Red Galactic 8 Serpent Whose Mother is the Dragon

Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, as well as the television adaptation, Game of Thrones, in which she is portrayed by English actress Emilia Clarke. She is the Mother of Dragons and a great example of a Dragon Lady which in this case, is complimentary.

At this link you can find the secrets of the serpent kingdom according to the Maya. I’m guessing George R. Martin was familiar with the story of the Tzolkin, the 13 Moons, and the Maya because he heavily invoked it’s archetypes in his novels. The difference is the Maya are not fictional and neither is the Tzolkin or it’s synchronicity. It’s all very real.

“According to Tomas Barrientos, co-director of excavations and investigations at the site, the altar depicts King Chak Took Ich’aak, La Corona’s ruler, “sitting and holding a scepter from which emerge two patron gods of the city.” (Corona means Crown and is the first word in Corona Virus. The virus is mostly affecting people’s heads and the brain. Synchronicity)

The 1.46-meter by 1.2-meter slab contains also a hieroglyphic Mayan inscription corresponding to May 12, 544. Based on this and other discoveries researchers have been able to  determine that King Chak Took Ich’aak also governed the nearby city of El Peru-Waka some 20 years later. Barrientos says these pieces of evidence show that the Kaanul dynasty, or Serpent Kingdom, developed a political movement in La Corona that allowed them to defeat their Tikal “arch rivals” in 562 and thereafter rule the Mayan lowlands in southeast Mesoamerica for two centuries.”

  • The Theme is Red 8 Serpent or galactic Serine
  • The analog is White 8 Wizard or galactic Lysine
  • The Guide Power is Red 8 Moon or galactic Methionine, the Start codon for amino acid sequences
  • The antipode is Blue 8 Eagle of galactic Arginine
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 6 Warrior or Rythmic Histidine

Red Serpent is the evolutionary child of Red Dragon. For some reason it lost its wings and legs or appendages. Red Serpent attributes are; survival, instinct, life-force passion, resourceful, sensual, extremist and charismatic. Mediating planet is Maldek for with it’s destruction, Pluto which rules Scorpio came into the picture.

Look at this synchronicity, which I have found with every Tzolkin archetype and their corresponding amino acid;

L-Serine. L-serine is an amino acid essential for the synthesis of phosphatidylserine, which is a component of the membrane of brain cells (i.e., neurons). It can be produced in the body, including the brain, but an external supply from the diet is essential in maintaining necessary levels.

The Dreamspell says we are by the Dragon born which is Tribe number 1. The by Tribe 5 we are at Red Serpent.

“To prepare for the magic, first serpent cast the wavespell of life force. For thirteen steps the life force climbed its way through the first quarter of the castle of burning.”


Tuesday. We are now in the Mystic Central Column

Dragon energy is in our spines! It’s the source of our body grounding. The central column of the body is the spine which houses the spinal cord. The brain and spinal cord together are called the CNS in medicine or the Central Nervous System. It’s a dragon that needs to be tamed with focus in meditation so that we can become co-creators. This Dragon doesn’t project outward it projects inward; Tone 4, Self-Existing.

In the Tzolkin the central column is kin 121-140. Right in the center of the mystic column is Harmonic 33. That’s mystical too until I figure it out. I’ve already done some work on it. HF 33 is kin 129, 130, 131, and 132. White 13 Dog is smack dab center and is kin 130; Cosmic Love, loyalty, enduring in order to love, it seals the process of heart with the presence of cosmic loyalty and love or who some people would call God or Source. It’s guided by timelessness or eternity.

This harmonic is it’s own INVERSE and that illuminates how our DNA proteins fold in every cell of our bodies. I use the coordinate 33:10:13:130 which incorporate the power of 5 and the reiteration of 13. You can see the preponderance of 3, 1, and 0 through it. The Trinity, Source and 0 are infinity or in Mayan MATH, exponential TIME. That’s eternity or the existence of multi-dimensional DNA forever. That’s us. 0=20 in the Tzolkin. 0 is Yellow Sun Tribe and 20 is the amino acid Proline. They are both STOP CODONS in our cells.

I know this doesn’t sound very scientific but actually it is. It is on the heart hinge, the thoracic spine generally and specifically, T 7 and to some degree down to T 10. The rear and front HEART chakras are controlled and aligned by Kin 130; White 13 Dog. Did you notice the anagram of dog? Spelled backward it’s god or God.

