Attributes of a Tone 10, Manifested Planetary Human

Yellow Human Ripens MAGIC (Creativity or Synchronicity) into FREE-WILL. Tone 10 acknowledges PURPOSE on the planet. Everyone has a positive role to play. That puts you on the AC Timeline; Aboriginal Continuity.

What’s the opposite that we will see the 12:60 folks doing? They are bored and habitual and happy with that. They feel like prisoners to mainstream media, government, bosses, marriage, duties. They are not free and don’t believe in it or won’t take steps to free themselves. As far as purpose, they don’t know themselves well enough to feel or intuit their purpose, even though they could if they’d work at it.

Kin who are in 12:60 need to meditate and get with nature…asap. Their frequency is too low to match the earth changes.

I Perfect in order to influence. Producing Wisdom I seal the process of Free-Will with the planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Universal fire. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

1. No solid waste production made possible by ethical production of goods.

2. We ingest mostly water and little food.

3. We grow some of our own food if possible.

4. We understand our own anatomy and that many amino acids are produced automatically in the body. We don’t need to eat them.

5. The money system has changed so we can work at what is meaningful to us. There is no more slave labor.

6. We Interact with stellar ancestors and visitors here on earth normally. We start to mix in while we retain our human ways and adapt. Humans already here who are humanoid become aware of it, which is most of us.

7. It’s easy to take a trip to another planet.

8. There are no more governments as we know them today. Something else will come to fruition based on peace not war. Secret Space Program will no longer be secret and will function as peacekeeping not defense or offense.

9. Free energy. No more utility bills.

10. The Catholic Church will be gone, a dysfunctional relic of the past.

11. We are all aware of synchronicity in the Matrix. There is no more superstition, luck, change, coincidence or serendipity. It’s SYNCHRONICITY. We all use 13:20 and the 13 moon calendar.

12. Self-Healer

13. We feel light and love more than fear and shadow (cataclysm, apocalypse, loss and chaos)

That’s a start. Feel free to intuit your own and add them to the comments.

The Full Moon in Capricorn, exact at about 2:30 p.m. pulses on the Tzolkin Hidden Wisdom today which is 4Methionine or Red 4 Self-Existing Moon. We’re settling in to some frequency changes that have happened naturally and we are emotionally adjusting to them. The flow is either rough or smooth depending on how much we’re cooperating with the other energies around us. We can only change ourselves.

Our commitments to the outside world are evident with Yellow 10 Human and analog Blue 10 Hand. EARTH mediates today and we are facing some relationship realities that we’ve created because of our intentions and what we truly want whether we say it or not.

The Guide Power this morning is 10Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Sun so it’s another upload regarding which timeline we want to be on; AC or CA. AC brings the FUTURE into the present which is the theme of this post. Both timelines are the two strands of the DNA double helix but because our DNA is expanding now to more strands, we have a choice now of emphasis in our own bodies. Some believe our strands will jump from 2 to 12! I don’t know yet. I believe it will be 13 strands: 13:20. It cracks me up that these older New Age men keep staying on TWELVE and are scared to death to accept 13, even though it’s established fact that there are 13 Lunar cycles in each 365-day year, 28 days each.

Time is 100% synced to women’s bodies. That doesn’t mean we’ll run society and the earth into chaos as men have. They’re going to have to get over it and balance power with women

Antipode this afternoon is 10Glycine or White 10 Planetary Wind. Uranus is mediating and there is a Saturn-Uranus square. Saturn rules Capricorn (the full Moon) so there could be some confusion or challenge on one particular issue to bring you clarity.

The 5GForce is 4Leucine or Yellow 4 self-existing Star. Leucine, like glutamine makes the muscles strong and changes our DNA. It’s a good day for water and a work-out or setting that up as an intention.