Rumi Water

You are there. I am here. It’s the beginning of all relating…the body…the eyes, the voice.

There would be no institutions, no schools, no communities, no families if people weren’t merging the body first on some level or all levels.

The Body starts everything.  It’s the alpha, the prime mover, the core initiator, the foundation for all communication.

From that follows your tablet, your iphone, houses, communities, networks etc.  There would be nothing on Earth without bodies.  Mountain bodies, squirrel bodies, bird bodies, soil body.  BODY is the foundation for all Life and all Mind.  All ideas, all money, all organization flows from the fount of Body.

What if we were all, all of a sudden invisible and had no body?  What if everything on Earth was invisible in the same way? What if  all of a sudden, everything was just PURE MIND? and we could hear each other speak or feel each other’s vibe but we couldn’t see each other because none of us had a body? What if we were so Mindal that we LOST our bodies because we forgot how to vibrate in our body so that they could be seen?

What if our world was just full of disembodied Minds wandering around?

The Body is Sacred.

It’s everything we have and are on Earth.

It’s how Life evolves.

It’s our tool for communication of our Mind and Heart.  There would be no relationships with animals, the Earth, or other people without THE BODY you have. Your Body is Your Source and your magnet holding you here.  It’s important to tune it to the right channel to receive the information you need.  Your parents channeled you into the body but they are not your Source.  They just had the codes to unlock the physical door (the DNA).

Your Body comes first.

If you don’t have your body or like your body, or inhabit your body, you are poor and ignorant.  It doesn’t matter how much money or formal education you have if you don’t inhabit or like your body or use your body to express yourself.  You can be manipulated, controlled, and people can suck off of you unless you sit in your Body Power which is your Mind Power. What you see in front of you, in another person, is a PERFECT expression of WHERE their MIND is RIGHT NOW.  They are on a journey in a Body.  But your interpretation of the meaning of their body is just your interpretation.  Honor that person, that body in front of you as an expression of how they feel, how they relate, what they think.

There is no ONE WAY each body is supposed to be.  Diversity is necessary for all life. Who you are in your Body, at this very moment, reflects your Mind exactly.  We’re all in the same boat.


I Had a Powerful Dream Last Night

It must have been a Solstice dream.  It felt like a gift; information my psyche had been needing to proceed in confidence with my work.  Today is the Solstice at Noon-so I guess it was Solstice Eve.

This was a dream that wasn’t a dream; it felt real.  I was actually there.  I was in a room, sitting in a chair against a wall, the room was light and normal (ethereal) and there were others there.  There was a small woman to my left, one person away from me and she was standing.  This was some kind of “session” and she was teaching.  Upon waking, I realized she was my teacher.  That’s why I was there!  She was middle-aged, short, longish white hair but modern, small, thin, rational face.  She had “the sight” and was logical.  There was a troubled woman up in front, attractive, not in pain, but ashamed, and had fear and grief.  She wanted to sit behind a wall and didn’t want the teacher to focus on her.   The teacher could smell what her disease was.  That’s why I was at this session.  The teacher wanted to show how mis-aligned vibration smelled.  She was not an Empath or a hands on healer such as I.  She understood that everything in nature had a particular smell. Everything in nature has a certain atomic structure or cellular make-up.  That make-up causes it to resonate with our olfactory (smell) sense when it mixes with the air.  Aroma therapy is based on this natural fact.  However, when it comes to assessing a dis-ease state, smell can be helpful.

The teacher could smell Malaria in the woman.  She kindly said, “You came here to be helped and we are going to help you”.  “I can smell malaria in you”, and the teacher pinpointed the spot.  I was watching.  The teacher imparted some intuitive information that I’m still processing as far as how to do it.  But first, the healers body has to be cleansed and aligned.  It is similar to any other bodily smell that comes from people.  Our soaps, deodorants, and perfumes try to cover everything up.  But if you want someone to really know who you are, you’ll let them smell you.  It is a primal sense and one that doesn’t lie.   The woman with malaria was Caucasian and was ashamed that she had this disease associated with poverty that would not leave her.

The teacher then had her come to me.  Being an Empath, I am able to feel how the patient feels but not internalize or bond to the energy.  The purpose of knowing is to help align it, not absorb it!  I could feel that the minor chakra points at her shoulders and at her  thyroid were very far off.  That is the area the teacher had pointed out.  Upon doing Reiki, my hands got very hot and the healing commenced as normal with her husband watching.  I felt very strong Compassion for the woman and knew she wanted to be rid of it.

At the end of the dream was an image of ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus”.  I’m familiar with that image and I believe the Catholics use it a lot, but I can only conjecture as to how it applies here.  Jesus was a healer and the one I’m most familiar with having been raised Christian, which is just a sect of Judaism.  Christians have a hard time accepting this, but Christianity is just amended Judaism or a sect of Judaism.  Jesus was a Jew.  He did not found Christianity.  The Apostle Paul and the Emperor Constantine are by and large the founders of the sect  Jesus was a Jew, a lover, and and healer.  He was completely connected to his heart as a healer.  Maybe there is some kind of affinity; especially with regard to this dream.