The DNA is a binary triplet radial polarized spiral some of the time. Actually it contorts in all different manner as it evolves and mutates to a great degree by us. Our choices and habits of thought, feeling and action have been proven to change our very powerful mitochondrial DNA which when charged up changes the oxygen and ATP levels available to our muscle tissue to burn energy (food). Regular aerobic movement is probably the most beneficial and spiritual activity you can do for your entire body, especially your heart and brain. I feel like a kid again after a good workout.

The mystic column is headed up by today’s Red 4 Dragon or Self-Existing primordial mother and blood memory, kin 121. Who is our primordial mother? The earth and the tribe of beings that seeded us here; The Red Dragon Tribe. In fact there is a Dragon Family in China that is revered as the founding family of all the Chinese much as the Reptilian Family was revered by the Europeans as the monarchy. The Reptilians are the ones pushing A.I. or artificial intelligence. In no way is A.I. good for humanity and I don’t support it at all.

Those days are over with the current Disclosure happening about the condoned pedophilia and incest of the elite headed up to a great degree by the these families. It’s Luciferian. None of this religion! It’s just part of Earth history and the vie for power over how things progress here. It’s a complicated story. Many are being arrested and our financial system is currently being rocked because the U.K. funded our Federal Reserve. And we all know the multiple layers of trouble with China right now. My point is, underlying the political trouble with Europe and China is America’s contracts and relationships with the E.T.’s, our cosmic ancestors.

The human race is safe and much of it has been quelled already. But our life on the surface of the earth doesn’t have to be this chaotic. Much has been kept from us about our ancestry and military tech that is supposed to used for all of humanity. We are highly valued in the Universe; loved even. But most humans don’t feel that way because of the greed of the elite and suppression of vast amounts of information. They are getting IN THE WAY of humans having a better life. No one knows what’s going to happen, but military insider reports say the Draco and the Reptilians are very real. They are E.T.’s and were here before us. Most E.T., animals and plants were here before us. The humans are fairly new here as an evolving species and we’ve been helped along by all the former. The Draco, Dragon Tribe ancestors have been routed for now. That is a recent occurrence.

  1. The Theme is Red 4 Dragon or 4 Cysteine
  2. The Analog is White 4 Mirror or 4 Tyrosine
  3. The Guide Power is Red 4 Earth or 4 Phenylalanine
  4. The Antipode is Blue 4 Monkey or 4 Asparagine
  5. The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 10 Sun or 10 Stop Codon

Molecular Line-Up

The 5GForce is Blue 10 Storm or 10 Tryptophan which sometimes functions as a stop codon when there’s been a mutation.

Nucleotide UGA can be found in the mRNA of Cysteine/Red Dragon as mitochondrial human DNA Tryptophan, not a Stop Codon, when the human host willingly changes their own DNA via epigenetics. That is scientific fact. Our birth DNA does not control our destiny, it just gave us our bodies. After we’re born, we have the power to harness our own inner dragon and be whatever we want to be. But you have to focus and work at it.

Polarization. If We Know What We Don’t Want We Can Narrow the Field of What We Do Want

Tone 2, Polar/Lunar is about Dualism and polarization in order to stabilize. There is a mountain of polarization all around us right now; partisanship Pub and Dem, Mask-No Mask, Fearful vs. Confident, Truth vs. Lies, healthy vs. unhealthy and onward. Don’t we get bored with polarization? I do. But knowing what you don’t want helps you laser focus in on what you DO want so you can set your intentions more directly and accomplish something.

I’ve written extensively over ten years on this blog about using your feelings as road signs but not a map. The antipode today is Red 2 Moon, the Moon is Square Libra and the archetype for Libra is the Scales. Our challenge and gift today is to try to find a modicum of balance in our feelings.

The Goddess Justice or maybe Athena

There is the Goddess of Justice on the right. I love that she has the sword in her hand. She picked that up yesterday as an archetype of White Mirror. Yesterday was White 1 Mirror or magnetic discernment. Notice she has the blindfold on too so that she does not make decisions based on gender or cultural bias. That’s like music auditions for orchestras taking place behind a screen because professional orchestras are notorious for being all male. It’s very easy to observe the boy’s club in every profession showing that the men want to get away from the women so they can focus. Women are relegated to “a role” for men for that very reason. We are extremely distracting for them. The fact being that when a woman walks into a room of males, all the attention goes to her if she is the least bit attractive. Men are hard wired. Such is not the case with a a man walking into a room full of women. We’re looking but by no means are we distracted. Women are very able to focus and get our work done no matter what profession we work in.

Today is Blue 2 Storm whose attributes are catalyzing, Energy and Self-generation along with the the Tone 2 attributes. There is a Virgo feel or Mercurial feel to Blue Storm as well, maybe because Pluto is SO far away and has had it’s identity messed with lately. I don’t know if it’s back in the solar system club or not. Speaking of justice, I’m pretty sure that was all politics.

