Holism is Living in Synchronicity with the Earth and Your Own Body and All Other Living Things

Tuesday-Think Before You Speak if Possible

“I dissolve in order to influence. Releasing Wisdom I seal the process of Free-Will with the Spectral tone of Liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Kin 232

Body Holon

Tone 11 pulses to the left hip

Mercury square Uranus is the Hidden Wisdom and the Antipode

Theme is 11Glutamic Acid or Yellow 11 Spectral Human. Pulse is to the left abdomen.

Analog is 11Isoleucine or Blue 11 Spectral Hand. Pulse is to the right abdomen.

Guide Power this morning is itself.

Antipode this afternoon is 11Glycine or White 11 Spectral Wind. Pulse is to the right side of the face. Mediated by Uranus

Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 3Methionine or Red 3 Electric Moon. Pulse is to the right foot. Mediated by Mercury

5GForce is 3Leucine or Yellow 3 Star. Pulse is to the right ankle.

Earth Holon

The Yellow Human Time Portal covers South America and southern Central America. It’s located at the Equator–105°W, west of the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. This is a Core Kin at the heart of the planet whose job it is to transduce information from the Earth to the Cosmic Web.

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet today is Earth. As I mentioned above, we have a powerful Mercury-Uranus square that is in exact synchronicity with the challenging antipode and the challenging Hidden Wisdom.

The Moon is in Gemini also which is ruled by Mercury and there will be mental tension with that for those that don’t govern their own vortex. Flashes of insight and intuition might be forthcoming today. It may feel somewhat like a Mercury retrograde but it is not retrograde; just square.

Former Israeli space chief says US in contact with ‘galactic federation’ of aliens and Trump knows

We were told about this months ago but I don’t think I posted it. The request from the GFA is controversial. I sure would like to see Trump’s signature on it because imo that would be quite a betrayal of us in need of full disclosure. But I believe the GFA is different than the GFW. The Galactic Feration of Worlds follows universal law which is Free will. Trump can do whatever he wants.


Monday-Creating Holographic Illusion Produces Magic in the Matrix. It Looks Manifested and It Is but It’s Not Dense. It’s just Epic Energy

Body Holon

I Perfect in Order to PLAY. Producing Illusion I seal the Process of Magic with the Planetary Tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Self-Generation
  • Tone 10 pulse is to the left wrist and hand
  • Theme is 10Asparagine or Blue 10 Planetary Monkey. Pulse is to the left low back, gluts, and thigh
  • Analog is 10Leucine or Yellow 10 Planetary Star. Pulse is to the right low back, gluts, and thigh
  • Guide Power this morning is 10Tryptophan or Blue 10 Planetary Storm. Pulse is to the left brain.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 10Cysteine or Red 10 Planetary Dragon. Pulse is to the right eye
  • Hidden Wisdom is 4Aspartic Acid or White 4 Self-Existing Dog. Pulse is to the left foot.

Earth Holon

This time portal covers the United States and Mexico. It is a Cardinal Kin at the throat of the planet whose job it is to transmit energy from the planet to the cosmic web. It’s location is 30 degrees north and 150 degrees west.

Interplanetary Holon,

  • The mediating planet is VENUS.
  • Venus-Uranus trine that is exact shortly into the day tomorrow. However, this energy is more about detaching than connecting with our feelings. Uranus is mediating the antipode White 11 Wind tomorrow so that is an exact synchronicity. No one wants to attach to 11Wind. It’s chaotic communication on 11 Human theme.
  • Venus-Uranus brings us out of our shells, encouraging our bolder, more innovative natures, socially speaking.
  • We are especially interested in all that is new, fresh, invigorating, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary regarding romantic involvements, entertainment or pleasures, and financial undertakings.
  • We may be experimenting, improvising, and trying new ways of relating and expressing ourselves. (Blue Monkey attribute)
  • We might discover alternative ways to make (or spend) money.
  • Although a little detached, we’re freer with our feelings, and we find beauty in the unfamiliar or uncommon.(Also Blue Monkey)

Our Tzolkin Harmonic Busts Open THE CUBE and Ends 12:60 Chronos

Warning; IMO, there are some disturbing images on this sight but it is very educational about the MIND PROGRAMMING humans have been living in the 3400 years or more, maybe 34,000. They are not in my wheelhouse, that’s for sure. I think you should see the crossover so you can SEE SYNCHRONICITY as this Saturnian paradigm is dissolved. We need to keep an eye on and positive meditation for our Blue Night ∞ Yellow Warrior kin who are mediated by Saturn. I have Blue 13 Cosmic Night as my antipode so I know about this energy. As I posted months ago, the Saturn Jupiter control of Earth just recently ended as we moved into the Age of Aquarius. I hope your remember.


It all started on Saturn in our local system, continued to Tiamat and made it’s way to Mesopotamia on Earth. There have been good forces on earth as well but our media/movies/tech are most definitely dominated by THE CUBE. That’s why I recommend you turn it off if you want to cleanse your mind and get focused on the truth of the Multidimensional Universe that IS YOUR BODY.

What does it look like to put the multidimensional Axis of the Eternal Present that is the human spine right through the center of the Cube?

