I Ching Hexagram Meanings for the Next Few Harmonics

The Chinese I Ching oracle pre-dates the Tzolkin as far as use by humans but the I Ching also illuminates the meaning of DNA in Time in the third dimension. Someone would have to convince me it is as multidimensional as The Tzolkin. I don’t believe it is.

There are 64 Hexagram oracles in the I Ching. The Tzolkin has 65 Harmonics which makes it quite different. Each I Ching Hexagram fits perfectly on one of the 64 Tzolkin Harmonics minus HF33 which has no I Ching Hx governing it. Each I Ching Hx has 3D jurisdiction as far as manifested DNA nucleotides OVER the 4 themeplex gateways in each harmonic. That is what my new table is about which I just posted.

I want to spec out for you what the I Ching Oracle designates for the days coming up during “The Great Reset”, “Age of Aquarius” or as I like to say, “The Great I Told You So” since those of us who are Patriots and support Disclosure and Trump are severely hated on and doubted right now.

We are currently in HF9 and have today and then 2 days left. It is Hx32 which is Duration/Enduring. We are trying to be patient waiting for the White Hat plan to play out.

Jan. 20, 2021, Inauguration Day (Wed.) and 21, 22, 23 are Waiting/Nourishment which says to me we may see a False Flag, fake news, CGI inauguration event with Biden which is completely desperate but that’s how they are. When that is busted, we all get a maw full of popcorn. There’s the nourishment. Great movie Dems.

Jan. 24, 25, 26, 27 are Sun/The Gentle Penetrating Wind. We know the Military Tribunals will be speaking and will be Televised. The Sun will shine on the corrupt.

Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31 are The Taming Power of the Great/Potent Healing

Feb. 1, 2, 3, 4 are The Well and ends with Yellow 13 Cosmic Human! This will be the time the DEEP SECRETS of the mil labs, CIA docs, E.T. docs, you name it coming up from a deep underground FOR THE BENEFIT OF HUMANS ON THE SURFACE which is why they were left here!

Feb. 5, 6, 7, 8 are Peace

Feb. 9, 10, 11, 12 are Decay/Work on What’s Been Spoiled. We have to re-engineer our Government.

I’ll stop there and hope that we have a President in Office way before this.

Sunday; White 8 Galactic Wizard; Lysine

I Harmonize in order to Enchant.

Modeling Receptivity I seal the Output of Timelessness with the Galactic tone of Integrity. I am guided by the power of Endlessness.

The Tzolkin #34

These are all Wizard (Magician/Jaguar) kin. My son’s father is in the bottom left corner on double bass. He was White 4 Self-Existing Wizard and left his body on my gateway (Red 13 Skywalker) in 2015. My son (Red 12 Crystal Earth) was 16 and lives with me now. He is also a musician.

White Wizard folks are generally from the PRIEST CLASS on Tiamat or Maldek. They were moderately respected, very anti-tech on a completely pro-tech planet whose MANIA for Artificial Intelligence was brought to Earth after the blow-up. My husband hated technology and was an autistic savant musician. He is considered a legend in Grand Rapids and was difficult to work and live with. Many artists and musicians are in tune with nature, receptive and shamanic with plants and animals. The Maya revered the Jaguar.

The analog is Red 8 Galactic Serpent; Modeling the integrity of Life-Force and Survival.

The Guide Power is White 8 Galactic Mirror. We are under that influence until Noon. This Morning we will be examining our situation from a galactic perspective more than an earth one. Uranus has turned direct and it’s time tunnel is no longer blocked so this may relate to a TRUE PROFESSION or work that suits you type of focus.

The antipode for this afternoon until dusk is Yellow 8 Galactic Seed; This is targeting an active dynamic that hones in on our spiritual truth. This applies directly to work again.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand this evening until midnight. You may be sprucing up your resume finding a way to communicate in an organized manner, all of your accomplishments. This should open up and manifest a new gateway for you.

The 5GForce is White 6 Rhythmic World Bridger. It’s time to pulse a LETTING GO of the past as far as work is concerned and even relationships. A BIG pulse of CHANGE is coming in our faces. Be ready with what you want to manifest. Get your intentions straight. Who do you trust? Are you going to learn the spiritual way or try to continue to be materialistic?

