The 20 Tribes of Time Attributes

Today is Red 6 Skywalker. We are in the WHITE CHROMATIC, a signal kin, 4D time portal located south of the equator. This chromatic are the fingers on the LEFT TRUTH HAND ✋️.


  • Right Fire hand 5 fingers, 5 clans
  • Right Blood Foot 5 toes, 5 clans
  • Left Truth hand 5 fingers, 5 clans
  • Left SKY foot, 5 toes, 5.clans.

THE 20 TRIBES OF TIME ARE DNA AMINO ACID PROTEINS. They are our bodies AS TIME. You heard it here first and I get to ne crazy for it.

This is my paradigm shifting info. that needs to go worldwide for humanity. Our bodies are time itself which gives us massive power over our own lives.

The 20 amino acids control universal attributes for all DNA LIFE FORMS.

  • Dragon is nurturing/birth. Very female
  • Wind is communication/spirit
  • Night is INTUITION/sleeping/dreaming in our little mammal nest.
  • Seed is FOCUS with INTENTION
  • Serpent is SEX/survival/reproduction
  • Worldbridger is CHANGE/death
  • Hand is Accomplishment
  • Star is Beauty/glowing
  • Moon is UNIVERSAL FEELINGS. Humans will always have emotions. No machine has real emotions bc it has no soul.
  • Dog is Christ, LOVE, LOYALTY, The god, dogs.
  • Human is FREEWILL
  • Skywalker is EXPLORATION, Curiosity, PROPHECY. On the move.
  • Wizard is the goddess, RECEPTIVE female, magic, cats.
  • Eagle is VISION
  • Warrior is INTELLIGENCE
  • Earth is SYNCHRONICITY balance between cosmic navigation and Earth nature
  • Mirror is REFLECTION/meditation

These attributes are LIGHT. Their opposites are shadow. Ehat the opposites ARE is debatable and we should do that.

But this is who humans are as time and we will keep evolving because we are ONE with Christ consciousness, the Creator and ruler of our Local Universe, not tech, and not A.I. We use Machines, we will never be machines in order to eliminate the female. That’s the purpose of A.I.; to make the entire system male which means everything will die in violent cataclysm. It’s Luciferian. We are all both female and male ND we need both attributes in balance.

A Refresher on the Tzolkin Clans

I organized this better for you of you want to look at it again. This is also how the 4D Earth Holon lines up as well as far as position on the planet. The Polar kin time portals are at the N. Pole and then on down the earth as far as latitude vertically.

The Tzolkin Clans

Don’t confuse this with 3D ICHING hexagram locations on earth. The dynamic starts to get complicated but 3D Astrology merges exactly with the Mayan Oracle. Have an astrologer do your chart and then I can do a Mayan Oracle chart. Then you map synchronicity every day.

Which Clan are you in? As Red Skywalker I am in the Truth Clan which is obvious by the way I write on here. Also notice your Chromatic on the top line. These colors form the aurora borealis which is the light emanation of the Tzolkin. Starting from the left, the Yellow chromatic is led by Yellow Sun whose job is enlightenment and Christ consciousness. All the tribes below follow their lead.

Red Chromatic is heavily about DNA evolution, blood memory, survival and Maldekian karma. The Red Serpent Reptilian people are a force to be reckoned with, strong leaders and not all bad. Only some went rogue. Their mediating planet is an asteroid belt so…nothing is easy here. The tribes below follow their lead. White World Bridger more than the other ones below have struggles with Maldekian karma from the blow up.

White Chromatic is led by Mercury, White Dog, love and loyalty. Our standards of conduct are ridiculous. There is no way everyone can please us so we should not expect it. We are a different sort with a mission on the planet, usually introverts but end up in the public eye leading. We seem like freaks, very gifted, all 5 of those tribes, but we love our work. Don’t expect us to mince words. We already compromise constantly on this energy compressed planet.

The Blue chromatic people are indomitable and intelligent with magnificent vision. Blue Eagle from Jupiter leads and sets the tone for the Vision. These are the outer planet tribes; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They are in a shake-up right now with the cosmic-solar cycle changes. Their atmospheres and storms are reversing. I don’t really want to think about what that might mean. The sky seems to be falling in the sky clan.

