Saturday; Stargates at Area 51. Science Fact not Fiction. Enlightenment for Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun. DISCLOSURE.

Take a 20 minute look at the video while I finish the rest of the post and come right back please.

Today is Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun and we begin a new wavespell that ends with Yellow 13 Cosmic Human. Our coordinate is 10:20:1:40 and comes right after Blue 13 Storm. They are analog! I have this gateway highlighted because it looks to me like there is something different going on. Both Yellow Sun and Blue Storm are STOP CODONs in the tRNA sequence also.

In addition, it’s 5GForce is Yellow 13 Sun. White Dog does that too with it’s 5GForce being itself. NOTE THAT YELLOW SUN IS TRIBE 20 AND WHITE DOG IS TRIBE 10. Yellow Sun and White Dog both have everything to do with dispersing Christ Consciousness from Galactic Center to Earth.

The Analog is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm; Magnetic Self Generation and movement. This is catalyzing energy. It’s a liberator of the mind and an activator for Light Body Ascension which we are heavily, actively IN right now. Note that you will need more sleep than usual and try not to analyze how strange your body feels by white coat differential diagnosis. They are wrong about almost everything being beholden to Deep State. All of science is which is why they are so corrupt. Use your intuition with your body, ask your guides and meditate. Most importantly, find a happy spot doing something that floats your cork no matter what it is, something you can do for yourself no matter what is going on in the world. Mine is espresso or tea, my Tzolkin Project and working out.

The Guide Power this morning is ITSELF-double power pulse.

The Antipode, which feels like there is an echo in the room, is White 1 Magnetic Dog. Love and Loyalty that have a drawing power.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon. Well, what to do with that one. Maybe I am biased. Is there a remnant of the Dragon tribe as human kin that are cosmic? Are they still on the wagon? I have a couple friends who are 13 Dragon and they DITCHED. I will keep an open mind. This is our most ancient tribe when it comes to DNA so yes, they are in our family.

I noted the GForce above.

Stop Codon, Tryptophan which is also a type of Stop Codon in sequencing, a Stop Codon again, Aspartic Acid and Cysteine.

We are one quarter of the way through the 260 day Galactic Spin today. 40 x 4 =260. This is a type of quarterly report to Galactic Center on OUR STATUS on this planet.

6PM on a Friday. I better Stop Working.

Complicated Crossover Polarity
The Table of 8 is Composed of IChing Hx that horizontally add to 260 which is one Galactic spin of our DNA. Meaning?

Jose explains and confirms what Dr. Chavez did with the amino acids corresponding to the 20 tribes of time in the last paragraph. That’s a big deal and affirms my work.

In addition, Jose is kin #11, I am kin#13, the person in between us is kin#12; Yellow 12 Human. That is who will help us by being the communal (tone 12) bridge between Jose’s incredibly complicated book “Earth Ascending” and my interpretation of it for Science.

Corey Goode is Yellow Human and interested in my work. I have to make it more understandable though. Not there yet.

Bermuda Triangle Time Portal Pyramid is Being Investigated by the U.S. Navy

This is 37°N-25°W. The time portal closest to it is Mayan Yellow Warrior which is Bermuda Triangle Portal. Synchronicity. It is a transmitting portal. Saturn is the mediating planet. What is it transmitting? Yellow Warrior hits again in 3 days on Blue 4 Night as the Analog. This is TESLA’s birth gateway. It could be a head’s up.

Here is the location on the Planet.


We’re at the end of the Blue Hand Wavespell, Power of Accomplishment. Accomplished what? This is sure a difficult patch but to be fair we were fully warned and given all the details. Those that are 3D clenched and trust no one and don’t pay attention have fallen off the wagon. I will never fall off the wagon.


I know some don’t like politics but because the military is under the power of the President and Congress it totally matters to the empowerment of the masses. Thank god it’s snowing right now in MI given these events. I want to sleep under a snow drift until Trump is back in office, the 6-month DISCLOSURE BILL that commands the military to release all the info. is in effect and the SSP, the Air Force Space Force is active. I’m really tired of waiting and not disposed to listen to traitors anymore.

The Tzolkin sequencing, timing, synchronicity and Matrix have been proven to be real to me and others for thirty years. Now we need to see some serious, positive changes for humanity, worldwide, A NEW CALENDAR, A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF TIME AND OUR BODIES. That’s why I keep posting on here even though it looks like only one person a day reads what I write.

Today is Blue 13 Cosmic Storm.

The analog is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. It doesn’t get any brighter or stronger than that. We are uploading group sequencing en masse to the Sun today to communicate telepathically our intentions as a species. All I have control over are my own intentions and work which I am doing. I’ve been thriving during the Plandemic because I’ve ignored it and meditate. I recommend you do the same. We set our own MINDSET and HEARTSET and then the Universe picks that up.

