Wednesday-Daily Reading

One could say that this is a bipolar day for the brain since Tryptophan levels directly affect the brain which is mediated by it. This is a 1D pulse.

The Earth Holon

The Tomsk station is still down.

The Body Holon

Blue 2 Polar Storm~Yellow 2 Polar Sun mediated by collapsed Pluto. The 5gforce is Red 12 Crystal Dragon
The 13-Moon Calendar. We land on Chakra 1 today for grounding. Our coordinate is 30:19:2:119

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Pluto and pulsing are Venus, Mercury, and Uranus.

  • The Moon in Taurus stirs our desire for stability, warmth, and harmony. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and we’re not as inclined to go out of our way. (In sync with 5D Blue 2 Monkey Guide Power mediated by Venus)
  • We want to get comfortable, but we seem to need to do things differently with the Moon’s conjunction with Uranus. (5D Hidden Wisdom White 12 Wind)
  • The Moon also forms a square to Saturn, and our responsibilities clash with our personal pursuits or the stability and peace of mind we crave.


Wednesday-Daily Reading; Humans With Integrity

It’s possible. The energy is hyper because of the GAP kin meaning, more electrons (-) creating stress or ELM energy in our cells. If you meditate, breathe, and relax, you’ll be stimulating the plethora of protons and neutrons that make up the majority of our cells which are (+) charge. This is nature, not metaphysics.

Power is 29 today at 8:30am. We can stay steady if we remain calm and keep MSM OFF.
Yellow 8 Galactic Human~Blue 8 Galactic Hand

The 5GForce is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Star mediated by Venus. Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury are also pulsing. This is a GAP kin so it’s extra potent if you set your intentions. We need to be dedicated to telling the TRUTH about who we are and how we feel, doing it, and making sure we hone our FREE WILL. It’s the Human holy grail.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Earth today. There is 5th density synchronicity in the matrix with White 6 Wind mediated by Uranus and Red 8 Galactic Moon mediated by Mercury with the alignments below.

  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius and forms a trine to Mercury and Mars today, in all three Air signs. This combination can produce some fantastic, spirited exchanges.
  • The Sun forms a trine to the North Node of the Moon, encouraging us to aspire to our goals, rise to a challenge, and grow and improve.
  • However, a Sun-Chiron quincunx suggests some wavering of confidence.
  • We may doubt our inner guide, and we could face situations that seem to test our vulnerabilities. Some indecision is possible.


Tuesday-Daily Reading

It’s a Venus Play Day But Others May Not Feel Like It. There will Be a Window of Reprieve at 5:45PM With the VOID MOON.

Moon is in Capricorn so your best bet is to keep your head down and focus on your work until it’s time to go home. Ignore human drama. The 5gforce is Red 7 Resonant Moon; circling emotions. Keep an eye on that today and don’t expect others to feel the same as you to avoid conflict.

We are holding at 31, 4x normal which isn’t a cakewalk. It’s a naggy level. This could rise if their Solar propaganda occurs. I won’t hold my breath because humans are fairly level and we set the tone.

Body Holon

Blue 7 Resonant Monkey~Yellow 7 Star. The inverse is just diagonal at White 7 Dog. We’re in the very center of the Harmonic about to circle in reverse.

It is SO dynamic at that center point where implicate and explicate order coincide!! From 12 Red Moon and the 5 and 6 next to it down to 2 Yellow Human and the 8 and 9 next to it, the manifesting light body is at its height.

HF33, EMPTY OF ALL 3D is 12Moon, 13Dog, 1Monkey, and 2Human. Literally, very magical in the 13:20 matrix. In the 12:60 Matrix movies, it’s A.I. propaganda by the way. I think Neo’s room number is 33 or 303. That’s an attempted heist of Tzolkonic truth. No can do. Those movies are selling the B.S. Machine world, the technosphere. Typical D.S. Hollywood Mr. Weinstein/Epstein, out to destroy Christ consciousness. I caught it.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by VENUS but pulsing is Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury.