The clan TIME PORTALS are positioned on the planet at specific latitudes of 60°N, 30°N, 0°Equator, 30°S, and 60°S. Then earth is split into 8 plates over which the 64 I Ching Hexagrams are distributed 8 to a plate.

This also applies to positions on the body that relate to the chakras

The number on the hexagrams add up to 260 vertically and diagonally to pulse EXACTLY with the Tzolkin 260-day cycle. In this way, the solar cycle of 365 days and the Tzolkin cycle of 260 days sprocket exactly to keep the hologram in the Matrix aligned, thus our double strand DNA moving past-present at the same time in every cell of our bodies and IN THE EARTH. This is the synchronized movement of our own BODY HOLON and the EARTH HOLON. The issue right now though is, the earth is changing so quickly I can barely keep up. I can monitor the body and the interplanetary one though.

  • Polar is Crown of the head,
  • Cardinal is throat chakra,
  • Core is Heart chakra,
  • Signal is Solar Plexus chakra,
  • Gateway is Root chakra

The Fire Clan (Empath, Intuitive, and Psychic Info. Focused)

  • Yellow Sun-Polar
  • Red Dragon-Cardinal
  • White Wind-Core
  • Blue Night-Signal
  • Yellow Seed-Gateway

The Blood Clan (Family and Ancestry Focused)

  • Red Serpent-Polar
  • White World-Bridger-Cardinal
  • Blue Hand-Core
  • Yellow Star-Signal
  • Red Moon-Gateway

The Truth Clan (Telling the Truth and Free Will Focused) We’re the least popular.

  • White Dog-Polar
  • Blue Monkey-Cardinal
  • Yellow Human-Core
  • Red Skywalker-Signal
  • White Wizard-Gateway

The Sky Clan-(Intelligent, Vision, and Rebellion Focused)

  • Blue Eagle-Polar
  • Yellow Warrior-Cardinal
  • Red Earth-Core
  • White Mirror-Signal
  • Blue Storm-Gateway

The Consciousness of the Sun by Rupert Sheldrake

I posted the full text on the previous post because I felt like it. It’s important information.

Rupert Sheldrake, Red 13 Dragon and crew.

Kevin McCarthy, a school teacher, pointed out that young children almost invariably draw the sun with a face and a smile. Its consciousness is not discussed but simply accepted. And the face has eyes: the Sun does not only emit light but also sees. Similar imagery of the Sun is found in all civilisations including Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, Rome, India, and in Christendom.

The link

On the other hand, since the seventeenth century, science has portrayed the universe as inanimate. The Sun is simply a star like other stars, burning up fuel. Celestial bodies, like all other bodies, are essentially mechanical. In modem scientific thought, the Sun cannot be conscious. The question does not even arise.

For materialists, our consciousness is nothing other than the activity of our brains. From this point of view, since consciousness is confined to human brains ( and is perhaps present to a lesser degree in higher animals) then neither the Sun nor the stars, nor the Earth, nor anything within it except man and perhaps some animals can have consciousness. The Sun, Gaia and indeed the entire universe cannot be conscious because they do not have brains.

The link

This is entirely ethnocentric and ludicrous IMO but par for the course with materialist 3D clenching science that hasn’t crawled out of the beaker yet. Lisa T.

Then there is THIS!!

The extraordinary dynamism of the Sun

The eleven year sun-spot cycles, linked to reversals of the magnetic polarity of the Sun are well known. But the sun has recently been found to reverberate, like a gong, to over a million pitches, each bouncing back and forth through the different layers of the interior of the Sun, with the resonance being determined by their pitch. As well as this extraordinarily complex spatio-temporal pattern of vibration, there are the oscillations, perturbations, and harmonics of the electromagnetic field associated with the phenomena on the surface of the Sun such as sun-spots. Magnetic storms on the sun are so intense that they can disrupt radio communications, cause homing pigeons to lose their way, and in other ways affect what happens on Earth.-THE LINK

Ok folks…THE TONES OF CREATION as Jose said, come through the sun. I need to get to work on Voume II of Time is DNA, The Tones of Creation. I may as well. Hardly anyone is following my blog or liking my posts. It’s a good thing my patients respect and appreciate me. I need to use my time wisely.

