SATURDAY; Red 4 Self-Existing Moon/Water-Methionine

Code0-19: 18:9:4:69

5GForce (Galactic 5th dimensional influence); Blue 10 Planetary Monkey or 10 Asparagine

Mediating planet is Mercury

The order of these in the Tzolkin gateway is Theme; Red Moon, Analog, White Dog, Guide Power, Red Serpent, Antipode, Blue Storm and Hidden Wisdom Yellow Human.

That is 4Methionine, 4Aspartic Acid, 4Serine, 4Tryptophan, and 10Glutamic Acid.

If they are indeed tRNA molecules, and so far my work shows they are an algorithm that programs human genes, they would fit in the tRNA themeplex above only flipped to the right. It’s an amazing synchronicity and I’m still working out the details. The Tzolkin names of the tribes are an archeological fact. In Mayan they are:

  • Imix
  • Ik
  • Akbal
  • Kan
  • Chicchan
  • Cimi
  • Manik
  • Lamat
  • Muluc
  • Oc
  • Chuen
  • Eb
  • Ben
  • Ix
  • Men
  • Cib
  • Caban
  • Etnab
  • Cauac
  • Ahau

The Maya claim to have crash landed on Earth as refugees from Venus. Earth tends to function as a safe port that way. The same thing happened with the blow up of Maldek which is our current, literal asteroid belt. The Malkekians that survived landed in Antarctica. The “people” on this planet tell us that the Venusians are super expert at genetic engineering so they were able to leave this information on the Yucatan Peninsula in their language for successive generations. The modern Maya have done just that. It’s very important for the humans on Earth to knows that we are a mixed species from all over the universe. Our DNA doesn’t originate here but it has most certainly evolved in a beautiful fashion here. Thus, we are at a turning point where we need so save our own skin from extinction. Fortunately we have help.

Is Unity Possible? White 1 Worldbridger is Magnetic Death and Change

Magnetic Threonine

Code0-19; 17:1:6:66. There are too many six’s there. That’s rough energy.

5GForce; White 13 Cosmic Wizard. We need to receive timelessness and endlessness today from fifth dimensional awareness. The more grieving and grasping we do onto the old 3D and 4D way of life the worse our bodies will feel. I know this is difficult but the one thing for sure in life is CHANGE. White 1 Worldbridger is Magnetic Change and Death. I’m not into this anymore than anyone else is although because I’m a lightworker I have a full bag of good things and coping tools.

Mediating planets are Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter

The amino acids evolving are in the images below. The Tzolkin archetypes are White Worldbridger, Red Skywalker, Yellow Warrior and Blue Eagle.

I look at this particular glyph from the left, front facing half of a face. It’s a frown with eyes closed. Unity has not been possible in our galactic past if you read the channeled history or know any E.T. up close and personal. I read but I haven’t met any humanoids or ET’s that I know of. They’re just people so maybe it’s no big deal even if I have. I have listened to very cogent interviews of people who have hung out with them and worked with them though and still do work with them. They are not that different than us.

Humans have a storied past that is not all our fault. But now we have an opportunity to evolve our brains forward if only we would sit still, meditate, release negativity and focus our minds on a constructive, creative vision. That is today’s Hidden Wisdom; Blue 13 Eagle. No one will dictate this to us. We have the ability from within ourselves to create it.

There are also forces afoot that have been swinging down on humans for 100 years and they are hitting a wall. Humans either come forward en masse and get our priorities straight our they’ll do whatever they want with us. Since they’ve been the one programming us, there is psychological withdrawal going on among humans that are addicted to reacting to the dysfunctional household created by their leadership. We let them. We handed it over. I don’t even believe there’s going to be a national election. They will find a way to stop it.

If this sounds depressing, it’s because I just observe what groups of people do and I don’t have much faith in their ability to pull it out. I want to live and I’ve created a good life for myself but that’s because I worked at it and didn’t focus on rituals and human niches outside of my own life. I knew they would fail. It’s an intrinsic dissolution of self that’s not hard to see if you have eyes. When people don’t love their bodies or themselves and don’t take loving care of all of that, that’s the end! They did it to themselves. They didn’t have to follow societies programming and you actually have a duty not to.