  • The Moon spends most of the day in Capricorn, entering Aquarius at 11:42 PM EDT. With the Capricorn Moon, we’re resolved, determined, and goal-oriented. We seek order and structure in our lives. Our careers, reputation, and objectives assume more importance. Situations that require us to keep a cool head work best under this influence since we’re not easily swept away by our feelings.
  • A Venus-Pluto biquintile can point to a comfortably strategic approach to our money and relationships.
  • The Moon’s move into Aquarius near the end of the day is feel-good energy that encourages us to let go of tension. We awaken to possible ways to improve our lives and make progress. The void Moon occurs from 5:44 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 11:42 PM EDT.


Monday-High Synchronicity Between 4D and 5D

The 5gforce is White 8 Galactic Dog which gives us very high integrity support in Fifth Density for Loving and communal ways today. Please see through Google’s destructive gossip and conjecture and realize that D.S. is at its end. They cannot stop a more cosmic, enlightened humanity. The whole planet knows that E.T.’s are real and most are helpful. They can’t stop it anymore. They’re ridiculous.

Earth Holon

Since 4:30 am ScR is up 62%. Power is 29

Body Holon

White 6 Rhythmic Dog~Red 6 Rhythmic Moon. Remember we’re in the Reptilian 13-day cycle so that’s our context of operation until we hit Red 13 Earth next Monday. The Reptiles ate trying to bite off a HAND. This is a GAP kin.
Notice the start and stop codon opposite each other on this GAP kin, Red Moon Methionine, and Yellow Sun Stop Codon.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated today by Mercury today on the opposite strand, the outgoing male solar outbreath starting with the left sky foot on a triple pulse until Noon. Pluto and Venus are also pulsing. We have an upload to the galactic center this afternoon via the Sun and Pluto.

  • Venus enters Virgo today, where it will transit until September 29th. (Virgo is ruled by Mercury so that is total synchronicity and our Hidden Wisdom is Blue 8 Monkey ruled by Venus)
  • Virgo is sensual but also reasonably practical. We might enjoy our work or wellness routines more than usual while Venus is in Virgo, and the satisfaction of a job well done cannot be underestimated during this cycle. Pleasures and pastimes that serve a useful purpose are more attractive. We express our love through practical means and gestures–running errands, doing detailed work, or just being there for our loved ones. Still, there can be some nervousness, and we should watch for a tendency to worry or fret, especially in our relationships.
  • With today’s Venus-Chiron minor square, we can feel a little out of sync on a social level. There is some tendency to keep our emotional distance, and we tend to focus on differences rather than similarities in our relationships.
  • Today’s Moon in Capricorn is earthy and practical-minded.


Monday-Daily Reading; Universalizing Intuition

Everyone has a pineal gland in their midbrain. It’s a Stargate. Anyone can remote view and use their intuition. It’s not a gift. What is a gift is using it in love and service, not ego, deluding yourself that you’re special. We’re all spiritual. Some of us just have more experience than others because we’ve been doing it since we got to the planet. I’ve learned that when someone wants to put you on a pedestal and keep you at arm’s length it’s an offload diss because they don’t want to do the work of seeing themselves as empowered and do the work to be good as you have nor deal with society treating you differently. Watch your back with adoring people.

Earth Holon

Amplitude power is 54.
There is the amplitude peak at 5pm today, Russia time, which was this morning at 6am EST. It plummeted an hour later.

