The Color Root Families or Tribes on Earth. Which Family are You In? If You don’t know, ask me.

Red Family of the Red Roots

  • Red Dragon-Cysteine-Neptune/Pisces
  • Red Serpent-Serine-Maldek/Mars/Aries
  • Red Moon-Methionine-Mercury/Gemini/The Moon/Cancer
  • Red Skywalker-Glutamine-Mars/Aries
  • Red Earth-Phenylalanine-Uranus/Aquarius

These amino acids are Initiators and birthed the human race on earth. We are also guardians and parental to humans

White Family of the White Roots

  • White Wind-Glycine-Uranus/Aquarius
  • White World-Bridger-Threonine-Mars/Aries
  • White Dog-Aspartic Acid-Mercury/Gemini
  • White Wizard-Lysine-Maldek/Mars/Aries
  • White Mirror-Tyrosine-Neptune/Pisces

These amino acids are Refiners. They brought Spirit into the human species and tend to be teachers to humans

Blue Family of the Blue Roots

  • Blue Night-Alanine-Saturn/Capricorn
  • Blue Hand-Isoleucine-Earth/Taurus
  • Blue Monkey-Asparagine-Venus/Libra
  • Blue Eagle-Arginine-Jupiter/Sagittarius
  • Blue Storm-Tryptophan-Pluto/Scorpio

These amino acids are Transformers and brought abundance into the human species. They tend to be performers, leaders, visionaries and artists.

Yellow Family of the Yellow Roots

  • Yellow Seed-Valine-Jupiter/Sagittarius
  • Yellow Star-Leucine-Venus/Libra
  • Yellow Human-Glutamic Acid-Earth/Taurus
  • Yellow Warrior-Histidine-Saturn/Capricorn
  • Yellow Sun-The Start Codon in the DNA sequence-The Sun/Leo and Pluto/Scorpio

These amino acid are Ripeners and brought flowering the the human species. They tend to be humanitarians, artists, hopeful and bringers of Light to a dark world.

Red Serpent and White Wizard/Jaguar are a bit lost because their planet was blown up; Tiamat and also part of Maldek which then became Mars. Red Skywalker and White Worldbridger mediated by Mars, helped everyone escape to earth so actually Maldek was originally their planet. Maldek IS Mars and was Tiamat’s moon. It’s a big mess and the reason Mars is still a mess today. Tiamat’s demise created immense trauma and karma for our solar system. I feel this accounts for the prominence or Serpent and Jaguar images in Guatamala.

Maldek/Mars still holds all of that memory next to the asteroid belt which is held in place by Tiamat’s Dream Spell.

Since Today is White World Bridger Whose Theme is Death and Change, I Get to Show my Morbid Curiosity.

SO…This article is from Big Think. It landed in my email. What does this have to do with our DNA? Anything? I wonder.

Dead bodies keep moving for more than a year after death, new study finds.

Say what? (Cue jaw drop)

So much for rest in peace.

MIKE COLAGROSSI 16 September, 2019

Dead bodies keep moving for more than a year after death, new study finds

Credit: fergregory via Adobe Stock

  • Australian scientists found that bodies kept moving for 17 months after being pronounced dead.
  • Researchers used photography capture technology in 30-minute intervals every day to capture the movement.
  • This study could help better identify time of death.

We’re learning more new things about death everyday. Much has been said and theorized about the great divide between life and the Great Beyond. While everyone and every culture has their own philosophies and unique ideas on the subject, we’re beginning to learn a lot of new scientific facts about the deceased corporeal form.

An Australian scientist has found that human bodies move for more than a year after being pronounced dead. These findings could have implications for fields as diverse as pathology to criminology.

Dead bodies keep moving

Credit: Flickr

Researcher Alyson Wilson studied and photographed the movements of corpses over a 17 month timeframe. (I would love to see her birth themeplex)

She recently told Agence France Presse about the shocking details of her discovery.

Reportedly, she and her team focused a camera for 17 months at the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research (AFTER), taking images of a corpse every 30 minutes during the day. For the entire 17 month duration, the corpse continually moved.