Time Dilation

Nonsymmetric time dilation. From the local frame of reference of the blue clock, the red clock, being in motion, is perceived as ticking slower[10] (Exaggerated) It’s a representation of movement from 3D to 4D. I’m pondering what is entailed in moving from the 3D designation of each of the 64 harmonics to the 260-day cycle that is 4D and 5D. How does the RNA move in 4D? Maybe we go in circles.This phenom is why some days’ time feels like it’s moving faster and some days slower. In this image, it appears 3D is moving much faster than 4D but that’s probably not always the case. It reminds me of the earth’s rotation around the sun which in synchronicity, IS TIME.

Doesn’t it do your heart good to think about the fact that the intrinsic harmony of the Tzolkin programs all of this? It is deterministic (as my son likes to blather about) but there is free-will in the details.”Time dilation and length contraction – can be better described within the framework of a 3D space with time as the quantity used to measure change (i.e., photon motion) in this space.”

Time change is PHOTON MOTION. Photons are light. Yeah, the Sun. Earth’s rotation around the sun.Time is just change in the light.🧐

Is the Optimal Set of Protein Amino Acids Purposed by a Mind?

This is a great foundational paper to explain the ancient existance of the Tzolkin. The Mayan count of days, count of kin, and the count of amino acids IS the universal software program of intelligent design from galactic center or hunab ku or God as the Christians say.

There is Mind all right, universal patterns that are exponential and exact, full of destiny and free will and a type of theocracy that puts earths cycles and the evolution of humans at the center of a multidimensional drama of cosmic proportions. Our ancestry is from the galaxy, the stars, the planets and at the Center of it is an Eternal Son who goes by many names but is known Universe wide as our best friend, loyal, and pure of heart. He belongs to no, one galaxy, planet, species, or people but an intelligent Grand Universe.

By Fazale Rana – October 9, 2019 As a graduate student and a postdoc, I spent countless hours in the lab doing research. Part of my work involved performing biochemical assays—laboratory procedures designed to measure the activities of biomolecules and biochemical systems. To get our assays to work properly, we had to carefully design and […]

Is the Optimal Set of Protein Amino Acids Purposed by a Mind?

Sunday. Tone 4 Histidine is moving as RNA

Code0-19; 14:16:4:56 We are in the 14th harmonic out of 65, the 16th Amino Acid and archetype out of 20, the 4th tone of 13 and the 56th kin of 260 in a Mayan year. This is our location in our local universe.

This is the Mayan depiction of tone 4 Histidine in Themeplex with Alanine, Glutamic Acid, Threonine, and Serine. They rotate radially from center to left just like the ancient symbol for life; the wastika. The Nazi’s co-opted it and reversed its direction to the right during WWII and the present to use its power for death, destruction, control, greed, and torture. They are most definitely still around and in Shadow. In fact they head up the cabal on earth and keep the time warp going.

The Mayan names are Yellow Warrior, Blue Night, Yellow Human, White WorldBridger and Red Serpent.

In synchronicity, we have the war based Pentagon showing up geometrically in the histidine molecule. In addition, the mediating planet for histidine is Saturn which historically and currently rules strategic war planning.

“Histidine (His) may be both polar and charged, depending on the environment and pH of the solution. It has two –NH group with a pKa value of around 6. When both groups are protonated, the side chain has a charge of +1. However, the pKa may be modulated by the environment inside the protein in a way that the side chain may give away a proton and become neutral, or accept a proton, becoming charged. This ability makes histidine useful within enzyme active sites.”

Alanine, the analog Blue 4 Night and 10 Serine, the Hidden Wisdom are hydrophobic or not favorable to water.

Glutamic Acid, the guide power Yellow Human is a charged side chain that forms a salt bridge in the molecule.