Nothing is Chance, Accident, Serendipity, Coincidence or Luck…Ever!

We live in a complex spacetime matrix of freewill choice. Nothing is planned but chosen en masse and organized into a thought form or event automatically depending on what is agreed upon, either unconsciously or consciously. It’s like an appointment you mentally agree to.

Obviously not everyone agrees to the same environment or events which is why there is much diversity on earth. If you don’t like something or someone you can always choose another direction. If you don’t understand that you are a lost spacetime traveler or a victim which is not in reality. Everything happens for a reason even you can’t see it yet.

Sometimes we’re choosing by default because we are unaware of the power of our own minds and feelings!! Maybe we don’t remember our dreams. Maybe we hate our bodies or are married to the wrong person. Lol. I hear that a lot in my office from the women, not the men.

Pay attention to your body and grounding. Where are you in space and why? To work, pay bills, buy stuff, drink, take care of kids, have sex, workout, watch sports, be social?

Watch out for media and movies that teach romantic Serendipity or similar. There is no such thing. Life has rhyme and reason but if you’re knocking around like a pinball in a pinball machine you’ll never figure it out. They don’t want you to figure it out bc then you would be NO PROFIT TO THEM. They know all about the matrix and they abuse its power…for now because we let them.

You have to sit still, be quiet, and make sure you are mindful and choosing, even if it is only 20 minutes a day by yourself.

Saturday Reading-The Earth Holon Is Busy

Today is Red 7 Resonant Dragon so the pulse in 4 and 5D is continuously circling. That increases the intensity of what is happening in 3D.

We enter a new HF61 today as we close in on the end of the 260-day cycle and are in a crisis last quarter Moon of the 13-Moon calendar. (See below) This is Planetary INPUT. Inform the flowering of manifestation as we move to Yellow 10 Planetary Seed over four days. I Ching Hx27 governs the earth pulse located at 60°South–180°East which is approximately pulsing with Yellow Seed Time Portal which is where we are headed IN TIME over 4 days. Synchronicity.That time portal is 60°S–165°E located in the S. Pacific, South of Australia.

We are in Stage IV, Ancient World History in the CA, past to present timeline in 4D. This is Hieratic Imperial. Unless, of course, you are able to meditate and sit in your Axis of the Eternal Present, your brain and spinal cord where you have no focus on the embodiment of your past and your future. Most of the time you can mentally sit in the eternal now which is REALITY. You’d be in 5D awareness, very psychic, healthy, no addiction, telepathic, and always able to see synchronicity. We can all do this. It’s the source of agelessness or at least really slowing it down.

The 5GForce to up level 3 and 4D is Blue 7 Resonant Storm-Kin59;

I channel in order to catalyze. Inspiring energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of magic.

The Dreamspell

Psi Bank Ionosphere

The amplitude has increased 11% at 12:30pm
The frequency is 7.3

Spaceweather Created by DNA Evolution in Our System from

The N.Polar Zone of the Tzolkin Psi Bank (the ionosphere) at the 4th layer has pivoted to the positive polarity with protons. Consequently the S. Polar zone lost frequency. It seems Earth’s poles are adjusting, at least in a minor way for now, to the new 25th solar cycle

Michigan has 44 ° and rain in January this week. Unheard of. All of our weather will turn opposite of what it has been in the past.

POLAR CAP ABSORPTION EVENT: Yesterday, Jan. 13th, Earth-orbiting satellites detected a pulse of energetic protons from the sun. When they hit Earth, a polar cap absorption event (PCA) occured:

Shortwave radio signals around the South Pole were abruptly attentuated. Why? Protons funneled by Earth’s magnetic field into the Antarctic atmosphere ionized the D-layer of the ionosphere. This disrupted the normal propagation of radio signals at frequencies below ~30 MHz.

