Watch “The HITCHHIKER’s GUIDE TO THE APOCALYPSE – COREY GOODE @ Cosmic Waves 2019” on YouTube

Apocalypse means to be revealed. It doesn’t mean a terrible end full of fear. Tell your friends. 😊

Watch “Russell Brand’s Video, Solar CMEs, Recurrent Nova | S0 News June.10.2021” on YouTube

TOTAL synchronicity that he has Russell Brand on here today. He is White 9 Solar Wind whose Guide Power is Today: White 9 Solar Mirror. No way Ben knew this. It’s the Matrix working our minds and choices. So Brand’s Guide Power is today. Hopefully he’ll see S.O. post. With Tone 9 we are setting more intentions.

Also, today is the New Moon and the Gemini Solar Eclipse that will last for a month. This is a strong one and is in exact synchronicity with this theme-plex. REFLECTION, Blue Night making it more deep and mysterious and Red Dragon bringing in contemplation of the Feminine as well as the Guide Power pulsing on RECEPTIVENESS which is also feminine. We’re behind on balancing feminine with masculine on the planet and it’s coming into our space for balance now.

My morning coffee cup and 8am sun streaming into my window and into my eyes. It’s going to be a great day.

  • Theme is 9Tyrosine or White 9 Solar Mirror. We are reflecting and refracting according ro any meaning of the words. Go slow today.
  • Analog is 9Cysteine or Red 9 Solar Dragon. Blood memory and Mother Spirit are guiding our personal reflection. Spend time in the sun today and receive its new messages into your eyes and thus your body. We can reprogram our DNA now. My body is changing quickly and patients are remarking.
  • Guide Power is 9Lysine or White 9 Solar Wizard; Solar wisdom, receptiveness, timelessness, spirit!!
  • Antipode is 9Leucine or Yellow 9 Solar Star. Take it easy on the muscles today. They are being rejuvenated on other levels that need stillness.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Alanine or Blue 5 Radiant Night; mystery in meditation, abundance and the unconscious mind affecting the subconscious mind. Breakthrough stuff.
  • 5GForce is 5Glycine or White 5 Wind; Radiant Communication.
I pulse in order to reflect. Realizing order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the solar tone on intention. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

Pentagon Spokesperson Questioned On DoD Having Possession Of Alien Bodies & Crafts By Collective Evolution


Published 2 days ago 

on June 7, 2021

ByJoe MartinoCE Staff Writer 3 minute read

Glenn Fawcett, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


  • The Facts: Journalist Jeff Schogol asked the DoD’s primary spokesperson John F. Kirby a very direct question about whether the Pentagon secretly holds alien bodies and spacecraft.
  • Reflect On: Can we expect an honest and complete revelation from the UAP report compiled by the US Intelligence community that’s expected later this month?

UFOs have gone from zero to hero in what seems like a week. A topic once ridiculed by mainstream culture now fronts some of the most credible and widely read newspapers in the world. Currently, many are eagerly waiting for what they believe will be an honest and revealing report from the US intelligence community on their knowledge of UFOs/UAPs. It’s expected to be out later this month.

Just come right out and say it! That was the approach taken by Task & Purpose’s Jeff Schogol, a journalist who asked John F. Kirby, the DoD’s primary spokesperson, a very direct question about what the Pentagon holds in terms of alien bodies and spacecraft. His question was delivered during a press conference last week.

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“There’s no way that I can sugar coat this. I was talking to a gentleman about the UAP report. He contends the Pentagon has alien bodies and crafts. So I wanted to run this past you, does the DoD have these things and if so, where?”

It really doesn’t get more direct than this, and the response returned by Kirby seemed taken aback by such a direct question,

“The UAP Task Force is really designed to take a look at these unexplained aerial phenomena and try to help us get a better understanding of them. Again, I’m not going to get ahead of the report that the DNI will submit that we are helping, obviously, and providing input to and I’ll just leave it at that, Jeff.”