Astrological Synchronicity

The Moon continues its transit of Libra today, and we seek fairness and harmony. There can be some restlessness or competing ambitions and needs to manage. We can see a more sober side of Libra with the Moon’s square to Pluto and then Saturn this afternoon. This is in synchronicity with Blue Storm∞Yellow Sun having PLUTO as their mediating planet. The urge or need to socialize and connect with our relationship goals can seem to clash with our ambitions and responsibilities. A Jupiter-Neptune long-term transit perfects tomorrow, and we’re inclined to seek and find inspiration.” -Cafe Astrology

Jupiter and Neptune mediate Yellow Seed∞Blue Eagle and Red Dragon∞White Mirror. More likely this is karma related. Also, Red 2 Moon is the antipode today so the Libra Moon is square to that as well calling for a need to stabilize emotions.


  • Theme in the center is Blue 2 Storm-Tryptophan
  • Analog on the Right is Yellow 2 Sun-the Stop Codon
  • Guide Power above is Blue 2 Monkey-Asparagine
  • Antipode on the left is Red 2 Moon-Methionine the start codon
  • Hidden Wisdom below is White 12 Wind-Glycine
  • 5GForce is Red 12 Dragon or Cysteine

I see in our mediating Amino Acid Tryptophan (Blue Storm), the hexagram and pentagram of Saturn and Jupiter. That is a DNA FINGERPRINT in our cells because they helped us regroup and survive once we escaped to Earth as refugees post Maldek disaster. The proof of this disaster is the asteroid belt that is literally there today. How do we feel about the 12:60 intervention now?

We see the 12:60 intervention/control in our institutions of government and Church. Do we really still need those to control our dysfunction? Did our dysfunction cause the Maldek blow up? I think it did. It’s well known that many humans feel much more secure if they have an authority figure over them telling them what to do because they’re brains are not yet fully civilized. We see that playing out right now as we speak and I think all of this has been a test to see who is in control of themselves and who is not.

Once a majority of humans no longer need the control of 12:60 our sun will fully relay 13:20 to our planet, our original coordinate for earth. Don’t wait. Follow along with a 13:20 app today. They even have wall art/calendars if you prefer but the time is past to have your mind aligned with 13:20 so we can be done with this polarization and live unified amidst diversity.


Chasing a Vision of Your Better Self

Spectral Vision, Tone 11 is releasing, dissolving, and awakening

We all have things about ourselves we’d like to improve. That’s something that we have to do ourselves but sometimes it’s helpful to be inspired by someone else although that has never been the case for me. I know it devolves into ego competition so I just don’t do it. I hold myself to my own high standards; I don’t hold anyone else to them.

It starts out as positive admiration and respect between people, maybe even love. But humans, being mostly ego, it can quickly turn into competition. You think that a person is a mirror of you in some way and that you have affinity. It’s not because everyone is different and has applied themselves either more or less. It can quickly become coveting who that person is and what they have and then competing with them. You’ve corded them like a child to a parent or siblings on an energy level to take energy that you don’t think you have and can’t generate from within yourself (Blue Storm). They let you do it probably from tremendous pressure from our society to let ourselves be vampired on by our family members and friends. It’s the sacrifice narrative that runs very deep in the cabal because of the 12:60 timing frequency. It’s leads to addiction (lack, never enough) and co-dependency. You can’t be alone or don’t like to be alone. You have to suck energy off of others. Don’t do that.

They’re not supposed to let you do it to them. They’re supposed to let you know in some kind way to myob. We’re just sharing with one another. We’re not supposed to feed off of one another’s energy like a baby breastfeeding. It’s incredibly dysfunctional.

Sometimes being inspired by someone just means you want to compete with them. Competition is a bit of an illusion because there is plenty to go around and you can’t compare two people’s lives to each other and thus there is no competition. We’re all very different and have paid the piper different amounts based on our choices.

Ultimately, we’re competing with a vision of who we want to be and who we really are, so be careful projecting or offloading that onto others. Just look in the mirror and be honest with yourself if you really want power over your life.

Attributes of Blue 11 Eagle are; Releasing, Liberation, and dissolve, create, mind, and vision.

