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Sag Moon squaring Neptune brings OFFLOAD From Fearful People

You may want to commit this image to memory. Ne’er the twain shall meet; especially now unless you’re very co-dependent.

Today is Red 10 Serpent so Neptune is the mediating planet all day. This is challenged by the Sag moon ruled by expansive, forward looking Jupiter. In addition, Jupiter is the mediating for Blue Eagle tribe, the antipode.

We have potential for missteps and competition or jealousy here from others if we are sovereign over ourselves and they are not. This is the crux of haters who believe sovereign individuals are selfish. It’s the opposite. If you are not sovereign over your own mind and body you will have to act selfishly and others will need to agree with you because their energy, the GROUPTHINK, is all you’ve got. You don’t have your own.

We’re still in wheat separating from chaff stage on the planet and those who stay on the unenlightened masked up delusion and sit in panic about the body are going to offload on those doing well, confident and happy unmasked. That is just hot coals on the head of those still in addiction, regret and ignorance about the body and freedom. Cut them off. There is no more teaching those who are asleep. They likely will not remain on the planet because they refuse to see with clear vision.

Those who are good and helping will be hated. Those who are bad are being protected by their kind who will then do them in in the end. It’s important to find your strong tribe now who love themselves, have their own back and will thus have yours in a pinch.

I’m speaking about planetary survival which is an attribute of Red 10 Serpent. Neptune squaring Sag creates this dynamic to correct the alignments.

Tuesday; Red 10 Planetary Serpent

We enter a new harmonic with a new I Ching Hx 12; Standstill/Stagnation on a 3D level. The manifestations of the higher dimensions are manifesting more quickly however so there is movement. We’re in the process of perfecting our bodies, at least those of us who intend to stay on the planet.

The pathway to upgrading the body is through the pineal gland which is opened and calibrated by Covid19. People that are avoiding the upgrade and haven’t gotten the virus yet are likely wanting to leave the planet, which is fine. If you’re going to stay here, you have to get it and let it change you. It’s ironic to me that people who are running from it and afraid of it think that is saving them. It’s the opposite. It’s not going away, just all viruses and will keep mutating until it can cover everyone. Obviously many people are afraid of their body and mind changing and thus we have our current “survival” drama going on.

We perfect in order to survive with the theme Red 10 Serpent by producing instinct or intuition coupled with our rational mind. I’ve been blogging on that issue for about 3 years now and you can find the articles on here if you’re interested. Just go to the blog posts tab and scroll down.

This is a planet of manifestation so the upgrade does have to include the body. Guiding that process is Red 10 Skywalker; accomplishment, exploration, and space joined to earth and the body. I’m beginning a serious workout regimen with a professional trainer today, so the synchronicity is exact for me.

The analog is White 10 Wizard which understands that in order to manifest on the planet you have to be very receptive, cooperative, intelligent and heart knowing. Mind-Body-Spirit is ONE and comes through the HEART. The Mind IS the body and spirit. The Body IS the mind and spirit. The Spirit IS the body and mind. That last one trips people up. Spirituality IS PHYSICAL.

The antipode is Blue 10 Eagle or perfecting and manifesting our vision. It is independent. It doesn’t rely on others opinions about our lives, at all, and should now. Ignore nosy people who refuse to do their own work on themselves. We see through our own eyes. When there is affinity, then vision is shared.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Warrior or Self-Existing discipline from Saturn. We’re measuring the details of our FORM and realize that in this world, molding our form changes our status whether we like it or not.

The 5GForce is Blue 4 Eagle so there is the Self-Existing vision we have for our own lives as well, out ahead, pre-paving the situation. We can set our intentions and the Universe responds. The Universe helps those who help themselves because GOD IS IN US.

Have a great Tuesday!

Tweet from Corey Goode (Official) (@CoreyGoode)

Corey Goode (Official) (@CoreyGoode) Tweeted: ***URGENT***BULLETIN****

Inbound Gamma Ray Bursts Could Cause EMP, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Magnetic Field “Torquing” of polar areas and Possibly . . . E.L.E.

Monday. Yellow 9 Solar Seed

My Rose of Sharon bush

We are currently under the Guide power influence which is Yellow 9 Solar Sun and the sun is shining brightly where I am. It feels like it will be a good day to target our awareness of things that were hidden on our society.

