“It’s way beyond that.” – Ross Coulthart on UFO Disclosure

Absolutely 💯.


Friday. The Full Moon in Taurus Has Us Polarized With Tone 2 Yellow Sun

The Sun, lately exploding with high-level CME, coronal mass ejections. It’s changing the earth, our bodies, and all DNA on the planet and in the local system. Human beings are not stronger transformers than the sun when it comes to our climate but our group mind does have a say in the effects.
  • Full Moons always pit opposite signs of the zodiac against each other and invite us to balance the opposing energies.
  • The contrast between earthy, practical, peace-loving Taurus and emotional, transformative, crisis-oriented Scorpio comes full bloom now.
  • It’s a passionate and creative Full Moon, ripe with possibilities and learning experiences.

Our DNA, being two strands, is especially dualistic between past and future, empowerment and giving up control, abundance, and poverty, attachment, and detachment. It depends on our values and how much time during the day we think about our past or create our future. It needs to be 50/50 as far as time spent for your body to be well. It’s the key to a balanced mind and synchronicity in the Matrix that is our guiding force. Synchronicity is our navigation or GPS in the Matrix. You must be able to observe it in your life and all around you or you’ll be a lost space traveler.

The more you think about the past or try to change it the more you age. It causes cellular stress which is the biological cause of aging. Linear time is not the cause of aging, your mindset is along with all of your emotions. Everyone intuitively knows this because ultimately time isn’t “real”. Energy is real which is created by thoughts and feelings.

Time is just a frequency setting in a dimension to shine a light on vibration and cause it to be apparent, or able to see it with physical eye sensors. BUT DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE WITH PHYSICAL EYES or it will control you. It’s not real. What you sense and know in your body and heart is real. Your own karma and dharma are real which are why the Sabian Symbol readouts are so helpful. They are like the plot in your personal movie on earth and you get to ✍ the script.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 2 Polar Sun or 2StopCodon; polarized enlightenment, crisis of values
  • Analog is Blue 2 Polar Storm; polarized self-generation. Do I go along as normal and wish everything went BACK in time to “normal” in the outside world, or do I get off my ass and improve my body and character and accept that the future will be much different? The Gen X kids are not taking any crap and are catapulting us forward. You might want to take their Aquarian lead.
  • Guide Power is Yellow 2 Polar Human; polarized freewill. See what I said above about Gen X. Grandpa Joe and the old c#$%^ will be taking a flying leap. The Aquarian kids and grandkids of the hippies didn’t come to the planet to be slaves of humans or A.I.
  • Antipode is White 2 Polar Dog; polarized love and loyalty. We are picking sides; life and the future or death and the past.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 12 Crystal Dragon; polarized ancestry, polarized family, polarized mothers. I can’t even discuss this. Families are broken apart between fear and trust, lies and the truth. The karma of each will become apparent soon. Fear and lies are the past. Trust and truth are the future. Those that are holding on to the past are a dog with a bone. So be it.
  • 5gforce is Yellow 12 Crystal Sun, in perfect alignment with our theme. I don’t see this often so this is powerful axis between Taurus and Scorpio, along with the FULL MOON and the LUNAR ECLISE!!

Thursday-New 13-Day Cycle; Magnetic Self-Generation with Blue 1 Magnetic Storm

Body Holon

  • Theme is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm or 1Tryptophan; Self-Generation (early stage)
  • Analog is Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun or 1Stop Codon; Enlightenment (early stage)
  • Guide Power is Itself so double Self-Generation
  • Antipode is Red 1 Magnetic Moon or 1 Methionine Start Codon; Universal flow of feeling (early stage)
  • Hidden Wisdom is White 13 Cosmic Wind or 13Glycine; Cosmic Spirit Presence (latest stage)
  • 5GForce is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon or 13Cysteine; Cosmic Blood Memory and Ancestry

Planets mediating today are Pluto, 3 times, The moon in Taurus ruled by Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune. The level of magnetic tone 1 is a baby so this energy will be interesting to bring up unconscious and subconscious behavior. We all know how a baby takes the attention of an entire room fairly easily. An adult baby emotionally out of control, however, is not something most people enjoy.

