NYTimes: Elon Musk Takes Twitter, and Tech Deals, to Another Level


Here we go…my prediction flowing forward.

Here’s the Tzolkonic difference that they are not aware of. Yesterday was White 6 Rhythmic Wind mediated by URANUS which rules AQUARIUS.

You don’t want to mess with Aquarius right now. We just entered the Age of Aquarius and THE MILLENIALS are controlling our society. They don’t respect Elon Musk. And…the Uranus Time Tunnels are open now. They were closed before.

Musk thinks he can squirm A.I. in here. I’ll grant that the kids are suckered for A.I. and that includes my Red 12 Crystal Earth son and his friends (Aquarius). But he’ll see soon enough the attempt at forcing A.I. and BALK. They see Twitter and all the damn apps as the seat of scum and villainy.

Now we wait for them to gobble up more and more earthly power until they have 3 heads. Then comes the eventual demise of Worldbridgers, Skywalkers, and Serpent in shadow, not the ones in the Light. Their money and earthly power means nothing by universal standards.

The bigger they are the harder they fall.”

Antarctica’s Collapse Could Begin Even Sooner Than Anticipated – Scientific American


This is worth monitoring according to the cosmic cycles of the Earth Holon. In other words, how time (evolution) is interacting with earth.

We have to remember that these folks calculate earth movement in 12:60 mechanized time. Our true context is the multimensional matrix governed by synchronicity.

12:60 Rules our Institutions and The Sciences. It’s Patriarchy. It’s incorrect Math and Not in Alignment with 13:20.

“Our DNA is manifested and grown in utero by our Mother on the Loom of Maya and it’s coordinate is 13:20. It’s a fact of nature. If we refuse to accept it, we will end a portion of the species and the Earth Changes will be more difficult than they need to be.”

Lisa T.-Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

The Institutions of government, Church, State, and Academia are still patriarchal. Women and children are to be objectified and used for the purposes of men at all costs. We are not protected or loved. 12:60 creates dependency and blame.

Think of every single Tone of CREATION. 12:60 in shadow spins up the opposite; mis-creating.

  • Magnetic Tone 1-No bond. No magnetism
  • Polar Tone 2-Unlevel, no stability. One side and one gender dominates
  • Electric Tone 3-Too many electrons in the body makes the body too dense. We need protons, neutrons, and 5D energy added to bring the light body forward so there is 3D clenching onto illusory manifestation.
  • Tone 4 Self-Existing-There is no Love of the Higher Self which Christ taught. There is only lower self, doormat crucifixion and sacrifice. He wasn’t teaching sacrifice with his crucifixion. He was personally yielding to a situation he chose. He didn’t ask us to be crucified.
  • Tone 5-Radiant. Dull instead, boring, redundant, in shadow
  • Tone 6-Rhythmic. Ill sense of timing, no sweet beat, no music. Drum machines in other words
  • Tone 7-Resonant. No resonance, no sharing, no circulation. Recluse energy. Lockdowns. Fear. Anti-social.
  • Tone 8-Galactic. There is no inhabited galaxy. There are no E.T. or UFO’s. Denial of THE TRUTH of the inhabited universe and our ancestry to dis-empower us. There are millions of species.
  • Tone 9-Solar. Solar forcing, eyes on the sun, the Sun is in charge and it’s MALE. It’s also blind and in error.
  • Tone 10-Manifestation. No manifested LOVE. No more children. Women no longer want to have a baby or have breasts. They’re cutting them off. Men want the woman’s body for himself as his food. No children to compete with. The only manifestation is what the man needs and loves. It’s Draco Reptian agenda bc they made bad decisions in the past desiring 3D power more than love.
  • Tone 11-Spectral. There is no liberation or free will. Earth is a prison/slave planet run by Elon Musk and McDonalds.
  • Tone 12-Crystal. The crystals at the center of the Earth are ignored. Their teaching about sharing, meditation, communing are silent on the surface.
  • Tone 13-Cosmic. We are banned from the cosmic web and the news from the Universal Circuits because the elite men have to play with the nuclear bombs that look like a penis. Have you seen the garden in N. Korea? https://www.wandering-traveler.com/penis-park-korea/
Haesingdang Penis Park…Seriously.
It’s a good thing the entire freaking planet is a pussy park; ALL of creation.

