The Tzolkin in all of its Glory as Light

Red 12 Crystal Serpent in the RED 52-day cycle which is the red light in the Auroras. The Green 52-day cycle is kin 221-260. All the colors or all of the cycles are spinning AT THE SAME TIME because TIME IS ONE ETERNAL MOMENT in truth

Saturday 2/25/23 Spacetime Weather

🌎 The Earth Holon as the Eternal Now

The context of the Earth changes is 4 billion years. It’s been doing this for that long. Humans only arrived on scene 1 million years ago, approximately so we are a new species here. We need to calm down and LEARN about the earth and its ways so we can cooperate with all evolving life forms peacefully and continue to thrive here, not just survive and obey the edicts on the news as though it’s God.

The purpose of this section of my blog is not to fear monger cataclysm for the federal government or any other agency who wants to institute A.I. on Earth. You know I believe natural evolution will continue here and so must our bodies.

To achieve that through the earth changes, it’s important to know that our bodies and minds contain eternity, the eternal NOW, AS TIME, expressed in LIGHT AND COLOR in the auroras as the collective emanations of the etheric aura of all DNA forms. They are emanating our 52-day cycles. The Maya left these time patterns for us on Earth thousands of years ago.

  • The Red Light 52-day cycle is kin 1-52
  • The White Light 52-day cycle is kin 53-104
  • The Blue Light 52-day cycle is kin105-156
  • The Yellow Light 52-day cycle is kin 157-208
  • The Green Light 52-day cycle is kin 209-260

The Tzolkin IS TIME, as OUR BODIES and All DNA.

Every day happens all at once in one Gestalt of Time, which is Eternity. But because of evolution, we can see it in pieces. Because we see it in snippets, we believe it exists in pieces, like a day, but it does not. Every day is eternally a day and night, like the movie Groundhog Day, but without the time warp. As we change our minds and hearts, the time warp ends so that every day LOOKS AND FEELS different.

Time is ONE WHOLE, all of the time as the double strand DNA, the past, and the future, which are actually just partial projections of what we’ve created before.

As soon as today arrives, tomorrow is gone, so tomorrow IS TODAY. There is no “live” past, there is only now. We just have memories of events and feelings. The 3D pieces we see or have are only shadows of time. They aren’t alive.

Only DNA that has some form of breath is alive. Everything living breathes in its own way. It doesn’t breathe like animals, but it breathes.

There is no set future because of FREE WILL. The future is created based on what THE COLLECTIVE MIND wants, which I read all of the time and thus make predictions. But it’s never set in stone. No one can predict the future for sure. They only see their perspective from their point in time, but the collective is always changing its mind!! We are not of the same mi d as our ancestors when some fellow we know harps on that. We are US.

We can only see it in the Tzolkin as the 7th harmonic run, the axis of the eternal present, the Mystic Column that pulses to our CNS or brain and spine. It is kin 121-140, and I’ve posted on it continually. Just search on the Mystic Column in the search box, and more information will come up. And the GAP kin are the activation points on our spine for our eternal DNA, so heads up when those hit.


Shock waves inside the CME accelerated protons (our DNA positive+charge) to nearly light speed, and they have already reached Earth.

Our planet’s magnetic field is funneling the particles toward the poles, where a second type of radio blackout is underway–a polar cap absorption (PCA) event. Airplanes flying over these regions may find that their shortwave radios won’t work due to the ionizing effect of infalling protons: map.

These are the 52-day light emanations as TIME; the Tzolkin, or count of days as evolution through the Loom of Maya from our mothers. They are different colors because they are different Hz frequencies of SOUND via The Tones of Creation 1-13. Light comes from sound. But what is the Source of sound?

The Psi Bank Magnetosphere ScR

Frequency is 7.94, and amplitude is 35

A CHAIN REACTION ON THE SUN: A magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR3229 erupted on Feb. 24th (1949 UTC), Friday, producing a chain reaction of events. First, the filament sliced through the sun’s atmosphere:

Its liftoff destabilized the sunspot, sparking a long duration M3-class solar flare (2030 UTC). The flare, in turn, ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, blacking out shortwave radio transmissions around the Pacific Ocean: map.