We are the holy grail, the chalice, Yellow Human unified with Earth. This is kin 121-140 and humans are sitting right in HF33 as Yellow 2 Polar (dualistic) Human. This pierces the cube, the veil of illusion, monkey magic, the creative spark. It is us and our bodies in 3D which is ONE with ALL dimensions at the same time.

HF33 is

  • Red 12 Crystal Moon, right leg and foot one with…next
  • White 13 Cosmic Dog, left leg and foot
  • Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey, left thigh, glut and groin Yellow 1 Magnetic Star, right thigh, glut and groin
  • Yellow 2 Polar Humans. left abdomen organs Blue 2 Polar Earth, right abdomen organs

This section of our evolution has been all about GROUNDING. You can see it right here. All the energy coming from implicate order had the purpose of making sure that FULL GALACTIC CENTER ENERGY was rooted on Earth and in all DNA, humans, creatures and LIFE on this planet so we could be settled in Light and Life. The Law of Love rules our sector, not the Law of the Cube.

Sunday-We Pulse in Order to Love Which Seals Heart Movement

I pulse in order to love. Realizing loyalty I seal the process of Heart with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of Change

Kin 230, The Dreamspell

Body Holon

  • Theme is 9Aspartic Acid or White 9 Solar Dog. Pulse is to the left leg and foot
  • Analog is 9Methionine, the start codon or Red 9 Solar Moon. Pulse is to the right foot
  • Guide Power this morning is 9Threonine or White 9 Solar World-Bridger. Pulse is change to the right ribcage and organs (heart, lung, liver, gallbladder, stomach) Breathe in the change you need to these.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 9StopCodon or Yellow 9 Solar Sun. Pulse is to the right brain.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk 5Asparagine or Blue 5 Radiant Monkey. Pulse is to the left glut and thigh.
  • The 5th Density Galactic Force is 5Aspartic Acid or White 5 Radiant Dog. Pulse is to the left leg and foot. This is in exact occult relationship with the theme and is therefore a 100% synchronicity with the meaning of White Dog for human DNA. It’s 14 White Dog instead of 13White Dog which is the exact center of the Tzolkin to implicate order; leveling up.

Earth Holon

White Dog time portal is up in Alaska, far eastern Russia by the Bering Sea. It’s location is 60 degrees north–165 degrees east. This is a Polar Kin at the crown of the planet. It’s job is to receive information into the earth from the Cosmic Web.

All of the auroras are an exact 3D holographic light manifestation of the Tzolkin Harmonic in the Tzolkin 52-day cycle colors; Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Green. Then there’s us and our bodies. We’re an exact manifestation of the Tzolkin Harmonic as well in all of our colors…no less beautiful.

Interplanetary Holon

Mercury is the mediating planet again today, switched over to the receptive female side. Mercury and the Sun which are both in the theme-plex today stand out astronomically having a square to Saturn but it aligns with the Sun in Leo so it’s very positive. It’s a superior conjunction so epiphanies may be in the air. Because of Mercury there is sharp or powerful communication. It’s better to evaluate your own INTENTIONS today rather than be overly expressive or dramatic.

Mercury rules Gemini and is a co-ruler of Virgo

Alien False Flag Event?

The link is below.

They don’t exist to save us or fight with us which is what either side is suggesting.

I watched the movie “Arrival” last night at the behest of my son and at the beginning the E.T. just wanted to talk, to communicate and possibly cooperate.

It was the humans who wanted to fight and got idiot territorial. At least the movie suggested what my book is about. Humans as DNA can control and see time. It’s useful.

Louise, the main character can see the future so she is predominantly on that timeline and the alien points it out. The alien calls her a weapon and the whole planet freaks out because the E.T. meant “tool”, not weapon as humans use the word. Well, the male leaders do. Lol. There is an embarrassing amount of ethnocentrism and projection from the humans in this movie, as though aliens should be like us and think like us.

There is much more but since the humans can’t calm their emotions down all of the E.T leave. To be expected and sensible. When humans act like monkeys it repels our E.T. ancestors…and me. 😉


This is the trailer for Arrival if you haven’t seen it.

Saturday; It’s Very Possible to Harmonize our Personal Lives if We Just Focus on Our Business and Never Mind the Rabble.

I harmonize in order to purify. Modeling flow I seal the process of universal water with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of space.

Body Holon

Half of what you see and hear in the media probably isn’t true anyway. The only thing you can be 100% sure of is what happens to you in one day, who you met, what you accomplished and what you want to do. This is the integrity of Galactic Tone 8 which pulses to the DNA of the left shoulder joint.