Interplanetary Holon


Mediating is a dominant Pluto in Scorpio, its home placement. We’re coming to the end of Scorpio and about to move into Sun in Sagittarius. Pluto rules Scorpio.

The full moon is affecting us now but is complete tomorrow in Taurus and comes along with a lunar eclipse. I guess this is a “blow-off” energy of not caring anymore. Some may be spontaneous or mindless and find fun in that. Scorpio and Taurus kin will feel it most. Maybe it’s a reversion to childhood for some reason.

Mercury is trine to Neptune which is in synchronicity with Red 1 Moon, mediated by Mercury, and Red 13 Dragon, mediated by Neptune. Venus is in Uranus affecting our Hidden Wisdom since Uranus mediates White Wind. It is all in synchronicity in the matrix as usual.

Wednesday. White 13 Mirror. Rupert Sheldrake on The Presence of The Past and the Future IN US.

I’m musing on physics history on this audio and how it applies to The Tzolkin. There is a section in Sheldrake’s book where he talks about cumulative memory; because of habits over time, experiments aren’t necessarily going to be exactly duplicated. This applies to morphogenetic resonance in nature. There are no laws of nature but there are habits.

This one is short and focused on the past and the present

The Body Holon

  • Theme is White 13 Cosmic Mirror; Meditation and Reflection
  • Analog is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon; Memory
  • Guide Power is White 13 Cosmic Wind; Spirit
  • Antipode is Yellow 13 Cosmic Star: Art
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 1 Magnetic Night; abundance
  • 5Gforce is White 1 Magnetic Wind, like the Guide Power; Spirit

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune. Guide power is mediated by Uranus and we have a very strong Mars opposition to Uranus today.

Jupiter and Saturn are both in Aquarius and if you remember back, their allignment ushered in The Age of Aquarius. Uranus rules ♒ Aquarius.

With Mars strongly opposing and the recent events relayed by Corey Goode on the previous post, we may have some cranky c%^&$ not getting their way with A.I. acting out. Watch out for impatience and aggression from shadow workers. Mars-Maldek drama is finishing up its karma with the old gods.

Awesome Neptune

Update from Corey Goode

In this meeting, it was decided that the plan to implant the majority of humans on earth with their technology and convert them to the new one-world transhumanist religion was to be fully deployed into action before it was too late.

Corey Goode

THE PLAN WAS USURPED. There will be no A.I. here unless the majority of the human species wants it. Read the update.

The New Guardians, the Federation of Local Planets, and the Super Federation are doing their part, but their actions are dictated by the path we choose. They are now waiting to see if we will stand up and refuse to participate in the slavery of our current civilization or if we will collapse under our own trauma and fall into another negative cycle.

Corey Goode-at the end of this update

These two may be Mayan or Zulu

In early November, I was brought up to the Mayan vessel that has a very secret and proprietary method of breaching and performing reconnaissance in extremely secure facilities and cities belonging to the enemy, the Orion Group. Onboard was a small delegation of Anshar, a few of the SSP Alliance Council that had been present for prior reconnaissance missions, Gonzales and 4 of his Mayan comrades, then finally Emmi of the group we call the Zulu.

Final Report: The ICC Breakaway Civilization travels to Antarctica to awaken the “old gods” from stasis

The Mayans had been surveilling the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) since the Zulu Elder, Emmi, had visited the secret ICC meeting at the Lunar Operations Command weeks prior. After Emmi and the New Guardians had delivered their message to the ICC, the ICC met with the Orion Group and their allies who were all rogue members of the Super Federation. In this meeting, it was decided that the plan to implant the majority of humans on earth with their technology and convert them to the new one-world transhumanist religion was to be fully deployed into action before it was too late. The ICC leadership and the Intuitive Empaths that attended the meeting with the Orion Group had picked up on a lot of fear and insecurity within their Extra-Terrestrial allies. When this was reported to the ICC Super Board they decided to take a drastic course of action.