Next, a CME emerged from the blast site. Coronagraph images from SOHO show a lopsided halo with an Earth-directed component:

Type II solar radio emissions from the leading edge of the CME suggest a departure speed of 1200 km/s (2.7 million mph). The flank of the CME could reach Earth on Feb. 27th. NOAA analysts are modeling the storm cloud now, so stay tuned for a refined forecast.

That’s not all.

Kin #20 Phenomenon on Wednesday; It’s G-Force is Itself. It will hit on 2/22/23 which adds up to an 11 and has a 22 in the date also

It actually has 2222 in a row which is 22:22, a master, master number or 11:11 twice. We need to look at this before it hits on Wednesday this week.

  • We are in HF5 in the South Polar Zone headed toward the end of the FIRST 20-day cycle in the 260-day Tzolkonic cycle.
  • Every 20-day cycle ends with the STOP CODON, Yellow Sun.
  • There are 26, 20-day cycles.
  • This is the anniversary of 4/18/20 which landed on this day and I accurately predicted a big solar flux in the Schumann Resonance and it occurred. I just posted it on a separate post.

The Yellow Sun 4D Time Portal is a POLAR KIN which is at the crown of the planet receiving frequencies. It is located 60°N–15°W, west of the U.K. in the N. Atlantic.

The 3D I Ching Hx is 28 whose location is noted on the Red 4 Earth post yesterday.

So we have a cycle that is Kin 21-Kin19, 260 days long, which is Red 8 Galactic Dragon to Blue 6 Storm. They add to 14, which is Occult. Kin19 has a start codon and a stop codon Tone 6 and Kin 20 IS the Stop Codon 7.

The fact that the 5GForce turns in on itself in Kin20 actually makes ALL dimensions of this gateway IMPLICATE, like HF3. How is HF5 tied to HF3 and thus to HF33? HF4 is the power of timelessness which is the Axis of the eternal present, which is the spine, which is the Center of the Tzolkin, 20-day cycle with HF33 in the middle.

I’m actually thinking the entire first 13-day cycle of the Tzolkin is tied to HF33 because these kin have helped seed Earth from the very beginning after the Tiamat blowup approximately 1 million years ago. We are a new species here. These kin would be life carriers. (World-Bridgers)

  • 1:1:1:1-Red 1 Dragon
  • 1:2:2:2-White 2 Wind
  • 1:3:3:3-Blue 3 Night
  • 1:4:4:4-Yellow 4 Seed
  • 2:5:5:5-Red 5 Serpent
  • 2:6:6:6-White 6 World Bridger
  • 2:7:7:7-Blue 7 Night
  • 2:8:8:8-Yellow 8 Star

And then HF3 which I posted the other day; 9Moon, 10Dog, 11Monkey, and 12Human pulsing to HF33.

And then HF4

  • 4:13:13:13-Red 13 Skywalker, which complete the 13-day cycle.

And it ends with this 13-day cycle called a Magnetic Return. If this is the case it would be a pulse to start the Tzolkin of 4:7:13:19 or the 0-19 Code in Implicate order, in 5th density, not just 4th density.

Then…Kin 20 stops on the resonant 7 tone and circles in on itself in ALL dimensions. This is Corey Goode’s gateway, which would explain all of his experiences in all dimensions and what he’s contributing to disclosure now. I think when he said in his deposition that “he’s never been to space,” it could easily be interpreted as, when he WAS off the planet, he was in 4D and 5D. He wasn’t in SPACE, which would be on Earth in 3D. So that would be an accurate statement. He time traveled, A LOT.

Michael Salla dissed him over this statement. 3D clencher. I told Salla that I didn’t support his backing of A.I. and he got mad at me. Fine. He supports the med beds. I do not. They are A.I.

