Prose; Between The Cracks


(I wrote this in 2010 during my separation from Dave, White 4 Wizard. He was a pianist as am I.)

Between the cracks of the piano keys, where the quarter and eighth tones lie, invisible gems are to be found.

Whole tones (normal notes) have no business here…no one likes them… they just seem whole, they’re really broken; like a million notes in smudged ink all over the page.

I long for these sounds to break the cacophony around me. Dissonance? They are consonant to me. They fill my cup in a parched closet, old wood, dry and brittle, thirsting for moisture. Dusty, unpopular, unseen, unheard by most human ears…

I love those places. Ah…let me sleep there.

“Grand Opening Here”, I run the other way. I’ll come in the middle of the night thank you-when no one is around but the ghost of my Grandpa, and maybe his friend with him. I can write then. Dusty basements, hidden shops, in-between dimensions, cracks, and mortice hide the doorways.

I long for these places to break up the routine of my day.

Little antique stores, old forgotten thrift stores where mom & pop still sit in the chair from 1926, gems are to be found. Patina so thick you can taste the smell of it, musky, soil, brackish dark. Cobwebs everywhere-but it’s all new to me.

I’m looking, for…my friend…a part of my soul that is tragically invisible to the surface dwellers, so odd, so unexpected that it thrashes my back. So impossible, so inconvenient, so much…so very good!

It feels eternally old and yet new to me; New to me because it doesn’t “fit” in my brain; in my plan. My well ordered, hip, sharp, cerebral, sassy, punkish, cavalier brain brutishly, insensitively mocked your old stories, your tradition, your nostalgia, your mischief. I’m not really laughing. I just really, really like the texture of it all-and you.

It has been said, “Your heart is a fickle leader!” Then I am the crumbs in the bottom of the toaster-like the host crumbs in “the cup”. Drink me. I am altogether undone. So be it…

Move to the old that is new!

Take a leap…what seems old is new, what seems new is old. What’s up is down??

It just is.

It aches to feel like a foreigner in my own planet…Always seeking a creative space that is misunderstood, mysterious, and forgotten.

Gorge on my grief and run for cover then…

Nothing is lacking; ever…all of it. The devil is in the details they say. His ears shriek when he hears quarter tones and eighth tones between the cracks; and time is no more. When the notes become whole, he is undone.


My Old Posts

I’m a writer and began posting on here in 2012 but I only seeing posts as far back as 2017. I don’t think WordPress keeps them.

I see someone or a few people are finding my work from 2019. You can search on Mindset, Heartset, Relationships, Intimacy, Essays, and Writing and most of them will come up.

I only have 250 more posts to categorize.

Prose; Fact or Fiction

I wrote and posted this in September 2019


There are two paths leading up to the summit on the mountain.

The mountain is the universe of Mind, Heart, and Knowledge.

The scales of justice, held by blindfolded Athena have innocuously, with no offense, decided that fiction is just a fact told yesterday or… planning to be told in the future.

The only fact is this very moment.

It’s an eternal chase with each in-breath and out-breath, but the final breath happens where both paths meet at the top.

Breathing ends with the fact of death and time claims fiction.

Time in The Body is Just Play

Ponder your life in years and you will see how your mind just feels and sees it as one moment in the body. The truth is the body is eternal, RIGHT NOW, which is why we chat with others and then look off into the distance and say, “Where did the time go?” as if it has legs running on a linear line. It does not. It is still and is one with your breathing in and out.

It’s not moving on a linear line, it’s spiraling in the eternal moment as your DNA, your precious, holy, mind and body. A free gift AS TIME, given to us by our parents, mostly our mothers TO EXPERIMENT AND LEARN on this experimental planet.

We can’t get this wrong whether we’re in light or shadow or any gray in between because our Source is a great ARTIST who has endless magical, seemingly tragic ideas, maybe levity but always FREE and interesting.

I can’t fathom that I am 60 years old according to MSM and sickcare program hexing. It doesn’t even exist to me and I never absorbed it. I was raised to absolutely worship ancestry and the birth family in the tradition of the Maldekian Red Serpent tribe and White Wizard whose kin have dominated my life and taught me that 3D birth kin is your life. Red Serpent will forever teach that and I accept the teaching but I will not absorb it as universal truth because it is not. It is our human past. The red tribes on the future DNA spiral are Red Skywalker and Red Earth; prophecy and synchronicity. That happens to be my son and I.

Look at where your tribe lies from 0-19 on the Interplanetary Holon. 0-9 is Yellow Sun to Red Moon. 10-19 is White Dog to Blue Storm. Those of us on the future strand are bringing it forward to align and dissipate the past. Cleave to and learn from your same color tribes on the future strand. If your tribe is on the future strand let go of your same-color tribes on the past strand that may be holding you back. Look deeply at your inverse Harmonic and release and forgive all of the events and people you find there and hold them in the light.

My grandmother, mother-in-law, and rogue Catholic time thief priest were Red 11 Serpent, at the top on my inverse HF62, and seeded a tremendous amount of pain in my family past and recent present. I am just now learning much from my 82-year-old mother, and her oldest daughter, Blue Hand, my 5gforce. 💔 I am releasing that past because it is not true for me. We can heal it if we’re willing to see the truth in the details.

I have a future that comes from the stars, not just this one life. We all do.

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I’ve just added a donation button to the bottom of the homepage on the right for anyone so inclined. Just scroll down on this page. I spend at least 2 hours a day or more on this blog and I do it for my followers. I do not have the subsidy of a mate and make a modest income in my holistic business.