The PCA lasted for hours and would have blacked out radio communications for any airplanes flying over the South Pole. PCAs (Principal Component Analysis efficient representation of the information in multiple time series (time series of gridded maps); are a bigger problem when they occur over the North Pole where “great circle” air traffic is busier. The time for *that* is northern summer when the North Pole is tipped toward the sun. More PCAs are in the offing as Solar Cycle 25 intensifies.

EMERGING SUNSPOTS (UPDATED): A phalanx of large sunspots is emerging over the sun’s eastern limb. This movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows them turning toward Earth on Jan 14th:

We knew they were coming. Their approach was heralded by strong helioseismic echoes from the farside of the sun shown on a few days ago.

Sunspot AR3190, on the left, is one of the biggest individual sunspots of Solar Cycle 25. Sunspot complex AR3191-92, on the right, is crackling with M-class solar flares. Soon, the explosions will be geoeffective as Earth enters the strike zone. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

DNA Evolution

All Zodiac Signs
We are mediated by NEPTUNE in 4D
  • Early today, a Sun-Saturn semi-sextile influence has a somewhat heavy feeling. We can find it challenging to enjoy ourselves thoroughly without a vague sense that we’re neglecting a responsibility.
  • As the day advances, we’re going in the opposite direction. It’s all too easy to feel caged in, and we tend to rebel against anything that ties us down.
  • A Venus-Uranus square presents a potential challenge or struggle.
  • Values and tastes may clash, and social activities could suffer as a result. We can feel torn between wanting closeness and freedom. Impulsive attractions to people and/or material goods can lead us astray. Some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness are possible themes in our relationships. It’s best to hold off on decision-making regarding finances, as there is a tendency to act on a whim rather than reason. We might feel discontent with our current pleasures or pastimes, and a change may be satisfying. It’s probably best to tame restlessness or avoid abrupt moves but consider our needs for growth and a change of pace.
  • The Last Quarter Moon occurs at 9:10 PM in Libra, and this phase of the Moon points to a possible crisis of consciousness. Libra is ruled by Venus (our Blue Monkey Antipode)
  • After basking in the awareness symbolized by the full light of the Moon at the time of last week’s Full Moon, we begin to see what works for us–and what doesn’t–in preparation for next week’s New Moon when something new is born again. It’s not the best time to start a significant project, but we might begin to finish up the details of whatever we conceived at the last New Moon. Ideally, we’re arriving at a more mature view of a project or situation.


There is always a breaking point crisis pulse at this half cycle. The 13-day Tzolkin wavespell is at a half cycle also with RESONANT TONE 7.
At day 7 of every 13-day cycle there are 6 days on either side of it. It pulses exactly with 3D today. This is 4D TIME!, evolution of our amino acids. Today is ancient Cysteine.

Every day, Our Bodies are Concurrently in the Past and the Future because our Minds are.

The Archetype for the Mayan Jaguar White Wizard Priestesses; Ixchel. The Mother of the GAP kin, the Loom of the 13 Moons. She is the Source of Life.
Look at her open hands receiving water, our emotion, our heart. Bless the Goddess. The archetype for Yellow Star is there also. So we see tribe 8, and tribe 9 archetype.

Until we drop that mental focus and meditate in the Axis of The Eternal Present-NOW-the brain and Spinal Cord, we vascillate between the two. I know I do. I love thinking about my ancestors and talking about them with my sister and my Mom. That’s ok! It’s good to honor our ancestors. Just don’t stay there and worship them or define your NOW by them. Create your own now and just thank them for their DNA. That is pure truth in TIME.

Your work needs to sit in the now if you can swing it. Your work needs to be a meditation from your center and it will stop your aging. I am that way in my office with patients.

Time is ETERNAL, timelessness is real as taught by the White Wizard Jaguar Priestess Tribe. HOWEVER, while we’re in the body, made for us by our parents, we have the gift of MEMORY, or REMEMBERING which is in all or our cells. This is recollection.

Map 33 in Earth Ascending.

The 3D hexagrams are in linear order on the left as we perceive time in space. Of course that is not how it manifests.

On the right are the 64 I Ching trigrams in the Franklin Square of 8. They add up to 260 adding up every line. It’s the Mayan HAAB, the sprocket of 260 with 365. on the left is SPACE. ON the right is TIME. We are space-time.