The Guide Power is Blue 13 Cosmic Night and rules the morning until noon. We’re already done with it.; Dream, intuition, abundance, logical, powerful, strength to endure, possibility.

The Antipode challenge which will guide our afternoon is Red 13 Cosmic Moon. This is HIGH EMOTION. Not drama, just a clearing out, a purification, a flow of universal water which the human species is high in. This is imaginative, emotional, self-remembering, communicator, mutable, aware, strong in feelings, expander. I’m am totally sitting in that right now about many things. Mostly I get tired of waiting for something I am trying to manifest or intend to go my way. We sit in a VAST MATRIX with everyone else and always have TO WAIT for things to fall into place. I’ve never been very good with that but what choice do we all have. We each know what we intend and want and then have to wait on the timing of the Universe to bring it about…or not.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 1 Magnetic Wind, This is attracting breath, spirit, communication, spiritual values, agility, divine breath, channeling, idealistic, presence of TRUTH (people love that. lol) and romantic.

The 5GForce is Red 1 Magnetic Dragon. China is on the move? Of course they are. The nature of our relationship with them is definitely up for grabs.

The second image is the MAYAN Ouroboros, the Dragon eating it’s tail. Time is not linear or even curved; it’s circular and endless. The Mayan system is exponential because it’s baked in to the Tzolkin Match accurately. The ouroboros or uroboros (/ˌ(j)ʊərəˈbɒrəs/also UK/uːˈrɒbərɒs/,[2][3] US/-oʊs/) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon[4] eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition and was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and most notably in alchemy. The term derives from Ancient Greek οὐροβόρος,[5] from οὐρά oura ‘tail’ plus -βορός -boros ‘-eating’.[6][7] The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The skin-sloughing process of snakes symbolizes the transmigration of souls, the snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol in some religions, and the tail of the snake is a phallic symbol, the mouth is a yonic or womb-like symbol.[8] It’s sexual in nature. That figures.

It’s 1:22PM on 1/22/2021 as I finish this. When I started I saw 11:11. Well, it counts to me. I’m not alone spiritually anyway. I never am.

I Think WP May be Censoring me.

Some people who have subscribed are not getting email notices. And not as many people are responding to my posts.

I have a clue as to what that could be if it’s an organic reason. Never the less, email me if there is an issue and you want to see these posts. I post multiple things daily. You should be getting email notices if you’ve subscribed.

Peace out.

Lisa T.

Thursday; The evolution of Amino Acid Tyrosine in Human DNA

I Dedicate in order to Reflect

Universalizing Order I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.

I am guided by he power of Heart.

The Tzolkin #38

Look at the date today; 1-21-2021. The kin # adds up to 11. The coordinate is 10:18:12:38. That comes to 1:9:3:11. That’s comes to 24 or 12 x 2. Today is Tone 12 so it’s a type of double pulse in TIME. That shows me the choice between TIMELINES which I talk about below. Does most of the human population on the planet want freedom and self-determination or do most of them was to be controlled like little children by their BIG PARENT the government?

Attributes of White 12 Crystal Mirror are Universalizing Reflection, Order, and Endlessness. Pure. Faces the Shadow (we have plenty of that now to look at). I’m sorry but I’m not cooperating with anybody or anything today. We’ll see what synchronicities pop up for me because of my vibe. I am very stubborn and my Spirit Helpers know it.

The Analog is Red 12 Crystal Dragon; BLOOD memory. The Dragon Tribe founded in China is now welcome to eat this country for breakfast and Biden would love to open the door to the Draco and let them back in. It remains to be seen whether that will happen. They are banned.

The Guide Power is White 12 Crystal Dog. Not feeling that right now, AT ALL. Are you? However, we are under the I Ching Hx of Waiting and Nourishment. What is the nourishment? It feels like the opposite! Starvation, emptiness and abject evil. ??? Nothing makes sense. The only thing I can think of is THIS THING IS SO BIG, bringing down the Cabal, that it has to be executed at the EXACT right moment. Kind of like the scene in Star Wars where the Jedi had to hit the bulls eye into the center of the Death Star to blow it up.

Unless we are destined for WWIII started by China and the Middle East which is what Nostradamus predicted. It seems like we have a choice of two different timelines right now. He’s not called China Joe for no reason. He’s their baby and their “in” to destroy America as the hand of the CCP (Communist Chinese Party). In addition, he is Tone 2, polarizing and challenging.

