The Nature of the Van Allen Belts

I posted on this yesterday, and I want to make sure you understand that the Schumann Resonance readings are from the Van Allen Belts.

The existence and phenomenon of the belts are not hypothetical. They are proven fact. NASA sent up probes 10 years ago, and I posted the videos yesterday on what they found.

It’s pretty interesting that, similar to the proven E.T. phenom, this is a controlled narrative, so they can shape it according to their desired programming.

The ScR shows that there are four layers to the belts, not three.

FI-The top line-Today, right now at 3:40pm EST it’s is 8.26hz

F2-The 2nd line from the top, right now it is 14.20Hz

F3-The 3rd line from the top, right now it is 20.04Hz

F4-The 4th line from the top, right now it is 25.90Hz

I believe the top line is the line closest to the earth picking up the collective hertz level of our collective DNA mind. So it’s good at the moment. We’re humming at 8.26Hz.

Their observations are incomplete because the belts have to be Red, White, Blue, and Yellow in that order. The inner belt should be the Central 52-day cycle or GREEN.

If you look at the videos, the INNER BELT or the top one of the Schumann Resonance is Red at 1000-8000 miles above the earth. That makes sense. Red comes first.

Then they are missing or not seeing the White, Blue, and Yellow Belts which would be layers 2, 3, and 4 or they are in a different order on the video. At least to colors are the right colors.

It looks like the outer belt at 12-25,000 miles is Blue which would be our transforming tribes. There could be another yellow one even higher out that the Van Allen Probes aren’t detecting.

As these flow over one another they create time, the harmonic, the auroras and our daily movement.

Note that the further we get from earth, which would be a flux between Yellow ripening kin and the Green Central Core, the one that stands still and doesn’t move which they say on the video, the hertz level goes way up. Those hertz levels in 20-25 hertz are Beta brain hertz. So, as you look at all four layers of the magnetosphere, these are VERY THERAPEUTIC brain wave levels that are being sustained by us and for us. The bulk of 8 billion people on earth right now are finally, DAILY in alpha brain wave hertz. We will be there until we hit 12.00hz BETA. I’ve said on here already that AI should not be a tool until our brain waves are higher. I said 10hz before and now I feel 12.00 is safer.

There are already a few humans who are ripe for crucifixion by the theta and alpha folks who run Beta and Gamma and are trying to help humanity. It’s usually a lost or tragic duty but we are generally here inventing things that can be used later and hated on right now when the bulk or humans are smarter. So be it.

30–80 Hz

The gamma rhythm, a relatively high frequency (30–80 Hz) component of these fluctuations, has received a great deal of attention. Gamma is modulated by sensory input and internal processes such as working memory and attention.Apr 12, 2011

Frequency bandFrequencyBrain states
Gamma (γ)>35 HzConcentration
Beta (β)12–35 HzAnxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed
Alpha (α)8–12 HzVery relaxed, passive attention
Theta (θ)4–8 HzDeeply relaxed, inward focused
Delta (δ)0.5–4 HzSleep
Brain Waves

Important; Map 34 of Earth Ascending; The Corpus Callosum of History and the Primary Radiosonic Template-Ed Level Tzolkin Analysis

I need my followers to internalize this info and pass it around, as well as meditate.

Corporal Callosum means the DNA of our Bodies in Latin. History is time in the past. And the primary Radiosonic Template is probably us as well as seen by the Hertz frequency in the Psi Bank as well as some JUICE from Saturn which is a highly radiosonic planet. They picked up our slack when Tiamat blew up and put us on a 12:60 frequency. That has ended of course as of 12/21/2012. Look at all those ones and two’s! It adds up to 11 also. WOW! It is magnetic and polarizing dualism pulsing on the spectral tone so dissolving the old and bringing in a new future, not an old future.

I’m looking at pages 102 and 103 in Earth Ascending if you have the book. We are about to enter Hexagram 17; HF51 on Tuesday, 8/22/23, which is a major radiosonic pulse. My read on this harmonic is We are going into Stage II-CONCURRENT Aboriginal Prehistoric and AC Aboriginal Generative.

