My first book is now available!

I’ve been tracking the Tzolkin count of days for 26 years and logged many synchronicities. They’re not all in the book but they’ve impacted it. It has been empirically proven that the Tzolkin generates our birth DNA which is only 2% of our genome. 98% of human DNA is identical. Learning all of this has helped me heal myself and share it with my patients, thus the title “Healer”.

From “Healer,” by Lisa K. Townsend

“Our families mean a lot to most of us, but they can also attempt to block or control our choices. Many times, we don’t talk about that part because we feel they provide us with a measure of emotional and social security we wouldn’t have otherwise.

We now know that the subconscious mind is programmed by our parents in utero and through the first few years of life. How can we overstep that programming and move into our conscious mind where we make our own choices as adults?
Seventeen years of hands-on clinical experience with patients taught Lisa many ways to achieve it. She learned how to reclaim power over her life and teach it to her patients using holistic medicine and holistic values, Reiki, and Tzolkin Cosmology. Synchronicity, not coincidence starts to figure into events. Everything happens for a reason. Once the lesson is learned, it can be released.

Healers use mirrors.  When I entered on the journey of healing myself from within, which is what the title of the book means, those who could teach me came to me to be taught, and they reflected my journey so that I could see myself more clearly.  As I came up with answers for them, I answered my own questions, and thus we were magnetically drawn to one another. That’s what it means to be a healer.”

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