I’m doing some time tracking on the Maui Fires

The fires, which began on August 8, the day before Yellow 6 Star mediated by the Star time portal, struck hardest the historic resort town of Lahaina, on Maui’s western peninsula, reducing most of the town to ash and ruins. Approximately 115 people were killed in Lahaina by the smoke and flames or by drowning, making the wildfire one of the world’s deadliest on record.

This is Nick Sorter, trying to sort things out 😉 as a journalist in Maui. The Feds are ramping up there crawling the place, which is very telling. I’m sure it’s a SpecialOps deal.

My intuition is leaning toward the cause of the fires being a Draco incursion to nullify NINE generations of native earth knowledge from earth by destroying Lahaina. The Hawaiian culture was held there.


The fires were caused by the sun due to a time distortion from Venus being right next to the sun at the time. Look at my Spaceweather.com post. Venus mediates the Hawaii time portal. All kinds of new strange things will happen on the planet as our timeline spiral shifts. This is timeline change, not climate change.

How could Draco get into the Blue Monkey time portal when they are BANNED in our system? Blue Monkey ~Yellow Star is mediated by Venus. Venus was right next to the sun on this day. I posted Spaceweather.com about it. NOAA is a federal astronomy site.

Click on the top title.

Spaceweather.com for Monday, 4WorldBridger, 8/7/23

It is possible to use the energy of the sun to create a timeportal back door 🚪 when there is already a main portal (Blue Monkey near Hawaii) if the alignment is right with that planet. Nobody knows about this stuff. It’s ancient knowledge regarding time travel. The Draco are Red Dragon tribe and dying with Red Serpent because of nanites, and they are locked in our system by the GGLN. There is no tribe of time more ancient than the Red Dragon.

But I had a major Draco Dream and major event 2 nights before this happened that I still have not figured out. I was fine, and I’m always protected, but everything is pivoting, to be sure.

Folks, Mitch McConnell and Biden are direct analogs!

You need to see this again since Mitch McConnell’s mind went offline with Biden’s.Their master C$%^& controller, the ICC are now under GGLN martial law. Our solar system is slowly being liberated from these Luciferian Sith hacks.

So, I pull up Reuters news, the only one I follow now, and there it is.

McConnell-Biden Lapses Highlight ICC brain chipping glitches. Lol


“What is Mitch’s birth gateway”? I dial it up. 🫨😯. They are direct analogs from Mars karma, thick as thieves.

No. It’s not advanced linear age as there is no such thing. Their mindset is out of alignment with the predominant frequency on earth now as we evolve or… their brain chips are glitching bc the ICC is under martial law now.

Understand that you can stay young and healthy on any planet as long as you adapt to the CHANGES that are bringing that civilization forward and take a chill pill instead of complaining all the time. Have some fun!

These two buddies, direct analogs, are hard core psychopathic C#$$^ who will get to deal with universe adjudication when they pass. We will all be adjudicated. Pick your friends carefully and your actions.

Mitch is in the center, mediated by Mars, and Biden is on the right mediated by Mars. Remember Trump’s birth gateway comes directly AFTER Biden in the harmonic. There are no accidents, ever.

There is nothing more fun than spinning up synchronicity.

Congressional Elites BLOCKING UFO Investigation, DENYING Public Answers: Analysis

I hear a lot of people in the Disclosure movement who believe David Grusch is a disinfo agent. He and the approximate 40 other whistleblowers are telling the truth as they know and experience it. Their disclosures are the beginning of what will unfold through 2027/28, according to my briefings. There is an incredible amount of pushback against Grusch and his team…

Corey Goode on ascensiontv.net

Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves

Huge synchronicity here. I downloaded this on Luc’s birthday, August 18. He is going to help me from the other dimension to get a team together, and Elon, if for once he does what he says he’ll do, will help fund it. He told me to ask when I’m ready. But at the moment, he’s blowing up XTwitter with a decision he made. I logged off amidst the adolescent drama.


I just paid a decent fee for an NIH paper outlining Luc Montagnier and the team’s experiment with DNA through water and ELM waves. I’m taking it apart piece by piece and imagining how my findings could fit in the experiment and be duplicated by a team. The synchronicity here is Luc was Dr. Chavez good friend, and they worked together. Luc passed away last year, and Dr. Chavez is still blind as far as I know, living in Texas. Request; anyone who is still on FB, please search on Dr. Fernando Castro Chavez and email me. I refuse to step foot on FB. That would be a huge help. He is not responding to messenger or phone calls.

Elon and I had discussions about this project on social media, then ran into AI, social media identity issue differences, (duh) and it ended up that his Tesla CFO (Chief Financial Officer) DM’d me and said, “Send me a proposal, I’ll look at it and maybe show it to Elon.”