“What we found was that the arms were significantly moving, so that arms that started off down beside the body ended up out to the side of the body,” Wilson said.

The researchers mostly expected some kind of movement during the very early stages of decomposition, but Wilson further explained that their continual movement completely surprised the team:

“We think the movements relate to the process of decomposition, as the body mummifies and the ligaments dry out.”

During one of the studies, arms that had been next to the body eventually ended up akimbo on their side.

The team’s subject was one of the bodies stored at the “body farm,” which sits on the outskirts of Sydney. (Wilson took a flight every month to check in on the cadaver.)Her findings were recently published in the journal, Forensic Science International: Synergy.

Implications of the study

The researchers believe that understanding these after death movements and decomposition rate could help better estimate the time of death. Police for example could benefit from this as they’d be able to give a timeframe to missing persons and link that up with an unidentified corpse. According to the team:

“Understanding decomposition rates for a human donor in the Australian environment is important for police, forensic anthropologists, and pathologists for the estimation of PMI to assist with the identification of unknown victims, as well as the investigation of criminal activity.”

While scientists haven’t found any evidence of necromancy. . . the discovery remains a curious new understanding about what happens with the body after we die.

What Does it Mean to Raise Your Frequency? How do you Do it?

We are being told by the UAP/E.T. community, spiritual community and even imminent cataclysm community to raise our personal frequency to deal with the new cycle changes and ascension of the planet and our bodies. How it is measured and who measures it?

Apparently certain E.T. can measure it when they are near you and will tailor their communication or telepathy to your frequency. They can feel it and so can some humans. I know I can feel my patients frequency. It’s not difficult for any human to be telepathic and has nothing to do with intelligence or consciousness level. Telepathy is a natural part of our brains. You can start simply by asking, “Do I feel good or bad with myself right now?” Good can be as simple as content and awake, no pain anywhere.

When you’re next to someone or feeling yourself, you feel either a level of fear or a level of love and then all the gradients in between. Just because you disagree with someone for five minutes it doesn’t lower your vibration. It only changes your frequency if you habitually want to fight that person. Politics is low frequency as is competition. We are taught that competition is good. Maybe sometimes but at it’s base it’s poverty of Self and belief that you have to fight for attention you need from others. The remedy is a relationship with Spirit. Others are not God. God is God. You will always be disappointed if you expect others to fill your deepest needs that only Source and yourself can fill. This is a huge frequency issue, even for the E.T.

  • Any type of love and desire to channel universal energy for any reason will raise your frequency. For example, I feel I’m at my highest frequency when I’m doing Reiki in my office. It’s through the roof. I’m not thinking; I’m sitting in a spinning vortex of energy that is coming through my body, my DNA and I can feel my spirit helpers all around me. I’m happiest and most centered in my office running Reiki for clients and I’m busy.
  • Loving the earth and what your physical senses bring in raises your frequency. For example, smell the outside air, walk in the grass, listen to the birds, watch the humans being silly, smell fresh mown grass and the flowers. That raises your frequency.
  • Pondering someone who really wronged or backstabbed you, forgiving them, cutting the cord and letting them go into their own karma and vortex REALLY raises your frequency. Mind you, your action here does not affect them, it’s affects you. It’s like washing toxic mud off of you or a fabulous elimination. LOL. You have to get that out of there. It’s like food poisoning. You have to throw it up. Forgiveness IS PHYSICAL because first you do it emotionally and physically.
  • Picking food to eat that you like, that you feel happy eating, that you have no guilt about, that produces good memories from childhood raises your frequency. Espresso and dark chocolate raise my frequency because I love the flavors. Some people can dictate the vibration of their food; Your food does not have to dictate your frequency. I disagree with many of my peers on this and joke that it means a wonderful salad would make a better President than J.B. if that’s the case. Is the salad sentient and powerful? More than you? We need to stop projecting holiness or un-holiness onto food that is dead, already picked, killed, you name it. If you do you’re being religious about food and the proselytizing follows. That will lower your frequency. Yes it has nutrients but many E.T. have evolved to the point where they don’t eat or eliminate any more. I’m way into that. The fact is, WE control our frequency with our minds and hearts. Our food does not control our vibration. What you think and feel when you eat the food controls your vibration. So, to each his own. Don’t judge people for what they eat.
  • You do need water though. You need WATER first before any food. The hydrogen gene (water with oxygen) IS holy in my opinion. E.T.’s do drink water but don’t eat food necessarily.
  • Meditation, calming the mind, getting to delta wave waking trance state raises your frequency. The belief is we only get delta waves when we’re in deep sleep but we can hit delta state in deep meditation also. I do. I can feel my brain dropping back and my pineal gland dominating. If you close your eyes and release the muscles behind the eyes, your brain will defer to the pineal gland and you can go down. What I have found is that if I keep the pineal gland looking down into my body it will not go up and out the crown chakra and start remote viewing which is what psychic mediums do when they read. I do that as well. I’ve done that my whole life but I don’t prefer it. It’s not terribly fun to look out randomly into the public and read people right now. I don’t do it. I stay in my vortex and retain my energy for myself and my clients.
  • Not talking and not participating in arguments or even leaving raises your frequency.
  • Doing Tai Chi or Qi Kung raises your frequency. You can feel the power in your body and have good self-esteem about that.
  • Wishing well for others no matter what raises your vibration. It doesn’t change them, it changes you because you no longer get frustrated or judge others who you have no control over. Accepting that you have no control over others seriously raises your vibration. So does focusing on yourself. In that way, you can be of service to others without tapping yourself out or feeling like a sacrifice. Abundance is reality, not poverty.

