The Rothschild’s

No matter who the President of the U.S. is, the men of the Rothschild family rule the world with their power and wealth.

My theory…until there is a female version of the Rothschild’s, we will not be equal with men and end patriarchy.

Money is THE BASE of power.  Equal pay for equal work is very minimal but that’s the idea.  It is much easier to balance power between a male and a female if they each have their own money in equal amounts.  Then they can throw that issue out and go on to the next thing.

Men and women are different, but there really needs to be a balance of power if they live together.  To do that, we need to be clear on what defines power on Earth and money is a start.

Women, all over the planet need to stop being dependent on a man’s money and make their own.  There is so much fear around this issue.  Maybe it’s time for us to face it.




Marriage is Prison for Some Women

One of the main comments I’ve heard from women patients  in my office is, “I want to be alone, not married. I wish I was free and single like you.”  Many women feel like prisoners in their marriage and their physical ailments and stress level are consequently very high.

I bet many married men say it to single guy friends too, but I wonder. I’ve heard men benefit far more from marriage than women do and suffer more in divorce.  Most women thrive after divorce.

What are we looking at here?

Marriage is an institution where you’re seeking the sanction of church or state with a license and/or a ceremony but what are your true motivations for doing it?  Maybe the institutions function like an agricultural stockade where animals are inspected, traded and sold. You’ve heard of animal husbandry. Well, when a woman gets married her mate is called her husband which makes her a reproductive animal in society’s  view. So maybe marriage is primarily suited for only young women in their reproductive years who want to have children.

Maybe what we’re looking at here is farming and breeding. I don’t see farm animals having an opinion, going to college and typing on a laptop the way women do these days. And many young women who get married don’t necessarily  want children. Then maybe they shouldn’t get married.

I think it’s time to retire these outmoded ideas regarding a woman’s relationship with her mate. Marriage isn’t always necessary. Balance of power between woman and man needs to be discussed and kissed about.  We can be monogamous with each other because we want to be, not because somebody said we should. It’s nobody’s business but the couple and is becoming outdated due to woman’s empowerment. It’s a good thing.

The Feminine Word Equivalent to the Masculine,”Emasculate”

It’s time for this conversation.  So the first emotional, resistant response from blogger “Anonymous”: on here was this;

Was hoping to find an answer to an interesting quirk of language, but instead found a rambling, borderline nonsensical Femenist rant about gender roles.

Ill do you a favor; TL;Dr Is there a female equivalent to the word ’emasulate’? Answer, No.”


He says he’s doing me a favor with this hateful reply.  What do you think? So, here we have one confirmation of a male who cannot fathom being equal with a good woman. At least he put some emotion into it, but he made quite a few spelling mistakes.

The word emasculates, as we all know, means to deprive a man of his male role or identity.  Strong, justice oriented women who have self-esteem and know their power are ridiculed for doing this to men, no matter what the men have done to women.  They can do whatever they want to women and she’s supposed to take it and not ask for respect?  Sounds like a Christian, Republican, Trump voter. Most men, I don’t believe, are like this, but many are.

What would be the word for depriving a woman of her female role or identity?  Below, the word “defeminate” is suggested but I don’t believe it’s caught on.  It doesn’t really roll off the tongue, no sexual suggestion intended.  This word actually sounds similar to defemate.

Dr. Mary Stopes, described here in Margaret Jackson’s The Real Facts of Life: Feminism and the Politics of Sexuality, c1850-1940:

enter image description here

What about “efeminate”?  This word is more of a direct correlation with the word “emasculate”.

Well, we can banter about “defeminate” or “efeminate” or take a poll. The real work will be to define what it means to deprive a woman of her female role?  My visceral response to this, which I feel is realistic, is that women don’t have “a role”.  Women have advanced so far, because of our choices and willingness to work for it, that it is common knowledge that we can be whatever we want to be and do whatever we want to do, or not do!  Every woman’s personality is different as well, so how she expresses her femininity is unique.