5GForce is Red 3 Serpent;

I activate in order to survive. Bonding instinct I seal the store of life fore with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of universal water. I am a polar kin. I establish the red galactic spectrum.-The Dreamspell


Channeling in Meditation is Quite Common

We are sitting in manifested receptiveness today which could be clairaudience which is psychic hearing, clairvoyance is psychic seeing or remote viewing, clarisentience is psychic feeling which is not the same as empathy, clairalience is psychic smelling, clarigustance is clear tasting. and claircognizance is clear knowing but that’s not the same as being prophetic or prescient. I experience clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and prescience. I also know how to turn it off though so I can focus on my own projects. Usually, when you turn the others on you start picking up all the static of our planet and it’s like having the T.V. on. No thanks. I am not entertained by being in a psychic airport which is why I don’t get high or drunk.

Using drugs opens up all of your chakras and you become a psychic garbage can. It’s not good for you. I get plenty of information from the ethers being fully conscious and focused in meditation. I’ve never been an advocate of drug use for that reason. In my opinion, if the males who have such trouble receiving psychic information like women do, they might consider opening their HEART CHAKRA. It’s just as taboo for women to have their crown chakra fully open and enlighten their minds as it is for a man to have his heart chakra open and really love. It might not be normal on earth but it is throughout the Universe. We have some catching up to do.

Our programming from society and the media is going to pop in here and JUDGE what is happening. Do your best to set it aside and observe what you are picking up. The meaning of it may come later. ALL humans are naturally psychic. Our psychic senses are one of the things that have been psyop’d out of us by the elite so that we’re not empowered. Empowered humans don’t make good SLAVES. That’s where the psychiatrists and big phama come in. It’s there job to keep us drugged so we don’t have multidimensional experiences in True Time and if we do we supposed to believe we’re crazy. Yeah, that gig is UP! They are the Time Thieves and it’s over for them.

The Jaguar is a Mayan archetype of the Wizard or magician

Tone 10 attributes are; producing, manifestation and perfecting. These kin are workaholics and finish a project to the end.

White Wizard attributes; enchantment, receptivity, and timelessness. These kin are very psychic, intelligent, aligned with divine will and J.C., magicians or musicians sensitive heart knowing, shaman and spiritual. The cat is an archetype. Men who love cats are a certain type of fella.

White 10 Wizard Themeplex
  1. White 10 Wizard Theme; Lysine
  2. Red 10 Serpent Analog; Serine
  3. White 10 Wind Guide Power; Glycine
  4. Yellow 10 Seed Antipode; Valine
  5. Blue 4 Hand Hidden Wisdom; Isoleucine


Valine and Isoleucine, Yellow Seed and Blue Hand look almost exact. Well, the Blue Hand tribe came to this planet TO SEED a new way of evolution for the Human Tribe of Earth. My mother, sister and aunt are Yellow Seed and Blue Hand raised by Red Serpent (my grandma) and they are AVID gardeners and appreciate nature TO THE MAX! They understand how to organize and beautify with all the carbon.

Humans Live in All the Dimensions Right Now

The credit for this image in in the far left corner in very small letters.

Today is Yellow 8 Galactic Human. Humans and Earth are ALREADY Galactic in vibration. It’s just a matter of perceiving it, feeling it, focusing on it and not taking it for granted. What would you perceive if you were to recognize that you’re galactic?

  1. You’re conscious, awake, you see through your eyes, when you think about it, your body responds and gets up and moves. There is nothing to take for granted there. We’re not a robot or a machine where someone flips a switch or turns on our program. We think it and we do it. That’s amazing right there.
  2. You can watch your breathing in and out and feel your heartbeat!
  3. You have an innate desire to feel pleasure in your body
  4. We are able to reminisce on our past and think about what felt good and what didn’t. Which choices set us on a good path and which ones didn’t.
  5. We’re able to make the choice to be aware of how right now is different than the past or possibly the future. We’re able to be aware of how time is moving as evolution via our minds.
  6. We’re curious about new places, people, creativity, the universe and want to learn more.
  7. When you meditate and get on a mental and emotional beam that feels good, you put out an intention and desire and within time, it manifests in 3D.

3D Senses Only, Materialistic Belief that this is all there is because that’s all you perceive. You’re spiritually dead or asleep. That’s a normal human that has galactic energy in them but they don’t want to bother activating it. When enough people are like this, the earth suffers with the rest of life on the planet.

  1. I’m hungry and thirsty
  2. I’m horny
  3. I have to go to the bathroom
  4. I’m tired
  5. I need some money
  6. I wouldn’t invite myself to a party
  7. How could that person or thing be useful to me?
  8. You judge and make fun of people who aren’t like you or who are happy
  9. Very low self-esteem

So, seriously. There may be some people in between these two extremes but either you have a passion for life and want to co-create it and are actually doing it and know how to or you’re doing the second batch of mischief and likely defining yourself and your friends through politics and living a life of chaos that is full of unhealthy habits.