Watch “Micronova Stories Update, Primordial Magnetism | S0 News Jun.18.2021” on YouTube

Sorry I’m late getting this up. Crazy dreams and I overslept. The video is down further on the page.

Geomancy cycles are based on 13, 130, 1300, 13,000 x 2 = 26,000 then 52, then x 20, 52,000 × 20 = 1,040,000 is the vigesimal, exponential cycle of Tzolkonic events and their records are in 3D as well, in stone and pyramids just like our earth scientists who’ve been tracking for 300 years. Time is compressed onto a flat circle for them. Geomancy means divine earth, the Spirit of GAIA and the Psi Bank or earth’s brain or mental field. Science doesn’t acknowledge any of that.

They’ve been tracking with reductionist 3D glasses on in a restricted paradigm controlled by the D.S. Do we want a disaster of cataclysmic proportions just so it fits our data? I don’t.

Who hopes it’s a 13,000 year cycle so we can avoid major death and destruction which gives the kids more time to mature? They don’t deserve to be slapped around by the planet but I think many think they do. That’s self-hatred being projected. The Deep State are the ones that need to be run off the planet, not us. And why don’t we run them off instead of expecting GAIA to do it? Let’s use our collective minds and monetary boycotts. Stop giving their institutions the money they love; “Time is Money”. Time is not money but freedom, free will and creativity in community, crystal tone 12.

So who are all these boys crying wolf working for? Are they altruistic or based in ego? Are they innocently in error just following incorrect daddy; NASA and the military? Or are we going to let them be right with their 12,000 year cycles, Star Wars, and Deep State science? I’m on the fence now.

Where are the strong women’s voices in this movement? Not the smiley ones in cut off tshirts? Where are the alpha female nerds who love EQUALITY in gender power, not domineering women or dominant men? We all know that’s not going to go over well. Even in the spiritual nerd movement the men need to be dominant. You can see it all over the place.

The mediating planet today is MARS

  • Theme today is 4threonine or White 4 World Bridger (follower Melissa Simpson). This is organized and equal transformation and very multidimensional in awareness even though it’s tone 4. That’s the thing. Tone 4 dominates the form of the planet and our bodies but it INLUDES everything. It’s not limited.
  • Analog is 4glutamine or the ever questionable Red 4 Self-existing Skywalker. Skywalker are by nature very community focused so that tone 4 became troublesome. There is a form to their exploration as a time and space traveler. It’s not random and they are called to be socially principled when in the light, not shadow.
  • Guide Power is 4glycine or White 4 Self-existing Wind. This is a powerful spiritual influence.
  • Antipode is 4histidine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior. Pragmatic intelligence.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10arginine or Blue 10 Planetary Vision. This is acute intelligent and mental vision.
  • 5GForce is 10Lysine or White 10 Planetary Wizard. Earth shamans and spirit helpers are all around. You just need to be receptive to it.
I define in order to Equalize. Measuring Opportunity I seal the store of death with the self-existing tone of Form. I am guided by the power of Spirit.