The Mayans monitored a large delegation from the ICC traveling from the Moon to an area of Antarctica where excavations decades prior had revealed an ancient city with the remains of three large motherships. These ships belonged to a group that we dubbed the Pre-Adamites, a group of Extraterrestrials that the human elite of earth referred to as the Progenitor Race or The Old Gods. They were given this name because this group had built out a large civilization on Earth that lasted over 50,000 years, prior to modern scientific theories of when modern humans appeared on Earth (more on that in later reports).

If you have heard me describe some of this before you may want to pay attention as the information has been updated because of more detailed information from recent briefings.

The Pre-Adamites were a race that came from the planet we know as Mars today. At one point, they were a vast empire that existed on a planet that is referred to as “Super-Earth.” The planet was very much like our own planet except it was much larger and had a much stronger gravitational field and barometric pressure within its atmosphere. There were multiple moons in orbit around this planet, one of which was habitable and was eventually fully terraformed by the inhabitants of the planet below.

The beings that inhabited the main planet were tall, human-like, and had very large craniums. There was a second group, headed by its own royal family, that moved to their moon to establish a separate but parallel kingdom and civilization. After thousands of years, this group began to develop into a shorter and slightly different-looking version of their prior statures. These parallel civilizations were both very warlike and after a dispute over some sort of resource with a civilization within our local stellar neighborhood, they decided to hijack an ancient defense grid that surrounded and protected all of the stars of our local cluster. This defense grid was built by a group we refer to as the Ancient Builder Race at least two billion years prior.

Very little is known about the Ancient Builder Race. We know that ruins of their civilization have been discovered in many star systems and that they created a defense grid to protect the developing civilization within them from being interfered with by outside groups. The defense grid was created by millions of hollowed-out moons and minor planets. Offensive and defensive technologies were placed within these moon-sized ships and placed in strategic points around the local stellar neighborhood that then used extreme electro gravitational engines to pull time-space into a singularity that connected to the Cosmic Web. The Cosmic Web is an electro-plasmic channel of energy that connects all Galaxies and Star Systems within them both in sub-space and in space/time as electromagnetic filaments. If you enter “Cosmic Web” into a search engine you can find more information and images to help you visualize what we are discussing.

The Ancient Builder Race defense grid had tapped into and fed the Cosmic Web with a frequency that prevented the natural portal system that works through it from connecting outside of the defense grid. In addition, any ships or probes that tried to enter our local stellar neighborhood were pushed back by non-lethal means. This defense grid had been operational for over two billion years and had prevented countless genetic farmer races from coming into these star systems and harvesting their genetics for their grand experiment.

When the Pre-Adamites had decided to hack into this defense grid they realized that the grid was powered by a stable super-gate portal that was located closest to our own solar system. This giant portal had normally connected to neighboring galaxies but after the defense grid was created its address would only loop back to itself or through some of the other natural portals in other local star systems. The Pre-Adamites were also aware of the natural cycle of micro-nova’s that each star within our galaxy goes through. They developed the ill-conceived plan to use the ancient defense grid and the incredible amount of power available to it as a weapon in the dispute with their stellar neighbors.

The Pre-Adamites hacked into the ancient defense grid and planned to open up the full force of its power system directly into the Cosmic Web. They would have to time the pulse exactly to the rhythm of the Cosmic Web in a way that would cause their enemy’s solar system to create a premature micro-nova event that would destroy their unprepared civilization. They executed their plan at exactly the wrong moment and when they opened up the power systems from the defense grid their own star immediately burst into a micro-nova, sending giant electrical bolts out striking the planet directly in their path destroying the super-earth planet they called home causing it to explode across the entire star system sending fragments out past the stars ort cloud. (Tiamat; Red Serpent∞White Wizard/Jaguar)

The explosion devastated the moons of the exploded planet and sent them into new orbits around their star. Those who survived the initial explosion were the group that had moved to one of the terraformed moons, the planet we call Mars, and the inhabitants of one of the hollowed out and converted moons that were part of the ancient defense gird. The survivors on this ancient device were thrown out of orbit and hurled towards the inner solar system. Most of the technology onboard this massive ancient space station was destroyed from the micro-nova, but those aboard were able to take control of its navigation systems and guide it to the planet Earth (Red Skywalker∞White World-Bridger)using the last bit of working technology to tidal lock the station to the planet, giving us the moon we know today.