There is very little social pressure on women anymore to be married or to be mothers. That said, I see that the instinct is still there in our bodies which can cause a lot of conflict with our minds.  It is entirely socially acceptable for a woman to have her own property, money, job and no family.  Maybe she just has a job and friends and has casual sexual relations with men and women!  No one cares anymore.  It’s just important to honor yourself and be healthy and happy.

Feminism and women’s liberation has brought us to this point.  If a woman has her life organized and has money, she can hire a handy male or female to do whatever work she needs to be done around her house; yard work, snow blowing, construction, painting, you name it.  If she’s intelligent, why would she waste her time doing work that she can pay someone else to do who is good at it!  She has her own work to do in her quiet, clean house that does not have a man stomping around, causing a ruckus, watching sports, and being noisy and disrespectful.  She is no one’s territory. She belongs to herself and her spiritual life.

The way I see it is, men with their polygamous proclivities, innately wired into their brains to sleep with as many women as they can and get an ego brush from making as many women scream as they can, have whored themselves for millennia now.  They don’t seem to be interested in Love or Bonding which has secured life for women and children for millennia as well.  Love and Bonding are our bedrock.  Many men can’t feel it nor do they operate that way.  Sure, the man may feign loyalty, get married, put a ring on the fourth finger and become a father, but most women believe that it is in his nature to fuck as many women or men as he can before he dies.  It’s not his mandate to love as many women as he can before he dies or love one woman as much as he can before he dies. There are enlightened men in the minority, but it’s not the norm.  This is despite his religious or spiritual beliefs.  Nature always trumps belief folks.  If ya gotta go, ya gotta go.  Sex is no different for men.

It is different for women.  The sexes are not equal yet.  Women understand heart and relationship, children and home, business and money, assertiveness and organization, and leadership, we are the dominant species on the planet.  Love trumps hate and usage. Love trumps whoring your body for shallow, nonbonded sex.  Love trumps patriarchal objectification of women.  Love and bonding trump superficial sex just for an orgasm. Friendship is the highest bond there is.  Spirituality with Love, during sex, trumps giving it away with no bonding.  When most men find out that a woman loves herself this much, and they can’t measure up, they’re out the door for the next porn flick or booty call because they’re not willing to be a good student and eventually love in reciprocation.

If a user male somehow manipulates that love from us, there will be righteous indignation completely justified. Our bodies and our souls embody Love.  This is a huge planetary reality that weaves throughout nature.  Women’s bodies are synced with the Earth, Moon, and stars.  We can be no other way.  If a man wants to learn the way of all flesh on Earth, he will listen to and follow the woman and attempt to raise himself up to be her equal.  Women have raised their minds up, why can’t men raise their bodies up?  In return, she will love him with loyalty and adoration.  That’s the best thing he’ll ever be able to achieve in this life.  I know it’s just an ideal.  It’s not really happening.

The day men help us instead of hinder us caused by making more mess and noise on the planet is the day there is more peace on earth.  But they don’t like peace.  They like to blow stuff up.







The Independent Woman


This article kicks ass.  You might say, everyone needs someone. Well, a truly independent woman only needs a few close people at most.  She absolutely does not rely on what others think of her for success.  In fact, it’s the opposite.

Here is the link:


Sad and Sorry…Pivoted

I was just, in the flow of things, feeling sad and sorry today thinking about the fact that we are heading into the Memorial Day weekend and I am mate-less because he died March 13th.  That could make you feel sorry for me in and of itself, especially since he was my twin flame.  But that is leveling itself out now that we’re in May in Michigan.

Michael, my mate, who was going to be my fiance, is still with me.  Ashes scattered in the garden, we are absolutely, telepathically connected.  He’s with me all the time, still learning on the other side, we continue to teach each other, and he’s trying to earn his wings and climb the spiritual ladder.  So, that’s all good, but that’s not the theme here.

