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Everyday Intuition by Lisa K. Townsend

This is a collection of forty-two essays I wrote over a six-year period validating the existence of intuition, how it manifests and how to manage and use it in your life. I’ve also included a few examples of dreams I’ve had at the end. Enjoy!


Booklet; The Role of Intuition In The Scientific Method

I found this as a fluke online; a very obscure paper written for a conference by a nuclear physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project with James Van Allen and Allison but did not receive as much notoriety. Dr. Smith has passed on so I retained the rights to this odd paper. It’s very educational and I’d like it to spread far and wide as science tends to be lopsided as we all know. I’ve included an introduction and a glossary to help the physics novice out with terms. I've then added bold to them in the text. This is a fascinating read.



This is Healer Book I, published in 2017. It's a combination of an autobiography and educational book as you move toward the end. I didn't spare any details so it's quite interesting in parts. My life has been very unusual so you may think it's fiction but it's not. It's all true. Pictures included. Our families mean a lot to most of us, but they can also attempt to block or control our choices. Many times, we don't talk about it because we feel they provide us with a measure of emotional and social security we wouldn't have otherwise. Twenty years of hands-on clinical experience with patients taught Lisa many ways to achieve conscious choice over her life instead of family subconscious habit. She's learned how to reclaim power over her life and teaches it to her patients using holistic medicine, holistic values, and Reiki. Synchronicity not coincidence starts to figure into events and we can see that everything happens for a reason. Once we learn from it, it can be released.