My Four Books

I see followers looking at my post on the status of my book Time is DNA. It’s been done for two years. I hope my followers have it by now so that possibly you can look at my posts more closely. Just go to my Home page SEARCH box and search on Authors, Lisa K Townsend, or Books.

I’m currently working on The Tones of Creation. Not sure when that will be done.

I have published four books on Amazon. Just type in my name Lisa K Townsend and include the middle initial and they will come up. I put years of work into all of these books.

Healer, The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method, Everyday Intuition, and Time is DNA. I don’t write romantic novels. LOL. I do write prose though that gets a bit hot. My next book will be The Tones of Creation which you can search on the Home Page as well. I just posted on it on January 22, 2023.

There is also a “books for sale” tab on my home page.

Donation Button


I’ve just added a donation button to the bottom of the homepage on the right for anyone so inclined. Just scroll down on this page. I spend at least 2 hours a day or more on this blog and I do it for my followers. I do not have the subsidy of a mate and make a modest income in my holistic business.

My passion and mission on this planet are to bring empowerment and enlightenment about our bodies to humans. In light of the ongoing onslaught against humans in politics and sickcare, I feel this blog brings a bit of information that can help you go the other way and have a better mind and body.

Thanks for your support!

Books For Sale Tab on the Home Page

These are my four books for sale. The newest one is on the left. I really like all of these books. The third one includes the fascinating letter from Einstein to Roosevelt before the atomic bomb was built by the Manhattan Project. The fourth book, Healer has documentation of the crazy synchronicity around the death of my son’s father, my ex-husband and my fiance. I had finished the book and my editor asked me to include all of those events in it so they are at the end. Healer means I have healed myself, not that I heal others. I talk about we can all be healers our ourselves.

The easiest way to buy them is from Amazon. Just search on my name, Lisa K. Townsend and they will all come up.


Lisa T.

I Think WP May be Censoring me.

Wow. I originally posted this on 1/22/21. So it was going on then also.

Some people who have subscribed are not getting email notices. And not as many people are responding to my posts.

I have a clue as to what that could be if it’s an organic reason. Never the less, email me if there is an issue and you want to see these posts. I post multiple things daily. You should be getting email notices if you’ve subscribed.

Peace out.

Lisa T.

I Started Blogging on WP Eight Years Ago Today; 2012

That’s a lot of writing but I love it. I only changed my subject matter once, about a year ago. Before I blogged on DNA as Time I was focused on Intuition, The Higher Mind and Relationships. You can click on all of those categories if you prefer that subject matter to Mayan. They are all still on here under the tab Blog posts on the Home page.

I also have a blog at That is my business blog and has always been about holistic medicine, the muscles, and Reiki. I have a small business here in Grand Rapids that does pretty well! I’ve been doing it professionally since 2002.

I hope you keep following both of them and feel free to comment.

Mindset; Life in Between Writing


Does the life inside my head, when I’m not writing, count as my Life?

Or do I have to go outside and be around people to observe and participate in that stuff in between writing for that to count as my Life?

Or does the time I’m just being empty-headed, doing and thinking nothing and not writing count as my Life?

I think it all counts. Thoughtforms tend to be phantasms but they’re really not ya know. The preponderance is on the action in our society but it’s not that way for writers. Thought forms are picked up by the mind and manifested into the cells of the body.

When the sky is gray, like today, or it’s snowing, all of nature brings a variation that causes lip licking and nose blowing with a temperamental euphoria that distinctly tastes like the air. I love the smell of the crisp air in Michigan winter. This is my life in between writing.

I just want to drink my Earl Grey tea and sit in my chair writing my latest musing. When my mind is swirling, my body won’t.

For now, watching the rhythmic drips from my roof out my window will do.

Prose; Liquid Saturday

I roll around in my warm bed by myself like a dulcet silken bag of potential poetry spoken into an imaginary lovers ear. Or I could sing to him. I haven’t had that opportunity yet.


I’m happy…really. It’s abundant, nurturing, warm, and close to the earth.

I find the peacefulness of being by myself in a relationship with myself to be magical. I can surf the waves of words that sit below my navel and bring them up into my stomach to digest with my breakfast, then into my heart where my son, cute animals and gentle firemen reside and express it through the voice in my fingers.

Put me on a secure raft in some warm tropical waters and that’s where I am.

Sure, I have to cook, chew my food, do the dishes and take out the trash, but that is atmospheric seasoning to where my percipience is really focused.

My perception is in my body which is still feeling the dream I had last night like a crab secure in its loose-fitting, restful shell.

Only the inspiration of a local tree could suggest I stand up and walk out the door made from it’s relation. The trees get used and splintered for our delight with the fantasy of solid things. My world is really liquid, empty space full of potential.

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