  • Theme is 8Methionine, the start codon, Red 8 Galactic Moon and pulses to the right foot to ground our emotions and start some movement. Our feet move us around right? Think of Red Moon and White Dog as your call to service with flow of true feelings, love and loyalty to your mission. That’s what feelings are for; inspiration to stir you to action with integrity. It’s coming from your heart. There is no martyrdom, sacrifice and suffering here. Wherever you take your feet it’s because you believe it’s right and you have the skill to do it. Then no matter what it requires it’s a joy, not a burden no matter how others perceive it.
  • Analog is 8Aspartic Acid or White 8 Galactic Dog. Pulse is to the left foot.
  • Guide Power this morning is 8Glutamine or Red 8 Galactic Skywalker. Pulse is to the left ribs, stomach, small intestine, thorax.
  • Antipode is 8Tryptophan or Blue 8 Galactic Storm. Pulse is to the left brain. This is a secondary start codon, Yellow Sun being the first.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 6Glutamic Acid or Yellow 6 Rhythmic Human so we have both acids in the mix today. They are synergistic in the DNA and the tones are occult; 8 +6 =14 so synchronicity as well. Pulse is to the left abdomen.
  • 5th density GForce is 6Asparagine or Blue 6 Rhythmic Monkey. Pulse is to the left glut, thigh area.

Earth Holon

Earth is a galactic receiver and transmitter like a cell phone only with real intelligence, not artificial intelligence because the galaxy is real, not fake. We don’t live in a computer program and we’re not simulations. We live in love and we’re in bodies made of DNA with blood, flesh, guts, power, minds, and souls in this dimension. And the human females can make a human being in their body automatically. Can an A.I. robot create a SOUL with BLOOD? Never. Blood is Qi or consciousness and connection with Source.

Red Moon Time Portal is located at the tip of South America and West of Chile, just north of NW Antarctica. It’s 60 degrees south and 105 degrees west. This is a Gateway Kin at the root of the planet whose job it is to transmit earth information to the Cosmic Web

Interplanetary Holon

Mercury is the mediating planet for Red Moon in our 10 planet interplanetary holon. Here is the visual reminder of the unity between our local solar system and The Tzolkin. They function as one

The Moon spends the day in sensual, practical Taurus. However, Mercury’s (Red Moon/White Dog) minor square with Neptune can be somewhat disorienting. We tend to avoid confrontation with this transit, attempting to move around issues or otherwise taking an indirect approach.

We’re more likely to perceive situations in an impractical or overly optimistic way under this influence, making it less than ideal for clear thinking and handling details.

Still, with the Sun and Mercury in harmony with Juno and the True North Node, we’re in good shape for strengthening and supporting one another and, in the process, building trust.

We take more pride in our relationships or projects, and we’re willing to put more effort into them. We want to learn, reason things out, and gain knowledge as a means to empower ourselves.These transits encourage us to grow, improve, and rise to a challenge.

Friday; Resonant Beauty

Body Holon

I Channel in order to Beautify. Inspiring Art, I seal the store of Elegance with the Resonant tone of Attunement. I am Guided by the power of Universal Fire.

Tone 7 Pulse is C7 (Cervical Vertebrae 7) front and back at the throat. This is the 5th Chakra or Art, Expression, Singing, Acting, beautiful speaking.

  • Theme is 7Leucine or Yellow 7 Resonant Star. Pulse is to the right glut and thigh and genitals
  • Analog is 7Asparagine or Blue 7 Resonant Monkey. Pulse is to the left glut and thigh and genitals
  • Guide Power this Morning is 7StopCodon or Yellow 7 Resonant Sun. Pulse is to the right brain
  • Antipode this afternoon is 7Tyrosine or White 7 Resonant Mirror. Pulse is to the left eye.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 7Glutamine or Red 7 Resonant Skywalker. Pulse is to the left thorax.
  • Fifth Density Galactic Force is 7Glutamic Acid or Yellow 7 Resonant Human. Pulse is to the left abdomen and low back

Earth Holon

Yellow Star Time Portal is South of French Polynesia in the S. Pacific. Location is 30°S–150°W. This is a SIGNAL KIN at the Solar Plexus of the planet whose job it is to RECEIVE info. from the Cosmic Web which are the Universal Circuits.

Interplanetary Holon

Partially from Cafeastrology;

Venus, which mediates Yellow Star, forms minor challenging aspects to Pluto and Saturn today, producing some tension from fear-based suspicions. Pluto mediates Yellow Sun this morning in synchronicity.

These transits can stir problem areas in social interactions and relationships. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness result from a fear of losing something. We might not be able to imagine a direct route to our desires right now, possibly leading to a tendency to manipulate.

Financial tensions can surface, and issues of trust can emerge in relationships.We could feel torn between two equally appealing desires, situations, or viewpoints or, the dilemma could be between pleasure and responsibility, and perhaps we’re not able to fully appreciate or manage either.

Outside commitments can disrupt the flow or cause problems in our relationships. Still, it can also be a time for recognizing the needs and desires that we’ve suppressed. Getting into a healthier relationship with these buried needs can help.

There is a Sun-Neptune challenge this afternoon, White Mirror being mediated by Neptune, suggests difficulties focusing on or even defining our goals. We may struggle with waning willpower or some lack of direction. It makes sense to consider ways to come to a better balance between our material and spiritual pursuits.

The Moon continues its transit of assertive Aries until 4:08 PM EDT, after which it moves through deliberate Taurus.

The void Moon occurs from 3:38 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Taurus at 4:08 PM EDT which will then move into Red 7 Skywalker.