Body Holon

Blue 12 Crystal Night~Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior. We are pulsing in the N.Polar Zone. The 5GForce is Red 2 Polar Earth mediated by Uranus

I have a prediction to make; look at the vertical line we’re in and go down to White 2 World-Bridger which is followed by Blue 3 Hand. They are both GAP kin which heightens their pulse. This is Biden and Trump. I predict, with the crossover phase we’re in, something major is going to shake loose between them. Honestly, I don’t think either of them will be President in 2024. Also note that their 13-day cycle, starting with Red 1 Magnetic Serpent is Reptilian. Our government is all about Reptilian and Maldek karma; Luciferian

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn today. Also pulsing are Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune

  • The Moon finishes its transit of Virgo at 5:46 AM EDT when it moves into Libra. The Libra Moon is gracious, balanced, and fair. (not always)
  • Still, the Moon opposes, and Venus forms a sesquiquadrate with Jupiter today, and there’s some tendency to go overboard, particularly with pleasure, feelings, and affections. It’s “borrow from the future” energy, and we should be careful not to commit to something for which we don’t yet have the resources. We seek a little more from our pleasures, money, or relationships. Ideally, restlessness stirred now encourages us to improve our situation but otherwise might lead to over-indulgence, immoderation, or exaggeration. High expectations can leave us vulnerable to ups and downs. It can be tempting to overreach if we’re not in touch with our feelings or are discontented. It’s best to manage impulsiveness and hastiness.


Sunday-Daily Reading; Dissolving Communication Moving Toward Liberation

We are fine folks. Our minds are calm-But I think we’ve had it on another level. We have Blue 3 Storm as our Hidden Wisdom (subconscious) today. This kin pushes buttons and is heavily self-generating.

Our amplitude power is 27

Evolving Body Holon

We land on White 11 Spectral Wind~Red 11 Earth mediated by quirky Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. Our 5GForce is White 3 Electric Mirror so there is some jarring examination going on in 5th density

Upon further examination of the inverse HF40, I see Blue 3 Storm more in detail and its movement. This inverse HF is an ALPHA Point, Another beginning node, the 3rd one now in synchronicity with the others. Blue 3 Storm 5th density GForce is Red 11 Dragon (Spectral Draco) This is also Uranus Karma, led by Red 1 Earth. This event has to do with the Uranus Time tunnels being opened now since we’re in the Age of Aquarius, which were closed at the Maldek debacle which sent Earth into our time warp.

That time warp ended of course in December of 2012 so we are 10 years into moving forward on our evolving timelines. But this Draco-induced garbage in our sector and the problem with the Red tribes and Mars is finishing up. Speaking of, I never saw so much Hollywood Luciferian propaganda as “House of the Dragon”. I don’t encourage you to watch it.

Another point-the overarch DNA nucleotide for the HF we are in, HF26 is Ile-Isoleucine-BLUE HAND (CTA) The inverse nucleotide is TAG or the stop codon-Yellow Sun. It all hangs together and is playing out.

Evolving Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus 3X but pulsing is the Earth and Pluto. Please note the antipode Yellow 11 Spectral Human which is Blue 11 Hand’s ANALOG. There are HUMAN (Yellow Human; Free Will) forces obviously challenging Blue Hand Kin today (Trump). Huge synchronicity.

  • The day’s energies are on the serious side. (Ya don’t say!) The Moon spends the day in work-oriented, thoughtful Virgo, and we readily find problems to fix.
  • With Venus opposite Saturn today, there can be some coolness in our interactions or withdrawal. KARMA—–Negative feedback or blockage can slow us down–ideally, only enough to pace ourselves or adjust our expectations. Financial limitations may make themselves known, or burdens of our debts or obligations to others magnify. We may need to pay the piper, or if we’ve been overdoing pleasures, a reminder of our responsibilities comes now. Burdens, commitments, lack, limitations, and problems can loom larger than usual under the Venus-Saturn influence, particularly regarding love, tastes, pleasure, and finances.
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:08 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Libra the next day, Monday, August 29th, at 5:46 AM EDT.


Thursday-Daily Reading; Self Generation and Integrity Sometimes Mean Dredging Something Up From the Subconscious Mind.

Just acknowledge it and let it go. It’s a mistake to ruminate in the subconscious mind since we didn’t program it, our mother did.