So, I was feeling very down today, until my patient came to get her medical massage and asked how I was.  Essentially I said, “Meh” (I didn’t precisely say that) and she asked me why.  I told her I miss Michael and we always had great fun at the holiday, shopping, cooking out, blah, blah, blah, all the traditional things. I’m not marching from grave to grave this year with flowers due to the many people around me that have died this year.

She counters and says, “I’m married and have a big family and I just want to be by myself.  I don’t want to do any gatherings!  You’re lucky!”  She’s the third woman in the last week who has said she wants to be alone!  When patients walk into my office to get a medical massage, they always tell me the truth about how they feel.

I wonder what is going on?  Other women are telling me that men they know are dying suddenly and they’ve been to too many funerals.  For real.  Guys…you may want to put your best foot forward these days before the Light sucks you into it’s eternal vortex.  Because lately, on this planet, we women like to be alone.  If you’re not here to help and to love…well…

I’m not wishing it!  I’m just observing what’s going on.




What Men Want

I post  a lot on FB threads that comment about relationships and the nature of men and women.  “Steve Harvey TV” posted, “Never let a man tell you twice that he doesn’t want you.”  The gist of what I responded with was, “It doesn’t really matter what men want.  Men don’t really know what they want in relationships or even for dinner.  Women are better at that. Women tend to be the ones that pick because she’s the one that bears the weight of reproduction.  She knows what her body needs in the event that she does get pregnant.  It’s nature.  Men are very good at other things but not at picking a woman.  So, it doesn’t matter what a man wants.”

Now, there are men that are exceptions to that.  For instance, my boyfriend disagrees with me.  But he is an exceptional manly man with a big heart and big mind and he’s straight, not Bi. I found a good one.  And, why would I be mated with a man who agrees with me all the time.  That’s no fun.

I’m not about insulting men.  My goal is to help bring some balance between the genders and especially female empowerment.  For the record, I know there are some very daft women out there who misuse their personal power, are tetched or abusive, or just have a mountain of work to do on themselves before they could ever pick the right man.  My point is, as nature goes, women are the leaders.  Women are the “pickers” in relationships.  Women need to steer how the relationship is going to go.  Women have evolved these social skills and we need to get better at asserting ourselves and getting better organized when it comes to picking a man.

Know yourself.  Know your body.  Take care of yourself.  Feel your sexual nature and enjoy it.  Then make a list.  Make a bulleted list of what your instincts and senses tell you need in a mate…if you’re straight that is.  Women that wait for a man to “want them” and then are left in the dust over and over start to blame men for being dogs when….yeah…straight men kind of are because for most men, that’s the level they’ve evolved to.  Again, not all, but most.  Do you want them to be gay?  Great communicators, love to talk and decorate, but no sex?  I guess I’m assuming bonding, but these days, a lot of people don’t even want that.  It’s bad for your health over time.

Straight men have other great qualities and I suggest straight women start to observe and notice them.  For the record, I am absolutely cool with LGBT.  But there are a lot of straight men and women out there struggling too.

Strong men are looking for strong women.  Shallow men are looking for shallow women.  Like attracts like.  So work on yourself and be clear about what you want women; you embody Love and nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman whose heart really adores and loves him.  And in return, if he even half way likes who he is, he will adore you in return.

Size Bias. (A snippet from my book “Healer”)

“Fat’ is usually the first insult a girl throws at another girl when she wants to hurt her. I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me; but then, you might retort, what do I know about the pressure to be skinny? I’m not in the business of being judged on my looks, what with being a writer and earning my living by using my brain…”-J.K. Rowling


