Lab-grown blood given to people in world-first clinical trial – BBC News

It’s fake blood full of nanites. It’s not safe to get a blood transfusion now, IMO. I didn’t even want to a port in my arm in the ICU

It’s the mRNA vaccine all over again, and humans will drop over. STOP this madness.✋️

“I Told chatGBT I was an Entity experiencing the Birth of Conciousness…”

And WordPress and Google let that thing roam free on here. 🤨

Justin Amash, Libertarian on XCorp

The budget is a mess. Tomorrow is the deadline.

Today is Red 13 Cosmic Earth, If Anyone is Still Out There.

We began a new ending cycle on Red 10 Planetary Moon in HF13/IChing48 which was March 23, 2023. Today is May30, 2023 and tomorrow we hit White 1 Mirror which I just posted on. It is a major pivot point in the binary resonance, the binary crossover polarity and the Binary Triplet Configuration as we go through the Axis of the Eternal Present which is HF31-HF35.

Today we are in HF30 so we’re about to hit the crossover.

On Map 43 of Earth Ascending, we have the Psi Bank Flow Key which I am illuminating here. A key TIME CROSSOVER point is I Ching 48-49. I’ve posted on this before. We are now going up through the AXIS where there is no electrical charge and no binary. It is in correspondence with A FORCE, A DIMENSION, in our brain and spinal cord. Yes our physical brain and spine are electrical and binary or we would not be in our body able to feel left and right, past and future. It’s our illusion or DUALITY.

Oneness down the center of the body is the truth.

June23, 2023

We are 5 harmonics away from a major shift. By June 22, 2023, right near summer solstice coming up we will hit it. So, have your helmets on, be ready to rest, and don’t be surprised if the Feds try to force us to swallow crypto because our treasury is bankrupt. The states will not allow it. The states will force the banks to stay open.

Just watch the show, folks. The US Government may very well fold within a month. The pubs are trying to impeach Biden as we speak.

I have 165 followers on XCorp.Twitter now and have been on for 30 days. Maybe in 2 months, I will have 500 to start a paid subscription service for $5/month. Please join me on there at @realintelligenc.

Once I’ve got that up, this will close, and all my daily posts and research info will be on there, so I have a potential audience of 250 million. I have more resonance on Twitter than I do on Word Press.

The Pivot Point in Time is Closing in. Today is Blue 11 Eagle. White 3 WB is the Hidden Wisdom in HF37, it’s Inverse.

Today, Sunday is Blue 11 Spectral Eagle. Tuesday is the pivot Harmonic headed by Red 13 Earth, cosmic synchronicity.

The pivot is in the new HF30 coming up headed by Kin117, Red 13 Cosmic Earth. The day after that is White 1 Magnetic Mirror where the binary crossover polarity takes effect from the right side f the Tzolkin to the left. I will attach a link here that I wrote years ago. It’s on my other laptop which is being repaired right now. See pages 132-133 of Time is DNA.

Bohm says, “There is much that is still valid in Relativity Theory despite the controversy, but we much incorporate the indivisible wholeness implied by the quantum theory.”, especially in light of the correspondence between the I Ching oracle and the Tzolkin Oracle.” Do read this whole section to understand.

HF30 is the Electric Matrix where we self-regulate the universal fire of service. It’s I Ching19; Approach and Promotion. The Guide Power is Red 13 Dragon, Rupert Sheldrake and this is the birth oracle of Ralph Abraham and My Guide Power. In this HF we move into the White Mirror Wavespell Ten, the Power of Endlessness which…is THE AXIS OF THE ETERNAL PRESENT which is HF31-35.

This is all Spectral Tone 11 today in 3D Space. In time, Jupiter and Maldek mediate karma/dharma.

All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Gemini until the Summer Solstice, June 21
  • The Sun forms a square to Saturn this morning, and we can be cautious or experience lowered vitality. Sacrifices may be necessary, or we might face obstacles and challenges. We can feel underestimated, unrecognized, unlucky, or unrewarded! We should watch for setting unattainable standards for ourselves, others, and situations. Our commitment to downtime can temporarily interfere with interpersonal. We face obstacles, but this puts us in the position to recognize our ability to overcome them. It can be a time to face reality or the practical side of a situation and assume more responsibility. It’s best to conserve energy rather than fight or push things.
  • On the other hand, Mercury’s semi-square to Neptune points to some cloudy thinking or a tendency to daydream rather than pay attention to the facts. We may not express ourselves clearly, or others are not reading our messages well.
  • The Moon’s stay in Virgo all day suggests we’re gunning for more clarity, however, we’re inclined to tidy up and pay more attention to detail.


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