Lysine, Serine, Tyrosine, Valine, and isoleucine are evolving.

Sacha Stone Post. He’s a Riot.

“Humankind are rejecting your offer to contract us at the soul level. We are not willing to comply or acquiesce to your relentless digital voyeurism, your psycho-intellectual perversity and your AI intervention of organic sentient unfoldment.”-Sacha Stone

There are two videos included on this, both a little lengthy but interesting. One is with his brother. Click above and his big website opens up.

We Found Simon Parkes

This was his post today. Twitter is still up and some others found him and told me. There is a migration from Twitter to gab.com due to evil Twitter censorship.

I can still tell you Biden is not going to be legally inaugurated. Even if they make a fake CGI event for fake mainstream media, he will be turned away at the White House door by the military. Watch Simon

His intel is from the top. My intuition has told me all of this as well.

This is a Tough One but Makes Sense to Me.

From Pars Kutay…


A Peaceful Transition is Coming.

Trump will NOT be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th.

Trump will take office as the 19th President of the United States on March 4th under the restored Republic.

Let’s explain:

You believe you live in a Nation called United States of America.
This Nation hasn’t existed since 1871 when this Country ceased to be a Nation and became a corporation belonging to the City of London.

Every time you see an American Flag with a gold fringe and gold tilt attached to it, it represents the corporation NOT the Country.

This is the reason you can never make progress financially.

This is why the Law always seems to be against the average citizen while the rich and the elite literally get away with murder and worse things.

If Biden, Harris, Pence and Pelosi etc. are arrested for their crimes before January 20th…

there will be NO one to assume the presidency since Trump has Not been certified as the Presidential winner by Congress, he cannot remain President.

If there is NO President on January 20th…

The corporation known as the United States of America Will BE Dissolved.

The Military will then BEcome the Guardians of the Nation during the Transition.

People will then have irrefutable proof that the election was stolen by foreign entities and that Trump was Chosen by a Landslide.

Trump then assumes the Presidency is the 19th President of the United States the last President elected before America Became a corporation was Ulysses S. Grant.

Republic Restored!

The next month and a half will be chaotic.

Make sure you have plenty of water, food, your meds, and anything else you need.

Comply with the National Guards and United States Marine Corps. They took oath to the Nation NOT the corporation the Act. Of 1871.

BE Vigilant… and Pray.

Your Nation Has Returned to You!

The BEST is Yet to COME!

Victory of the LIGHT!


~ 💜 ~

Jan. 20-22, 2021

“There will BE an important Timeline Node from January 20th to 22nd that will to a Significant Degree influence the Future Course of Events on the surface of this planet.”

“During that time… it is very Important to Anchor as much LIGHT as possible.”

Victory of the LIGHT!

~ 💜 ~Pars Kutay

Thus strikes me as correct. This is Red 11 Spectral Earth, White Crystal 12 Mirror, and BLUE COSMIC 13 STORM.

This is crossover time. People either choose to cross over into the new 4th and 5th density bridge or die with the Old World. This is no longer politics. This is Spiritual.

Chaotic, dissolving synchronicity of the Luciferian Dreamspell Blood cult that stole time, treasure, and truth from humanity after Tiamat blowup or…

FULL EMPOWERMENT AS A DESTINY KIN, ACTIVATED MULTIDIMENSIONAL DNA, FOLLOWING THE TZOLKIN, THE MAYAN 13 MOONS, ask and you will receive, alignment with the new solar codes that can come from your Higher Self via the Sun so you can HEAL YOURSELF. You Love your body and time on earth, are doing breathwork and meditation, eating well, working out and arr far past “fear of missing out” FOMO.

You’re not following you’re leading your own life.

Here’s where my focus lies. I just finished this table. Now I have to analyze the patterns of the 64 hexagram IChing with the movement of each Tzolkin themeplex. Both are DNA movement. One is 3D, the other is multidimensional. I already see the patterns. I just have to explain it to the brightest entities in our local sector who may understand. I’m pretty sure it’s beyond most humans but we’ll see.