Enlightenment is good. Either way, good or bad it’s essential to know the power of the human soul for good and evil. Why is there surprise for evil and an assumption of good? That is dangerous denial propogated by Disneyland mainstream media to keep us asleep. The analog is Blue 9 Solar Eagle. Like Icarus, he is flying so close to the sun (guide power) his wings melt.

We need a balance of light and dark. The antipode today is White 9 Solar Wizard who is RECEPTIVE. Its the feminine, the dark of the womb. The Wizard has dark vision meaning, like a cat, he’s nocturnal. Big synchchronicity there.

Lately the evil of Adrenochrome production is being talked about. Now most of us know what it is. There’s been a tremendous amount of vampirism on our planet between humans, I guess because we’re early on in our evolution we’re not very spiritually mature. The abuse of small children for their prana is the height of blood cult vampirism.

We have everything we need on this planet; the DNA in the seed, the radiation in the energies from the Sun have long been known by our ancient ancestors to provide our minds and brains through our eyes with everything we need. There is special energy in the Sun and in the Earth itself to provide for us. There is no need for us to hurt other people especially children, to have life force energy; prana or Qi.

But as we find ourselves, some humans, a very small number, have found themselves so enamored with the Earth plane that they’ve given their souls to money, sex, things. They don’t believe in God or anything outside of temporal time.

That’s all Luciferianism, evil seeds indeed, false gods that cause people to forget powers that are intrinsic in their mind, body and soul and then they do things that suck the energy off of other people.

As much as we want to judge what’s going on with this abuse in order to harvest adrenochrome the fact is is that a large majority of the planet believes that they have to follow each other or their families and suck energy off of each other in order to survive and thrive when the truth is you have your own soul power.

When we see our own body and our own blood, when you focus our mind and breath, we start to feel the life force in us or what some would call God. You don’t have to call it God. The spiritual movement says Source.

This is something that’s going to need to be discussed in the human community. Jow do we access Source? How do we stop this vampirism in society where we feel that we need each other’s energy in agreement all the time. The politics has practically destroyed us because of that demand for agreement! Stop it!

We can sit in our own sovereign soul space and share instead of sucking energy off of one another and getting so desperate that we have to be violent. This is the end of the road. It’s time to receive Enlightenment from the Sun from Source and have radiant synchronicity guiding us every day because we choose it ourselves.


Analysis of the G.A.P. Kin Table (portion from my book that I just wrote.)

G.A.P. is the acronym for Galactic Activation Portal. They are the center green squares on the Tzolkin Harmonic seen usually in 2D. In 3D they spiral as the DNA double helix and I’m analyzing the patterns from both vantage points in my mind. The definition of G.A.P is the gateway to galactic consciousness; 52 galactic gateways in thirteen sets of paired occult kin called quartets; the sum of the tones of the thirteen quartets is 364, or thirteen moons; as the pattern on the Harmonic index it is known as the “the loom of the 13 moons”. As you can see, it all points to the power of the female in the Tzolkin and on the planet. We are in the throes of balancing female and male power as we speak.

When I speak of the amino acid nucleotides they are the 3-base letter amino acids that govern each Tzolkin Harmonic per the I Ching.

Analysis of the G.A.P. Kin Table

(The table is not included here as it’s too technical)

The consistent movement of each molecule is in an “X” pattern or inverted opposite perpendicular 2D angles. In 3D it is radial. The nucleotides pulse off of one another exactly perpendicular within one harmonic and it does not vary in pattern. Therefore, it could be conjectured that the pulse points on the molecule are anchor points, possibly the sugar ribosome backbone on the DNA molecule, that in the Tzolkin system, are Occult.

An occult relationship in the Tzolkin adds up to 14 as far as the creative tone that precedes the amino acid. It fits in the bottom hidden wisdom position or the tRNA attachment site on the tRNA molecule. In the Tzolkin, this position pulses EXACTLY to the formation of the subconscious mind by the MOTHER so again, it could be surmised that it is at this juncture on the tRNA cell that the mothers’ RNA attaches to the ovum, or the child’s DNA.

I’m not a biologist to know the exact action of the cells during conception. I DO know that the occult number in the Tzolkin is 14 and it pulses exactly to the Mother’s influence on the child all the way through the destiny patterns and in synchronicity with the child’s relationships throughout its life, as far as I’ve observed for 30 years in noting synchronicity of individuals.

