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Former Head of U.S. Government UFO Program Confirms Government Possesses Advanced Craft of Unknown Origin

17 Oct

Written by Christopher Sharp – 17 October 2023

In a new interview, Dr. James Lacatski, who headed a prior U.S. government investigation into Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), affirmed that the U.S. government possesses a craft of unknown origin and has access to its interior.

A newly released book co-authored by Lacatski, who led the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), dedicated to the study of UAP, reveals:

‘At the conclusion of a 2011 meeting in the Capitol building with a U.S. Senator and an agency Under Secretary, Lacatski, the only one of this book’s authors present, posed a question. He stated that the United States was in possession of a craft of unknown origin and had successfully gained access to its interior.

‘This craft had a streamlined configuration suitable for aerodynamic flight but no intakes, exhaust, wings, or control surfaces. In fact, it appeared not to have an engine, fuel tanks, or fuel. Lacatski asked: What was the purpose of this craft? Was it a life-support craft useful only for atmospheric reentry or what? If it was a spacecraft, then how did it operate?’

Speaking about the above passage within the book, Lacatski confirmed:

“What’s in the book is an exact statement of the event that occurred in the congressional facility.”

Corbell put the following question to Lacatski:

“You told us because you were allowed to tell us that our government has a UFO in its possession and has been able to access the inside of it, right?”

Lacatski responded:

“Yes, I was allowed to tell you.”

The U.S. Capitol Building, where the meeting took place. Photo by PartTime Portraits on Unsplash

Lacatski, a respected rocket scientist who worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), was interviewed by investigative journalists George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell on the WEAPONIZED podcast.

The book, ‘Inside the U.S. Government Covert UFO Program: Initial Revelations,’ was authored by Dr. Lacatski, George Knapp, and Dr. Colm Kelleher, who worked alongside Lacatski within AAWSAP.

When asked by Corbell whether he had entered the craft described within the book, Lacatski responded, “I can’t answer that.”

Later in the interview, Corbell offered Lacatski an opportunity to dispute the implication that he had seen and stepped inside the craft; Lacatski declined the offer.

Referring to the meeting with a Senator described in the book as having taken place within the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C., Lacatski said:

“There was more to it. Considerably more to that discussion about what the situation was.”

When pressed to speak further about the meeting, Lacatski declined, stating he would go no further than what was approved in the book by the Department of Defense (DoD), citing fears that it would provide information to U.S. enemies:

“We are surrounded, but hopefully not so, by our enemies.”

He added:

“You can be sure they’re listening to this show right now.”

Another reason for the secrecy Lacatski cited was that he wished to follow the rules:

“We follow the rules, and there’s a good reason. A good reason to follow.”

He was unable to provide any answer as to what that reason was, although Lacatski claimed that he saw no dark reason to conceal the truth.

In fact, Lacatski asserted that there is no reason for humanity to fear potential non-human intelligence, provided that the human species discovers its full capabilities, stating:

“If full human capabilities were known to us right now, it is not something that we need to fear.”

He added:

“Our capabilities have never been fully revealed. And we’re still learning; we’ve got a long way to evolve still.”

When asked to provide his thoughts on allegations made by former senior intelligence officer, David Grusch, regarding alleged secretive UAP programs, Lacatski said, “It’s reasonable what he’s saying.”

However, Lacatski commented that he did not witness any illegal activities during his time investigating UAP:

“I never saw what I would consider illegal activities. I saw security procedures that are paramount, but not illegal activities.”

AAWSAP was the genesis of modern UAP investigations, which have led to the establishment of the current All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Lacatski confirmed that someone within the AARO has approached him for assistance, but declined to provide the name of who that person was.

However, when asked whether he was a disclosure advocate for providing more information about UAP, Lacatski said no:

“If you’re asking me if I am a disclosure advocate, the answer is no,” before adding that national security comes first.

Despite citing national security reasons, Lacatski was unable to state whether UAP presented a direct threat to national security. 

Kelleher, who was also present and being interviewed by Corbell and Knapp, was able to provide context, stating that not enough data existed to provide a firm assessment:

“Without data on intent, you cannot make the case that these objects are a threat to national security; what you can say is that they are a threat to human health.”

Beyond considerations of national security, Lacatski presented an additional potential rationale for UAP secrecy, albeit not originating from his own perspective – it pertains to contractors.

Addressing the aspect where private contractors might potentially hold craft of unknown or non-human origin, Lacatski remarked

“I can say if there’s heavy investment of contractor capital, their overhead money into technologies, and they’ve been given these technologies, they’re gonna hang on to them.