Elon told him about me, apparently, but we are not seeing eye to eye at the moment, so this fellow is the intermediary. I’m glad. But we had enough respect for one another in our conversation to agree that my idea was worth checking out. We have not met.

Elon is on his Dr. No, AI crypto X.com track vision, and you know how I feel about that. Actually, how many people feel about that. He’s working out his karma I think.

However, we see alike on many things scientific and are friends, when we get along as brainiacs.

I love the picture below.

EMS is Electromagnetic signals. It looks very basic to me and they did this experiment at a frequency of 7Hz. As we know, the ScR impacts our DNA from 7.83 up to 8.50Hz to each specific 5 kin/molecule day. So my experiment will be much wider and then will have to be compared to what happens to the tRNA molecule with each specific Hertz to parce out movement. This experiment also had a nucleotide in the water but they did find that it was THE DNA THAT EMITTED THE EMS!!

Figure 3. Digital transmission of DNA EMS to a distant laboratory.

I am still still reading the report. It’s getting metaphysical at the moment. Look at this.

In molecular biology, an amplicon is a piece of DNA or RNA that is the source and/or product of amplification or replication events. It can be formed artificially, using various methods including polymerase chain reactions or ligase chain reactions, or naturally through gene duplication.

Results were striking: all cells of tumor origin synthesized Borrelia 16S DNA after they were exposed for several days to magnetic field modulated by the EMS of Borrelia 16S DNA. At the same time, cell growth was inhibited, ending in cell death. DNA was extracted from the dying cells and the Borrelia amplicon was detected by PCR and its sequence was found to be identical to its original version. (The DNA didn’t die even when exposed to diseased DNA-Lisa T.)

Remarkably the resulting amplicon was found to be EMS emitter, showing that this initial property was not lost during the complex transmission of DNA information. The normal differentiated MRC5 cells and the T lymphocytes were not affected in their growth under the same culture conditions and the Borrelia amplicon could not be detected in these cells (Figure 5). The 194 bp HIV LTR amplicon had no effect on the tumor cells.

The NIH article cited in the Title-Luc Montagnier and team

This is what the body does to heal itself, all the time. The body IS the past and the present all at once and uses the Central Axis to negotiate an alignment to be in timelessness which is reality. Time is Maya or an illusion.

Moreover, in the laboratory, we have shown for the first time that EMS can be re-transcribed into DNA in living cells. ·       These cells are so far of tumoral origin, opening the way to non-invasive treatments of cancers, assuming that normal stem cells are not affected, or less affected. Thus, this new biology that we can call after Jacques Benveniste, Digital Biology, has a very promising future, both at the level of quantum Physics, and in numerous medical applications. (This is ancient medicine. It was done by our ancestors.)·       From the point of view of the theoretical understanding of the observed phenomena, the above discussion suggests that the dynamical law of coherence acts as a law of form inducing guided polymerization processes (controlling morphogenesis): the specific polymerization so obtained is the expression of the semantic content of the EMS mentioned in the previous section, referred to as the signal meaning by us. ·       The dynamics of coherence appears to play the role of dynamic paradigm ruling the ordering (polymerization) processes through dissipative non-equilibrium dynamics controlled by entropy variations and the consequent appearance of the arrow of time (breakdown of time-reversal symmetry) (Celeghini et al., Citation1992; Vitiello, Citation2012, Citation2014).

Cryptocurrencies seem like AI to me. They’re fake


Our fiat currency, which is cash and coin, is 3D. It’s manifested and made of the stuff that we use as humans,metals, and wood turned to paper. And we’re in a flesh and blood body. Our bodies and fiat are productive, as Warren Buffet says. He said, “Cryptocurrency is not productive. It’s not a thing.”

Think about the word productive. Plants and animals produce seeds and then fruit that makes more seeds and more animals and fruits. It’s called evolution, and IT’S WHAT WE DO HERE ON THIS PLANET.


Cryptocurrency is a symptom of devolution. Along with AI, it would take us out of the evolutionary stream that its proponents teach is inferior to tech. “God makes mistakes. God is a mistake. We’re a mistake. God isn’t real. The soul isn’t real. Everything is an error. Humans can fix it.” Well, we learn by trial and error. Their perspective is Luciferian, and they kill God. It’s nothing new, and it’s ruled this planet for millenia.

The whole tech sphere has programmed or hypnotized human minds out of nature. If Elon was really concerned about the plummeting birth rate, which he seems to be, he would encourage kids to hew closer to nature, bond, value the body, take care of themselves, and not teach them that robots, computers, and ectowombs are cool. He would sleep and live a healthier life himself and be a good example instead of a hypocrite.

We are 3D humans, which is what we will remain. As we evolve forward, we are not going to become robots or be dominated by them or errant gangs of tatooed motorcyclists who love anarchy and beer.