Thin privilege means you’ve proven that you have control over your appetites and just live a healthy good life.  If you force yourself, in any manner possible, to be thin, you have the privilege of hovering over others who are not thin and believing you’re better than them because you CONTROL your life, your mind, and your body size at all costs to gain advantage in every way.  What society and media has done is cover over their addiction to money, sex, fancy houses, food, drugs, etc., because they have no connection to Source/spirituality.  They are using having a thin body as the token for being “in control” of themselves.  However, if you dig a little deeper in thin, rich people’s lives, you’ll see all kinds of things out of control that they are hiding.  They’re playing the superficial game and it will at some point, come tumbling down.  No one on this planet is immune to control issues.  And no one has the right to assert that they are better or of more value on the planet because they can appear to be.  All the world’s a stage and they are certainly the players.  So what they assert is that anyone who is thick, for whatever reason, doesn’t matter as much, is not “in control” of themselves, should not make as much money, and are below the thin people in every way.  Right.  I don’t think so.  Things are changing now.


I’ve already achieved two of my dreams; having a child, and having my own healing practice.  I’m convinced, and I’ve heard firsthand accounts from those who have been heavy and are now thin, of the fact that when a woman loses weight, her value and amount of “attention and affirmation” go up astronomically.  Thin privilege is real.  Some guys say it doesn’t matter when they’re feeling all warm in their heart.  But that’s only 1/8 of the time that they’re feeling warm in their heart.  The rest of the time they’re a stray dog looking for a b….. To hump.  Then it matters!  The energy workers say that fat cells hold the vibration of love in a more grounded way than thin/toned women.  Thin, toned women function to easily fulfill the sexual appetite of men or women mostly, in my opinion.  Let’s face it.  Sex can go quicker, is more intense, you can move better and it’s all pretty animalistic when you’re small.  Thick people have great sex too.  I’m not asserting we don’t.  But it takes longer.  The men get their grounding through the woman, use her, and throw her-sort of like a dementor in Harry Potter when they can get it quickly.  Fat women are self-contained and ground themselves with love through their thickness.  The weight pulls on gravity which helps us center our energy like a magnet.  It’s just a theory.  My son said to me, “It seems like fat people are happier Mom”.  Lol.  Maybe we’re calmer, less stressed out because we aren’t competing so much.  I don’t know.

It’s a diabolical fact in our society that fat people are treated like lepers.  It’s because of patriarchy and Capitalism.  Fat women are offensive to patriarchal men and women.  We’re paid less, viewed as lazy or stupid, unhealthy, an insurance risk, and not touched as much.  My ex-husband asked me to lose weight “for him”.  Unbelievable.    The whole notion is so incredibly nauseating at how superficial and conditional people are in their acceptance of others.  One of my old friends lost a TON of weight (she was bigger than me), and she seems most unhappy now that she’s thin.  Sure, physically it’s easier to move, but now she’s realizing what she was hiding from when she was overweight and I think it’s getting to her.  She was hiding from superficial bullshit!  The same thing happened to my older sister.  It’s obvious to me that it’s too easy for women to lose themselves in relationships, others, their kids, their community and ignore their body and their needs.  It’s too easy for men to lose themselves in sex, toys, money, and indulgence.  It turns a man on when a woman loves herself, knows her own mind and needs and loves her body no matter what size it is.  I’ve been all sizes in my life.  While I’ve been a Mom, I’ve felt very comfy in a thicker body.  But now that my son is grown and I want to zip around from 50-95 years old, I think my bones will hold up better if I lighten the load.  That said, I’m not going to parade around a different size body like it’s a trophy which degrades those that choose to stay in a thicker body!  To each his own.

For me, I respect a man so much if he can control any of his appetites and learn to spend time with a woman and love a woman in a relationship.  If he can’t, I don’t respect him, no matter how many degrees, money and accolades he has.  Men are going to have to face the fact that unless they can bond monogamously with the woman that really loves and digs him, he’s a failure in societies eyes.  We could call that the Tiger Woods syndrome.  He’s a world class golfer, yes,   intelligent and successful, yes. But he cheated on his wife.  That makes him a loser, not a winner.

The same is not true for women.  The opposite is true.  Single, older women who have their own money are respected and looked up to by everyone.  The reason for this is another book.