Now that I really look at that mantra for the day, that’s why I got on my little gender rant above. LOL. You have to admit we DO need more equal sharing of power between women and men. It’s better for everyone. Yet the men are on top of all the institutions and in media for the most part.

Earth’s Last Magnetic-Pole Flip Took Much Longer Than We Thought | Space

I just did some math on this. 780,000 ÷ 12,000 = 65. Divided by 13,000 it’s 60. It says in the article that 780,000 years ago was the last pole shift. 65 is far more synchronous with the Tzolkin than 60 so it makes sense that they see it happening at the 12,000 year mark, meaning right now.

But in the universal cycle, 780,000 also being divisible evenly by 13,000, 60 gives us 5 more cycles before it’s in synchronicity. 10,000 ÷ 5 = 2000 divisible by 20.

It depends on which timeline the majority of the planet wish to experience; a version of the past or bringing the future into the present?

When Jordan Sather said we all need to learn to have zero tech, hunt and grow our food I said, “No way humanity wants to go back in time to the past.” My soul jumped when he proposed the past is better than the future and that’s where we are headed.

No we’re not. If we got full disclosure now, the poles would not have to shift yet. Most of us want the future to come forward now not dominated by A.I. though! That’s the issue. We need balance on this.

We need the extra 10,000 years to create gender balance, change the money, deal with solid waste and zero point energy, do disclosure, and cling ro real intelligence in our bodies.

Something to consider. The boys who cried wolf?

Is the Timing on This Whole Paradigm Shift Correct?

The Haab Cycle and the Tzolkin Cycle. The haab is a 365-day cycle similar to our solar year. It consists of 18 months of 20 days each, with a 5-day “short month” at the end, to total the 365 days of the solar cycle.

I try to cooperate and keep an open mind with these scientists bent on using a 12,000 year cycle because indeed, our 13:20 does SPROCKET with the 12:60 BECAUSE we are learning in this third dimension (dimensions 1, 2, and 3 which are ever so apparent to our physical eyes). Nevertheless, even the physicists know we live in UNIFIED MULTIDIMENSIONAL SPACE of changes in frequency.

For instance, as you sit here reading this, can you feel that on some level you exist in multiple dimensions? How does it manifest for you? I think it does not manifest for most people and that’s a problem in the face of a pole shift.

This link is from who I don’t tend to agree with. Nevertheless, I wanted you to see a different perspective on the Tzolkin.

“The prophetic calendars of the Maya are based on non-physical cycles. They are non-astronomical cycles based on the inherent creative energies of time itself. My comment; (No they’re not!) That’s a denial of time and space (3 and 4D) It’s also a denial of the Interplanetary Holon. It’s a denial of the HOLON itself in fact.

The Dream spell/Thirteen Moon calendar is instead built around the particular astronomical cycle of our planet around the sun of 365.25 (at the current time 365.2422) days. The traditional Mayan calendar system is valid for the whole universe and goes back to the so-called Big Bang about 15 billion years ago when the universe was born and no solar systems with their particular cycles even existed. This is according to modern physicists and the Mayan calendar alike. Since the Traditional Mayan calendar is not limited to our own planet or solar system it is not subordinated to its particular astronomical cycles, such as the solar year. It reflects a cosmic process of creation, where our own particular solar system is just a small part. In fact, the Traditional Mayan calendar system would be equally valid on Mars or Venus or any other planet in the cosmos as it is on earth, despite the fact that the periods of revolution of these planets would be very different from ours. In this, it differs from all other calendars in the world that are geocentric and based on the parameters of our own particular planet.”