We are not machines. We love. We have sex we eat, and we have lives in nature. We are animals getting smarter. But are we getting wiser?

Cryptocurrency, tech, and AI are just this dangling, shiny object that takes you out of this dimension into a false one that doesn’t even exist because when you’re in 3D you’re merged with every other dimension up to 10. It’s a mistake to think that just because you’re manifested in 3D that you’re separate from the other ones.

Cryptocurrency is trying to hypnotize people into giving over the power in their bodies. Don’t do it. It’s gotten bad enough thus far with the power we’ve already given over. Don’t hand over your cash to crypto. We are 3D and need 3D currency. It’s a no-brainer.

THE FBI EXPOSED: Former Head of the FBI confirms the FBI is infiltrated by the Satanic Illuminati Cult

Isn’t this just the Masons? It’s never been any different from the founding of this country. He mentions 1776 in his talk.

Were our founders really all Satanists? Maybe. Our families all hail from the original families unless they immigrated here after 1776. Or is the Illuminati an offshoot cult of the Masons?

THE FBI EXPOSED: Former Head of the FBI confirms the FBI is infiltrated by the Satanic Illuminati Cult involved in the assassination of the Kennedy’s, Oklahoma bombing, Waco siege, World Trade Center bombing, 9/11 and the kidnapping of children for sex, sacrifices and body parts.

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson goes on to say based on his 28 years of experience and research there is a covert illegal rogue U.S. Government criminal enterprise operating in the United States in several cities.

The disaster in Pearl Harbor could have been avoided, we knew on December 4th and could have pulled the U.S. fleet out before we were attacked.

President John F. Kennedy also known as (Jack) was assassinated by the CIA and the FBI helped carry the assassination out by diverting President Kennedy’s car to another route. Lyndon B. Johnson knew President Kennedy was going to be assassinated and wanted him dead. Robert F. Kennedy (Bobby) was also assassinated by the same illegal rogue infiltrated government. 

The Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by the “New World Order Boys” and U.S. Army explosives were used. Timothy McVeigh was a CIA operative.

In the Waco Siege incident he confirms that the four ATF agents were actually assassinated by government snipers. These same ATF agents who were killed were at one time Bill Clinton’s bodyguards.  

The FBI knew in advance about the World Trade Center car bombing and furnished the ingredients for the bomb that was used to blow up the World Trade Center.

As a private investigator when he retired from the FBI he took on the Jeffrey Robert MacDonald case who was an American medical doctor and United States Army captain who was convicted in August 1979 of murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters in February 1970 while serving as an Army Special Forces physician.

During his investigations into the MacDonald case he received a signed confession from Helena Stoeckley stating that Jeffrey MacDonald did not do it, that it was her Satanic cult group that committed these murders. The courts ignored the confession from her.

Helena Stoeckley went on to confess that this was a large scale drug operation that was being covered up. They were flying drugs in plastic bags in the body cavities of the dead GI’s coming out of Southeast Asia. There were military Generals involved, other military personnel officers, Police Officers and investigators for the Army.

When Ted went public with this information he received  hundreds of calls from victims telling him about the Satanic Cult movement in the United States. These people are victims of a covert illegal rogue U.S. Government criminal Enterprise.  

Since becoming an FBI Whistleblower he has been investigated by the FBI with an attempt to indict him, he was put on two separate hit lists in order to assassinate him, he has been poisoned and targeted with disinformation to discredit him for exposing the corruption within the CIA, FBI and Government.

He worked the Franklin Coverup Case involving illegal Government drug operations and Satanic cults. They were taking children out of orphanages and foster homes privately flying them to Washington DC for sex orgies with U.S. Congressmen and Senators. This was filmed and pictures were taken for blackmail control.

Through his investigation of the Franklin case it led him to a Washington DC organization called “The Finders” which is a CIA covert operation for trafficking children.

Thousands of children are being abducted and kidnapped every year during the Satanic holidays of June 21, October 31 and December for ritual sacrifice. World leaders are involved in this Satanic Cult. He says this country, America, is being ruled by Satanists.

He warns of election fraud happening through electronic voting systems. This is what happened in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and will happen again unless we stop the Committee of 300.

The Satanic Illuminati Cult he is referring to are members of the Committee of 300 who were also exposed by a 45 year MI6 Intelligence Officer. Brave men and women have been warning us for years about the Committee of 300 and we have done nothing to stop them. In previous posts I have listed all their names. They must be stopped.

If we don’t stop them now, they will accomplish their goals of depopulation and total world control over humanity. They will destroy America completely. We can not be afraid. Fear is their biggest tool against us. We must act now and stand tall to defend life, freedom, liberty, and our innocent children.

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