A”Woman’s” Ego?

Today is “Women’s Equality Day”.  It says that on my calendar.  

The book I’m writing has a section on gender.  Like most people, I believe that men and women have a tremendous amount in common biologically.  And I really do like most men.  However, socially, on Facebook, and in the town I live in, the more I talk, as a literate person, as an intelligent woman with self-esteem that isn’t a doormat, as a small business woman, the more I get called names like “egotistical” and “pathetic”.

So I decided to think about the difference between a woman’s ego and a man’s ego. There are books and articles about a man’s ego all over the place. The “fragile male ego” is well known.  But the woman’s ego?  Imagine, the “fragile female ego” being bandied about.  It’s more like, “New discovery!  Women have an ego! Make a flag for them!”

Real quickly, the definition of the ego is a sense of “yourself” or “self-centered”. Everyone starts out at a young age with a natural inborn sense of who they are as a person unless your parents or religion beat it out of you.   That’s possible and maybe prevalent, but not healthy at all.  People do tend to feel more secure if they agree with one another.  It’s curious.

A woman…with a sense of “herself”, pride, dignity, accomplished….well, she doesn’t sound very sexy.  Or does she?  Why do I assume she has to sound sexy? If you described a man that way it’s sexy.

There’s our first red flag.  Women are given the message early on that their attractiveness as a potential mate, for the purposes of reproduction, should define their sense of self-worth.  Thus the obsession with superficial looks as opposed to a big brain, articulateness, education, in essence, the character Amy Farafowler on “Big Bang Theory” (who I love).  It’s just starting to catch on.  And we are ever so grateful to Dr. Barbie and Corporate Manager Barbie to serve as a role model for young girls. LOL.

Yes women have an ego.  Yes women have a sense of themselves as an individual. Our needs with regard to education, intelligence, level of respect and pay in the workplace, respect in the home, respect from our sons, access to team sports, et.al is EQUAL to men.

I suppose I’ll spend the rest of my life writing and living an example of a woman with an ego who loves.  You can’t love from emptiness.  You can’t love if your body is falling apart because you’ve given your last ounce of life force to everyone else. Women can be an example of how to take care of ourselves first and then who ever else we prefer to care for.



“Un-ing” Something

First you wind, then you un-wind

First you do, then you un-do

First you marry, then you un-marry

First you live (are born), then you die (un-live)

First you make, then you un-make

First you tie, then you un-tie

First you believe, then you dis-believe or become an un-believer.

First you know and love yourself, then you can be un-selfishImage with others.

Empty Ball Jar

It looks empty.

It could be filled with jam, buttons, pins or ribbons…

Grandma is gone.  It’s empty.

It could be filled with hugs, tears, love, and family joy.

But Grandma is gone.  It’s empty.

Gone are the days when life was simple and family was right next to you.

We sat under the pear tree, picked strawberries, made grape jam and told stories.

Her grandson loves video games more than grass or jam now.  And they say it’s a good thing.  His brain is getting bigger.  What about his heart???

That Ball jar is empty.Image

Don’t Move….yet.

I love what I read today about “creating”.

1.  Sit still

2.  Focus your mind/thoughts on what causes you to feel good or observe something or someone that makes you feel good.  This is out of the box.  Everyone is different.  (I guess if war brings a smile to your face-go there…I mean really.  You get my meaning.  It doesn’t have to be kitties, roses, and cookies.  hahahaha)

3.  Keep doing that until you’re inspired TO MOVE.  Then take the action of your choice.

Productive action arises only out of thoughts that inspire you or cause you to feel good about life, yourself, others, anything! The thoughts have to arise out of your core-out of your center.  This is how evolution and creation is unique.  This is how each individual is empowered instead of enslaved.  And it’s NATURAL.  This is the natural flow of life from your voice.  LOVE IT! See you in the ethers.Image

Libertarianism: An Ecological Consideration

“There is reason, however, to call for free, liberated markets where the creative labor human beings long to conduct can begin a transition economy. For if we lived in a truly freed market system, without state intervention, the modern, centralized fossil fuel industries would surely crumble under their enormous cost. Without federal involvement in energy markets, fossil energy firms (among the largest corporations on the planet) would instead focus on the creation of new energy models and internal risk-pooling to examine alternatives to high-risk projects.”

appalachian son


Industrial Utility

In the vast arid lands of the Arckaringa Basin in Australia a major shale oil discovery has been made. Linc Energy has discovered across 16 million acres of land an estimated 133 – 233 billion barrels of shale oil lies in the regions lithology. No matter how much of this oil is recoverable using modern technology, this discovery is sure to be valued in the trillions at current market value. Peter Bond, chief executive of Linc Energy, is marketing a deposit that has the potential to transform the global oil industry. This is an incredible finding with incredible consequences.

Oil is a highly sought after commodity, and rightly so, as it currently fuels much of the developed worlds economy – along with other fossil resources such as coal. Investment in this new discovery will suit well for investors, there is a lot of money to be made and…

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Detroit. Koch brothers pollute with Petroleum Coke

Detroit, nor ANY American city deserves this. It needs to stop.


FaceBook Post
Posted on August 22, 2013
Yesterday I posted this picture with the status quote

If you consider yourself living Downriver the Pet-Coke is flying today so hold your breath.

I later received a message stating I was suspended from posting on Facebook for 12 Days.
Maybe this is why this story doesn’t get the media it deserves.

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End of the play.

Tear down the set.  Roll up the costumes

Put away the make-up.  My family is ended.

It wasn’t a very good play.  I didn’t pay enough attention to the script when I was writing it, before the play beganImage.

My fun and adventure was interrupted by the family play.  I hadn’t planned on seeing it.  I hadn’t planned on seeing it at all!

Characters in and out but 3 of them including me seem to keep coming back onstage.

Enough dialogue. 

Curtain Down.  No curtain call.  Lights off.