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Very Important!

Black Ops do exist. Testimony from military proves that UFO’s exist and they SHUT DOWN our nukes. Must see. There is far more. Also testimony to bases on the far side of the moon.

US Navy Has Nine More UFO Videos From Intelligence Briefing


Where are the aliens?“Contact inequality” means middle-tier aliens might be missing one another.
How will humans discover the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations? Unless aliens decide to visit Earth, the most likely answer is by scanning the skies for “technosignatures,” which are observational evidence of technological or industrial activity in the Universe. In a recent paper published in the journal Acta Astronautica, a team of NASA-funded researchers outlined some of the most promising ways scientists and space agencies could search for technosignatures. The paper included a somewhat surprising proposition: Humanity’s “first contact” with aliens is likely to be with a much more advanced civilization.

In other words, there could be many alien civilizations throughout the Universe, or even in our galaxy, but if they’re similar to us in terms of technological advancement, we probably can’t spot them yet. The same goes for those human-like civilizations spotting us. That’s because the “cosmic footprints” of our civilization and theirs would be relatively small, compared to highly advanced alien civilizations. The researchers call this concept “contact inequality.”

Learn more about some of the most promising ways scientists and space agencies can search for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Blue Eagle Tribe Synchronicity; Blue Avians

TAKEAWAY at 1hour48 minutes. “IN THE PRESENCE OF DEEP LOVE THEY FALL APART. THEY HAVE NO POWER.” Remember this and align yourself deeply with the heart of Christ. That is why I’m not afraid of any species.

Great pictures of the beings he fought. Must see.

“Stevie passed away a week after this interview. This means the fight for disclosure must go on stronger than ever. May “Stevie” be remembered for his endurance and courage, as the whistle-blower who collapsed the whole building. May his last and best sniper’s shot reach out far and wide.”-Commenter on YouTube

So now the normie 3D clenchers have to accept it. LOL. It’s a domino effect since they follow each other.

Must see! Super fascinating. Corey Goode has been to inner earth.

FUN STUFF!! More planets to play on.

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