The introverted revolution in internal comms

The introverted revolution in internal comms.


Fascia Magnified 25x

This is what massage therapists lay our hands on, under your skin. THIS IS healthcare. We are moving blood, fascia, all tissue and it communicates directly to your brain and stimulates healing.


What’s beneath your skin? Amazing video of fascia under magnification really shows why massage techniques such as myofascial release work. Thanks to Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy for posting (

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sovereign state

sovereign country

sovereign nation

sovereign province


my sovereign mind

my sovereign body

my sovereign home

my sovereign god…well


life is sacred

and then there’s the slaughter.

a country is sacred

and then there’s the slaughter.

a woman’s body is sacred

            and then there’s the slaughter.

the earth is sacred

            and then there’s the slaughter.

people slaughter.


and then claim it as life.

sovereign life.


“kill what you love and it will be holy”

tolls humanity’s bell


life is a church full of blood

up to now




my reign.


We don’t really NEED it.



But for now, people seem to need their fences.


It Just Seems Hard Until You Get Going

Remember when you first tried to balance on a 2 wheeler by yourself?

Remember that push from behind that you needed? You had to pedal hard and somehow find how your body was supposed to balance on that bike.

I remember it SO well.  It’s a very big deal to take off those training wheels.

Tuning into your core and thinking the thoughts that feel good to you is the same way.

For instance, I remember back in 1988 when I first started having vivid dreams.  It took some discipline to respect my visions enough to write them down but not count or dis-count them.  To just let them “be”.  

I remember back in 2000 when I felt “energy surges” in my hands for no apparent reason and I then stumbled on a “Hands On Healing” training and felt drawn to it.  That’s all behind me now and I have a successful healing practice, licensing, and professional training.

Ask “whatever you believe in” to show you who you are that can bring you utter joy and abundance and listen to the answer.  Discount nothing, hang your hat on nothing. Just listen and watch your destiny unfold. I promise you, before you know it, the training wheels will come off and you’ll be balancing that bike.



“The thinking child…

“The thinking child is not antisocial (he is, in fact, the only type of child fit for social relationships). When he develops his first values and conscious convictions, particularly as he approaches adolescence, he feels an intense desire to share them with a friend who would understand him; if frustrated, he feels an acute sense of loneliness. (Loneliness is specifically the experience of this type of child—or adult; it is the experience of those who have something to offer. The emotion that drives conformists to “belong,” is not loneliness, but fear—the fear of intellectual independence and responsibility. The thinking child seeks equals; the conformist seeks protectors.)” | Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution

Something to Hide Behind?