It Just Seems Hard Until You Get Going

Remember when you first tried to balance on a 2 wheeler by yourself?

Remember that push from behind that you needed? You had to pedal hard and somehow find how your body was supposed to balance on that bike.

I remember it SO well.  It’s a very big deal to take off those training wheels.

Tuning into your core and thinking the thoughts that feel good to you is the same way.

For instance, I remember back in 1988 when I first started having vivid dreams.  It took some discipline to respect my visions enough to write them down but not count or dis-count them.  To just let them “be”.  

I remember back in 2000 when I felt “energy surges” in my hands for no apparent reason and I then stumbled on a “Hands On Healing” training and felt drawn to it.  That’s all behind me now and I have a successful healing practice, licensing, and professional training.

Ask “whatever you believe in” to show you who you are that can bring you utter joy and abundance and listen to the answer.  Discount nothing, hang your hat on nothing. Just listen and watch your destiny unfold. I promise you, before you know it, the training wheels will come off and you’ll be balancing that bike.



“The thinking child…

“The thinking child is not antisocial (he is, in fact, the only type of child fit for social relationships). When he develops his first values and conscious convictions, particularly as he approaches adolescence, he feels an intense desire to share them with a friend who would understand him; if frustrated, he feels an acute sense of loneliness. (Loneliness is specifically the experience of this type of child—or adult; it is the experience of those who have something to offer. The emotion that drives conformists to “belong,” is not loneliness, but fear—the fear of intellectual independence and responsibility. The thinking child seeks equals; the conformist seeks protectors.)” | Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution

Something to Hide Behind?

The World Is Starting To Wake Up

I’m on this beam!

The Truth You Always Knew

We are at a point where our conscious selves are starting to make a massive leap into just how much power, influence and potential we all have here.

There is a Global Awakening taking shape.

Manufactured fears are being uncovered and seen for what they are.

We are all letting go of our unjustified inhibitions together.

No one act started this, we have all been moving towards it together.

It has been a long time coming, and it’s finally nearly here.

There is a fresh excitement sweeping over us all.

Soon, there will be a drastic increase in the quality of art and inventions manifested into our shared reality.

There will be more Love than we have ever known.

We are in for an Evolutionary decade.

We are in for an incredible journey.

Big things are coming.

The World is starting to Wake Up.

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Song of the Week 51: Águas de Março (Waters of March) – Tom Jobim

I’ve listened to this tune for years. Love it!

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Olá a todos!

I’ve always loved Brazilian music, because of the mix of jazz improvisation, African and Latin rhythms and its harmonic sophistication, but I never really knew too much about it. I just knew I liked it. After today’s song of the week, you and I will know a little more about that corner of the world. We’re going to talk about one of Brazil’s most famous and fondly remembered sons, one of her greatest musicians, responsible for several of the twentieth century’s most well known melodies; one of which is this week’s Song of the Week…

Águas de Março was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s rainiest month, March, which is usually marked by storms, heavy rains and strong winds that often cause flash flooding around the city. The music and lyrics both progress downward symbolising streams of water flowing down streets into gutters, carrying sticks, stones, bits of…

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Lisa Townsend, Musician

Lisa Townsend, Musician

The link to my music is in Blue. We finished some Demo tracks.  There will be 2 more coming as we get the editing done.  Recording is quite a process.  When you click play on my page you will hear “God Bless The Child”, “Funny Girl”, and “Groovin’ High”.  I sing and play the flute.  David Hay is the Pianist.

A”Woman’s” Ego?

Today is “Women’s Equality Day”.  It says that on my calendar.  

The book I’m writing has a section on gender.  Like most people, I believe that men and women have a tremendous amount in common biologically.  And I really do like most men.  However, socially, on Facebook, and in the town I live in, the more I talk, as a literate person, as an intelligent woman with self-esteem that isn’t a doormat, as a small business woman, the more I get called names like “egotistical” and “pathetic”.

So I decided to think about the difference between a woman’s ego and a man’s ego. There are books and articles about a man’s ego all over the place. The “fragile male ego” is well known.  But the woman’s ego?  Imagine, the “fragile female ego” being bandied about.  It’s more like, “New discovery!  Women have an ego! Make a flag for them!”

Real quickly, the definition of the ego is a sense of “yourself” or “self-centered”. Everyone starts out at a young age with a natural inborn sense of who they are as a person unless your parents or religion beat it out of you.   That’s possible and maybe prevalent, but not healthy at all.  People do tend to feel more secure if they agree with one another.  It’s curious.

A woman…with a sense of “herself”, pride, dignity, accomplished….well, she doesn’t sound very sexy.  Or does she?  Why do I assume she has to sound sexy? If you described a man that way it’s sexy.

There’s our first red flag.  Women are given the message early on that their attractiveness as a potential mate, for the purposes of reproduction, should define their sense of self-worth.  Thus the obsession with superficial looks as opposed to a big brain, articulateness, education, in essence, the character Amy Farafowler on “Big Bang Theory” (who I love).  It’s just starting to catch on.  And we are ever so grateful to Dr. Barbie and Corporate Manager Barbie to serve as a role model for young girls. LOL.

Yes women have an ego.  Yes women have a sense of themselves as an individual. Our needs with regard to education, intelligence, level of respect and pay in the workplace, respect in the home, respect from our sons, access to team sports, is EQUAL to men.

I suppose I’ll spend the rest of my life writing and living an example of a woman with an ego who loves.  You can’t love from emptiness.  You can’t love if your body is falling apart because you’ve given your last ounce of life force to everyone else. Women can be an example of how to take care of ourselves first and then who ever else we prefer to care for.