Big dip in Frequency

At the moment, 3:30 a.m., we’re on a high point, and it woke me up, but it’s going to plummet.

At 8 am Sunday morning, we have a huge dip down to 7.30hz theta, and then it rises up to 8.10hz.

But the inner earth Qfactor rises this morning at the same time, so we have a new dynamic that is repeating between the inner earth and the magnetosphere miles above the earth.

It’s analogous to what happens to a humans’ etheric body when they are feeling something deep or have a low mood. But it will pass. This event hits this morning during White 13 Cosmic Mirror mediated by Neptune. Earth is reflecting on a deep memory. The theme is White 13 Wizard, the goddess Ixchel.

The manifestation and timing of every bit of this astronomy event is in synchronicity with the harmonic movement as I post daily and in the magnestosphere, as shown in the ScR.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH: A minor geomagnetic storm watch remains in effect on Sept. 19th as Earth exits the tail of yesterday’s fast-moving CME. G1-class storms remain possible in the hours ahead, with calm expected to return on Sept. 20th. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

CME SPARKS STRONG GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Earth’s magnetic field is still reverberating from a fast-moving CME strike on Sept. 18th. The CME’s arrival (a day earlier than expected) sparked a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm with auroras stretching from France to the West Coast of the USA.

Gregory Ash photographed the display from Ely, Minnesota:

“The entire lake was glowing green,” says Ash. “The aurora started to explode about 2 1/2 hours after sunset, and continued for the next four hours.”

At the apex of the storm, red atomic-oxygen auroras spread to mid-latitudes and beyond. Cameras caught them in Colorado (+40.4N), Missouri (+40.1N), and Nebraska (+41.9N). Often in the aftermath of storms like this we receive images of red auroras from places even farther south such as Arizona and Southern Califonia as people belatedly review webcam footage; stay tuned for adjustments in the minimum latitude.

Not all the lights in the sky were auroras. Many observers also spotted STEVE–a glowing ribbon of purple light caused by currents of hot plasma flowing through Earth’s magnetosphere. Michele Sadauskas photographed the phenomenon from Glidden, Wisconsin:

“When I stepped out of the truck, STEVE appeared vividly across the sky,” says Sadauskas. “I quickly set up my pano rig and was pretty happy with the capture. This is the first time I’ve caught STEVE crossing all the way from east to west!”

Other notable sightings of STEVE were made in Montana, Michigan, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Did you miss the storm? Although the CME arrived a full day earlier than expected, subscribers to our Space Weather Alert Service were not taken by surprise. All subscribers received instant text messages when the CME hit Earth’s magnetic field. Try it!

Humanity Rising

We’ll see. This is a good video with Danny Sheehan. This is occuring 12/22/23, which is exactly 11 years after 12/21/2012, the end of the Maya 26,000 year cycle.

My sense is that Biden, WorldBridger, and Cabal feet are now held to the fire because ICC is under martial law in our system by the GGLN, according to Corey. They are trying to liberate our local system. Draco Reptilian are stuck in our system right now, not allowed to leave or act.

Elon is squirming as well, 3WB, Zuck 10WB, and Soros. Karma is thick.

Enjoy! from NOAA, 9/6/23

FARSIDE SOLAR ACTIVITY: Two spectacular CMEs billowed away from the farside of the sun on Sept. 5th: movie. The source was farside sunspot AR3413, which has become hyperactive only days after turning away from Earth. The two CMEs appear to be heading in the direction of sundiving Comet Nishimura; see below! Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

THE SUN JUST RIPPED OFF A COMET’S TAIL: Comet Nishimura (C/2023 P1) is getting close to the sun–and it shows. On Sept. 2nd, a solar storm hit the comet at point blank range and ripped off its tail. Astrophotographer Michael Jaeger recorded the event from AZM Martinsberg, Austria:

Researchers call this a “disconnection event.” It’s caused by a CME (or fast solar wind stream) hitting the comet. One of the earliest recorded examples of this phenomenon occured in April 2007 when NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft watched a CME strike Comet Encke and rip its tail completely off: movie.

Comet Nishimura is plunging toward the sun for a 0.22 AU close encounter on Sept. 17th. Right now, it is about halfway between the orbits of Mercury and Venus (0.48 AU) where CMEs are denser and stronger than they are when they reach Earth at 1.0 AU.

The CME that hit Comet Nishimura probably came from active sunspot AR3413, which is almost directly facing the comet. This CME, in particular, had the right timing and direction to cause the disconnection event Jaeger observed:

Nishimura’s tail has since grown back–but it might not last for long. More CMEs are heading its way. SOHO recorded at least two moving in the right general direction on Sept. 5th. Experienced amateur astronomers who photograph Comet Nishimura in the early morning sky (observing tips, sky map) may be able to record their impact. Got a picture? Submit it here.

Jack Sarfatti’s UFO Call Story

He was just a kid. I think it was a planned inside job from US CIA or something. Corey has talked about their ability to pick people for psyops.

Studying Phonons While I’m Looking for Sound Qubits

The Tones of Creations are multidimensional so they have to be quantum, they can’t just be 3D hertz level. That’s a bit of a no-brainer.

I just started watching this and I already have a headache from all of his assumptions. That’s how science is. Everyone just repeats what they’ve been taught. It’s the same with all human “things”. People follow each other. It’s still fun though.

I hope to find 13 phonons or maybe they are the musical notes in another dimension. But I have to be able to reproduce them accurately.

Time is DNA is off the Shelf

I am now working on scientifically verifying and creating a theory with all of the data in my book with a significant player who is very interested and supportive of my work. Finally. The universe delivers.

Pretend my high-level stuff doesn’t exist now. And it’s copyrighted by me. You nor anyone can borrow it to do their own thing.

I will continue to blog on here and keep you updated on True Time if you’re subscribed to the $5/month updates. They will get juicier, I promise you.

This is very synchronous with Blue 8 Galactic Night, a transformer that is mysterious with integrity.

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