The Pre-adamite had discovered large areas within the moon that had been inhabited by the Ancient Builder Race billions of years prior. They were able to repurpose these areas as an arch to preserve the cultures of their planet. There were many thousands of Pre-Adamites that were living in these converted areas within the moon when the solar cataclysm occurred. Many of the inhabitants of the moon were killed but enough of them survived and began creating colonies on the planet below while using the moon as a station to oversee the new settlement project.

Back on the other moon, the planet we now call Mars, the remaining civilization struggled to survive. There were still many hundreds of thousands of people that had survived on Mars but as the atmosphere began to dissipate into space every year things were becoming more and more desperate. Eventually, the royal family and their scientists determined that the Sun was going to micro-nova again, this time according to its natural cycle, and determined that the next solar event would strip the last of their planet’s atmosphere. They decided to abandon their planet and their remaining subjects by taking the last three working motherships from their once massive fleet and fleeing to the Earth and its moon.

We place the initial solar event that destroyed the Super-Earth planet as long ago as 500,000 years with many other micro-nova’s occurring in the Sun’s natural cycle since. The three motherships that had escaped Mars made it to Earth’s Moon just prior to another solar event. The occupants of the Moon were also aware of the upcoming solar event and were desperate to evacuate as many of the Moon’s inhabitants as possible to their main colony on Earth that had once been occupied by the Ancient Builder Race. They found a lot of useful ancient technology and had begun building their new capital city on top of the ancient ruins. They had already occupied this area for thousands of years and had developed a beautiful foundation for a new civilization.

The three motherships made numerous trips to ferry their people to this new city but it was obvious that they would not have time to rescue everyone. The three motherships were on their way back down after loading up another group of their people when the micro-nova occurred, resulting in catastrophic damage to the three ships and causing them to crash land. They were able to land their craft near their new capital city and then began to cannibalize the materials and technology to build the city that would be the new capital for their new civilization on Earth.

One of the consequences of the Pre-Adamites’ hacking into the ancient defense grid and turning it into a weapon was that it collapsed the grid for the rest of the local stellar neighborhood. At that point, approximately 500,000 years ago, Extra-Terrestrial races from all over the Galaxy were now free to come into an area of space that had been quarantined for over two billion years. We refer to many of these groups as “Genetic Farmer Races” because most of them were master geneticists and would interfere in the natural development and ascension process of planets in some grand experiment they were cooperating in, while some of the other groups coming into our local stellar neighborhood were more interested in engaging these previously untapped star systems in trade and commerce without fully considering how the new technologies and ideas would affect the societies of the planets they dealt with. These groups were eventually forced to join a Super Federation Group that oversees and enforces cosmic law and trade disputes within this Galaxy.

The Pre-Adamites were already engaged in genetic experiments on the Earth and had been mixing their genetics with various types of beings from their old planet for hundreds of generations. When they arrived on Earth they began splicing their DNA and the DNA of other ET groups that they had collected to create various types of engineered slaves. They began to trade with several of the new Genetic Farmer Races and learned even more advanced methods of genetic engineering along with a type of new and more advanced technology that their new trade partners promised would benefit their civilization.

The Pre-Adamites built out their civilization for over 50,000 years and were very successful on their new planet. The new technologies they obtained from their new trade allies, The Orion Group, were indeed advancing their civilization faster than the Pre-Adamites had ever imagined. They didn’t realize it at the time, but the introduction of these new technologies would actually be the end of the Pre- Adamite civilization. Once their scientists had developed and implanted the new nanotechnologies into their bodies, they began to behave differently and converted to the religion that the Orion Group had been sharing with them in cultural exchanges.