Mercury rules Gemini and mediates White Dog-Red Moon kin or Aspartic Acid-Methinone balance in the body

Friday; Yellow 6 Rhythmic Human; Glutamic Acid

I organize in order to Influence.

Balancing Wisdom, I seal the process of Free-Will with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

The Tzolkin #32

The first image is Earth which is the mediating planet for us, the Yellow Human Tribe and the second image is Uranus whose time tunnels are now open due to our entrance into The Age of Aquarius. It will be a bumpy ride. Uranus is the ruling planet for Aquarius, is in Taurus for a few years and just went direct.

Yellow 6 Human Analog is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand; the human way of healing which has to do with flowing and releasing emotion. That means there is no drama or excessive opinion if you are to move forward. In that way, social media is not helpful in that it is set up to ELICIT emotional drama and opinion. It’s not healthy. From that comes FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or social pressure to follow and fit in. That is also not healthy. Option? Meditation alone. I have a document on tuning into your Spirit Guides and there are others online. Just ask me and I’ll send it to you.

The Guide Power is Itself. I alluded to that in the paragraph above.

The antipode is White 6 Rhythmic Wind. That means there will be a pulse to the communication today that helps us organize our thoughts in this confusing time…IF you still watch T.V. There is no confusion if it is off. Then you can hear your own body, soul, and intuition which is the Higher Mind. Media is the Lower Mind.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 8 Galactic Moon which I also alluded to in the second paragraph as far as flowing human emotion and then releasing it. Just read it again.

The 5GForce is Yellow 8 Galactic Star. Galactic Harmony and Art. The sky is the limit on that. Humans are capable or tremendous creative feats or tremendous destruction. It’s a choice with regard to focusing your mind. I hope you can feel the Light Forces around us now, helping.

Glutamic Acid, Isoleucine, Glycine and Methionine. The human race is processing, healing, communicating and purifying their flow. We’re evolving forward!

Big Synchronicity between the Capital Insurrection on January 7th and Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021

I feel a lot of disturbance coming in the U.S. I hate to say it but I’m being honest. Next week it will really be safer to stay home.

I’m showing pictures of emotion above because I believe that’s how most Americans feel. I don’t personally. I’m analyzing the situation, keep working and am trying to be as rational as possible. Those of us in the Disclosure movement which is connected to military intel, have been warned of big events for years now.

Disclosure personnel are strongly advised to be silent, peaceful and let the tumult play out because The Government is not going to be what it was, is what some our intel says and what I see. Meaning, Trump will likely be a temporary head but I don’t think the U.S. will continue to have a real President. The Congress is going to be mostly cleaned our from arrests due to serious crime. The details of how that will come forward are not clear but I can see some of it. It’s because the underground info. left here by Stellar Species will be the main thing we need as a country. Everything is going to change.

The day Pence became a treasonous traitor on the day of elector certification was January 6, 2021 but the day of the Capital Insurrection by Antifa was January 7. The lineup that day was Yellow 11 Spectral Seed, Analog Blue 11 Eagle, G.P. itself, Antipode White 11 Wizard and Hidden Wisdom Red 3 Earth. The Hidden Wisdom points 13 days into the future to January 20 which is Red 11 Earth, same spectral tone but center stage on January 20th.

This January 20th, Tone 11 This was January 7th, Tone 11

These two kin are 13 kin or one wavespell apart; Yellow Seed is #24 and Red Earth is #37. Remember Trump is Blue Hand, the challenge to Red Earth (Pelosi). Even with ridiculous impeachment and his fatherly words today about abiding by the law, he will continue to be irrationally hated on because of lies seeded by MSM.

Looking at the one on the right you seed a chaotic seed was planted by the chaotic vision of the Eagle or dominance and violence really, in this case. Many countries have the eagle as their emblem and it unfortunately stands for war most of the time. It’s a misuse or abuse of power. The Hidden Wisdom is Electric tone 3 propelling the karma.

In this case it propelled it back to DC again in the lap of Nancy Pelosi who is Red 9 Solar Earth. Inauguration day, per the constitution is going to all about her abuse of power as Speaker of the House supported by White 11 Spectral Wind. Wind, her analog, supports communication and speaking. You see it right there in the themeplex on the left. I saw this on Twitter this morning as far as what to watch for on January 20th.