This Tzolkin is programmed to deal with the blowup of Tiamat, the Time Bandits, and the Lucifer Rebellion, thus our current C#$%^. Maybe we are going to have a new heaven and a new earth without the asteroid belt eventually or soon.

I foresee its 4DPsi Bank being absorbed into Earth’s Psi Bank, precipitating our major shift and then the 3D aspect or asteroids turning to dust and blowing away. I saw that months ago. We shall see. I request it all be gradual. No cataclysm.

What is earthquake light that is seen in Turkey before the massive jolt?

The earthquake lights occurred on 11-23-22, AND with this quake of 2-6-2023. They are the northern lights or the auroras, which are emanating from the magnetosphere, which is the Tzolkin Psi Bank in the cosmic web.

TIME is manifested SPACEtime for the purposes of evolution as DNA life forms. Our lessons wouldn’t be very valuable to us as muggles if it was all INVISIBLE. So to talk about it, I, we, use SYMBOLS to represent manifested thought forms and waveforms. All life around us is at the level of symbol representing the thought form and feeling that the thing is. What is real is mind and heart, thoughts and feelings in 4D and 5D. Then we see it because we and millions of others INTEND to. We are magical co-creators and could be much more mindful than we are about what we are creating.

Our eyesight relies on a certain wavelength to see things in 4D in TIME because our brains and spirituality are still quite low compared to other universe species. We need to see the matrix movie playout in front of us in order to learn from it.

Mayan symbols are representations of amino acids and hertz levels of sound, which is PHYSICS.

I Posted This Timeline Two Years Ago on Feb. 7, 2021. See Below

Today is February 2, 2023, Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. Let’s see where we are now at the end of this Galactic Spin.

HF14, the first OMEGA POINT in the Tzolkin is only 52 days away starting tomorrow. The 3D date is March 27, 2023. It is the end of the 52-day cycle called the Red Eastern Castle of Turning. Then we hit the White Northern Castle of Crossing on March 27, 2023.

So…What is different from two years ago? Everything

  • Covid has been found out for the scamdemic that it was
  • Institutionalized lockdowns from the WHO are being slammed but they are trying to do it (See Brownstone Institute post today)
  • The public schools are being boycotted
  • MSM didn’t manage to assassinate Trump or stop him. He’s running for office.
  • Studies have piled up proving natural immunity is sovereign and masks are dumb.
  • Gates is backtracking
  • Musk is a Twitter puppet but much of Twitter has been reigned in
  • Very smart people have proven that this was an artificial virus
  • The left wing c$%^& is cracking
  • Hollywood is demanding the vaxx, way out of step with society
  • Social media is being sanctioned and taken over
  • The CCP has it’s back up against the wall
  • The stock market is in question. Which way are we headed with our money? I has not been decided but it will be by next month.
  • The science community is in disarray
  • Who stills believes in cataclysm teaching? Probably too many. It’s B.S.
  • The fear-mongering is now being done by the E.T. awareness community.
  • We are in Solar Cycle 25 moving to Solar Maximum in 2025 which is just maximum sunspots, not a solar flash.
  • noun: solar maximumthe period in the sunspot cycle when solar activity is highest and sunspots are most abundant.”his latest batch of images capture flares and spots on the sun as it goes through its solar maximum”

The next Alpha Point is HF40, Kin 157, Red 1 Earth and a new 52-day cycle, the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, I Ching Hx56

AND SO IT GOES. We’re just going to continue on evolving and improving our health, our bodies and our relationships just as we have over eons. Evolution is a long slog. If a cataclysm does come to certain regions of earth it’s because it’s INHABITANTS on the whole had that mindset and attracted it to them. So don’t hang with those people if you want to live. The people where I am want to live. We can’t predict a regions mindset. You have to use your intuition in your own region.


