The Binary Pulse of Time in Our DNA

I found this blog I posted last year. Check out my new byline on the header of the blog. I think I have my HOOK into people’s consciousness. It just needs to spread.

It’s the STRANDS of Time, not the hands of time. The hands of time are the hands on a clock. A clock is not time, it just approximately keeps track of solar time which only observes three dimensions. The clock is blind in other words. We, as humans, are not.

“From an ocean itself evolved from the stars, the crossover polarity dynamic of the double helix emerges; two currents of energy simultaneously processing information in opposite directions; two strands of information, the one containing the template of the other, a mere microscopic fragment–yet encompassing the pattern of the whole process of growth, evolution and universal order itself. Alive, therefore pulsing; a rhythmic counterpoint of negative and positive pulsations. Everything pulsing, dynamic and full.

And time, so completely a manifestation of this primal process is no different; a binary pulse, a back and forth sweep of vision, transformation and synthesis, the interweaving of aboriginal continuity (future into the present) and civilizational advance (the past into the present). (Lisa added parentheses content)

As a magnification of the binary triplet configuration exemplified in the primal pattern of DNA, time, the process of planetary hominization remains obedient to the fundamental principle of crossover polarity. With this simple image in mind, we may begin to probe beneath the conditioned words, the slogans, the competing ideologies, to the actualities of the holonomic process of planet earth. In so doing, we may discover that what we call history has been only a dramatic instance of transformation resulting from a moment of utter uniqueness in which humans as DNA, in crossing heaven and earth in themselves, jump-started the consciousness of the planet.”—

Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending page 66

Humans…jump-started the consciousness of the planet. We did it, not the E.T., not the Sun exactly, although it helped. We started it, we can keep it moving and evolving as free actors and we can improve this corner of the galaxy! Humans have great potential if we can trust ourselves and one another. And how do we do this? Through our MAGNIFICENT, superliminal BODIES. Your body IS TIME. Meditate on that and feel how super magnetic your QI is, focused by your mind and feelings.-Lisa T. Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

Remember, the Archtypes Left in Stone for Us by the Maya are Just SYMBOLS for our DNA woven by Our Mother in the Womb

The 20 amino acid proteins are:

  • Red Dragon IS Cysteine
  • White Wind IS Glycine
  • Blue Night IS Alanine
  • Yellow Seed IS Valine
  • Red Serpent IS Serine
  • White Worldbriger IS Threonine
  • Blue Hand IS Isoleucine
  • Yellow Star IS Leucine
  • Red Moon ISmethionine the Start Codon
  • White Dog IS Aspartic Acid
  • Blue Monkey IS Asparagine
  • Yellow Human IS Glutamic Acid
  • Red Skywalker IS Glutamine
  • White Wizard Jaguar IS Lysine
  • Blue Eagle IS Arginine
  • Yellow Warrior IS Histidine
  • Red Earth IS Phenylalanine
  • White Mirror IS Tyrosine
  • Blue Storm IS Tryptophan
  • Yellow Sun IS the Stop Codon and sub stop codon Proline 0=20. 0 is the Sun, our great star who birthed our solar system and Proline is 20 making all exponential in our DNA.

All of these amino acids make up every cell of our bodies and ALL DNA in our entire local system on all the planets. They are life and we are ONE in them, in us, as our bodies, every breath we take with all life, animal and plants that breathe. It is an eternal spiral of sacred life.

Blessings to humanity, all her creatures and our precious earth.

Take care of yourself and let us continue on as flesh and blood forever.

Lisa T.🙏

My Work on The Binary ELM Pulse in The Tzolkin

It would be good for you take a good look or review of this again. It’s great information. Also remember you can search on “Tzolkin Matrix Analysis” for even more stuff. You have to have your thinking cap on but it is far from boring.

The Sun RESPONDS to DNA Evolutionary Changes Within Our Entire Local System

The sun doesn’t force or intiate evolution, we do. Once we, and all evolving life in the system reach a tipping point in collective mindset, which is vast, then the Sun takes action. But it doesn’t act alone, independently, as though it’s a dictator king over the entire system. It is our precious star, our parent, from which all life was brought forth in coordination with the mother aetheric Sun that no one wants to talk about.

In our local system, see at the bottom that our manifested sun has an aetheric Mother and Father sun. Up top, there are the galaxies; galactic center and the mother and father, alpha and omega galaxy. Notice that Aetheric Mother Sun and Alpha Mother galaxy tones add up to 12, the number of women + J.C =13. Same with the males. The male tones add up to 14, the Hidden Wisdom. Fascinating.

It’s like the 12 women apostles who worked next to J.C. and who stayed with him after the male apostles all ran away in fear. 😱 The women stayed while he was tortured and died. That was written out of his-story and the books too. They are on page 1679 of The Urantia Book;

  • Susanna, the daughter of the former chazan of the Nazareth synagogue;
  • Joanna, the wife of Chuza, the steward of Herod Antipas
  • Elizabeth, the daughter of a wealthy Jew of Tiberias and Sepphoris
  • Martha, the elder sister of Andrew and Peter
  • Rachel, the sister-in-law of Jude, the Master’s brother in the flesh
  • Nasanta, the daughter of Elman, the Syrian physician
  • Milcha, a cousin of the Apostle Thomas
  • Ruth, the eldest daughter of Matthew Levi
  • Celta, the daughter of a Roman centurion
  • Agaman, a widow of Damascus
  • Mary Magdelene, J.C. friend from the town of Magdela
  • Rebecca, the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea

They were financially independent from the funds collected by Judas and kept organized by Matthew. Susanna and Joanna handled the money. This is astounding given the status of women in Jesus’ day and among the Jews. Read the passage for yourself online are This needs to be on billboards, plays, and art galleries all over the world to cause a much need ruckus.

