Heartset; Who has your back?

If you didn’t need human permission to be born and you don’t need human permission to die, why do you think you need human permission to live your life as you see fit, or at least have a good expansive experience? The same energy that got you here and helps you leave here…HAS you here.

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My Four Books

I see followers looking at my post on the status of my book Time is DNA. It’s been done for two years. I hope my followers have it by now so that possibly you can look at my posts more closely. Just go to my Home page SEARCH box and search on Authors, Lisa K Townsend, or Books.

I’m currently working on The Tones of Creation. Not sure when that will be done.

I have published four books on Amazon. Just type in my name Lisa K Townsend and include the middle initial and they will come up. I put years of work into all of these books.

Healer, The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method, Everyday Intuition, and Time is DNA. I don’t write romantic novels. LOL. I do write prose though that gets a bit hot. My next book will be The Tones of Creation which you can search on the Home Page as well. I just posted on it on January 22, 2023.

There is also a “books for sale” tab on my home page.

Light and Shadow are Not Good and Bad

We live with both

The Urantia Book talks about this misperception at length. It’s all goofed up in people’s minds because of religion.

There is good…but evil is just ERROR. It’s just a mistake but as we hear all the time, you have to try, fall down and fail in order to learn. That’s not bad. It’s actually good to be full of mistakes. Those folks learn quicker because they get sick of suffering. Lol

I suffered for years with my body because I made the mistake of not being mindful about eating baked goods and blew up like a balloon! I still ate healthy food, veggies and fruit, not a ton of processed. But I was out of hand with the baking. Done now. It was a mistake and an addiction! No different than cigarette addiction.

You’re going to pay a price with your life if you don’t go cold turkey. And even then you’ve done damage to your body you have to heal. Same with thieves who end up in jail. My jail was my body and hurt feelings from insensitive men. What’s new? Some women like mean, bad men because they are. I’m not one of them.

If you make a mistake you are forgiven, but mostly you have to forgive yourself, figure out why you were in shadow and come into the light. Shadow and mistakes aren’t bad. They are a teacher. Live and learn folks.

Here’s some “out there” jazz for ya from 1962-63 when I dropped onto the planet.

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I’ve just added a donation button to the bottom of the homepage on the right for anyone so inclined. Just scroll down on this page. I spend at least 2 hours a day or more on this blog and I do it for my followers. I do not have the subsidy of a mate and make a modest income in my holistic business.

My passion and mission on this planet are to bring empowerment and enlightenment about our bodies to humans. In light of the ongoing onslaught against humans in politics and sickcare, I feel this blog brings a bit of information that can help you go the other way and have a better mind and body.

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Sharing a fellow bloggers post; from Fauxcroft

Seek to stand with your feet upon mountains Standing astride like a colossus of life, Viewing life and seeking the balance Seeing where there is destruction, And seeing where there is life evolving And then feeling the power within your soul, Then connect with the environment and with nature Then become one with the universe […]


Mystic Mamma Speaks to The New Moon

NEW MOON in LOVE:::LEO is auguring a wave of profound change. Big wheels are turning, generating momentum to close out cycles and to catapult us unto brand new shores. In the astrological speech, we are heading toward the much-anticipated conjunction of the great Awakener Uranus with Mars, the planet of taking action on our desires, all coming together on the North Node, our point of Destiny.

The energy of this conjunction will perfect on August 1st and is akin to a sudden wave arriving to lift us to the next level of our journey. The way this will manifest will of course be different for each of us, but what I have been receiving is that it could be a turning point on our own personal evolutionary path that is ultimately guiding us toward a more complete and embodied understanding and experience of LOVE. LOVE, after all, is the catalyst that inexplicably and unexpectedly cracks us open. It is what heals us, lifts us, and ultimately brings forth the deepest transformation within us. This love I speak of is the transcendent love that has been experienced by mystics of all faiths, where Love transfigures us from the inside. There is a turning point, where we no longer doubt it or question it.

It is the feeling of being loved so completely that great grace and kindness toward Self descends upon us and restores our original blueprint. This inner alchemy can be sparked by many varied experiences, but ultimately it is a love of Self that permeates our inner landscape and like Buddy Guy sings, it feels like rain. We can ease into the comfort of our own skin, and allow our truest selves to emerge. 

We are creatures of the wild reclaiming our multidimensional natures. Leo says, even though we might feel afraid, we must have the courage to stand with our hearts wide open and trust in the Great Mystery. For LOVE is a CURRENT rushing in to transform us. (there’s no holding back the dam) LOVE is a CURRENCY. It is the currency we must all invest in, trust in, and stream in. May love reign.

I love you with all my heart! Mijanou~MM  

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I went and hung out at Buddy Guy’s on Belmont in Chicago all the time when I lived there in the 90s. I didn’t live far from there in a brownstone in Roscoe Village. Not surprisingly, I worked for a Union and was a strike organizer as well as assistant to the President of the largest Social Security Local that represented our SSA workers nationwide.

Not so cynical

By fauxcroft


Don’t be fooled by false flags

And untrue realities,

In this corrupt world

In which we all exist

Truth is the biggest casualty,

Not everything is what it seems

And things change very quickly,

Don’t take sides because they all lie

And that’s just no me thinking cynically.

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