I found another piece. So, there are two Omega points or ENDING points in the Tzolkin with regard to a major cycle. We are currently in the first OMEGA point which will end tomorrow. The Next big move is the ALPHA point which will occur in 45 days or MARCH 24; HF26. Phew. According to the Tzolkin, that is when the s… is really going to hit the fan meaning it will be the beginning of the End of Society as we know it and most likely D.C. and our government as we know it.

This goes with Map 43 on the previous post.

We are in Hx48-49 right now. Jose says above that this will be the stormiest time period of all and will lead to the end of everything. This is why the Plan to end the D.S. is taking so long. It’s an ancient cancer on the human family.

Hx 48-49 is HF 13 and 14 on the Tzolkin. We’re in HF 14 AS WE SPEAK so it was a big synchronicity that I found this today. I had not read this page. HF 14 ends tomorrow.

The last storm he speaks of happens during Hx 56-57 which takes us forward in time to HF40 which is only about 100 days from today or about 14 weeks. It’s the second OMEGA point or ending point of another cycle beginning of May, 2021 and this nightmare should be over. We will then have a major stabilization of planetary conditions and a bio-psychic force field.

REVIEW of the Timeline

1st Omega point. We are ending a major cycle in HF14; I Ching Hx11- The ending started this last Friday on Feb. 5, 2021 and goes to March 24, 2021. We are winding things down AS WE’VE KNOWN THEM for probably thousands of years. I think everyone can feel it.

The only Alpha point in the Tzolkin is March 24 in HF26, I Ching 60 and goes to the 2nd Omega Point. It’s the beginning of the destruction.

2nd Omega point. It’s the end of the destruction and a NEW BEGINNING, better than ever life on the surface. This is the beginning of May 2021. It’s HF36, I Ching Hx33.

The 20 Tribes of Time Attributes

Today is Red 6 Skywalker. We are in the WHITE CHROMATIC, a signal kin, 4D time portal located south of the equator. This chromatic are the fingers on the LEFT TRUTH HAND ✋️.


  • Right Fire hand 5 fingers, 5 clans
  • Right Blood Foot 5 toes, 5 clans
  • Left Truth hand 5 fingers, 5 clans
  • Left SKY foot, 5 toes, 5.clans.

THE 20 TRIBES OF TIME ARE DNA AMINO ACID PROTEINS. They are our bodies AS TIME. You heard it here first and I get to ne crazy for it.

This is my paradigm shifting info. that needs to go worldwide for humanity. Our bodies are time itself which gives us massive power over our own lives.

The 20 amino acids control universal attributes for all DNA LIFE FORMS.

  • Dragon is nurturing/birth. Very female
  • Wind is communication/spirit
  • Night is INTUITION/sleeping/dreaming in our little mammal nest.
  • Seed is FOCUS with INTENTION
  • Serpent is SEX/survival/reproduction
  • Worldbridger is CHANGE/death
  • Hand is Accomplishment
  • Star is Beauty/glowing
  • Moon is UNIVERSAL FEELINGS. Humans will always have emotions. No machine has real emotions bc it has no soul.
  • Dog is Christ, LOVE, LOYALTY, The god, dogs.
  • Human is FREEWILL
  • Skywalker is EXPLORATION, Curiosity, PROPHECY. On the move.
  • Wizard is the goddess, RECEPTIVE female, magic, cats.
  • Eagle is VISION
  • Warrior is INTELLIGENCE
  • Earth is SYNCHRONICITY balance between cosmic navigation and Earth nature
  • Mirror is REFLECTION/meditation

These attributes are LIGHT. Their opposites are shadow. Ehat the opposites ARE is debatable and we should do that.

But this is who humans are as time and we will keep evolving because we are ONE with Christ consciousness, the Creator and ruler of our Local Universe, not tech, and not A.I. We use Machines, we will never be machines in order to eliminate the female. That’s the purpose of A.I.; to make the entire system male which means everything will die in violent cataclysm. It’s Luciferian. We are all both female and male ND we need both attributes in balance.