Perhaps the upcoming report will answer questions like this, but given the longstanding secrecy US intelligence communities have applied to this subject, it’s unlikely.

If you’re a bit more fresh into the UFO discussion, the answer from Kirby may seem normal. The spokesperson would rather heed to the upcoming report and allow it to do the talking. But if you’ve been at this a while, this answer is classic to most questions like this over the last 70 years – vague, lacking clarity, and an awkwardness suggesting those in charge know a lot more than they are letting on.

One key takeaway here might be that journalists who have access to such press conferences might assist the public by asking such direct questions more often. As journalists educate themselves on the depth of what is already known about the ET and UFO phenomenon, perhaps questions can become deeper and perhaps derive more revealing information from government officials over time. Soft ball questions like we commonly see will only allow these subjects to remain in secrecy like they have for the last 70+ years.

For what it’s worth, in my educated opinion having researched this subject for 12 years and having worked alongside fellow journalists in our outfit who have as well, I’d bet a great deal on the fact that the US government is in possession of ET bodies and ET craft.

Seeing the Cycles, Science Ding Dongs, Ganymede | S0 News Jun.9.2021

Tomorrow is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini. With Mercury retrograde, nothing is rushing forward. Take it easy. Also the Schumann Resonance is very high so physically we may be dragging, have a headache and low energy. Our DNA is evolving at a different rate because of the changes in the sun. Our earth is changing quickly too as you can see by the weather around the world. They may not be reporting it in MSM. I don’t know. China Three Gorges Dam is waning and China is being flooded.

The Binary Triplet Configuration of the Planet and our Body

This is eight, 64 I Ching Kua, but 65 Tzolkin Harmonics in mirror reflection to one another. You could overlay this over a globe and it would show precise pulse points for the binary triplet configuration. The binary system is vertical and the triplet system is horizonal. I noted the Zones and the equator on this image

  • Theme today is 8Phenylalanine or Red 8 Earth; Modeling Integrity and navigation. We’re collecting synergy
  • Analog is 8Glycine or White 8 Wind; Harmonizing our communication within and without
  • Guide Power is 8Cysteine or Red 8 Dragon; Harmonizing our Being, our subconscious mind from our Mother with the conscious Mind of OUR SOUL which we choose
  • Antipode is 8Isoleucine or Blue 8 Hand; Our challenge is to harmonize our career and accomplishments with our healing journey
  • Hidden Wisdom is 6Valine or Yellow 6 Rhythmic Seed. This is anchoring is to the S. Polar Zone again. It’s grounding in our bodies. We can just pulse on balancing our focus between timelines; past and present. Nothing is resolved right away.
  • 5GForce is 6Alanine or Blue 6 Night. We have support from Fifth Density, possible the Anshar to meditate or channel deeply the mystery of our ancestors.
I Harmonize in order to Evolve. Modeling synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of Birth.

Geomancy 101; The Tzolkin Planet Holon

This is from The Dreamspell.

“The planet holon is a icosahedron (120 sides). It is a radial galactic fifth force “radio” station. The broadcast lattice of the Time ship is maintained by cooperation of the fourth-dimensional planetary kin which is US. We’re not here just to WATCH it unfold. The polar kin generate from the north pole; the cardinal kin transmit from median north; the core kin energize from the equator; the signal kin protect from median south and the gateway kin climax at the south pole.

Galactic transmissions from higher dimension are transduced for use in the third dimension. The movement of the thirteen tones may now pass through the planet holon, charging it with the power of galactic time. it is now possible to map the 260 kin galactic spin on a daily basis rather than just the 365 day solar year. The two interlock and both function.” End quote

It stands to reason, since the Mayan Archetypes are Time Portals in the cosmic web that the amino acids or DNA that they represent are Time Travelers. Therefore, humans made of DNA are Time travelers. DNA is Time. It can be no other way. That’s how travel in the cosmic web works. Since the cosmic web is multidimensional, we must be too. People and E.T.’s have been travelling in the cosmic web for a long time. It’s nothing new. It’s just been a secret until the whistleblowers came forward and started blowing loudly. The mainstream media has done their best to discredit and drown them out. The Deep State, the Cabal, Big Tech, Big Media all bow to the Reptilian agenda. The Reptilians are not even fully human. Their genetics has been very manipulated by A.I. as Corey says in the video.