The Antipode is Yellow 12 Crystal Star. That’s a bit heartening although it’s the CHALLENGE today; to sit in self-created beauty and art. There will be no more communal beauty and art allowed in America, the Constitution destroyed by the Left, and I’m pretty sure the face diaper will be super-glued to everyone’s face as it is for the Chinese until they die. I’ve never worn one and never will. Sweden is looking very good right now.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 2 Night, also the 5GForce for Red 12 Crystal Earth. This is challenging and polarizing intuition, mysterious, conservative, introspective and deep, STRENGTH TO ENDURE and POSSIBILITY. There’s some good news.

The 5GForce is White 2 polarizing Wind. The communication today will be squared off DEEPLY into two camps. Either you are a patriot freedom fighter or you are a traitor to The Republic Rebel Alliance or Earth Alliance and a willing slave to the Human Empire.

None of this is making any sense except, because of the DEATH THREATS on the POTUS and Melania, they had to get them out of D.C. They need a break. That family has been through absolute hell, undeserved, foisted on them my MSM and the Left. Karma.

Fake Inauguration. Simon again.

Remember what the IChing Hx said

Jan. 20, 2021, Inauguration Day (Wed.) and 21, 22, 23 are Waiting/Nourishment which says to me we may see a False Flag, fake news, CGI inauguration event with Biden which is completely desperate but that’s how they are.

He went through a fake ceremony. Trump is out of town, out of THE LINE OF FIRE since both he and Melania had attempts on their lives. His farewell speech very much sounded like he would be back soon, not later.

This thing is in the hands of the military and the U.S. Marshals now. It’s was an illegal election and he is a fraudulent President. So…Friday is Blue 13 Cosmic Storm.

What I know for sure is that for 30 years the Tzolkin is never wrong and my intuition has never failed me. Biden is not going to be President. The Pentagon is not talking to him, he has no nuclear codes, when Pelosi asked for them they slammed the door in her face and the military still 100% supports Trump.

Here is the Status. Watch. It’s D-Day

Mainstream Media no way no how is going to show you the truth. They are going down also.

There is a narrative playing out and they are keeping the Trumps out of it. From here on out it’s simply a military and legal operation.

Red Earth is mediated by URANUS which rules AQUARIUS which is in synchronicity with The Age of Aquarius. The sun is in Aquarius right now so, HERE WE GO!! Use your inner radar or you will go off course.

Today is Red 11 Spectral Earth which is dissolving navigation, evolution and synchronicity. We’re governing the Earth force, shielding and confident.

The analog support is White 11 Wind or chaotic communication. That is MSM who is slowly dissolving. I’m sorry if T.V. is the Voice of God to you but it’s the opposite. They are the voice of Lucifer. The voice of God IS IN YOU. That’s is why all of this is happening. It’s a spiritual battle not a political one.

The Guide Power which we are almost done with is ITSELF

The Antipode Challenge and gift is Blue 11 Spectral Hand; the liberation of knowing, healing and accomplishment. This has TRUMP all over it since he is Blue Hand. He is the opener of a new gateway, a manifester, competent, inspiring, and skillful.

The Hidden Wisdom is TONE 3 Electric, same as POTUS but Yellow 3 Electric Seed. And potent seed is being planted today. It’s targeting AWARENES OF THE TRUTH, DNA in this Seed that will expand the perceptions of the human race. This is an extremely active dynamic today.

The 5GFORCE is Blue 3 Night; Abundance, mystery, intuition, dreams, LOGICAL, CONSERVATIVE.

I hope you’re learning something about theatre, fiction, narratives that manipulate and your own intuition. Critical thinking is something the public dearly needs to learn so that our Republic remains in one piece.

My Intuitive Radar Bells are Going Off.

Today is Blue Eagle, antipode Red Serpent all day. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights are in play.

We are under Hidden Wisdom White 5 WB until midnight. It’s death, change, radiant opportunity to save our Republic and change our democracy by RETURNING IT TO LAW AND ORDER.

There was a credible and very real attempt to kill the President last night. His words were, “That’s it”. Also, my last post about today’s death of Rothschild ruler of the Deep State discovered by Disclosure proponent in our movement, David Wilcock is completely synchronistic. David IS THE GUIDE POWER TOMORROW, YELLOW 10 Planetary Seed. His tip off to us about that death confirms the destiny pattern.

I think arrests will commence. The war will begin. #1 I can feel it. #2, it will be Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior supported by Blue 10 Planetary Night. There are no two ways about it, that is a planetary war at night…tonight.

I don’t see a violent war but a spiritual and political one. They have all the documents so they’re ready to round people up. Then there will be military tribunals.

I cannot see Trump allowing the denigration of a fake CGI Biden inauguration to forever sit in people’s minds. I feel this thing is about to start.