Jesus (2)


The gravity of each individual Mind pulls us and keeps us in the body, giving off a specific gift, look, flavor, color, and feel.

Our individual cells dance with electromagnetic charge set in motion by our thoughts.

We are complete and can co-create just as we are right now.

Yet that gravity still makes us spiral as One life force toward The Center, all touching and affecting one another.

It’s a paradox.

We are individuals yet we are One.


Loving Man

I asked All That Is for a Loving Man in my life and he found me.

And then I said yes.

Then he put his hand on my knee and kept staring at me and telling me how beautiful, brilliant, and unique I was.

I looked at my list of requirements. (That I finally made after too many failed mating attempts)

He fulfilled them all.

He just appeared and said he had to meet me!

And I said “Yes!”

And he’s still here.

You have to ask and then let it in.

I did and it worked.  Amazing.



What is real AGING?

If you “Google” the word aging, you’re going to read mostly social perceptions of aging that are based on the perceived movement of TIME.  First, social stuff is not rational; it’s cultural, perceptual, and mythological.  ITS FACEBOOK!!!!   Yeeha. It snowballs into huge mythological thought forms as it hangs in the ethers and then we call it “reality”.  To each his own.  Aging is one of those thought forms.  Second, Time is a wave.  Our cells have been shown by physics experiments to exist in multiple dimensions at the same time. The only reason you’re visible in this one is because Scotty beamed you up.  Scotty is your Father Luke!  Wait, which show am I in?

You’ve got Earth Coordinates through your family, your DNA, your genetic code.  Your unique genetic code, in your cells nucleus are your Earth Coordinates.  You’re only visible because you “get that”.  You don’t need to worship that; AKA “My family is the most important thing on the planet”.  If it is to you, that’s fine.  That is a prevailing thoughtform as well.  But we don’t have to absorb each other’s thought forms as Truth.  Personally, I came to write the show and be in the show not bond with the guy in the ticket booth and just stand there.  You got your ticket, you got on the train.  Now get off and explore and create an adventure! Your genetic code was your ticket to Earth.  That’s all it is.  The rest of the drama is yours to write.  The Truth is, as a species, we are closely related to ALL LIFE FORMS, every species on Earth, etc.  We are one giant Earth Family; the humans, the trees the squirrels, the kitty’s, the dogs, the elephants, insects and marine life.  God this is a great planet; and an evolving one.  So the Scientists have huge fun observing it for all of us to scoff at in lieu of football and beer.  It’s a free universe and your DNA doesn’t rule it.  Your Mind and Heart do.

That’s where Space comes in to trump perceptions of Time.  Your cells are mostly empty space.  The trillions of cells that make up your body are 90% or more, empty space.  Your cells just happen to be spinning at 60,000 miles per second; so fast that they appear to be solid.  That is why you appear solid.  That is a scientific fact.  Anyhoo, I digress a bit.

The Medical/Scientific Definition of Aging is actually Cellular Stress

1. The process of growing old, especially by failure of replacement of cells in sufficient number to maintain full functional capacity; particularly affects cells (neurons) incapable of mitotic division.

I’ll state that again.

Try to wrap your brain around that.  Say it to yourself as a mantra.  Know that your stress level is within your control. Don’t listen to other people.  It is best to look up scientific definitions of things…I find. Yes, scientists are human and have an ego and love money too.  But on the whole, scientists are some of the brightest, well-educated, OBJECTIVE, analytical people without too much emotional attachment to anyone and they really like to have fun and be weird.  The scientific method got us through the dark ages of religious oppression.  It’s getting us through the current technosphere assault on the Earth.  It will hopefully get us through the healthcare paradigm shift we’re going through right now.

Cellular stress is caused by our interaction with SPACE not Time. Therefore, aging is caused by our interaction with space. What is space?  Space is the air, the Earth around us, Gravity, our bodies and the food we put in it, the ethers, and our thoughts/Minds.  So Aging is determined by the air we breath, how we breath, our thoughts about our bodies and treatment of our bodies, the food we eat, and whether we’ve made friends with Gravity.  The discipline of Tai Chi is fabulous for helping your body make friends with gravity.  Yoga helps your body make friends with your breathing and with the air.  And local farmers markets or your own garden help you make friends with your food.  And once you make friends with gravity (mass/weight), air, and food, you’ve made friends with yourself!

To sum it up, Aging is cellular stress, caused by our relationship with the Space around and in us, and is completely within our control.  Aging is not caused by the perceived progression of Time.  Time isn’t linear.  Time spirals in waves.  It has nothing to do with aging.


This is a picture of a Cell Membrane Bound Carrier.  It ferry’s information to and from your Cell Membranes.  These carriers have more impact on the Cell nucleus than the DNA (which also resides in each cell nucleus).  The information in this carrier comes from SPACE-your space.  You program this carrier in your cell with your thoughts and actions.  The DNA does NOT program your cells.  These carriers of information from your SPACE controls your cell.  It’s a fact.