The Pre-Adamite civilization on Earth then began to divide against itself. There were those who wanted to force the implants on everyone else and convert them to the new religion and those who wanted to preserve the Pre-Adamite legacy and way of life. They became so engaged in this civil war that they didn’t realize that the next solar event was imminent. They would normally have noticed the changes in the solar energies that affected their health and consciousness in negative ways. They would have prepared themselves for the energies that caused rational thought to be nearly impossible. While they were suffering from a form of end-times madness caused by the solar energies and were in the middle of their civil war, the solar event occurred. This was one of the larger solar events and it caused the Earth to tilt up to 30 degrees before it tilted most of the way back. In doing so, a huge ocean wave sloshed out of its basin and covered the continent that the Pre-Adamite capital city was on, Antarctica while being flash-frozen into miles of solid ice. Fewer than 300 of the Pre-Adamite royals and scientists were able to make it to the stasis chambers on the remnants of the largest of their three motherships. They were also able to save some of their genetic creations in some of the stasis chambers on adjacent floors.

There were three floors of stasis chambers with the first floor being occupied by chimera, red-haired giants, and other genetically mixed beings, the second-floor stasis chambers were filled with the scientific and engineering casts of their civilization. The lowest floor, and most insulated from the solar event, was reserved for the royal cast. They were also able to have deep underground cavern systems populated with a priest cast who would act as caretakers of the frozen city and to pass on instructions to following generations on how to maintain the stasis pods along with many other of their secrets. This group maintained isolation from the human civilizations that rose after theirs had fallen and passed on their traditions and secrets for thousands of years in very difficult conditions. Due to the hardships and shallow genetic pool of the caretakers, many of their secrets and traditions began to be lost.

It was this group of caretakers that the ICC council had traveled to Antarctica to consult. The ICC had determined that their allies, The Orion Group, were not going to be able to avoid the cosmic trials that the New Guardians had ordered the Super Federation to oversee. The ICC and other ruling elites on this planet all practiced what they call “The Old Religion” and trace their lineage back to the Pre-Adamite bloodlines. They call them the Progenitor Race and worship them as the Old Gods of Atlantis. This “Old Religion” ultimately came from the Orion Group when they had influenced the Pre-Adamites thousands of years prior. The practice of this Old Religion and worship of their Progenitor Gods was what predisposed the ICC to the temptations of the Orion Group, their technologies, and religion that mirrored the “Old Religion” they already practiced.

Onboard the Mayan reconnaissance craft we all watched as a small group of the Pre-Adamite Caretakers dressed in ceremonial robes began to walk into the bottom floor of stasis chambers, where the royal cast was entombed below the nearly two miles of ice above it. They were dropping yellow and red flower petals on the floor as the beating of small drums echoed throughout the walls of the old mothership. The ICC council leadership then entered the large room in single file, all dressed in red hooded robes. One of the Caretakers was given a young woman who appeared to be under the influence of a drug or some sort of trance. She was taken to the foot of one of the stasis pods and was sacrificed. He then turned and put a long metal rod through several metal hoops that were connected to levers. The metal rod connected all of the levers so they could be pulled simultaneously. Once he pulled the lever the stasis chambers split in half and separated with frosty cold mists coming out of the individual pods.

After a few minutes, we could hear moans and see movement through the misty fog coming out of the stasis pods. One by one pre-adamite beings began to come out of the pods, soaking wet, covered in some sort of slime, and shivering as if they were suffering from hyperthermia. The Custodian Pre-Adamite beings began to speak to the newly awoken members who seemed very confused. After a short discussion, the confusion of the newly awoken Pre-Adamites turned to shock and absolute fear. One of the Custodians turned to the ICC council and said “What have we done? We should not have awakened them!”

The Custodians explained that much of their oral and other traditions had been lost including the timing that the royal class was to be awakened. They said the royals were not supposed to be awakened until after the next solar event. They had used their AI technology to predict the probable future and had found that humanity would most likely choose the negative timeline and that in doing so they would escape judgment from the Super Federation. They explained that if they were awakened early it would indicate that their probable future predictions were incorrect and that an unknown timeline would then develop. The Pre-Adamites were responsible for not only destroying the ancient defense grid around our local stellar neighborhood, breaking its quarantine, but they were also responsible for the negative timeline that occurred on Earth because of their actions. They were not only unpopular with the inhabitants of our own local stellar neighborhood, but also the Super Federation.