Chris Cross wrote some absolutely songs in the 70’s. He was big in my teenage years. Still a great artist. You don’t hear many great melodies anymore.

A Tzolkonic Description of the movement of the Sunspots in their Cyclical Periodicity

The Sunspots generate the auroras. The Psi Bank is monitored as emanations from Galactic Center, pulsed through Our Sun and then onto the 2 top layers of the Psi Bank (The Collective MIND of DNA) THAT IS THE TZOLKIN. Because of these cosmic cycles we can map the evolution of our DNA daily through the harmonic as the binary triplet configuration around the GAP kin, the Loom of Maya, our DNA from our mother’s that Is TIME, IS the EARTH, IS our bodies, IS the cosmos. Mind-Body-Spirit. Time is real because Mind is real.

Watch out for science media that says Time is an Illusion. They are saying that we don’t count and it’s dis-empowering. We totally count. They have an agenda and it’s not a good one. Mind, Spirit, Intention, and Feelings are LITERAL or you wouldn’t have a Body to knock around in. You created it with the cooperation of your parents because you intended it. Magic! Take care of yourself.

Among the Maya north of the equator the tool developed for recording the binary pulsation of the sunspots was the SACRED CALENDAR with its cycle of thirteen units repeated twenty time for a total of 260 days. (13:20) Sixteen of these Tzolkin cycles comprise an 11.3 year period, the time for one major binary sunspot cycle to complete itself.

I’m very sorry but no one else has this cycle timing correct. The Maya are at the top. I’ll just keep posting no matter what. Let the chips fall where they will.

The true nature of the Sun and Our Psi Bank According to the Maya. Map 30

As you look at the image on the right the pulse of the Tzolkin 4D harmonics to the 3D I Ching Hexagrams is;

  • Hx54-HF22 at the tropics
  • Hx12-HF52 at the tropics
  • Hx43-HF2 at the tropics
  • Hx21-HF53 at the tropics
  • Hx11-HF14 in the arctic North
  • Hx53-HF44 in the arctic North
  • Hx22-HF45 in the arctic South
  • Hx44-HF3 in the arctic South

I will include this dynamic on my daily posts as we hit the Harmonic and see what occurs psycho-culturally and in the biosphere.

“What is immediately striking is the the total movement of the sunspots as a perfect MIRROR of the COSMIC DYNAMIC, the binary crossover polarity pattern. Moving in binary pairs, beginning at the thirty-degree latitudes north and south of the solar equator, one spot is positively charged, the other negatively. Over a period that averages 11.3 years, these two binary spots slowly pulse inward until they meet at the solar equator. When this occurs there is a jump, the polarity is switched, and the spots, now in opposite place, begin their movement at thirty degrees north and south through another approximately 11.3 year cycle.

Though the complete cycle is about 22.6 years, it is at the 11.3 year crossover polarity points that the effects of the sunspots attain maximum effect in the earth’s magnetic field and upper atmosphere (as I post in the ScR reading daily). As the cycle runs its course, the outer radiation belt becomes saturated with negative solar electrons. Corresponding to the moment of crossover polarity, the over-saturated outer belt rains solar radiation down upon the earth. The most visible effect of this unique solar terrerrestrial synchronization is the manifestation of the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis in the vicinity of the north and south magnetic poles respectively.

Earth Ascending, page94-Map30

Translated into terrestrial terms, the 11.3 year sunspot cycle reversal represents a leap from the tropic/hieratic leaf to the arctic/shamanic zone. Psycho-culturally this event correspond to an infusion of shamanic AC currents into the temperate zones in exchange for a rush of hieratic CA current. Through such an exchange, amounting to a bio-psychic aurora, although it may go undetected, we do have resonant clues for where such occurrence might have been monitored and regulated in the earlier stage of history when knowledge through attunement was still a dominant mode.

The more I look at this and study it from all angles, it appears to me that the Source of OUR SUN are the Tzolkin TONES OF CREATION, 1-13. Light comes from sound. It’s a physics fact. The Sun’s light is powered by the Cosmic Tones. And what might the Source of Sound be?