A Refresher on the Tzolkin Clans

I organized this better for you of you want to look at it again. This is also how the 4D Earth Holon lines up as well as far as position on the planet. The Polar kin time portals are at the N. Pole and then on down the earth as far as latitude vertically.

The Tzolkin Clans

Don’t confuse this with 3D ICHING hexagram locations on earth. The dynamic starts to get complicated but 3D Astrology merges exactly with the Mayan Oracle. Have an astrologer do your chart and then I can do a Mayan Oracle chart. Then you map synchronicity every day.

Which Clan are you in? As Red Skywalker I am in the Truth Clan which is obvious by the way I write on here. Also notice your Chromatic on the top line. These colors form the aurora borealis which is the light emanation of the Tzolkin. Starting from the left, the Yellow chromatic is led by Yellow Sun whose job is enlightenment and Christ consciousness. All the tribes below follow their lead.

Red Chromatic is heavily about DNA evolution, blood memory, survival and Maldekian karma. The Red Serpent Reptilian people are a force to be reckoned with, strong leaders and not all bad. Only some went rogue. Their mediating planet is an asteroid belt so…nothing is easy here. The tribes below follow their lead. White World Bridger more than the other ones below have struggles with Maldekian karma from the blow up.

White Chromatic is led by Mercury, White Dog, love and loyalty. Our standards of conduct are ridiculous. There is no way everyone can please us so we should not expect it. We are a different sort with a mission on the planet, usually introverts but end up in the public eye leading. We seem like freaks, very gifted, all 5 of those tribes, but we love our work. Don’t expect us to mince words. We already compromise constantly on this energy compressed planet.

The Blue chromatic people are indomitable and intelligent with magnificent vision. Blue Eagle from Jupiter leads and sets the tone for the Vision. These are the outer planet tribes; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They are in a shake-up right now with the cosmic-solar cycle changes. Their atmospheres and storms are reversing. I don’t really want to think about what that might mean. The sky seems to be falling in the sky clan.

The clan TIME PORTALS are positioned on the planet at specific latitudes of 60°N, 30°N, 0°Equator, 30°S, and 60°S. Then earth is split into 8 plates over which the 64 I Ching Hexagrams are distributed 8 to a plate.

This also applies to positions on the body that relate to the chakras

The number on the hexagrams add up to 260 vertically and diagonally to pulse EXACTLY with the Tzolkin 260-day cycle. In this way, the solar cycle of 365 days and the Tzolkin cycle of 260 days sprocket exactly to keep the hologram in the Matrix aligned, thus our double strand DNA moving past-present at the same time in every cell of our bodies and IN THE EARTH. This is the synchronized movement of our own BODY HOLON and the EARTH HOLON. The issue right now though is, the earth is changing so quickly I can barely keep up. I can monitor the body and the interplanetary one though.

  • Polar is Crown of the head,
  • Cardinal is throat chakra,
  • Core is Heart chakra,
  • Signal is Solar Plexus chakra,
  • Gateway is Root chakra

The Fire Clan (Empath, Intuitive, and Psychic Info. Focused)

  • Yellow Sun-Polar
  • Red Dragon-Cardinal
  • White Wind-Core
  • Blue Night-Signal
  • Yellow Seed-Gateway

The Blood Clan (Family and Ancestry Focused)

  • Red Serpent-Polar
  • White World-Bridger-Cardinal
  • Blue Hand-Core
  • Yellow Star-Signal
  • Red Moon-Gateway

The Truth Clan (Telling the Truth and Free Will Focused) We’re the least popular.

  • White Dog-Polar
  • Blue Monkey-Cardinal
  • Yellow Human-Core
  • Red Skywalker-Signal
  • White Wizard-Gateway

The Sky Clan-(Intelligent, Vision, and Rebellion Focused)

  • Blue Eagle-Polar
  • Yellow Warrior-Cardinal
  • Red Earth-Core
  • White Mirror-Signal
  • Blue Storm-Gateway
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