Mayan Tzolkin Education Level 1



I’m adding an extension on a myriad of my 2500 posts according to their education level for my followers who want to understand more. I’ve been studying this for 33 years so it’s not easy for me to understand how basic you actually need it. You can email me and let me know.

You can download 28 posts for $13.20

Ed Level 1 will be;

* How the Mayan symbols are seen as the amino acids.

* Different versions of the symbols, which are artistically changed.

* Info. about the attributes about the amino acid proteins themselves and the biological makeup-basic, Jr. High level.

* the names and attributes of the 20 tribes of time, the amino acid proteins

* the 13 Tones of Creation and their basic attributes (more to follow)

*the clans and tribes

* how to read the 5 kin oracle (need to follow the daily readings with an app or subscription on here)

And more. You can search on Ed Level 1 in the search box on the homepage and see all of the posts.



Additional information

Ed Level 1

Ed Level 1 will be an extension in the title of the post


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