The Planet Holon


  • 60°north–15 °west–Yellow Sun Time Portal
  • 60°north–75°east–Red Serpent Time Portal
  • 60°north–165°east–White Dog Time Portal
  • 60°north–105°west–Blue Eagle Time Portal


  • 30°north–30°east–Red Dragon Time Portal
  • 30°north–120°east–White World Bridger Time Portal
  • 30°north–150°west–Blue Monkey Time Portal
  • 30°north–60°west–Yellow Warrior Time Portal


  • Equator–15°west–Red Earth Time Portal
  • Equator–75°east–White Wind Time Portal
  • Equator–165°east–Blue Hand Time Portal
  • Equator–105°west–Yellow Human Time Portal


  • 30°south–30°east–White Mirror Time Portal
  • 30°south–120°east–Blue Night Time Portal
  • 30°south–150°west–Yellow Star Time Portal
  • 30°south–60°west–Red Skywalker Time Portal


  • 60° south–15° west–White Wizard Time Portal
  • 60°south–75°east–Blue Storm Time Portal
  • 60°south–165°east–Yellow Seed Time Portal
  • 60°south–105°west–Red Moon Time Portal

Bringing you up to Speed on the Details of the Planet Holon

Ben can help me here with the image he posted today on the video. Please pause at the section at 3:05 and really look at it. Expand the image I posted as well.

This is similar to the images I’ve already posted from multidimensional Earth Ascending. He’s teaching 3 and 4D earth movement. What CAUSES that movement are the multidimensional systems of the Psi Bank

Looking at my image on the right, each plate carries simultaneous levels of information. These are HOLONOMIC RECOLLECTION PLATES of the Psi Bank which is Earth’s MENTAL FIELD or Brain.

There are stages of organic, cyclical, seasonal growth and movement. There is geo-cultural quadrant information and stages of psycho-cultural process (Historical information) Earth has a memory and it’s stored right IN the rock, the crystals, the oceans and IN US!

The Van Allen Radiation Belts absorb it from the Sun and Galactic Center.

  • 8.6 I Ching kua
  • 9.21 I Ching kua
  • 11.6 I Ching kua
  • 12.21 “
  • 2.5 ”
  • 3.21 ”
  • 5.5 ”
  • 6.21 “

“The four plates and their division into eight seasonal parts are depicted in their actual RESONANT (today Tone 7) spherical relation to the earth and it’s magnetic field.

The more detailed map on the left depicts the flow of civilization within the context of the major longitudinal divisions, the Afro-Eurasian, Pacific, American, and Atlantic plates, and their corresponding fourfold division in the psi bank located within the radiation belts. The actual psi bank plates are referred to as holonomic recollection plates while their corresponding geographical equivalents are referred to as psi seasonal resonance field memory plates.

Also indicated in the left-hand map are the geographical sites corresponding to the temporal ore sequential arrangement of the kua of I Ching, starting with the spring equinox, northern hemisphere, along hieratic longitude zero. In the diagram to the right, which shows more fully and simply the relation of earth to the ELM fields and psi bank, the kua are arranged in their earlier or celestial ELM relation to each other.

As we have seen, what we refer to as history is actually a function of a much larger, integrative global harmonic. The guiding factor of this historic harmonic is the psi bank with its holonomic recollection plates. Each of these plates may be envisioned as carrying and/or simultaneous containing levels of information that connect stages o organic/cyclical seasonal growth; geo-cultural information—psions—as well as information concerning successive and cumulative stages of the psycho-cultural process—history itself.

