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The U.S. Needs Some Serious Boundaries, Individuals, media, and government.

I am an Independent Centrist

I believe the two party system has become irredeemable corrupt. I support agitators and truth tellers in politics who don’t support the status quo or corporate media, but support the people to take care of themselves and be empowered. That’s American tradition; INTERDEPENDENCE. I am not an A1Trump supporter. I’m not sure what his role is yet but I support him upsetting the current system from all angles. The thorn that resides in my flesh at this point is that he pushed the mRNA vaccine during Covid. I don’t know why he did that but it was VERY bad for humanity. I haven’t forgotten.

My Latest Posts

Manipulation of Social Media by the Feds Has Ruined Our Democracy

FBI Coordination With Big Tech Censorship Ahead of 2020 Election Revealed in Agent Deposition, Missouri AG Says

Texas Governor Declares Biden ‘In Violation of US Constitution’ for Not Securing US Border

By opening our border to this record-breaking level of illegal immigration, you and your Administration are in violation of Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution.”

Governor Abbott of TX

Biden is Shielding Saudi Crown Prince in the Lawsuit of Khashoggi Murder

Biden admin. moves to shield Saudi Crown Prince in lawsuit over killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Trump Makes MASSIVE Update on 2024 Election; Analysis Shows 86% Win Rate For Trump Backed Candidates | Facts Matter-11/19/22

Biden Administration Appoints Special Counsel for Trump Probe

Donald Trump Launches 2024 Bid for White House

Investigating Biden Business Dealings

• •‘This Is an Investigation of Joe Biden’: House Republicans Allege Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Business Dealings

Voting Fraud Case Moving Forward

True the Vote Co-Founder is ‘More Determined’ to Expose Election Fraud After Jail Time

• • •

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