At this point, Emmi, the Zulu Elder onboard the Mayan Craft, took a deep breath and said “It is time.” Emmi then teleported from where he was standing directly down to the middle of the scene we were watching down in Antarctica. Emmi reappeared on the deck of the Pre-Adamite mothership. The newly awoken Pre-Adamites began to yell out angrily to the Custodians and ICC council while pointing and shaking their fists. Emmi then started speaking in the language of the Pre-Adamites, and suddenly another being appeared in the room. It was one of the Super Federation groups we call “the shining ones.” They were over eight feet tall, had luminescent white skin, white curly hair, and eyes with irises that glowed like the lit end of a cigar as its being puffed on.

One of the “Shining Ones” then pulled a large scroll out of its belt and began to read from it. As it read, each word boomed and echoed through the old mothership causing the Pre-Adamites, the Custodians, and the ICC Council to drop to their knees with their hands over their ears. The only one on their feet was Emmi who was dancing all around with a huge raptured smile on his face. When the “Shining One” had finished reading the scroll, Emmi yelled “IT’S DONE!” and then called out in a very loud tribal scream, dropping to the floor on both knees clapping his hands in front of him. As soon as he had done this all of the Custodians and Pre-Adamites began to skurry and run from hundreds of little blue orbs that entered the room. Some of the orbs went through the ceiling to the other floors where stasis chambers were located. The blue orbs or spheres then began to swoop through the room, gobbling up all of the Pre-Adamites and their genetic creations from the floors above.

Emmi then addressed the ICC. He said, “The cosmic trials from the old solar cycle are now underway; woe to those of you who will be tried for this one.” He then turned to the body of the sacrificed woman on the floor and said “I cannot find a semblance of compassion or sanity on this planet, this was completely unnecessary”. He then bent over and reached out his hand and the body of the sacrificed woman came to life. She stood up and looked around the room and then back at Emmi, who smiled, took her hand, and then vanished from the deck of the ancient mothership, leaving the ICC completely slack-jawed at what they had just witnessed.

At this point, the Anshar began hugging and celebrating and then turned to the SSP Alliance Council and myself and told us that as scary as things on this timeline appear to be going, that everything is on course for the most optimal timeline and future for our planet. They said that now the timeline is up to humanity for the first time, and the decisions we make will determine our own future for the first time. The Pre-Adamites had sent us on the path of a negative timeline after the last solar event, and leading up to this one we will have the choice to repeat yet another negative timeline cycle or to choose freedom in a positive timeline. The New Guardians, the Federation of Local Planets, and the Super Federation are doing their part, but their actions are dictated by the path we choose. They are now waiting to see if we will stand up and refuse to participate in the slavery of our current civilization or if we will collapse under our own trauma and fall into another negative cycle.

We will have more SSP Alliance Updates and other related reports coming out soon at AscensionWorks.TV. Please make sure you have read all reports to have the full context of the state of our solar system and path to freedom on this planet.

Corey Goode

Tuesday-Musings in the Matrix

Red 12 Crystal Earth, White Wind, Red Moon, Blue Hand and 2 Seed.

Time is focused on evolving crystal phenylalanine, glycine, methionine, isoleucine, and valine. So, in our bodies, issues of mental focus, communication, balanced emotions, self-esteem and our family history are evolving.


It’s a day to feel warm to your friends and reach out to them, talk, ask them what’s up. Hold them in your mind with a loving vibe before you contact them.

If you need to smooth the waters emotionally with anyone, hold them in sacred space silently in your mind before you contact them or simply meditate without taking action.

We are challenged with group healing and a feeling of accomplishment today. Think of the people of Austria. That government has enacted fascist lockdowns and gagging for unvaxxed. What timeline are they on? The past; CA. Karma.

Yellow 2 Seed polarization is our subconscious legacy, usually embodied in our parents, experience of male female, and balance of power. How can understanding this help us balance our past and our present?

They are the past. We are adults. I no longer need or want parenting. I’m independent. Are they? We aren’t called to remain adult children forever. That contradicts. We are not both a child and an adult. Nature is the same way. It’s either a seedling or a full grown tree. This is a challenge, especially at this time of year.

Tones 12 and 2 are very grounded and supportive of self and others. There is no competition today.

