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I was born in 1963. My entire life, my memory of the Presidents’ behavior toward each other was CIVIL, no matter which party. That was how our Democratic Republic was constitutionally constructed; bipartisan. The media and uncontrolled capitalism over the media has ruined it.

That tone is gone because of the anarchist far left pretending to respond to a mythical far right that is just truly composed of conservative people who believe in the law, themselves, and Source that they live to destroy as though it is their abusive parent. The left has created this huge reactionary drama because they have not dealt with their own family trauma, probably mostly sexual or ritual abuse unspoken. Instead of telling the truth, let’s take it out on happy conservatives who love each other and eating pie.

So, the Presidential Records Act has given Trump 100% say over the records as every President has before him. The left has cast Trump as The KKK Devil that needs to be assassinated, preferably hung on the White House lawn. This is NEW to America folks. It’s also new to America to have a President with Dementia who is a puppet of a stolen election. The left is far more corrupt than conservatives which is why I quit the Dem party. They are victim scapegoaters, no integrity, out of control emotionaly and violent. They ruined our country in a fit of DELUSIONAL MYTH ABOUT RACE. Do you know how many brown, black, and Asian cultures are conservatives??? Millions. Give me a freakin break. Conservatives are not just White or Republican. I’m a Centrist Independent. Many are Libertarian. I wish tje left would back off of their reactionary anarchy and just take care of themselves. Self-Existing Tone 4 is their medicine.

Watch “FITTON on BANNON’S WARROOM: Trump Should Demand ALL His Records Back from Biden!” on YouTube

Watch “Queen and Donald Trump make speeches at state banquet | 5 News” on YouTube

Blue Hand and Red Syywalker are 5th density influences on eath other. They have every reason to smile.
Today 9/22/22. Tome Fitton is White 10 Planetary WIND. Manifested earth communication is “his thing” Uranus mediates him; REVOLUTION.

A significant comment on this video

“I was stationed at West Point as an enlisted Soldier in the late 1990s. Most of the Cadets are the sons and daughters of very rich, well-connected people. Very few others are admitted. I was a Military Policeman and we were trained to treat Cadets with kid gloves. It is a very political environment. Graduates are often referred to as “Ring Knockers” and have a reputation for taking care of their own, no matter what.“-Michael Church

Trump Wins Again as Court SLAMS Biden DOJ in Trump Raid Case-9/19/22

9/12/22-1P EST-You will not obviously, see this on any major news channel

Tom Fitton From Judicial Watch

9/1022-50 More FBI Raids

9/10/22 – Trump and DOJ each propose candidates to serve as special master in review of Mar-a-Lago documents

That’s no fun for them then! Civility with no chance of abuse or blood let doesn’t fulfill their psychopathic rage and ruins the narrative game for controlling E.T. disclosure and sex trafficking that profits the ICC.

9/10/22-Disclosure: Ridding Ourselves of Oil and Gas in the Name of Dem Climate Change?

This is either a cover for the failed Biden regime or he is now forced to end gas, oil, and coal to the detriment of their big profit. In order to end the slave-prison planet, THE PROFIT HAS TO GO OUT OF ENERGY SUPPLY FOR HUMANS, yesterday.

Very Important!

Black Ops do exist. Testimony from military proves that UFO’s exist and they SHUT DOWN our nukes. Must see. There is far more. Also testimony to bases on the far side of the moon.

US Navy Has Nine More UFO Videos From Intelligence Briefing


Where are the aliens?“Contact inequality” means middle-tier aliens might be missing one another.
How will humans discover the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations? Unless aliens decide to visit Earth, the most likely answer is by scanning the skies for “technosignatures,” which are observational evidence of technological or industrial activity in the Universe. In a recent paper published in the journal Acta Astronautica, a team of NASA-funded researchers outlined some of the most promising ways scientists and space agencies could search for technosignatures. The paper included a somewhat surprising proposition: Humanity’s “first contact” with aliens is likely to be with a much more advanced civilization.

In other words, there could be many alien civilizations throughout the Universe, or even in our galaxy, but if they’re similar to us in terms of technological advancement, we probably can’t spot them yet. The same goes for those human-like civilizations spotting us. That’s because the “cosmic footprints” of our civilization and theirs would be relatively small, compared to highly advanced alien civilizations. The researchers call this concept “contact inequality.”

Learn more about some of the most promising ways scientists and space agencies can search for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Blue Eagle Tribe Synchronicity; Blue Avians

TAKEAWAY at 1hour48 minutes. “IN THE PRESENCE OF DEEP LOVE THEY FALL APART. THEY HAVE NO POWER.” Remember this and align yourself deeply with the heart of Christ. That is why I’m not afraid of any species.

Great pictures of the beings he fought. Must see.

“Stevie passed away a week after this interview. This means the fight for disclosure must go on stronger than ever. May “Stevie” be remembered for his endurance and courage, as the whistle-blower who collapsed the whole building. May his last and best sniper’s shot reach out far and wide.”-Commenter on YouTube

So now the normie 3D clenchers have to accept it. LOL. It’s a domino effect since they follow each other.

Must see! Super fascinating. Corey Goode has been to inner earth.

FUN STUFF!! More planets to play on.

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