The short of that is we are pulsing IN TIME, from within and above the earth on future to present prehistoric memory tracks and Future to present to generate a NEW FUTURE track. We are remembering our fabulous ancient medicine from our ancestors at this moment and using the memory to create a new future timespiral line that suits us. Read that over a few times, please.

History represents a break away from the primal pattern, completing the southern or lower template what was only suggested in the upper template. Remembering that the spread of civilization and the process of history are actually descriptive of the radiation of man/ hominization of the planet, we see that the return to the primary template-POSTHISTORY-is the inevitable evolutionary stage that occurs once hominization is complete. We are evolving hominids.

Since the two templates bear a generic, if not a holonomically genetic similarity to the two halves of the brain-the two cerebral hemispheres joined by but a slight strip of connective tissue, the corpus callosum, it seems appropriate to refer to the two crossover points of the psychocultural transformation template by a similar name.”-Jose A.

The central axis of timelessness. Aligning it with your body holon is the fountain of youth and no death.

On the right, you can imagine the main chakras down the CENTER enlivening the Central Axis of timelessness. Eerily, I just notice today that both Meta and X (Zuck and Elon) use the deformed Infinity symbol to represent their social media platforms. That is a dishonor of our Central Axis and a hack of HF33-Time is Money which obviously, both World Bridgers that they are, place it at a high value.

The pulse lines are like the etheric body that I work with all the time in my office. They create your aura which is light emanation from your electromagnetic body. It’s just like the AURORAS (aura) around the earth when the mind of EARTH is pulsing in synchrony with all life on Earth.

The radiosonic image on the right is how our bodies pulse. This HF51 we are in pulses on the far right foot point; “Following”-Hx17. You can see it on the bottom left image, far left foot point.

Our bodies are the cauldron of transformation of TIME in all dimensions, time manifested as DNA. All DNA on earth is in a cauldron or transformation of TIME. That’s what we’re doing here. It’s magic, and we’re playing with universe energies as co-creators. It’s supposed to be fun. Not toxic Luciferian gross freaky suffering and usage.

Continuing on page 102-The Alpha and Omega points that I note on here and on the True Time Update are on the same longitude as the corpus callosum of history,

“The hieratic longitude is signified by the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Once the process of hominization has been completed, the CA template woven altogether, the “end” of history is reached. This is the meaning of the twentieth century. With the crossing of the corpus callosum, return, the true radiation of man can begin. This is the meaning of the return to the AC template, which is about to commence.”

“Having accomplished a physical transformation of the planet through the culminating material intensity of industrialization, the cost has been high; holonomic amnesia, loss of the inherent sense of unity, forgetfulness if not ignorance of the fact that, although the CA has been completed, the AC is still to be finished.

Because of this loss, the imminent process of biopsychic radiation begins with an imperative restorative healing process-hence, holonomic recollection; the recovery of the sense of unity and wholeness-sacred order-from which we actually never departed.”

Synchronicity; Sinead O’Connor died on her antipode kin

She was Yellow 5 Radiant Seed and died on White 5 Radiant Wizard, her antipode challenge, which is the goddess Ixchel, our unresolved female, gender balance karma from Maldek.
She died yesterday on the Mayan New Year, a year of gender equity, finally where the Red Serpent Reptilians are held to account for their decision to fill themselves with nanites ages ago to be stronger and win wars. They refused to listen to the goddess Ixcel cult, their ANALOG support on Tiamat, and learn peace. The female, alpha.mother was silenced, and the planet was blown up by mistake.

THAT KARMA IS NOW BEING DEALT WITH BY UNIVERSE AUTHORITIES, and I am worried that Red Dragon and Red Serpent will be diluted in our DNA sequencing in the future to keep nanites out of our gene pool. It will change all the Red tribes.

The Draco Reptilian have abridged many laws, but they begot our race through SOURCE, of course. They are our ancient ancestors, and I honor them. But the universe must do what is best for our future. They are not spiritually centered as they once were and became Luciferian on Maldek. J.C. corrected it with his tour on Earth, but we still need to manifest it.

