITOME AND DESTINY of the Human race; FREE WILL expressed by Yellow 10 Human. It is universal law. Yes, Earth is a decimal planet and a genetic experimental station BUT, when a person reaches enough consciousness and enlightenment to know SOURCE is ONE with their body mind and soul there are no more experiments, just choices. They are in direct communication with your mind.

Our ancestors are aupposed to help us and to a great, great extent they have. The humans that are awake are observant, psychic, and telepathic. We can see, feel, and hear them and I receive new light code downloads and meditations quite regularly now. My physical body is being perfected so I can stay on the planet for as long as I wish and as long as I’m needed. I’m changing quickly and they are doing it because I asked and I believe in and trust them. Synchronicity in the matrix is real and we all need to be aware of it now.

Not for one second have I been programmed by this Plandemic. This is a Chinese Dragon Family virus courtesy of the Draco E.T.’s who seek dominance and slavery for humanity. This virus is super easy and even beneficial for strong, awake humans but it is designed to cull the weak ones. Fortunately, most of humanity is doing fine with it. But they are not fine with mass fake media mind programming. Everyone needs to turn off their T.V.

This is NOT a way we would have chosen to go had we been consulted. There is no mercy or patience with this current situation and as a Lightworker it’s not my way or the way of millions of us.

The antipode challenge is White 10 Planetary Wizard; receptiveness spirituality, calmness, peace of mind, meditation, and Christ consciousness. None of that is 3D clenching or materialistic and this is a particular challenge for the Tone 10 planetary kin.

The hidden wisdom is Red 4 Self-Existing Earth. Evolution, synchronicity, governing the Earth Force, Crystal healer abilities, being in touch with the crystal core of the Earth and in that process is the bringing forward off the new light codes and the DNA that comes right down into the center of the planet and then emanates out into all sentient life on the surface. This is one way that all plants, animals, creatures, and humans can receive light codes equally. There is a grounding Force that must be in place however.

This leads to my next post today about the directive to mine the Time tunnels between Uranus and Earth. They were CUT OFF by the heist of 13:20 from Jupiter and Saturn during the Maldek-Mars fiasco. Thus, what is the meaning of the coming conjunction?

Keep in mind that Uranus rules Aquarius and Dec. 21 is supposed to usher in the Age of Aquarius. Uranus mediates Red Earth Tribe and analog White Wind Tribe.Uranus and Earth time tunnels are BLOCKED. What do we need to accomplish in the next three weeks?

Earth rules Taurus. Earth is the mediating planet for Blue Hand Tribe and analog Yellow Human Tribe. Look at the lineup today. That karma is spinning. Earth…Uranus. Red Earth, White Wind. Blue Hand, Yellow human. Those 4 tribes should joined at the hip now.