What Happened in the Afghanistan War? – The New York Times

The original plan was to exit Afghanistan on Sept. 11, 2021, 20 years to the day after 9-11, but Biden changed it to Aug.30. 9-11 2022 is coming up in this wavespell, Yellow 12 Warrior and pulses on Biden’s birth gateway.

The withdrawal was Blue 12 Crystal Storm, also pulsing on the hidden wisdom of Biden, ruled by Pluto. 2-12 are occult Tones.

9-11-01 was Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey with Blue 4 Hand as Guide Power so that pulses on a different timeline.

I’m suggesting that there is crossover synchronicity between the Afghan war, 911, Biden, and Trump. They are manipulating the timeline. or trying to.


Earth is spinning too fast — the consequences for timekeeping may be unprecedented

The 12:60 mechanistic timekeepers are losing their shorts! There is no more mechanized time. We’re in cosmic time. They make it sound like the earth should have brakes that they can press to make it follow their narrative. Figures. It’s spinning in line with Galactic cycles aligning because Andromeda is merged with Milky Way galaxy and a list of other factors.

Gee, what a loss if the consequences for 12:60 timekeeping went the way of the dinosaur. It sounds like they know what’s coming. 13:20. It’s not damn straight It’s spiral.

I’m pretty sure I have a big “told ya so” coming and it will be like spitting into a cave.


Our Tzolkin Harmonic Busts Open THE CUBE and Ends 12:60 Chronos

Warning; IMO, there are some disturbing images on this sight but it is very educational about the MIND PROGRAMMING humans have been living in the 3400 years or more, maybe 34,000. They are not in my wheelhouse, that’s for sure. I think you should see the crossover so you can SEE SYNCHRONICITY as this Saturnian paradigm is dissolved. We need to keep an eye on and positive meditation for our Blue Night ∞ Yellow Warrior kin who are mediated by Saturn. I have Blue 13 Cosmic Night as my antipode so I know about this energy. As I posted months ago, the Saturn Jupiter control of Earth just recently ended as we moved into the Age of Aquarius. I hope your remember.


It all started on Saturn in our local system, continued to Tiamat and made it’s way to Mesopotamia on Earth. There have been good forces on earth as well but our media/movies/tech are most definitely dominated by THE CUBE. That’s why I recommend you turn it off if you want to cleanse your mind and get focused on the truth of the Multidimensional Universe that IS YOUR BODY.

What does it look like to put the multidimensional Axis of the Eternal Present that is the human spine right through the center of the Cube?

We are the holy grail, the chalice, Yellow Human unified with Earth. This is kin 121-140 and humans are sitting right in HF33 as Yellow 2 Polar (dualistic) Human. This pierces the cube, the veil of illusion, monkey magic, the creative spark. It is us and our bodies in 3D which is ONE with ALL dimensions at the same time.

HF33 is;

  • Red 12 Crystal Moon, right leg and foot one with…next
  • White 13 Cosmic Dog, left leg and foot
  • Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey, left thigh, glut and groin Yellow 1 Magnetic Star, right thigh, glut and groin
  • Yellow 2 Polar Humans. left abdomen organs Blue 2 Polar Earth, right abdomen organs

This section of our evolution has been all about GROUNDING. You can see it right here. All the energy coming from implicate order had the purpose of making sure that FULL GALACTIC CENTER ENERGY was rooted on Earth and in all DNA, humans, creatures and LIFE on this planet so we could be settled in Light and Life. The Law of Love rules our sector, not the Law of the Cube.

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