Loving Man

I asked All That Is for a Loving Man in my life and he found me.

And then I said yes.

Then he put his hand on my knee and kept staring at me and telling me how beautiful, brilliant, and unique I was.

I looked at my list of requirements. (That I finally made after too many failed mating attempts)

He fulfilled them all.

He just appeared and said he had to meet me!

And I said “Yes!”

And he’s still here.

You have to ask and then let it in.

I did and it worked.  Amazing.



How do my breasts look? Not.

Grand Rapids just held a fund-raiser to fight breast cancer.  “Bra’s Across the Grand” raised $23,000.  That’s fabulous!  With this action in the picture, I’m wondering if they were making a statement about the fact that tight fitting or wrong fitting bras are one of the known causes of breast cancer?  In other words, “hang your bra out to dry and leave it there!”


When I first saw this I thought, “I guess they’re just trying to bring attention to women’s breasts.  You can’t exactly hang pictures of women’s breasts in photos across the Grand River” Although there are plethora of them on the porn sights 24/7 I’m sure.  Men sure spend an inordinate amount of time staring through the 2 layers of shirt and bra or shirt and camisole to figure out the details of what a woman’s breasts look like.  Don’t ya just love that?  Oh, here, let me stare at your crotch to figure out the details of your “stuff”.  Guys might not admit it, but some might mind that.  The women I know do mind having their breasts stared at in public.

I love my breasts.  I fed my son with them…very adequately!  But I don’t want a man to decide whether he’s going to spend time with me SOLELY on the details of my breasts or whether he’s going to have unlimited access to them like a suckling child.  And lately, on the dating scene, it kind of seems that way whether they admit it or not.  To be fair to the men, I will say this.  There is a difference between how a guy looks at them if he’s emotionally attaching to you and how a guy looks at them if he wants to use you.  The one fellow I’m “a bit fond of” here in town looked at them like they were Thanksgiving dinner and he hadn’t eaten in a month.  It was endearing actually and sort of cute.  Other guys I want to deck when they “grab a peek” but couldn’t care less and don’t know me at all.

I didn’t know until about a year ago that bra wearing had been studied and it was found that that choice is a cause of breast cancer.  It is well known that it restricts the LYMPH flow in and around the armpit.  Even if the bra fits well, it is form fitting and is “holding you in”.  This is not unlike the men wearing briefs!

Remember the whole boxers vs. briefs debate that came up in the 90’s?  I remember a Seinfeld episode making light of it.  LOL.  This WebMD article elucidates what I’m referring to.  Doctors recommend that men never wear briefs because it lowers the sperm count in the testes.  They suggest boxers or nothing.  It takes 10-11 weeks for men to produce sperm.  It goes on to say men should wear nothing, often, when they are at home.

Mercola is a fairly well known health site.  In this article, it does indeed say that physicians and researchers agree that the very “pretty”, hip, mod, under wire, tight fitting bras are one of the causes of breast cancer, as is aluminum in anti-perspirant.  I never buy that stuff.  That’s like anti-biotics.  Who is against perspiring/anti-perspiring?  And who is against all bacteria and life in the body?/anti/biotic (Bio means LIFE).  There are a couple brands that are just deodorant.  It’s worth hunting for.  And of course your diet affects your body smell and your cancer risk.  Eat across the color spectrum with fruits and veggies, low saturated fat, and low or no processed foods.

Women’s bodies are not less important than men’s.  Women’s healthy breasts are just as important as men’s healthy testes. The way a woman’s breasts LOOK is no more important than how a man’s “stuff” looks in shorts or pants hanging loose or in boxers.  The equivalent of a woman wearing boxers would be a camisole under a blouse.  Women should not wear tight fitting bras!  Just like men should not wear briefs.

Bras vs. Briefs-Not.

Camisoles vs. Boxers-Yes

Blowing in the wind vs. Blowing in the Wind-Yes!!!!!!   It’s all pretty.    Hehehehehehe.