My passion and mission on this planet are to bring empowerment and enlightenment about our bodies to humans. In light of the ongoing onslaught against humans in politics and sickcare, I feel this blog brings a bit of information that can help you go the other way and have a better mind and body.

Thanks for your support!


Sharing a fellow bloggers post; from Fauxcroft

Seek to stand with your feet upon mountains Standing astride like a colossus of life, Viewing life and seeking the balance Seeing where there is destruction, And seeing where there is life evolving And then feeling the power within your soul, Then connect with the environment and with nature Then become one with the universe […]


Mystic Mamma Speaks to The New Moon

NEW MOON in LOVE:::LEO is auguring a wave of profound change. Big wheels are turning, generating momentum to close out cycles and to catapult us unto brand new shores. In the astrological speech, we are heading toward the much-anticipated conjunction of the great Awakener Uranus with Mars, the planet of taking action on our desires, all coming together on the North Node, our point of Destiny.

The energy of this conjunction will perfect on August 1st and is akin to a sudden wave arriving to lift us to the next level of our journey. The way this will manifest will of course be different for each of us, but what I have been receiving is that it could be a turning point on our own personal evolutionary path that is ultimately guiding us toward a more complete and embodied understanding and experience of LOVE. LOVE, after all, is the catalyst that inexplicably and unexpectedly cracks us open. It is what heals us, lifts us, and ultimately brings forth the deepest transformation within us. This love I speak of is the transcendent love that has been experienced by mystics of all faiths, where Love transfigures us from the inside. There is a turning point, where we no longer doubt it or question it.

It is the feeling of being loved so completely that great grace and kindness toward Self descends upon us and restores our original blueprint. This inner alchemy can be sparked by many varied experiences, but ultimately it is a love of Self that permeates our inner landscape and like Buddy Guy sings, it feels like rain. We can ease into the comfort of our own skin, and allow our truest selves to emerge. 

We are creatures of the wild reclaiming our multidimensional natures. Leo says, even though we might feel afraid, we must have the courage to stand with our hearts wide open and trust in the Great Mystery. For LOVE is a CURRENT rushing in to transform us. (there’s no holding back the dam) LOVE is a CURRENCY. It is the currency we must all invest in, trust in, and stream in. May love reign.

I love you with all my heart! Mijanou~MM  

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I went and hung out at Buddy Guy’s on Belmont in Chicago all the time when I lived there in the 90s. I didn’t live far from there in a brownstone in Roscoe Village. Not surprisingly, I worked for a Union and was a strike organizer as well as assistant to the President of the largest Social Security Local that represented our SSA workers nationwide.

Not so cynical

By fauxcroft

Don’t be fooled by false flags

And untrue realities,

In this corrupt world

In which we all exist

Truth is the biggest casualty,

Not everything is what it seems

And things change very quickly,

Don’t take sides because they all lie

And that’s just no me thinking cynically.

How Can Our Experience of Time Effect Our Bodies?

When I was on a swing as a child, there was no time and I was in heaven.

Once upon a time, Earth became a Timeship, and we became time travelers given a spacesuit on our birthday; our body. That’s the context. Most stories begin, “Once upon a TIME” and then things and events follow. This is embedded into our culture. Time is not abstract. It’s literal.

We could even say that backward; how do our bodies affect our perception of time? Because in the final stretch there is no time and we are in timelessness. What tribe is that followers? White Wizard/Magician/ Jaguar which was the Maya priest class. The religious are the ones who talk about eternity right? It was no different with the ancients.

We’ve all experienced a sense of time flying or dragging while we’re awake in our bodies living our life. It’s a mental perception or feeling about events around us impacting our physical senses positively or negatively. Those senses go into every cell of our bodies and every cell of our body is DNA. These are basic scientific facts. No straight scientist or doctor would disagree with me. But how are they connected?

If it’s an enjoyable experience we want time to feel slow or for the day to never end. In essence, we feel like we’re in heaven or eternity. That’s the dharma strand or A.C.  strand of DNA activated in our body and we physically and emotionally feel it. I think I’ve only had one or two days like that in my life. One was with my son as a newborn.

The day that dragged on too slow was the first day I came home after Michael dropped over in the E.R. I looked at his empty computer chair in my office (now) and had a terrible feeling it would remain empty. It did. That day is embedded in my mind. That was karma, the C.A. strand of DNA that brings the past into the present. Karma coming forward takes a toll on our heart and body but then we need to let it go.

Note that there are days that souls we love come in and go out of the Matrix, usually next to someone they are close to in a Tzolkin Harmonic as my followers know. Everything that occurs in life on earth is synchronicity…always. You are either experiencing someone from the first 10 tribes as karma or the second 10 as dharma. Note that these individuals can be right next to each other in this timeline, but if one is bringing someone in as dharma for you, in time, next to you, they can function as a time bridge via DNA, like your children coming through your mate or your best friend dying and bc of that you meet your soulmate. It’s a mix. Nothing is an accident.

Time is nonlocal and your body is local. The tendency of time to be nonlocal is what makes events interesting physically because they can morph. Time changes constantly because it’s a lighter density but the body is a heavier density and stable as a projection of Time because it has work to do. If you keep your muscles moving it can be fun work. That’s what the body is, a 3D projection of soul intention into the fourth dimension, thus creating time on earth. We set that up as s group. That’s why time is one with our body.

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