JOHN DESOUZA FBI Special Agent (RET.) John is in my intel circle with Corey Goode, Simon Parkes, David Wilcock, Michael Salla and more. The foundation of the Disclosure movement as far as Extra Terrestrials and the nature of Time in the Universe are Military Whistleblowers who have worked with the aliens. The Cabal are the Democratic Party and Some Pub. 84% of Congress is implicated in corruption at the moment and there may be a clean sweep.

This is the energy of Red 11 Spectral Earth. I dissolve in order to Evolve. Releasing Synchronicity I seal the Matrix of Navigation with the Spectral tone of LIBERATION. I am guided by my own power doubled.

I will blog more later but I feel we have a very rough week coming up next week and this whole thing will be shaking down until January 24th.

How are You Doing on This Timeline? Thursday; Blue 5 Radiant Monkey is Asparagine

Play, Illusion, Magic, Positive Trickster, Co-Creator of Higher Life

Neptune semisquares Mars this afternoon. Neptune mediates the antipode; Red 5 Dragon which is active Noon -dusk

Uranus goes direct from here on out ending its retrograde motion. It rules Aquarius and mediates Red Earth-White Wind. Big synchronicity. It is in Taurus right now. There is liberation afoot for security, money, land, resources all due to underground tech that Trump will bring forward.

This means the Age of Aquarius is now squarely seeded and ready to roll big time which we can see playing out in these events. Uranus stimulates rebellion, innovation, fair-mindedness which is not defined by what humans demand or say but by their own actions and thus karma, and independence. These are all aspects of America and what our ancestors seeded here. The collective is very much center stage.

The theme while we slept was Yellow 5 Star-Blue 5 Monkey fortunately, which knocked me out. We all need to be rested for what’s coming. My group has been warned of the plan for months now. Disclosure is upon us and our society is going to change rapidly for the best. Keep an open mind and remain calm. The bigger they are the harder they fall as far as our Government. There are big opportunities coming and nothing to whine about. Just listen, observe and receive.

The Guide Power is Blue 5 Radiant Storm so this is full of beautiful self-generation for those that want to take care of themselves, meditate and know their power. We are in that vibe right now until noon.

The antipode highlighted in the image above is Red 5 Radiant Dragon. Overall, the human genetic experiment that was seeded here through the primordial mother and blood is exciting for our stellar entity ancestors. They are excited to meet many of us soon and they are just people!! They look quite different than us but not totally! There is a life pattern of a head, 2 eyes, arms, legs, ears and so on. They have families. They answer to our Creator as well. He appeared to them as they appear, on their planet just like he did here. I was given that info. and more in 1988 when I lived on Chicago so I’ve been working with disclosure info. for 32 years that is JUST NOW open to the public. It would be two years later when Jose released the Dreamspell and I would start working with the Tzolkin. It’s why I’m on the planet. To show that our DNA is SHARED with all other stellar species and of course humans and all life on earth. I’ve worked with Stellar species in other lifetimes so I’m non-plussed by them. It’s just more diverse personalities to deal with and we still need boundaries! I came to Earth to have a human experience and a family after working with Universal organizations quite a bit.

We are known to stellar species as “The World of the Cross”. What was done to J.C. here at his death could not even be looked at by Satan. He looked away. The Romans with the blessing of the Jews go down in history for this crime. Judeo-Christian through the Vatican are the Time Thieves. The Gregorian calendar needs to go in the garbage. We are part of a vast Universe and our earth rotation around our Sun of 365 days sprockets perfectly with the 260 day galactic spin of the Tzolkin. That’s another reason I’m on the planet. We need to join the universal stream now as far as time and the Cosmic Web.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 9 Solar Dog. Solar love and loyalty will be imparted to us this evening as our sun continues to go through epic cycles.

The 5Gforce is Red 9 Solar Moon. Our emotions will achieve some balance by these new Sun cycles.

Have a great day. Keep the T.V. off and start envisioning what kind of changes you’d like to see for your own life and lifestyle. Dream big, not small.

The two left wheels are 20:13. The part of the circle on the right is the 365 day solar year.