Histidine, Serine, and Threonine are Polar and form Hydrogen bonds as proton donors or acceptors. Serine (Ser) and threonine (Thr) are polar since both carry a hydroxyl group.

I’m Changing the Subject Matter of this Blog

Some of you may want to keep following me and check it out and some of you won’t. I understand. I enjoyed writing about intuition and relationships for ten years but I’m ready to move on now. I’ve been working on Time Science Research (TSR) for thirty years and it’s finally coalescing into a new book, “DNA is Time”. It seems to pique people’s interest when I mention it so you might want to stay tuned. Our DNA does directly affect our relationships and our destiny.

The Mayan sites on the Yucatan peninsula continue to be excavated. But what has been excavated reveals a culture that understood Time and Life in exponential cycles extremely accurately. The inscription they left there says they arrived as refugees on Earth from Venus. They even have their own version of mathematics; 0=20.

I have been studying synchronicity and the Tzolkin system for thirty years so there is much I will be sharing here. I hope to draw some open-minded scientists so we can test some of this in the lab. Mayan time science is multi-dimensional but we should be able to test a few of my theories regarding amino acid sequencing.

Every day I will be posting the Mayan 13 Moon calendar day we fall on and note how it is evolving our human RNA in a dynamic fashion. The RNA is mutable and the DNA is rigid in the center of the nucleus of every cell in our bodies but the two are intimately interwoven. While it’s true that each Tzolkin Harmonic Family has a nucleotide governing it and an inverse harmonic nucleotide balancing it, I have a theory that the 4 themeplexes in each of the 64 harmonics move the mRNA and the tRNA. I’m still putting that together though.

You will see some expository work that I do showing how the scientists have analyzed the amino acids to interact with one another as far as Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen,Oxygen covalent, and other bonds and what the Tzolkin has to say about that. Humans think we are so far ahead of the ancients but the fact is, so much of what the ancients left here for us has been hidden from the public and from science because of power, politics and money. Every scientist who has tried to put forth new information knows what I’m talking about.

Well, do we want to figure out protein-folding to create a new health care paradigm or not? Because the one we have now isn’t working for us. We need new information and then have the guts to put it out there to be used if it’s accurate. We’re not going to know unless we go into new territory.

The IChing Hexagrams are the foundation for our 64 bit computers. There are 64 of them.
This is a 24-hour time aspect to the gateway each day as it changes. These are moving, evolving, RNA cells. DNA is Time.
This is one of 260 birth gateways. Everyone on earth has one that reveals part of their destiny and lessons with the birth family.



The Science Delusion Cover

The 10 Assumptions of Materialism

  1. Nature is mechanical. All of life is a machine and we are mechanical (Artificial Intelligence is trying to make the machine transcendent).
  2. Matter is unconscious.
  3. The laws of nature are fixed.
  4. The total amount of energy and matter is always the same.
  5. Nature is purposeless.
  6. Biological inheritance is material. Reality is material.
  7. Memories are stored as material traces inside your brain.
  8. The Mind is inside the head. It’s the same as your brain.
  9. Psychic phenomena are illusory. Telepathy is impossible.
  10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind of medicine that works.

Of course, these are all wrong and not just a little wrong, completely wrong. This entire book is a well-thought-out disputation and refutation of these ten dogmas. My own life and career refute them empirically as well. Rupert Sheldrake is a heavyweight Ph.D. scientist and was banned from TED talks because he’s right and it upsets the entire apple cart. He is a scientist and supports the advancement of real science. Not only that but anyone who cares about the survival of sentient life on earth right now better speak up forcefully or we’re toast. He rocks out big time and I am in his court having experienced the movement of QI in patient’s bodies for 20 years.

I’m so sorry QI cannot be measured yet for people who are scared of actually feeling Life Force IN THE BODY but it’s real. The Chinese have understood and worked with QI for 10,000 years. It is the foundation of Chinese Medicine which I also endorse and use to the extent that I’m trained in it. QI is not unlike sunlight or a cell phone tower signal but it’s much more advanced and complex than that. It’s the seat of our consciousness.