This key pattern and relationship with the mother via the tRNA CANNOT be abridged even in lieu of adoption or death. It’s a homing beacon, a GPS if you will between mother and child. It is indeed the most powerful of connections from other dimensions to the manifestation of a human on the earth plane.

Watch “Area 51 Technician’s Son Discloses Secret Alternative Energy” on YouTube

What does this have to do with Time Science and the Tzolkin? Anything having to do with Disclosure or our E.T. Ancestors verifies the fact that our DNA is Universal and always has been. Our DNA is not dictated by just our birth families.

His father had Q clearance. Q is not a right wing fad being currently maligned by the media to keep people asleep. Q is the code for underground secret military info relating to the E.T.’s and reverse engineering.

Strangely for me, Q is the biological letter representing the amino acid glutamine which is the Red Skywalker tribe; my tribe.

Sunday. Blue 8 Galactic Night

Actual picture from the Cassini probe. Not CGI.

Credit; Some astrology parts are by

Saturn is the mediating planet. The Sun forms a square with Saturn this morning, which can have a restrictive effect. We may face obstacles to our goals, but through them, we can more clearly see the tools with which we have to overcome them. We need to consider the reality or practical side of a situation and assume more responsibility now.

Attributes of the theme Blue Night are dreaming, abundance, intuition, unconscious dream state, mysterious and logical depth supported ny the analog Yellow 8 Warrior, intelligence and organization. All of this while we sleep through the night. This is not a restful sleep and we’re under a New Moon and heavy Schumann’s Resonance with the earth. I actually think humans are being extraordinarily patient with this restriction and fear drama. This virus isn’t as bad as most flus.

At dawn we are in the Guide power Blue 9 Galactic hand which is healing for mind, body, and Spirit from the cosmos, if only we’d receive it. Earth mediates and natural healing needs to come forward.

Noon to dusk we have very energizing Red 8 Skywalker as the antipode, the challenge and the gift. It sounds like a good workout to me. Glutamine and Mars are moving here and that speaks to THE MUSCLES.

The muscles and blood are the God of the body. That would be why sick-care medical ignores the flesh. Get both moving and aligned and those superpower chemicals in your blood will boost your immune system and your mood. It’s no mistake that THE HEART is a galactic muscle that is the battery that links you to Source. Love and activity make that strong. Once our healthcare focus tells people they have to move their muscles and thus their blood, everything will change, in addition to getting rid of adhesions and scar tissue caused by injury.

As the day advances, we head toward a Mars-Jupiter square, and we tend to overdo or jump into action too hastily. We’re easily riled up, enthusiastic, or excited under this influence. We can be excited about our prospects, but perhaps too hasty, counting our chickens before they hatch, putting money into a venture that needs further review, or overestimating what we (or the world) can do. A feeling of urgency may lead to coming on stronger than we intend. However, if we use common sense, we might stretch our imaginations and entertain new possibilities.

The hidden Wisdom is White 6 Rhythmic Mirror. Here is Neptune. On the other hand, Venus opposes Neptune around the same time, and we can feel a little exasperated, or we can be distracted. We may be wrestling with expectations and perceptions. If we’ve been indiscriminate with money, pleasures, and relationships, problems can emerge now.

The amino acids evolving are alanine, histidine, isoleucine, glutamine and tyrosine.

The Time Portal for Blue Night is at Google Earth. 30 degrees south–120 degrees east in SW Australia by Lake Moore,119.89333421,421.2412505a,19585.39483287d,35y,-174.49117605h,40.72422352t,0r/data=CigiJgokCd3NiFvFJ0ZAEYsm2eELqSBAGft_UKrhr0xAIUAUJozFhFjA

The 5GForce is Red 6 Rhythmic Earth or Synchronous Navigation.

Saturday; White 7 Wind; Resonant Communication

Wind displays itself in many ways; tornado, hurricane, Sandstorm, and high winds.

We are in a CORE earth family, the FIRE CLAN whose physical focus is the heart and it’s purpose is to transduce energy through the human and planetary heart via the breath, wind, channeling, and communication of many kinds.

It’s Time Portal on the planet is located at the Equator–75 degrees east near the Maldive Islands off the coast of India.

Analog is Red 7 Earth; Resonant Synchronicity

Guide Power is White 7 Wizard; Resonant receptiveness

Antipode is Yellow 7 Human; Resonant Intelligence

Hidden Wisdom is Blue 7 Storm; Resonant Self-Generation

Here is your intelligent, important, true video today.