Source is Galactic Center. Any science that does not express itself in a full understanding of COSMIC PATTERNS is not one to follow folks. We live in a Grand Universe, not just on a little planet with it’s little records over the past few hundred years in our little solar system.

The Maya left a record of Cosmic Cycles here and humans would be wise to listen to those of us who study it in this culture of fear-mongering and technology that can change the weather to their liking to manipulate us, and they do, for now.

We Have an Antipodal Anomaly/Enigma Today. Very Odd.

I mentioned this in today’s reading but I just checked every Tone 7 Resonant gateway in the Tzolkin. There are 20 of them and I had to go through all 260 gateways to check it.

The only two that have the antipode negative challenge as their 5GForce are today, Blue 7 Resonant Eagle Arginine, Kin 215 mediated by Jupiter. and Red 7 Resonant Serpent Serine, Kin 85 mediated by the asteroid belt karma.

Wow. There is 7Warrior mediated by Saturn as the Hidden Wisdom
And the trip over to Earth after the Maldek escape is right there with the World Bridgers. The beauty of this IS the Blue Hand People guiding us who were ancient Healers from all over our sector who settled on Earth with the Maldekians TO HELP after the catastrophe. That is a gorgeous guide power.

As we know, we have the story of the Eagle and the Serpent, Enlil and Enki as the Annunaki telling how it played out on Earth. Just type it into the search box on my home page; Annunaki, Enlil and Enki, Blue 7 Eagle, Red 7 Serpent etc. Michael Salla posted on this too so type his name in. If you want to understand gender disparity on earth and why people hate intelligent women, read my posts. It’s Maldekian karma.

I’ve never seen this before on the antipode. It’s extremely telling of the challenge narrative programmed into earth’s Psi Bank to be worked out through duality. This is also pulsing directly on my own family karma in a ginormous way; Maldek again, my Grandmother being Red 11 Spectral Serpent as well as 4 other people I knew!

But Tiamat/Maldek karma pulses on all of us. It’s the story of trouble on Earth starting with Atlantis which was near the Bermuda Triangle, 4D Time Portal for Yellow Warrior mediated by Saturn. So the story of the so-called Time-Thieves from Jupiter and Saturn is directly tied to our CHOICES on Maldek. We’re not totally victims here so I part with Jose on that. That said, we know much more about the Reptilians now than he did when he was alive because of Corey’s testimony. Corey’s birth gateway is also one of two resonant pulse gateways whose THEME is also the 5GForce and Occult Partner, White 7 Dog theme has itself as the 5GForce. The first is very negative, the latter is very positive, both resonant.

The other piece for Kin 85, Red 7 Serpent is that the I Ching 3D Hx 54 means “The Marrying Maiden/SUBORDINATE.” This is the 3D institution of Patriarchy and making the female subordinate through marriage. This can be seen as spousal abuse/dysfunction in the home which is generally unknown in the local universe. It’s unique to Earth. We have the Reptilians to thank for that. Then Jupiter and Saturn influence reinforced it.

The fact that The Tzolkin shows how our DNA comes through our mothers and is programmed by her is paramount to our evolution. Dr. Chavez was adamant on this too as he saw it in the DNA lines in the lab.

By trying to squash that and institute a transhumanist A.I. planet, they would succeed in killing the female which kills humanity and the soul. It’s Luciferian. Female and male are co-equal in the universe but the soul of the child comes through the mother and is woven on the loom of her body, say the Maya and every other ancient culture.

December 21, 2012 to December 21, 2022

It’s very important that we’re all Clear on this. It illuminates the 9 Lords of Time as amino acids (by my deduction) and explains them further. Also, the Ahau Kines from the White Wizard Jaguar Tribe, the Analog of Red Serpent are FEMALE. They were the Mayan priestesses. We’ve got to process all of this and mull it over. Feel free to ask questions or comment.

It’s been 10 years since the end of the last baktun (5125 years)
December 21, 2022, Winter Solstice is this Wednesday. Uranus, Mars, Earth and Jupiter.