I disagree with Calleman on a couple points but agree on another. I feel the coordination of the Dream spell Tzolkin with our local system is very helpful and necessary right now. Especially now since the E.T. issue and DNA are coming forward. It matters a great deal what happened in our local system and what is currently happening.

I also disagree about the Big Bang Theory. I believe many scientists no long support that theory. It’s being questioned for sure. Date on this is 2020.

My intuition about a Universal Tzolkin Harmonic is that like so many things, it’s likely the same software but spoken in a different language through that system’s star. Our Tzolkin information comes from Galactic Center through OUR STAR via the Psi Bank or Van Allen belts. Every system has a different star and I don’t have any specific information on that. The other thing to keep in mind here are the timelines; jumping them and being on them. Timeline jumping is verified by science. When the E.T. visit here they have to jump timelines via the cosmic web. Once we have this specific info. we’ll have to take another look at our Tzolk’in or Count of days. Time is different in different parts of the Universe but we need to honor ours. It helps keep our bodies aligned with our minds and move things gradually. My intuition strongly says that the particular flow of time in a star system has everything to do with the consiousness of the life forms in that system.

I do agree that there IS some type of Universal Time Harmonic that is capable of UNIFYING the LOCAL UNIVERSE. I’m all over that. But we still need to get EARTH UNIFIED with humans and our E.T. ancestors first. I’m sure they can be of great help once we’re communicating directly with one another.

Calleman also cites the fact that the Traditional Mayan calendar functions in uninterrupted cosmic cycles. How nice. Well, earth has been full of interruption from so many vampiring, corrupt, lying angles it isn’t even funny.

This is a great planet and quite popular I hear for species from all over the local universe. But this is OUR planet and it’s time for humans to take charge is the word on the street. Our earth time has been interrupted and the Dream-spell accounts for it, especially the Time Thieves from Jupiter and Saturn denigrating the human body, trying to hijack women’s sense of time by shaming the female power all via the Catholic Church. That tied in with the slave trade and earth becoming a prison planet which put us in quarantine. We are no longer in quarantine. Our money system needs to be freed up. There is plenty of work to do.

Calleman is putting the cart before the horse, unless he has more information that I don’t know about. The Maya hail from VENUS and that is in our local system! They are closely related to us as all of the beings from our ten planets are; but we don’t know all of them yet or how they live or what their bodies are like.

Could we somehow procrastinate on this shift to a time when we’re MORE EVOLVED, MORE AWAKE if we’re already in the Universal Circuits? It doesn’t seem fair to me that most of earth will be wiped out when people are still mostly asleep due to Deep State shenanigans and rogue BIG TECH. I think we need more time. There is a big difference between 12,000 years and 13, 000 years which is the Mayan cycle.

I wouldn’t mind all the tech going down, Mars being cleaned up, ending the Galactic Slave trade, and full disclosure. But why does the Earth have to do a full tilt at the same time? Humans have been at the butt end of SO many universal actor mistakes. Give us a break man. Stop hating on the humans and humans stop hating on yourselves. We have to clean up our act and then wake-up slowly, not be wiped out!

Thursday. The Earth is Going to Turn Over? 90 Degree Tilt Coming.

Today is 3Serine. Red 3 Electric Serpent; Activation of Survival instinct, being of service and resourceful. This was a post from awhile back.

Here is his post today below.

  • Theme is 3Serine or Red 3 Electric Serpent; Activate Survival Instinct
  • Analog is 3Lysine or White 3 Electric Wizard; Activate your Psychic vision, your own NATURAL internal radar to decide where to live to be safe over the next 5-10 years.
  • Guide Power is 3Methionine or Red 3 Electric Moon (Water); Activation of WATER, movement of water in all dimensions. Multidimensional Hydrogen gene. What are we talking about here? Emotions. The need, universe wide for souls to bond to Universal water. A.I. and the nanites have stripped many beings of their soul nature. Humans can’t allow that to happen.
  • Antipode is 3Arginine or Blue 3 Electric Eagle; Be of Service to independent, committed vision and mental view. Be a visionary.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 11Histidine or Yellow 11 Spectral Warrior; Liberate your fearless soul now, be a receptive transmitter and a divine communicator
  • 5GForce is 11Arginine or Blue 11 Spectral Eagle bringing; This is dissolving, chaotic vision.
I ACTIVATE in order to SURVIVE. Bonding INSTINCT I seal the store of Life Force with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of Universal Water. I am a polar kin. I establish the red galactic spectrum.

