HF45 Spec’d Out; Sat., Sun., Mon., Tuesday Coming UP

Here’s the deal;

  • 3D, 45:17:8:177 Coordinate. 6, 7, 8, 9 is there quite a bit as you add things up
  • 572Hz frequency
  • I Ching 22-GRACE
  • Earth Holon location, 60 degrees S–180 degrees W
  • Stage III, Ancient World History focus on the CA, Past to present strand of our DNA
  • This is a spectral matrix (Tone 11) where we are self-regulating the universal fire of LIBERATION
  • The harmonic begins with Red 8 Galactic Earth. This is Kin 177. On 11/11/22 this was 11:11:11:11. Look at the synchronicity with the alignments with I Ching 22!!

In this HF we have Red 8 Earth, White 9 Mirror, Blue 10 Storm and Yellow 11 Sun. So we are on the left side of the body starting at the left neck, to left eye, to left top of the head over the right top of the head. That’s where the evolution flows in 3D.

The amino acids are phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and a stop codon AS THEMES. Each oracle has a total of 5 amino acids each day. These planets are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Pluto again. These are brain transforming amino acids so as usual, adjust to the Psi Bank ScR.

I have marked, Red 4 Dragon is the 5GForce for Blue 10 Planetary Storm hitting on MONDAY. I also noted that the antipode for that day is Red 10 Planetary Moon that hit on 3/24/23. Now let’s go back to that day. It’s Kin 49 in HF13; This begins the end of everything according to Jose.

This is a switchover pivot point in the harmonic where the binary triplet configuration and binary polarity switch from one side to the other. What does that mean for us? Events and people around us will evince and embody a time reversal, you may have deja vu, the vibes may feel familiar or you may have awareness that you didn’t before. The pulsing goes back and forth all the time between past and future.


Once we hit HF36 we were on the OMEGA END POINT. In HF36 we hit RFK birth oracle, his father, Red 11 Spectral Dragon. This pulses on the ALPHA POINT 33:11:1:131. Here we see how the DNA really is time passing a torch to the child. It’s not physical DNA but DNA AS TIME. It’s EPIGENETIC, NOT GENETIC. This is an important new idea given to us by Bruce Lipton’s work, White 13 Cosmic Worldbridger, my direct analog, as is Dr. Greer who just spoke at the David Grusch hearing.

We just passed the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point on Red 4 Skywalker 3 days ago when I posted the Spaceweather.com post about the Sun breaking records and the astrophysicists being mystified by what is happening. That was predictable from a TSR perspective; N. Pole, Plate II, 60-90 degrees N. 225-270 degrees E.

We are now at the end of HF44 today,7/28/23 and we just went through a MAJOR real disclosure in the government.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 7/29/23 we hit then next Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point, Plate VI, 60-90degrees S-180-225 degrees East at the S. Pole. We will be in the S. Polar Zone in 4D.

The 5GForce for Monday, Blue 10 Planetary Storm is Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon, the beginning of Infinity, the Central Axis of the Harmonic. This is the space that makes possible the transformational dynamic of the crossover polarity seen on page 32 of Earth Ascending,

Let’s see what events and people come forward but it is still essential that for this thing to come out peacefully, that each person meditate from their center point, open the pineal gland and be sure you know where you are in your grounding and what you want for your life and your place in humanity. That will change how the next 4 days unfold and how the earth fares.

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