Today is their antipode, Corey Goode birth gateway, Blue Eagle, and the BLUE AVIAN. The adjudication is imminent. I feel that’s why Sinead passed over. She needs to be present as the analog to Blue Eagle. Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed, both of our arms/wings.

This is major synchronicity. The Tzolkin is never wrong. Never…wrong.

Galactic Information Booth – The Psi Bank

This is another explanation of the Psi Bank, which is monitored by the Schumann Resonance ScR. The Tzolkin at the bottom is essentially a read out of the LIGHT SPECTRUM photons found if the auroras that are the light emanations of the Tzolkin. These are the Psi chrono units.

My Tzolkin analysis is already fairly complicated with regard to parsing out the DNA sequencing daily as the oracle.gateways. This is another layer of complication that I haven’t been willing to add. Nevertheless, it is accurate to the 13;20 coordinate that governs 🌎 earth.

Venus is Going Direct in Synchronicity with Yellow Planetary Star

Today is Yellow 10 Planetary Star. Venus is the mediating planet for Yellow Star tribe so Venus going direct today is an exact lineup.

  • The central theme in the nucleus is Yellow 10 Star or A.A. Leucine. It is planetary beauty and elegance.
  • The analog or support is Blue 10 Monkey or A.A. Asparagine. It is play, illusion, magic and creativity.
  • The guide Power is Yellow 10 Warrior or A.A. Histidine. It is questioning, fearlessness and intelligence.
  • The antipode or challenge/gift is White 10 Mirror or A.A. Tyrosine, It is reflecting order and endlessness. Mirror faces the shadow.
  • The hidden wisdom is Red 4 Skywalker or A.A. Glutamine. It is exploratory, curious, brave, awake spiritually, interested in manifestation IN SPACE but willing to time travel.

The GForce is Yellow 4 Human; an independent, self-aware, self-existing human, likely an introvert or artist.

The eighth day sign sign of the Mayan zodiac is the Rabbit, also known as Lamat. Lamat correlates with fertility and new beginnings. It symbolizes transforming into a new you so you can live a life of creation, abundance and love.

The symbol for Lamat (the Mayan name) represents the planet Venus. The Mayan culture associated the planet Venus with death and rebirth and told us they came here as refugees from Venus. In the West, the rabbit is a symbol for Easter and is also correlated with fertility and new beginnings so we have synchronicity there.

In addition, to the Christians, Easter is about the resurrection of the bright and morning star so J.C. is front and center. That story is all about death and rebirth and transforming into a new you. God is IN US, not just outside of us is the teaching. It’s spirituality 101 and is still taboo in religious circles. It’s considered to be “selfish” even though it’s “Selfish” in a good way so that you can SHARE UNCONDITIONALLY with others, not dysfunctional in a sacrificial, co-dependent martyr type scenario. You know you’re an adult when you DIG RECIPROCATION and ask for it in a civil way.

Tone 10 has a vibration of producing, manifestation in 3D, accessible with the 5 senses; sight, touch, taste, smell, hear, and perfecting a creative project. It is a project finisher, pays attention to details all the way to the end, long suffering and maybe a workaholic who never takes a vacation.


Once again we have the presence of almost two identical molecules; asparagine and glutamine. Also, there are many more carbon molecules than ususal here and indeed, Leucine is a key amino acid for building muscle; a necessary part of our evolution and in modern times, strong muscles are the key to human health. The muscles are the King of the body and the number one health issue medically. The muscles are the flesh and hold up and move the skeleton and the organs. The skeleton DOES NOT MOVE the body, the muscles and the blood do.

Commanding Radiant Intuition

This blog used to be about the Intuitive Mind from a rational perspective. Now I’m trying something else because I’m just as passionate about DNA as Time as I am about uplifting the Mind via the Intuition, intuition being the Higher Mind. Both males and females have it so it should not be used for gender discrimination, another passion I have. If we all tuned into our intuition every aspect of power in human society would be managed.