“It’s as if someone’s saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute, we’ve invested a lot of our personal resources into research,’ and this sentiment applies to every topic.

“It’s going to be difficult to pry loose technology. When something’s been given over, and a private company has invested their money, their stockholders’ money into research.

“So that’s an entirely different aspect.”

One such contractor understood to have alleged craft of unknown or non-human origin is Lockheed Martin.

Earlier this year, Liberation Times asked Lockheed Martin if failure to disclose potential non-Earth origin or exotic material would be in breach of SEC corporate disclosure laws.

In response, a Lockheed spokesperson stated:

“Questions about UAPs are best addressed by the U.S. government.”

However, the spokesperson did add:

“We comply with all regulatory requirements.”

So far, Lacatski has declined the opportunity to testify before Congress on the issue of UAP; however, when asked by Knapp whether he would do so if subpoenaed and asked to tell the truth, he answered:

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

The inclusion of the term ‘unknown origin’ in the newly co-authored book by Lacatski holds significant weight. 

Multiple U.S. intelligence and defense sources have confirmed to Liberation Times that the AARO has, as one source stated, “coordinated the collection and analysis of materials from an unknown origin.”

When questioned by Liberation Times for a response, the DoD refrained from denying these claims.

According to sources, the material is connected with an alleged UAP event and is not readily explainable, in reference to its composition. The analysis has not been concluded, meaning any potential origin cannot be verified at this time. 

The term ‘unknown origin’ also appears in proposed legislation coordinated with the White House and introduced by Senate Leader Chuck Schumer.

Commenting on the legislation Senator Schumer has said:

“The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena.”

The term ‘unknown origin’ within the legislation refers to:

‘Any materials or meta-materials, ejecta, crash debris, mechanisms, machinery, equipment, assemblies, or sub-assemblies, engineering models or processes, damaged or intact aerospace vehicles, and damaged or intact ocean-surface and undersea craft associated with unidentified anomalous phenomena or incorporating science and technology that lacks prosaic attribution or known means of human manufacture.’

That legislation has been proposed for the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024.

Under the proposed legislation, in its current form, materials or biological evidence of unknown or non-human origin possessed by private persons or entities would be subject to the power of eminent domain exercised by the U.S. Federal Government. This would mean that companies like Lockheed Martin or any other aerospace company in possession of such materials would be required to surrender them to the government.

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Serious Amateur10 hours ago· 0 Likes

Indeed. I just saw that, in the past, Mr Lacatski was co-author (with George Knapp) of “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon”.

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Serious Amateur14 hours ago· 1 Like

I just now watched the entire Weaponized interview. My instinct is to be a little wary of Lacatski’s credibility, if only because AAWSAP is perhaps too closely tied to Billionaire Robert Bigelow and Skinwalker Ranch. When he starts commenting on Dino-beavers and men in black, I can’t help but take a step back.

Preview Post Reply

DavidF11 hours ago· 0 Likes

Don’t forget he is trying to sell a book

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EBE14 hours ago· 1 Like

“‘This craft had a streamlined configuration suitable for aerodynamic flight but no intakes, exhaust, wings, or control surfaces. In fact, it appeared not to have an engine, fuel tanks, or fuel.”
I’m befuddled. Without all (or any) of the aforementioned attributes, how exactly is this a craft? It sounds like a hollow tube. If the NHI’s don’t need those technical attributes, why bother with a craft at all? Something isn’t adding up.

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Chris McCarron14 hours ago· 0 Likes

Slowly but surely more and more reputable people speak about what they saw. Liberating Times

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Kevin Smith14 hours ago· 0 Likes

There was a jockey who shares your name.

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UAP STUDIES Podcast15 hours ago· 0 Likes

“We follow the rules, and there’s a good reason. A good reason to follow.”
“If full human capabilities were known to us right now, it is not something that we need to fear.”
“Our capabilities have never been fully revealed. And we’re still learning; we’ve got a long way to evolve still.”

Copy that. Loud and clear.

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Inari15 hours ago· 0 Likes

Great article.

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Serious Amateur16 hours ago· 0 Likes

Can anyone verify the rumor that the request for a select committee that can subpoena witnesses has been denied?

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Frank7 hours ago· 0 Likes

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Frank6 hours ago· 0 Likes

Of course, with a new Speaker, who knows what will happen.

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Frank7 hours ago· 0 Likes

My article (this is Frank Camp from The Daily Wire) from a couple weeks ago noted that Rep. Tim Burchett told me that a select committee had been denied.

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Bryan3 hours ago· 0 Likes

Burchett is an ally to this cause but can be clueless sometimes. Once these two briefings happen with the ICIG and DoDIG (they’re saying before Christmas, maybe in a couple weeks) they’ll have no choice but to give them a select committee.