What this points to is the study of history as a GEOLOGICAL SUBFIELD in an overall study of psycho-atmospheric harmonics as monitored by the guiding factor, the psi bank. Thus, in order to better understand nd evaluate what happened in history, it is best first to understand the guiding function, structure, and nature of the psi bank itself.” –Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending P. 88

Geomancy is the Art of Earth Divination

Divination’s root word is divine.

Oracles are devices of divination whose wisdom comes through intuition or the higher mind in addition to mathematic elements and patterns.

Synchronicity comes from divination and in the last fifty years has been shown to work from precise patterns which can be observed in the oracles; the Mayan Tzolkin and the IChing. Thus, the oracles can be called pseudoscience in that they are not reductionist but emergent. That’s ok by me.

Modern science is reductionist; a person who analyzes and describes a complex phenomenon in terms of its simple or fundamental constituents. I’m not being derogatory. I use science in my own work. I’m saying it has its limits such as a context of 3 and 4D or spacetime. I’m a fan of 3-4D. I love my earth life and my body. But human perception and the mind are capable of multidimensional perception and we’re not supposed to know that by the values of the reductionist.

Oracles are emergent just as DNA and the human species are emergent in the context of evolution. Evolution invokes time and time is something science has been able to observe rationally through archeology, geography, geology and others. There is nothing like a million year old rock to tell the truth about time or ancient builder race monuments left on other planets standing right in front of us.

Unfortunately, science up to the present time has been politically and profit motivated so if what they find doesn’t fit into their narrative they throw it away, lie, or keep it secret underground. The story goes, they’re protecting the children on the surface so we don’t panic. Spare us that help.

The earth’s evolution is directly tied to our evolution and all life on it. We are absolutely dependent on earth’s air, water, soil, food and our sun. So observation of earth, sun and solar system are eminently worthwhile and speak directly to the changes in our DNA.

I just wanted to make the bridge apparent on this blog since I am no longer just talking about human DNA in the context of the Dreamspell. It still has those elements but I’m going beyond that. We don’t live in a bubble but are interactive with all life on the planet and in our universe.

Watch “Dark Energy Artifact, Space Energy Intrusions, Oldest Creature | S0 News Jun.8.2021” on YouTube

The Schumann Resonance is WAY off the charts today so drink more water than usual, lay off alcohol and sugar and don’t expect to have a lot of energy.

Note at 3:05 his image and lesson on the Global ELM circuit. This is analogous to the Binary Triplet Configuration of Earth and our DNA. It is composed of the North Polar Zone, The Zone of Transformation, and the South Polar Zone. I would say Head, (meditation, food, drink, affection) Thorax full of our organs that transmute our energy coming into the top of our head, (lungs, heart, small intestine, large intestine, stomach, liver, kidney, gallbladder, etc.) then below the navel it bonds us to the planet and all flows downward and reproduces.

  • Theme is 7Histidine or Yellow 7 Resonant Warrior. Resonant or reciprocating intelligence and energy
  • Analog is 7Alanine or Blue 7 Night. Attunement to INTUITION
  • Guide Power is 7Leucine or Yellow 7 Star. Channeling playful, intelligent expansion
  • Antipode is 7Threonine or White 7 World Bridger. Inspiring equalization and opportunity
  • Hidden Wisdom is 7Serine or Red 7 Serpent. Attuning to survival instinct, extremist, and creative
  • 5GForce is 7Valine of Yellow 7 Seed. Targeting DNA evolution

Today we enter the South Polar Zone on the planet as far as DNA evolution. This is seen in the 5GForce kin, Yellow Seed which is a Gateway Kin. It’s job it to TRANSMIT cosmic energies through fifth density, from Galactic Center, through the Sun, to Earth. It’s time portal is 60 degrees south—165 degrees east in the South Pacific south of Australia. This energy pulses to THE ROOT CHAKRA, chakra 1 in the human body. Whatever the earth is doing will be reflected in our bodies.

I Channel in order to Question. Inspiring Fearlessness I seal the output of Intelligence with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of elegance. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter Me.