The 5Gforce is Yellow 6 Star; “I organize in order to beautify. Balancing art I seal the store of elegance with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Kin 112, HF 28, Sun/Decrease I Ching

The theme is Yellow 8 Human; Glutamic Acid

The analog is Blue 8 Hand; Isoleucine

The Guide Power is Yellow 8 Warrior; Histidine

The Antipode is White 8 Wind; Glycine

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 6 Moon; Methionine


It’s Saturday. Let’s Make some Blue 7 Monkey Mischief

This is a play day, which we all need. Whenever it’s Tone 7, whatever you think, do, or feel will boomerang like a voice in a cave. It echos so choose wisely. Tone 7 is actually also aligned with 12:60, the coordinate earth was forced into by Jupiter and Saturn. Since 7 was right in the middle of the Creative Tones it had the resonant effect for 12:60 that they were looking for in order to control things down here. That’s how 7 came to be considered LUCKY but 13 was UNLUCKY. There is no such thing as luck. But the fact is 13 is far more balanced and powerful for earth than 7 is. 13 also equalizes the power between female and male which is THE NORM throughout the galaxy. Earth is the odd one out there because of the time theft and we have much to correct. Our gender imbalance problem is toxic and anti-social.

Kin 111 is quite synchronized with the 11:11 phenom! The attributes for Blue Monkey are Play, illusion and magic. Blue monkey is artistic, spontaneous, trickster, innocent, humorous, extraordinary, divine clown, curious, co-creator of a higher life, transparent, and communicative.

Resonant Tone 7 is about inspiration, attunement, and channeling.

The analog is Yellow 7 Star; beautification, art, and elegance

The Guide power is yourself; Blue 7 Night is dream, intuition and abundance

The antipode is Red 7 Dragon; nurture, being, and birth

The Hidden Wisdom is White 7 Dog; Love, Loyalty, and Heart

Kin #111
  1. Blue Monkey is Asparagine
  2. Yellow Star is Leucine
  3. Blue Night is Alanine
  4. Red Dragon is Cysteine
  5. White Dog is Aspartic Acid


The Most Logical Explanation is that CV2 Comes from a Laboratory.

The well-known Norwegian virologist Birger Sørensen and his colleagues have examined the corona virus. They believe it has certain properties which would NOT evolve naturally. These conclusions are politically controversial, but in this interview he shares the findings behind the headlines.

Here is the rundown at this link.:

It’s an excellent article.

A few books I read

The Sun and the Solar Tone of Intention in The Matrix

Solar means sun. Today, solar energy is redundant in that we have the archetype of our star, the Sun as the Theme (a Stop Codon), and Tone 9 which is the solar tone of intention, light, life, realizing life and universal fire.

The Sun is in fact MIND, Big Mind as the Taoists say pulsing to us the scuttlebutt from Galactic Center. So much is going on right now. What has to be internalized asap in order for us to make this evolutionary leap is that OUR MINDS are…our bodies. Our immune systems are controlled by our minds and intentions, not by microbes. The microbes FOLLOW the magnetism of our minds. The virus SERVES evolution and is in fact, RNA in the case of a retrovirus. Due to that, it is constantly mutating and stands ready to turn into anything we unconsciously or consciously create. That was proven long ago. Even the M.D. admits the power of the mind and will over the body.

The microbes are not in charge. Microbes are very vulnerable to the environment (they die easily) and to the various defense mechanisms in our bodies. The media, if you listen to it like it’s God, has people’s MINDS programmed that this microbe is more powerful than you are. If you want and need it to be, it will be. They portray it as a war which is the beginning of modern medicine; THE BATTLEFIELD. That’s the number one mantra of course from the sick care system because they have a ton of profit to make off of convincing humans that they are SUPER WEAK and vulnerable like little children that need parents who are stronger and smarter than them. If you feel that way they’ve got you where they want you, you’re programmed and need to turn OFF the media and get meditating and tuning into your breath and your body. If you don’t, they’ll send you over the cliff as soon as they decide to flip the switch. Maybe that’s what you want.

I actually accept it now; that most people will not do the work of focusing their minds and bodies enough to become a co-creator. I really do accept it even though it’s not necessary.

The Moon is in Aquarius so we some action with Uranus opening up. Pluto is the mediating planet though between the Sun Tribe and Blue Storm tribe and it is quintile so we may be in the mood to challenge ourselves. In addition there is a square between Mars and Mercury both retrograde so communications could be snafu.