August 13, 3113 B.C. to December 21, 2012 is the end of the baktun. It’s been 10 years since December 21, 2012.

3113+2012 = 5125. So we have started the new 5125 year cycle and we’re 10 years into it this winter solstice, Red 9 solar Earth.

People kept referring to the end of the cycle as the end of the world before 2012 because there was a worldwide glaciation that occurred over a couple days in 3114 B.C. It was cataclysmic. The 12,000 year cycle people lost in the old time warp worship that cataclysm and focus their minds on it. It’s not rational. It’s a good thing 8 billion of us DO NOT focus on a cataclysm because one of the things AWAKE humans know now is that whatever you focus your mind on you are creating. We are co-creators with All That Is.

What the end of the world means depends on how you define “world”. August 13, 3113 B.C was the beginning of the current cycle according to the Maya based on their astronomical calculations. It just ended exactly 10 years ago and we’re still here because we want to be and need to be. Not only that, our foresight has improved with science so that we can choose now. In addition, most humans are no longer in denial about the greed motivation of Church and State to lord their false rules over us. That could not be said of our human ancestors up to this point who had to start violent revolutions to gain an inch.

The Buddhist ☸️ Kali Yuga says we’re at the end of A world, not the end of THE WORLD. The Mayan calendar is as accurate as our atomic clock and it said we were at the end of a cycle. I’ve been tracking it and Earth Ascending for 32 years. It never said there would be a cataclysm.

The prophecy said that the 9 lords of time would return. What is that? What is a lord of time to the Maya? I remember the Ahau Kines in The Mayan Factor so I am looking at Chapter 6, page 131, The End of The Cycle. The Ahau Kines were the solar priests of the Maya, the White Wizard Jaguar priest or White Wizard. They are Maldekians and then Atlanteans on Earth. Ok, hold onto your hats…they were female priestesses, the Jaguar, the Goddess Ixchel.

The Mayan Factor beckons because it most precisely attunes the present moment to the harmonic reckonings of a larger, history-encompassing cycle that ended in 2012. And yet, this ending is most clearly NOT an ending but an invitation to ASCEND to an even more vast scale of operations.-pg. 132 (Someone in media please read this)

In order to accommodate the increased dissonance of frequency, wave adjustments are set off at the crystal core of the Earth until a new harmonic resonance of slightly higher frequency is attained, thus accommodating the dissonance and stabilizing at a new level of resonance.

The Mayan Factor, page 147

The acceleration of DNA through this beam is played out to the very last possible moment before a critical synchronization occurs. This synchronization, taking place at the peak of maximum acceleration and dissonant entropy, requires the interface of the infrastructure of DNA with the vibratory accommodations occurring through the self-organizing and self-healing processes of the Earth as whole field (or HOLON). To talk about the interface of the infrastructure of DNA with the vibratory accommodations of the Earth is to evoke the purified spiritual intentions of a synchronized collective of human beings who understand that their response-ability to the planet is taking precedence over all other allegiances and concerns at the particular time. Such an evocation is in the nature of a planetary mystery, a rite of passage that is a synergy hitherto scarcely suspected of force-fields into radiant manifestation. The Armageddon script is short-circuited, yet the possibility of a New Heaven and and New Earth is fully present.

(someone in media please read this)

The Mayan Factor Page 148

It’s obvious the guys on Ancient Aliens making episodes on the Maya, Ben, nor Corey have even read this nor have they read Jose Arguelles work even though he is the number one visionary regarding the Maya. He’s over the heads of most journalists, scientists, and media personalities apparently. He’s not over my head.

The end of the cycle is about us and all DNA manifestation on the earth and in our local system. As I post on my blog daily, it’s all one and we are working on a New Heaven and a New Earth day by day. We are now the lords of time. Time is DNA and we and all life on the planet are DNA.

If time is DNA what is the lord of the amino acids if we can stop religiously, culturally appropriating the meaning of a lord for a second?

Red Moon, maybe Red 9 Moon the first start codon for sequencing in the Harmonic. It starts a new SEQUENCE OF EVOLVING DNA in HF3, 4, and 5, I Ching Hx 44, 14, and 28.