We are mediated by Maldek/Mars today.

Remember, Polar kin initiate. Key action is BIRTH. They are at the crown of the head and the N. Polar Zone of the planet at 60 degrees North TO RECEIVE. Yellow Sun (Europe and the Mid East), Red Serpent (China), White Dog (North West and Alaska) and Blue Eagle (The North East, North of Maine into Canada) are up there. These are all flood regions in the future due to the Arctic melt. Michigan is in the Blue Eagle region.

Because they are in the Red Family they are related to Red Dragon which initiates birth, Red Moon processes Life Force as universal water, Red Skywalker expresses universal water as space (how emotion affects THE BODY which IS SPACE or 3D) and Red Earth self-regulates space as navigation (synchronicity in the Matrix).

Watch “A Disaster is Coming” on YouTube

He just posted this but don’t watch it before bed. I hope he’s wrong. Then again, the earth has to move and adjust caused by the sun. I don’t see how this could be gradual.

I hope I can hire a ride off-planet before this happens. It doesn’t look survivable to me. I will sleep and meditate on this tonight and get back to you in the morning.😴

Watch “Strongest Nova, Coronal Hole Impact, RNA 2 DNA | S0 News Jun.16.2021” on YouTube

Synchronicity; Ben talks about the discovery that human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA. Hmmm….it’s never been any different except they used to call it junk DNA. RNA is not DNA. They are very different. RNA is not rigid and keeps mutating according to the host’s frequency signature. Everyone has a different frequency signature. So the RNA vaccine isn’t mutating to any virus necessarily. It’s too slippery. And it’s a crap shoot as to what they programmed the RNA to hook on to in your body. Probably the DNA that makes you obedient, placid, passive, and tired so they can keep programming you when you decide to turn on CNN and believe the reports.

So, maybe RNA is no longer junk? Or they just decided to change the narrative because they are doing genetic experiments again on us with the mutating RNA vaccine. I’m not getting it and neither are millions of others. I had CV2 and have the superior antibodies that are from ME, not them.

These energies are progressive and blend into each other from midnight to dusk as we go through the day. They don’t go away, they increase as 3D time goes on.

  • Theme last night at midnight is 2Valine or Yellow 2 Polar Seed. Stabilizing awareness and focus in the larger society.
  • Analog last night at midnight is 2Arginine or Blue 2 Polar Eagle. Challenging VISION to receive empowerment while being logical
  • Guide Power this morning is 2Histidine or Yellow 2 Polar Warrior. Realistic intelligence that is a receptive transmitter
  • Antipode this afternoon is 2Lysine or White 2 Polar Wizard. Polarizing sense of timelessness and psychic alignment with divine will. Many people don’t believe in Source.
  • Hidden Wisdom tonight at dusk is 12Phenylalanine or Red 12 Crystal Earth. Universalizing and cooperative synchronicity with those in affinity. They will be able to collect synergy as long as they are awake.
  • 5GForce from 5th Density is 12Histidine or Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior, same archetype as the Guide Power. Synchronicity as that adds us to 14 or occult Yellow Warrior intelligent wisdom for the day. Hopefully this means people are waking up.
I polarize in order to target. Stabilizing awareness I seal the input of flowering with the polar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of intelligence. I am a galactic activation portal.

Watch “Earth Catastrophe Cycle | $21 Trillion” on YouTube

This 3 year old video from Ben goes well with the video Michael Salla posted on the secrets of reverse engineered spacecraft. That’s where the money went.

I believe the money came in from the galactic slave trade on Mars which Americans were part of as victims and perpetrators. Karma.

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