Happy Navigating! ✈🪂🚀


Monday-We’re Compelled to Dissolve a Project or Attitude That Makes Only Ourselves Look Good

Today is about moving into higher intelligence by moving closer to fearlessness. The opposite of fear is love or loving motivation. That does not call for you to martyr yourself but to see the futility of only caring about how it affects you. We always need to be mindful of how our choices affect those near us or those with whom we work.

Our higher intelligence tells us that while no one is an island and we do need to love ourselves, it is all akin to loving others because we’re connected to All That Is.

What about Tone 4 self-existing? The tones go from a magnetic baby who knows how to get all of the attention, to cosmic adult that needs little to no attention from humans and communes with Spirit all the time. Tone 4 is adolescence emotionally. Tone 11 is adulthood. You’re aware of others now.

Ambition is fine as long as it’s empowering for others and helpful.

Interplanetary Holon


While Saturm mediates we have several difficult Jupiter aspects pulling on our reins;

  • Sun square Jupiter
  • Moon semi-square Jupiter while it’s in Aries
  • Venus semi-square Jupiter while it’s in Capricorn, our mediating planet
  • Jupiter semi-square Chiron

Add Mars square to Saturn and the bit is in our mouths regarding expansion.

Now add Spectral tone 11. It’s all about dissolving EGO in order to liberate us into freedom, intelligence and movement that is aligned with Spirit.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 11 Spectral Warrior; intelligence that liberates genius from the constraints of ego
  • Analog is Blue 11 Spectral Night; liberating abundance.
  • Guide Power this morning is Itself
  • Antipode is White 11 Worldbrider; change or death (Elon Musk)
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 3 Electric Serpent mediated by Maldek; sex and physical passion
  • 5gforce is Yellow 3 Electric Seed; Electric DNA Flowering

Sabian Symbol Destiny Read Out for Elon Musk

This is spot on so I wanted you to see it. Read the Sabians for a person’s nirtjday of they are hiding from you. They show the truth.

Elon Musk

North Node of Destiny; Aquarius 16 (15° – 16°)-White 3 Electric World-Bridger


We live in a world where resources are scarce and there is competition for them; it requires good management to cope with this.

“Self-organisation and staying on top of things”

As a species, we have an impressive ability to manage resources and create intended outcomes. This is exemplified by space exploration and the technologies of war. Yet in the past, such ability was applied as much to create spiritual works as to manage the economics of war.

We think of the Buddhist temples in the East and Stonehenge and more in the West. Typically today a bright young adult is immediately caught up in the corporate system that offers training and a generous salary. Sadly very few people who have excellent management capacity are willing to forego prestige and comfort and use it to create spiritual outcomes.

Elon Musk’s Destiny Read…Exact.

Rudhyar (the name of the seer channeling):


Accomplishment fails unless it confers a depth of character that is not disturbed by gain or loss

In business, we are constantly up against others who want to take more or give less and will fight in order to achieve this. The image of a highly-effective manager and their accomplishments, speaks of the worthiness of profound involvement as a way to test and evolve character. This is done by consistently reaffirming what is important.

We have to prove ourselves against the forces that come up against us because personality develops if, and only if, we take on challenges that test us.

Similarly, day-to-day life is a real and valid challenge; even the most straightforward of matters are often difficult to deal with. Raising a family, owning a house, and pursuing a career, are all very demanding occupations from time to time, let alone when added to the burden (?) of voluntary community responsibilities.

As situations ebb and flow, then we need to keep our attention on that which we find of true value if we are to maintain a position of advantage. The cutting edge of accomplishment demands total attention at the level of detail, and also anticipation.

Anything accomplished of real consequence leads to a realization of selfhood at an advanced level. This is how we know the difference between what has, and what has not, any real consequence – and these things are often quite atypical of what is expected.

Since we know, but forget, that fame and fortune are nothing unless they confer depth of character, we trust that there will be clear indications from others in our community should we degenerate into a level of ambition that has no merit beyond the superficial.

Evidence of the true and abiding accomplishment is found in our ability to respond appropriately to all that occurs without feeling much disturbed by gain or loss, condemnation, or applause.

This readout corresponds nicely to today; Yellow 11 Spectral Warrior; intelligence