  • Red 9 Moon Methionine (3:9:9:9)
  • White 10 Dog Aspartic Acid (Barbara DeAngelis, 3:10:10:10)
  • Blue 11 Monkey Asparagine (Jose A., 3:11:11:11) THIS is an ALPHA POINT synchronous with 33:11:1:131
  • Yellow 12 Human Glutamic Acid (Leonard Nimoy, 3:12:12:12)
  • Red 13 Skywalker Glutamine (me, 4:13:13:13)
  • White 1 Wizard Lysine (The Dali Lama, 4:14:1:14)
  • Blue 2 Eagle Asparagine (4:15:2:15)
  • Yellow 3 Warrior Histidine (4:16:3:16)
  • Red 4 Earth Phenylalanine (5:17:4:17)

These are 9 KEY amino acid gateways. These amino acid DNA gateways ARE time lords in all of us. Those of us born on these gateways are simply heralding it as servants to the light. Tone 3 and 13 are ten tones apart just as 2012 and 2022 are 10 years apart! The kin numbers are 120 kin apart. I wrote it on my whiteboard 5 years ago.

Lisa’s White board-5 years ago.

The interesting piece here is what follows; Kin 18; White 5 Overtone Mirror Tyrosine (Rosalind Franklin with her first photograph of DNA), Kin 19; Blue 6 Rhythmic Storm Tryptophan-Proline sub stop codon, and Kin 20; Yellow 7 Resonant Sun Stop Codon, (Corey’s Goode’s birth gateway). He is single-handedly bringing us direct information about the E.T. as no one else is. Others have had interaction with E.T., thousands of people, but no as he has and he’s willing to talk about it and create a production company introducing us to them.

This gateway, Yellow 7 Sun ends a 20-day Ahau cycle, the first one in the harmonic and it’s 5GForce is ITSELF. That means ALL dimensions are unified in THIS GATEWAY. It’s is the only gateway like that. Corey is a bringer of this new information no matter what you think of him. We are all still human.

Is the Optimal Set of Protein Amino Acids Purposed by Mind?

This is a great foundational paper to explain the ancient existence of the Tzolkin.

By Fazale Rana – October 9, 2019 As a graduate student and a postdoc, I spent countless hours in the lab doing research. Part of my work involved performing biochemical assays—laboratory procedures designed to measure the activities of biomolecules and biochemical systems. To get our assays to work properly, we had to carefully design and […]

Is the Optimal Set of Protein Amino Acids Purposed by a Mind?

These researchers uncovered more evidence that the twenty amino acids encoded by the genetic code possess the optimal set of physio-chemical properties. If not for these properties, it would not be possible for the cell to build proteins that could support the wide range of activities required to sustain living systems. This insight gives us important perspective into the structure-function relationships of proteins. It also has theological significance, adding to the biochemical case for a Creator.

Research has revealed that the set of amino acids used to build proteins is universal. In other words, the proteins found in every organism on Earth are made up of the same canonical set.
Biochemists have long wondered: Why these 20 amino acids?
In the early 1980s biochemists discovered that an exquisite molecular rationale underpins the amino acid set used to make proteins.2 Every aspect of amino acid structure has to be precisely the way it is for life to be possible. On top of that, biochemists concluded that the set of 20 amino acids possesses the “just-right” physical and chemical properties that evenly and uniformly vary across a broad range of size, charge, and hydrophobicity (water resistance). In fact, it appears as if the amino acids selected for proteins seem to form a uniquely optimal set of 20 amino acids compared to random sets of amino acids.3

The Link

The Mayan count of days, count of kin, and the count of amino acids IS the universal software program of intelligent design from galactic center or Hunab Ku in Maya or God as the Christians say.

There is Mind all right, universal patterns that are exponential and exact, full of destiny and free will and a type of theocracy that puts earths cycles and the evolution of humans at the center of a multidimensional drama of cosmic proportions.

Our ancestry is from the galaxy, the stars, the planets and at the Center of it is an Eternal Son who goes by many names but is known Universe wide as our best friend, loyal, and pure of heart. He belongs to no, one galaxy, planet, species, or people but an intelligent Grand Universe.

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