Jack Dorsey on JFK

I agree with him.

But JFK also knew about the LOC and ET and was going to do disclosure. He was going to tell Americans the truth, so they stopped it by killing him. It would have ruined profits for many corporations, particularly energy companies. It was all about $$ and turning people into slaves for profit by controlling their time.

I came to the planet in 1963 due to the fact that disclosure was pushed back to the present time, 60 years later. I’m here to help people get synchronized to true time in the matrix. They can’t stop it anymore. 🙏

U.S. Space Force Delivery by NASA. That’s What It Says

From spaceweather.com. See for yourself.

FALCON HEAVY LAUNCH: The second most powerful rocket in the world lifted off from Cape Canaveral last night, delivering national security payloads to orbit for the US military. (?) Moments after launch, Pete Lardizabal photographed the Falcon Heavy roaring above St Johns, Florida:

Elon loves rockets. Gee, I wonder why.

“We had cool, clear skies for a beautiful view of this early evening launch,” says Lardizabal.

The mission took off at 5:56 p.m. ET, marking the fifth successful flight of the rocket only recently dethroned by NASA’s Space Launch System as the world’s most powerful.

The first launch of a Falcon Heavy back in 2018 famously carried Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla Roadster into space. Last night’s primary payload was a communications satellite for the US Space Force !

Two and a half minutes after launch, the Falcon Heavy’s side-boosters detached themselves from the main rocket and reoriented to plunge back through Earth’s atmosphere. Lardizabal photographed that, too:

As the falling boosters neared the ground, they reignited their engines for a synchronized landing on ground pads. It’s a signature move for SpaceX, which routinely recovers and reuses rocket boosters to drive down costs.

more images: from Conrad Pope of Wilmington, North Carolina; from Dr. Gilbert Plumer of Rockledge, Florida; from Brent of Orlando, Florida;

ExopoliticsToday.com-Dr. Michael Salla-SSP Interview

Before I started listening to this I looked at her and thought she looked genetically altered, almost like an A.I. type robot.

There is quite a bit of nanotach info. in this. It’s creepy. It’s important to stay away from all the med beds, vaccines and possibly hospitals. Also, I heard today that they are coming out with 6G phones. Boycott. And be sure to turn your phone off at night and put it in a different room.

Watch “American Lions: JFK & Trump’s War with the Deep State over UFO Secrecy” on YouTube

Original posting of this was November 2020, one year after Covid first hit, but no one knew what it was.

This is a must watch video by Dr. Michael Salla on the 57th anniversary of JFK assassination. 9 minutes. Share with your friends via email, mainly for the history and suggestion it contains, not because you agree with it at this point. Trump is no savior. He has said and shown that he loves money. The ICC loves money too. So do the Dems. Is he working with the ICC? And Trump supported the Covid Vax!!! Very bad.

Just for the record, I’m not convinced about the agenda behind linking JFK, his son John Jr. and Trump. Supposedly John John is Q. I have no problem believing he’s alive. People’s deaths are faked for all kinds of reasons. And Dr. Salla is supporting whatever the agenda is. Are these folks really opposed to A.I.?

I question everyone these days. Use your critical thinking. Everyone has an agenda. My agenda his health and body empowerment for the entire human race and the absolute eradication of A.I. -Lisa T. 12/29/22

Watch “SSP Updates Explanations – Episode 1 – AscensionWorks.TV with Corey & Mike” on YouTube

These two are referring to Law of One material when it comes to Time. It’s Egyptian. It is greatly accepted that the Maya were the most advanced civilization to assess Time in the local universe so I’m listening but I stick by my Information.

As far as empowerment by DITCHING A.I. I completely agree with Corey. We have to do it. By 2025, the GGLN and their allies will be able to control the supergate in our local cluster and free our solar system from toxic actors. Wr have 3 years left of this madness. That said, they can’t free us. We have to do that a collective.

This is why I’ve written my book. People need to know what we’re made of; Earth Time. We’re in charge OF TIME.

Series Launch Trailer-SSP Update from Corey Goode

DIA is the acronym for the Defense Intelligence Agency. I believe their focus is outside the U.S. and the CIA is inside the U.S. Or DIA might be an arm of the CIA. When Corey talks about the solar flash and the elite going underground and leaving the surface dwellers to crash, he’s on the 12,000 year cycle train with the elite, NASA, Scientists, and Ben. He’s not on my accurate 13,000 year cycle. Just sayin’. I don’t think the solar flash is imminent.

Another Must See. Verrryyyy Tripppy.

TONY RODRIGUES – Mars/ Secret Space Programs/ Interstellar memories -July 14 2021

I don’t know why, but even as a young girl, I knew E.T.’s and the Universe were real. I remember sitting in the pew in church, all this B.S. being spewed by the preacher and I felt Christ teaching me the truth instead.

This has always happened to me. I was protected, so I knew we lived in a loving Universe no matter what I saw happening around me. It’s never been any different for me and really hope to leave information here so people feel EMPOWERED and loved in the midst of all of this secrecy and lies.

We live in an inhabited Universe. There are LAWS. There is a CREATOR and you can call on protection from Christ Michael during all of this disclosure. We have an alliance too; The Sacred Heart of Christ. Keep your boundaries with certain E.T.

Tony says on here, so many people have been abused and have a few memories but not as Tony does. What this video shows is that the timelines are real. We can be on more than one timeline and have memories from them.

Just watch it on YouTube. The link works.

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