Did UFO whistleblowers’ testimony highlight more on extraterrestrial exi…

Big synchronicity that this is occurring The Mayan New Year, 2023. Our ancestors want us to know we are loved, honored, and not alone.

Humans have been through too much that we did not deserve. That’s why I’m here. Love yourself and love others.

These are high-ranking people, not a joke. What Dr. Greer said is very good. Maybe both communities, Earth Alliance and Disclosure, will make peace and cooperate on this. Corey can have a hand. Add to that U.S. Space Force founded by Trump!

House Passes Bill to Prohibit Collusion Between Federal Government, Big Tech to Censor Lawful Speech


We have to have a law to enforce the law. God Bless America. And who is Big Tech? 320 tech and aerospace companies beholden to the ICC only it’s a BIG SECRET that no one would believe. More congresspeople do know about stellar species and who is in charge “out there”.

Series Launch Trailer-SSP Update from Corey Goode

DIA is the acronym for the Defense Intelligence Agency. I believe their focus is outside the U.S. and the CIA is inside the U.S. Or DIA might be an arm of the CIA. When Corey talks about the solar flash and the elite going underground and leaving the surface dwellers to crash, he’s on the 12,000 year cycle train with the elite, NASA, Scientists, and Ben. He’s not on my accurate 13,000 year cycle. Just sayin’. I don’t think the solar flash is imminent.

Watch “Short Film – History of the Extraterrestrial Agenda & the Coming Global Revolution” on YouTube

This illuminates who is in the Earth Alliance as far as world leaders, Trumps family connection to Disclosure via his uncle who promoted Tesla’s work for humanity and who the negative E.T.’s are and who the good ones are. The Galactic Federation is in charge.

While it’s true that our DNA contains components of all 20 amino acids or the Tribes of Time, it is my belief that with the visitation to this planet of Jeshua, White 3 Electric Dog, his release of White 13 Cosmic Dog or 13 Aspartic Acid in HF33 onto our planet has given humans the ability to uplift the negative DNA in our bodies to ascension and become ONE with Source…via the heart of Christ. It’s in the Mystic Column or the human spine. That energy activation through the Sun is the key to healing any cellular defects NOW PRESENT in us.

Have a great Sunday.

White 12 Crystal Dog.

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