In the last part of the book he says,

“The materialist agenda was once liberating but is now depressing. Those who believe in it are alienated from their own experience; they are cut off from all spiritual traditions, and they are prone to suffer from a sense of disconnection and isolation. Meanwhile, the power unleashed by scientific knowledge is causing the mass extinction of other species and endangering our own. The realization that the sciences do not know the fundamental answers leads to humility rather than arrogance, and openness rather than dogmatism. Much remains to be discovered and rediscovered, including wisdom.”

I highly recommend this book.

I am no longer a Democrat



But I’m not a Pub either. No way. Politically I’ve been a Centrist for a long time which right now leans toward Justin Amash2020 who is actually my neighbor from West Grand Rapids. He grew up in this neighborhood and has actually visited my house.

I feel much better about myself being honest in the political stance I was raised to despise. My family are all liberal, far left-wing Obama worshippers, and believe he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, so…that’s not working for me. It’s just the government, not a church. That goes for the flag-waving, God toting Pubs too. My great grandfathers Townsend risked a limb or two and wrote the freedom of religion clause for the Flushing Remonstrance that was eventually included in the Bill of Rights. I’m not giving that one away. No establishment of religion in America!

The most nauseating part of this is that on my personal wall on Facebook, unless my picture is smiling and cute or pretty and I post little niceisms about my son or the weather, I’m absolutely ignored. If I post anything powerful against the panicdemic that is absolutely true from licensed physicians or nurses, or epidemiologists, I’m ignored. I really want to unfriend every one of them that have dissed me because I’m opinionated and an activist for physical and financial sovereignty in a culture that views human beings as stupid commodities to be manipulated until the funeral industry can make a pretty penny off of your death.

I want to create a new, powerful, more outspoken than ever persona that is as calm, lucid, intelligent, and beautiful to the point where no one can see me coming. I’m not bothering with resisting idiots, I’m BEING who I am in my full power and could care less what anyone’s reaction is. Facts are facts. Feelings are feelings. We are each free under our Constitution. If you believe the news media or watch a lot of TV your brain is fried and I’m not helping you. I want to be intimidating. I do think it’s better to be feared than loved on this planet of little human love.

What I can’t quite figure out is the odd time fold where my mind flipped fully away from liberal, left-wing thinking. For years, I’ve found the Disney trope of Democrat to be nauseating; their fear of anything outside of their comfy Protestant church service, hometown, their grandchildren and quilting to be mind-numbing, their WASPYness making me crave a raft of ants in the rainforest to gobble them up. (Wasp vs. Antman).

The Trump lovers on Twitter are even bothering me. I fully support disclosure of 100  years of secrets regarding the ET’s and tech but I wonder how it’s going to happen without the liberals losing their minds. Hillary and her elite clique being Luciferian, bloodthirsty pedophiles I don’t find hard to believe but if they really let this out some Americans will go over the cliff. Are the rightwingers serious that we are supposed to believe that there are NO REPUBLICAN Luciferians? , the Pubs are lily-white on this issue? No way. The entire government is corrupt and all the institutions with it.

I’m not sure what this new world will bring but I’ve most definitely run away from home, far, far away from the National House and I’m never coming back. They are the biggest pack of liars and their followers the biggest flock of sheeple I’ve ever seen.


Thank you.

I have 311 followers on here now. Thank you! There are eight years of writing so feel free to explore. My books are available for purchase on the books tab and Healer is on Amazon.

I’ll do my best to get on the reader and see what’s up with everyone.


Mothers Day

I wrote this ten years ago today and forgot about it. Good ole’ FB memories

To all the Mothers:

Happy Mother’s Day.

May the abundance of the Earth and the light of the sun, moon, and stars wash your feet with the holy water borne of many tears turned to a blessed stream ambling through a heart full of joy. -ME (5/9/10)