Well, the full details are in The Urantia Book. Get ready to squirm if you’re sexist and completely uncomfortable with gender equity and sharing of power. They were authorized teachers directly by Christ.

The sun shares power. It doesn’t force anything. And it’s sentient.

Searching for A Universal New Year: The relevance of August 13th. By Rohaan Solare (my friend)

Back in the day when I had time to look into all of this. Now my focus is keeping up with the earth changes and keeping you posted. I don’t do this kind of thing these days. I can’t believe how much has changed in 2 years.

Monday Daily Reading-Yellow 11 Sun. The New Moon is on November 23, the day before Thanksgiving

Body Frequency

It appears to me, upon observation, that technically, tRNA sequencing always begins on Red Moon Methionine; the start codon. Count down 10 tribes of amino acid from the top. It stops at White Mirror, tyrosine in the brain pulsing to the left eye. It deposits the info there and the next day Blue Storm tryptophan which is a sub stop codon, PROLINE, crosses over to Yellow Sun which is the STOP CODON upload to galactic center about OUR STATUS as the web of life.

All DNA on the planet is included in this process that happens every 20 days on Yellow Sun kin. That’s a lot of information! And it’s processed through our Sun first before it goes onward.

Our sun is a type of holographic computer that WE PROGRAM. Not just humans, ALL Life on earth and I’m pretty sure all of our local system planet evolution also. Otherwise there wouldn’t be such synchronicity with the astrology.

Then, something new happens on Red Dragon starting at the top again on Tribe 1. It’s fascinating to meditate on. Dragon fire, grounding, primordial mother, blood. We can’t exist without the dragon fire in our body making us mortal with all of its considerable trouble. In Reiki we call it Rak Fire or grounding in chakra 1; sex, walking, mother, food. Remember that when you doubt your strong feeling and passion.

All DNA gets revved up like winding a top all the way through tribe 8, Yellow Star when we’ve harmonized and modified our QI a bit before we start a new sequence. Then tribe 9 is Red Moon.

That’s what I saw staring at the Tzolkin. It’s pretty interesting that the 3D revving lasts for 3 days on each galactic activation portal. Let’s ponder that when we hit the next gap kin that revs for 3days in 3D on Red 9 Serpent. It’s spinning its wheels on the I Ching hexagram that overlays the earth that is a DNA nucleotide.

Remember, each of the 65 kin on this Tzolkin are 4D in the earth time portal and 5D, fifth density, except for HF33. They are only HOOKED to 3D through the GAP kin DNA which I pointed out on the post yesterday. Life in physical truly is magical, especially becoming a mother and weaving our baby from the stars. Time is DNA.

As difficult as the human family is, and sometimes even tragic, it is a sacred opportunity to become a parent. Very magical and worth all of the struggle. The remedy is love which means listening quietly sometimes and saying nothing and being patient. Find teachable moments. Our children have to find those moments to teach us too.

Yellow 11 Spectral Sun STOP CODON

The 5 GForce is Yellow 3 Electric Sun, kin120

“I activate in order to enlighten. Bonding life I seal the matrix of universal fire with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of flowering. I am a polar kin. I establish the yellow galactic spectrum.”

Earth Frequency-ScR

The Q3 factor, the red line looks very irregular. I believe it’s a deeper layer closer to earth.
They are calling this 42 but at 5am EST the line is flat and back to normal. ? It was 42 yesterday for a couple hours.

The Yellow Sun 4D Time Portal is located at 60 degrees N–15 degrees W, NW o f the U.K. in the N. Atlantic. It is a polar kin.

This is the last day of 3D Hx22 located by Antarctica.

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by PLUTO pulsing 3x. Also pulsing are Mercury and Neptune in 5D

All Zodiac Signs
  • Lovely aspects for gaining a new perspective occur today. For one, Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto, improving our ability to see more layers of a situation. (Antipode White 11 Dog Mercury with our 3x pulse Pluto)
  • We might discover further information that gives us an edge or finally “see” the truth of a matter we’ve avoided. It’s a powerful time to look more deeply into a topic. We benefit from being patient and strategic in our decision-making and are willing to look beyond the surface of things. Conversations are probing, investigative, and meaningful, and we may come to an improved psychological understanding of our lives. It’s a good time to let go of something that has kept us bound or stuck in a difficult position.
  • For another, the Sun forms a trine with Neptune, encouraging a different perspective, although in a different way–instead of probing, we might take a step back from a situation to see it differently. (Our theme pulsing with the Red Dragon Hidden Wisdom)
  • This transit brings a fluid, graceful theme to the day. We readily access our intuition and can be moved to help, support, or give of ourselves. We see beauty in differences. We seek and find inspiration. We would do well to de-emphasize some of our material concerns or interests, at least temporarily. We’re also approaching a Venus-Jupiter transit that’s forgiving and generous.
  • The Moon is void from 5:42 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Leo at 7:49 AM EST.


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