THE FBI EXPOSED: Former Head of the FBI confirms the FBI is infiltrated by the Satanic Illuminati Cult

Isn’t this just the Masons? It’s never been any different from the founding of this country. He mentions 1776 in his talk.

Were our founders really all Satanists? Maybe. Our families all hail from the original families unless they immigrated here after 1776. Or is the Illuminati an offshoot cult of the Masons?

THE FBI EXPOSED: Former Head of the FBI confirms the FBI is infiltrated by the Satanic Illuminati Cult involved in the assassination of the Kennedy’s, Oklahoma bombing, Waco siege, World Trade Center bombing, 9/11 and the kidnapping of children for sex, sacrifices and body parts.

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson goes on to say based on his 28 years of experience and research there is a covert illegal rogue U.S. Government criminal enterprise operating in the United States in several cities.

The disaster in Pearl Harbor could have been avoided, we knew on December 4th and could have pulled the U.S. fleet out before we were attacked.

President John F. Kennedy also known as (Jack) was assassinated by the CIA and the FBI helped carry the assassination out by diverting President Kennedy’s car to another route. Lyndon B. Johnson knew President Kennedy was going to be assassinated and wanted him dead. Robert F. Kennedy (Bobby) was also assassinated by the same illegal rogue infiltrated government. 

The Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by the “New World Order Boys” and U.S. Army explosives were used. Timothy McVeigh was a CIA operative.

In the Waco Siege incident he confirms that the four ATF agents were actually assassinated by government snipers. These same ATF agents who were killed were at one time Bill Clinton’s bodyguards.  

The FBI knew in advance about the World Trade Center car bombing and furnished the ingredients for the bomb that was used to blow up the World Trade Center.

As a private investigator when he retired from the FBI he took on the Jeffrey Robert MacDonald case who was an American medical doctor and United States Army captain who was convicted in August 1979 of murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters in February 1970 while serving as an Army Special Forces physician.

During his investigations into the MacDonald case he received a signed confession from Helena Stoeckley stating that Jeffrey MacDonald did not do it, that it was her Satanic cult group that committed these murders. The courts ignored the confession from her.

Helena Stoeckley went on to confess that this was a large scale drug operation that was being covered up. They were flying drugs in plastic bags in the body cavities of the dead GI’s coming out of Southeast Asia. There were military Generals involved, other military personnel officers, Police Officers and investigators for the Army.

When Ted went public with this information he received  hundreds of calls from victims telling him about the Satanic Cult movement in the United States. These people are victims of a covert illegal rogue U.S. Government criminal Enterprise.  

Since becoming an FBI Whistleblower he has been investigated by the FBI with an attempt to indict him, he was put on two separate hit lists in order to assassinate him, he has been poisoned and targeted with disinformation to discredit him for exposing the corruption within the CIA, FBI and Government.

He worked the Franklin Coverup Case involving illegal Government drug operations and Satanic cults. They were taking children out of orphanages and foster homes privately flying them to Washington DC for sex orgies with U.S. Congressmen and Senators. This was filmed and pictures were taken for blackmail control.

Through his investigation of the Franklin case it led him to a Washington DC organization called “The Finders” which is a CIA covert operation for trafficking children.

Thousands of children are being abducted and kidnapped every year during the Satanic holidays of June 21, October 31 and December for ritual sacrifice. World leaders are involved in this Satanic Cult. He says this country, America, is being ruled by Satanists.

He warns of election fraud happening through electronic voting systems. This is what happened in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and will happen again unless we stop the Committee of 300.

The Satanic Illuminati Cult he is referring to are members of the Committee of 300 who were also exposed by a 45 year MI6 Intelligence Officer. Brave men and women have been warning us for years about the Committee of 300 and we have done nothing to stop them. In previous posts I have listed all their names. They must be stopped.

If we don’t stop them now, they will accomplish their goals of depopulation and total world control over humanity. They will destroy America completely. We can not be afraid. Fear is their biggest tool against us. We must act now and stand tall to defend life, freedom, liberty, and our innocent children.

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