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MITprof11 hours ago· 0 Likes

I haven’t heard that. It’s been in a constant state of trying to get it, however the Speaker wasn’t having it. However good news is Representative Luna just said that they just got granted permission to get Grusch in a SCIF for a classified briefing and that’s HUGE!

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Serious Amateur4 hours ago· 0 Likes

NewsNation has just posted a story saying that Rep Tim Burchett has confirmed to them that a classified SCIF room has been reserved and that David Grusch will be answering questions and sharing documentation there before Christmas.

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Serious Amateur10 hours ago· 0 Likes

Great info. Thanks. May I ask where you saw this? I’ve been doing searches on “Grusch” and haven’t found anything recent. Thanks again!

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Joryhoffman@yahoo.com17 hours ago· 0 Likes

Great artical

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Jonathan19 hours ago· 2 Likes states that a former DARPA director possesses firsthand knowledge of the UAP (UFO) retrieval and reverse engineering program, which utilizes advanced DARPA sensors proficient in detecting strong gamma radiation signals emitted by Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), thereby enhancing their detectability.

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Diederich van Ochtenstein18 hours ago· 1 Like

Interesting, makes a lot of sense actually. So many witness reports with radiation burns after close encounters with ufo’s.

Preview Post Reply

Duh19 hours ago· 2 Likes

Liar trying to sell a book.

Preview Post Reply

Michael Padilla20 hours ago· 0 Likes

Where’s the proof? Words are not proof! We have heard that many times from different sources. I believe that it is highly likely that he knows all the details about what he has stated, but we’re lacking proof.

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me20 hours ago· 0 Likes


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Nick Gold20 hours ago· 0 Likes

I’m not sure Lacatski making these statements really adds much to our current understanding of the situation, especially in a way that goes beyond claims and begins to offer documentary or physical evidence. The public needs to continue to push for actual information that goes beyond claims. Even if the claims are true, it doesn’t move the ball down the field, IMHO.

Preview Post Reply

Rich Geldreich20 hours ago· 0 Likes

Stringfield’s “Hall of Mirrors” is very much in place here. We can’t separate the real docs from the “forged” counterintelligence documents (Lacatski in this interview). Who knows what to believe.

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J. Grif22 hours ago· 0 Likes

One more man one more book…

Preview Post Reply

J22 hours ago· 0 Likes

I always try and ask myself, what is to be gained from someone like him lying. Rocket scientist, former head of a government program. For money? How much money can you actually make off a UFO book or podcast interview. To confuse our enemies? We already have the best war capabilities to make them pause. If it’s a lie, what’s the point?

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PoopDigA day ago· 0 Likes

We need that select committee so Lacatski can be supeonad

Preview Post Reply NextThe United Kingdom And The Looming UFO Paradigm Shift

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  • 60°N–165°E White Dog Portal
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These are 4D TIME PORTALS, not 3D, but the Chinese are the source of the I CHING through Fu Xi. They understand time to some extent but probably not like our U.S. military or the Germans in particular. They are all cooperating, I believe.

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This is crazy to look at. I hung out on that beach just on shore all the time and have it etched in my mind. It was just a walk down from my house among the cherry orchards. This was my home for 3 years, where this took place.

The irony is, I talked on the phone to Harry in Ohio this morning, and they also shot something down over Lake Huron by Northern OH, Akron. I heard that this afternoon. We didn’t know about it.

I started off the conversation by saying how much I have to adjust my therapy and blogging for the needs of patients and our current situation. I can hardly keep up! Harry has to do the same thing with his mindset counseling and tweeting. We’re doing the same thing , and he said, “We are NOT going back. We are not going back to the way it was!” He never says stuff like that. I said, “Well, we’re going straight into our future now.”

Honestly, I’ve been working for them (our helpers) since 1990. Maybe they’re following me to make sure I have the correct coordinates for you folks. I’m not working for anyone else on this planet than The Watchers and the Maya on behalf of humans. God bless all Earth DNA species.🥰🙏

Light in the sky before the earthquake in Turkey

Corey posted this on Twitter. He is very intuitive! Maybe he has a sense that it has to do with the new timeline.

It does, and I know how to rationally parse it out according to COSMIC CYCLES. NOAA and NASA aren’t going to cut it. But likely, a few quantum physicists may have a clue, and GEOMANCERS and kin who feel earth pulses psychically.

My opinion was that it was a CONGRUENCE of the 3D IChing hexagram in that earth location, and the Red Dragon 4D time portal causing a time quake in the timeline first in the cosmic web and then an earthquake.

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