The Power of the Psi Bank is 25, 3x the normal 8 so DNA is a bit geared up and will probably go up since today is Blue Storm.

The Body Holon

We land on Blue 8 Galactic Storm, 8Tryptophan, a transformer, kin#99. The 5gforce is Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon. Kin 99 is the death of J.C. on 4/7/30A.D.

The inverse HF is 41; Galactic input informs the flowering of integrity. The Hidden Wisdom today is White 6 Rhythmic Wind so that is the meaning of the death of Christ. This HW is about organizing the details about what Spirit really is and communicating it. He did that and thus significantly sealed the input of Spirit on Earth with the rhythmic tone of equality. The Urantia Book says he came mainly to free women and bring gender balance to the planet (that the Draco and Reptilian with their dominant male ways seeded here.) It’s not at all normal in the local universe to be this way.

The Psi Chrono Mask is White 9 Solar Wind so we have 2 Wind placements today mediated by URANUS; The Hidden Wisdom, and the Hidden Mask. Interesting. Subconscious issues are not exposed. That can be seen in the 5GForce as the primordial Mother Red Dragon. And according to the Urantia Book, J.C. had a very tense relationship with his Mother Mary who was an aggressive, overbearing woman. It literally says that. Of course, she is not portrayed that way by the Church. Just another lie.

The Interplanetary Holon in Our Sol Ring

We are mediated by Pluto and the Sun today in 5th density so this is in exact synchronicity with the first bullet in 3D. Also pulsing are Saturn (5th density guide power as Blue Night), Mercury (5th density antipode as Red Moon), and Uranus (5th density Hidden Wisdom as White Wind). Heavy sync up!!

  • A creative aspect between the Sun and Pluto today points to gaining an advantage or edge through design, solving problems, and willingness to challenge ourselves (Blue Storm is self-generation!). We’re ready to put effort and extra work into pursuing our desires.
  • Mercury enters Libra today and will continue in the sign until September 23rd. Due to a retrograde later in the Mercury-in-Libra cycle, Mercury will retreat into Virgo and then return to finish up in Libra in October. During this Mercury cycle, we are diplomatic and friendly, bringing a more rational approach to one-to-one relationships. It’s an excellent time to think about ways to improve our negotiation skills. Mercury in Libra can be vacillating energy as we attempt to see both sides of any given situation. While indecisive, this is a fine period for considering others’ points of view.
  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, aligning with Venus, and we can be enthusiastic, friendly, and perhaps indulgent.


Tuesday-Daily Reading; We Get Organized in Order to Evolve

We begin a new HF25 today; Solar Matrix. Self-Regulate the universal fire of intention leading us to Yellow 9 Solar Sun by Friday. So, over the next 4 days, be sure and ponder what you really want and intend for the fall that is true for you internally and then make a decision to commit to it thereby realizing your destiny. Don’t compromise with your truth or you’ll create karma for yourself. No one is going to judge you if you do and you will still learn but it will cause suffering. That’s no fun.

ScR-Calm, Because We Are

Power in the magnetosphere is 17

The Evolving Light Body is the Tzolkin

The Tzolkin is a 13:20 Time Harmonic or calendar that illuminates the evolution of our DNA over epic cycles. It’s the accurate alternative to the 12:60 Gregorian Catholic calendar of uneven days and months named after Romans who killed J.C.

Christ consciousness is Cosmic for every species in the entire local inhabited universe not just for humans on earth. And humans have a very special role to play in evolving that consciousness forward with our galactic neighbors. Earth religions have distracted people from themselves, their light body, their health in Wholeness, nature, and the joy of life. They’ve tried to steal our time which is our body. And God knows, they’ve done their damndest to ruin the joy of sex which is the worst.

We land on Red 6 Rhythmic Earth whose analog is White 6 Wind. The Inv. HF with the Hidden Wisdom, Yellow 8 Galactic Seed is in HF41 (Hx37; The Family/Clan). The 5GForce is Blue 8 Galactic Night.
As we enter Sun in Virgo today ♍️ we begin the Scorpion Moon. Scorpio is the water sign in this quadrant of Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. Relevant? This pulses on the 7th crown chakra.