Please adjust your frequency now.  Think the thoughts that float your cork and create solutions.  Sure, on Earth, we need to accurately IDENTIFY the problem and that’s it.  No more focus on the problem.  Stop talking about it. Focus on the solution/solutions.

1.  Identify the problem;  The problem has been that our perception of Time is linear and that Time controls our cells.  It is not linear and it does not control our cells.

2.  One Solution;  Space/Mind controls our cells.  The thoughts we choose controls our space, our bodies, all Life around us.  The solution is to think the thoughts that float your own cork and let that permeate your space and those you love and have affinity with.

There are a million solutions to the entropy.  What a wild ride.

“The Sovereign …

“The Sovereign Individual is truly free.”-Greg Leary

Takes no prisoners, requires no sacrifices, is the most authentic and trustworthy member of society. There is no cost to anyone for existing within yourself.  In fact, it’s the Source of all Abundance, Sharing, Unconditional Love and Healing.  It’s consonant.


All of the atoms that make up the material world (and us) are 98% empty space.  That’s a fact.

The nucleons and the electrons, in all of the atoms nucleus’s, in every single particle are spinning so fast around the nucleus that we and the world appear solid, when in fact, we are not.  Physics has proven this.

Everything is an apparition and we are just moving about like so many embodied thoughts in a ghost town called Earth.

Earth in a Spiral

How do my breasts look? Not.

Grand Rapids just held a fund-raiser to fight breast cancer.  “Bra’s Across the Grand” raised $23,000.  That’s fabulous!  With this action in the picture, I’m wondering if they were making a statement about the fact that tight fitting or wrong fitting bras are one of the known causes of breast cancer?  In other words, “hang your bra out to dry and leave it there!”


When I first saw this I thought, “I guess they’re just trying to bring attention to women’s breasts.  You can’t exactly hang pictures of women’s breasts in photos across the Grand River” Although there are plethora of them on the porn sights 24/7 I’m sure.  Men sure spend an inordinate amount of time staring through the 2 layers of shirt and bra or shirt and camisole to figure out the details of what a woman’s breasts look like.  Don’t ya just love that?  Oh, here, let me stare at your crotch to figure out the details of your “stuff”.  Guys might not admit it, but some might mind that.  The women I know do mind having their breasts stared at in public.

I love my breasts.  I fed my son with them…very adequately!  But I don’t want a man to decide whether he’s going to spend time with me SOLELY on the details of my breasts or whether he’s going to have unlimited access to them like a suckling child.  And lately, on the dating scene, it kind of seems that way whether they admit it or not.  To be fair to the men, I will say this.  There is a difference between how a guy looks at them if he’s emotionally attaching to you and how a guy looks at them if he wants to use you.  The one fellow I’m “a bit fond of” here in town looked at them like they were Thanksgiving dinner and he hadn’t eaten in a month.  It was endearing actually and sort of cute.  Other guys I want to deck when they “grab a peek” but couldn’t care less and don’t know me at all.

I didn’t know until about a year ago that bra wearing had been studied and it was found that that choice is a cause of breast cancer.  It is well known that it restricts the LYMPH flow in and around the armpit.  Even if the bra fits well, it is form fitting and is “holding you in”.  This is not unlike the men wearing briefs!

Remember the whole boxers vs. briefs debate that came up in the 90’s?  I remember a Seinfeld episode making light of it.  LOL.  This WebMD article elucidates what I’m referring to.  Doctors recommend that men never wear briefs because it lowers the sperm count in the testes.  They suggest boxers or nothing.  It takes 10-11 weeks for men to produce sperm.  It goes on to say men should wear nothing, often, when they are at home.

Mercola is a fairly well known health site.  In this article, it does indeed say that physicians and researchers agree that the very “pretty”, hip, mod, under wire, tight fitting bras are one of the causes of breast cancer, as is aluminum in anti-perspirant.  I never buy that stuff.  That’s like anti-biotics.  Who is against perspiring/anti-perspiring?  And who is against all bacteria and life in the body?/anti/biotic (Bio means LIFE).  There are a couple brands that are just deodorant.  It’s worth hunting for.  And of course your diet affects your body smell and your cancer risk.  Eat across the color spectrum with fruits and veggies, low saturated fat, and low or no processed foods.

Women’s bodies are not less important than men’s.  Women’s healthy breasts are just as important as men’s healthy testes. The way a woman’s breasts LOOK is no more important than how a man’s “stuff” looks in shorts or pants hanging loose or in boxers.  The equivalent of a woman wearing boxers would be a camisole under a blouse.  Women should not wear tight fitting bras!  Just like men should not wear briefs.

Bras vs. Briefs-Not.

Camisoles vs. Boxers-Yes

Blowing in the wind vs. Blowing in the Wind-Yes!!!!!!   It’s all pretty.    Hehehehehehe.