Today is Blue 5 Overtone Night. It is the amino acid Alanine and it’s analog is∞Yellow 5 Warrior or Histidine. The guide power is Blue 5 Monkey are Asparagine, the antipode challenge is Red 5 Skywalker or Glutamine and the Hidden Wisdom is White 9 Solar Mirror or Tyrosine

The 5GForce is Red 9 Earth or Solar Synchronicity. So once again, the Schumann Resonance is pulsing strong to get the Earth lined up with the universal stream.


I empower in order to Dream. Commanding intuition I seal the input of Abundance with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of Magic.”-The Dreamspell

In this themplex which evolves in our DNA and thus in Time, we have big influence from our unconscious mind. Today is a great day for daydreaming while we do chores, reading and writing, journaling or just emptying our minds and meditating. In addition, it’s the Summer Solstice and the first day of the Sun in Cancer.

The mediating planet of Blue Night and Yellow Warrior is Saturn which is placed nicely in it’s own sign of Capricorn so it is fairly easy to get some things accomplished at home or at work today. We’re guided by some fun and magic with Blue Monkey mediated by Venus but Venus is retrograde so it could easily turn into detrimental mischief. Watch your step!

Challenging us is Mars which is in it’s home sign of Aries right now with someone around you going directly for the truth and not pulling any punches. I know about that because it’s me (Aries/Skywalker). No fear. Do the right thing. Tell the truth. Right…very few people are doing that right now so you’d rather we all be quiet and go away. This position is also a gift.

A solar mirror as hidden wisdom means our connection to the sun asks us to stop looking at others and society and look in the mirror at what we have personally evolved into. Self-examination is a good thing.


We’ve got that pentagon going on in Histidine. It’s the 5 pointed star which is an archetype of humans; head, 2 arms, 2 legs. For most of human history we’ve been warriors and fought each other and that is the Mayan archetype; Yellow Warrior. It might be controversial, but the reason humans got around, intermarried and became so diverse and strong is because of war. So, honestly, war was not all bad for the human race and despite the deaths, our reproduction rate has been prolific tipping our environment by the billions!

Synchronicity is there between Arginine and Glutamine which are right next to each other in the themeplex. They have the same lineup but my archetype has an extra carbon and Hydrogen molecule. That’s deep affinity for Yellow Star∞Blue Monkey which is mediated by Venus. Indeed, it’s my hidden wisdom placement and someone I love is Yellow Star.

Mayan Binary-Vigesimal Code (mathematics)

The upper left table are the Mayan numbers 1-100. The dot is 1, the dash is 5 until you hit 20. Then the dot continues to represent 20. The dash continues to represent 5. Very elegant. This a Mayan binary system representing numbers.

The long table on the right still uses the Mayan binary system but these represent the Tones of Creation. They are still mysterious but they exand the 20 amino acids or the tribes of time by 13. 20 x 13 = 260.

The smaller table to the left of that is still in binary but they present the 20 amino acids according to the 0-19 code which are the 20 tribes of time. Every single person on earth is in one of the 20 tribes and every single living, evolving thing on earth is composed of the 20 amino acids that compose our DNA/RNA.

  • Cysteine is Red Dragon, tribe 1
  • Glycine is White Wind, tribe 2
  • Alanine is Blue Night, tribe 3
  • Valine is Yellow Seed, tribe 4
  • Serine is Red Serpent, tribe 5
  • Threonine is White Worldbridger, tribe 6
  • Isoleucine is Blue Hand, tribe 7
  • Leucine is Yellow Star, tribe 8
  • Methionine, the START codon in sequencing is Red Moon, Tribe 9
  • Aspartic Acid is White Dog, Tribe 10
  • Asparagine is Blue Monkey, Tribe 11
  • Glutamic Acid is Yellow Human, Tribe 12
  • Glutamine is Red Skywalker, Tribe 13 (me)
  • Lysine is White Wizard, Tribe 14
  • Arginine is Blue Eagle, Tribe 15
  • Histidine is Yellow Warrior, Tribe 16
  • Phenylalanine is Red Earth, Tribe 17
  • Tyrosine is White Mirror, Tribe 18
  • Tryptophan is Blue Storm, Tribe 19
  • Stop Codon is Yellow Sun, Tribe 20 along with Proline

These last three are the stop codons in the genetic code and stop sequencing on an mRNA strand.

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