Interplanetary Sol Ring Evolving

We are mediated by Uranus three times and pulse with Earth and Jupiter. Age of Aquarius kin needs to make some decisions (the kids). The Sun is in “nose to the grindstone” VIRGO. Take care of the earth’s details and face the nitty gritty.

  • The Moon spends the day in nourishing, receptive Cancer. We crave familiarity, safety, and quiet with the Cancer Moon. We can be quite nostalgic, rooted, and domestic.
  • This morning’s Mercury-Saturn biquintile inclines us to sort, categorize, and create order.
  • However, a Sun-Chiron minor square tonight is not as confident. We may doubt our inner guide and face situations that seem to test our vulnerabilities.


Monday-Daily Reading; The Sun Enters Virgo and We Land on a G.A.P. Kin

We have hard energy today even though the ScR is tolerable and the Moon is in Cancer. Maybe cook some anarchist comfort food, laugh, and be happy. Don’t let any vax/maskers who are still milling around see you. If you stay off of social media and CNN it might work to keep your mood up.

I was reading the letters yesterday that Dr. Chavez wrote two years ago to the CDC before he had his stroke. He shared all of it with me including the CV2 signature. I analyzed the whole thing but have not shared much of it bc it’s awful. He knew it from the beginning, saw it and I could feel it. I remember so well how awful this whole thing was when it geared up. The government contracts with the ICC, Draco, and Reptilians have been serious for humanity and the military but it’s not being disclosed very quickly. It is still shaking down.

Saturn is the mediating planet. We are reorganizing our lives right now so they are more efficient for our desires. Compromise is not in the air.

I like this mantra today. Use this energy wisely on the GAP kin. Set your intentions and mean it. Your entire being will hear it.

The Inv. HF is 42. Red 9 Solar Serpent is the Hidden Wisdom. This is Mike Pence’s birth gateway. Time to kick some Occult Butt…Reptilians.
Yellow 5 Radiant Warrior is pulsing with analog Blue 5 Night. 5gforce is Yellow 9 Solar Seed mediated by Jupiter

Interplanetary Sol Ring

Saturn is mediating with Jupiter, Mars, and the asteroid belt pulsing. All the attributes moving in 3D pulse exactly to the 5D oracle today. Our brains are kicking into gear on many levels. Some of us are feeling the 3D effects of the Andromedans and SSP in conflict with local nefarious E.T. near Jupiter and Saturn regarding Maldekian karma.

  • The Moon continues its transit of warm Cancer all day, and we seek comfort and safety. However, with today’s aspects, we’re willing to explore new territory.
  • A Venus-Mars quintile is excellent for seeing relating patterns and using them positively to encourage creativity and excitement.
  • Further, Mercury’s trine to Pluto suggests an opportunity to gain a mental advantage. Our mental faculties are attuned to otherworldly impressions, offering us increased insight, psychological understanding, and awareness, and focused attention. We are drawn to looking for truths and to unexplored topics and ideas. We seek the hidden message and readily draw upon our powers of persuasion. It’s a good time to devise strategies and make observations. We are exceptionally skilled at solving problems and getting to the bottom line.
  • Tonight, the Sun enters Virgo and will stay in the sign until September 22nd. Our focus shifts to the puzzle pieces–the details of our lives. It’s now time to take care of practical concerns. Attending to the details of daily living can free us from the unnecessary stress that results from “collecting” odds and ends of unfinished business. It’s an ideal cycle to get organized, do detailed work, and improve connections and communications on the job. Rediscovering the joy of our work, services, chores, and routines can be in focus in the month ahead.


I have to eat lunch and have 3 patients in a row. I will do the podcast after that. Sorry, I’m very busy in my office paying the bills. I truly wish I could make a living just writing and blogging.

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