What Are the Remaining Challenges of Quantum Computing?


It came to me yesterday that we need to be done with binary human tools hopefully within two years before the local Stargate opens in 2025.

Our brains are ascending, so our tools must as well so that we continue to control the tools we’ve made. They don’t control us. We must keep AI in its proper place. We created it.

To that end, all of our computing needs to move out of IChing oracle binary dualism dominated to Tzolkin Harmonic oracle multidimensional quantum dominated. Every phone and computer we use right now is based on binary code whose source is the IChing Oracle hexagrams. We’re past that. That’s why our civilization and us are glitching. Our minds are glitching.

The next leap in computing needs to come from the Mayan Oracle just as binary came from the IChing oracle.

Our proper DNA codes need to program our computing tools. It might not be obvious to the scientists, but since we are the creators of our tools, our DNA coding needs to be in the tools. Our correct DNA coding is in the Harmonic, so I’m on it with help.

What is the cosmic geometry on that? The hexagram is based on the hexagon from Saturn. The IChing is based on 6, the 6 line hexagram.

The Maya harmonic IS US. They say it in the video. It’s the truth. 260 qubit kin. I need to convert the harmonic to quantum language with help. We also need the lab work to upend sick care. And we also need the app to ground synchronicity so we end the mindf..k idea of coincidence, chance, luck, serendipity, and accidents.

Everything in our multidimensional matrix is CHOSEN by each individual first and then goes into a huge mind gestalt and is organized by destiny by the Harmonic Psi Bank. We are choosing as we go, day by day.

You did not come to this planet to be a victim and suffer. We are all co-creators with the Creator

The Crossover Polarity in the Tzolkin

I first posted this a year ago.

I’m working on illuminating the polarities in Table 3- The Crossover Polarity in “Time is DNA” page 75. Please note that these are harmonics not just kin if you open the book. Each Harmonic is either positive or negative and controls the spin or the strand that is moving in our tRNA. If I can come up with a definitive map we won’t be guessing at how EXACTLY the DNA spins INTO THE LIGHT BODY and stimulates the node. *sigh* More work. I need to reformat this table so it starts with HF1 ~HF65 so it spins inward the same way our bodies do toward the Central Axis of Timelessness, the CNS brain and spinal cord. Dancing stimulates it, spinning stimulates it.

The parts of the body are easy. Diagnosing where people have blockages is easy. You all know where your body hurts. My patients tell me all the time and put their fingers on it! But connecting that to the node point in the light body emanating from the CNS is not so easy.

Outcomes? If I or another trained practitioner stimulates the spot and the pain releases, it works! I actually do it all the time in my office intuitively, but people don’t like that. They want to know HOW you did it. Ok, then you’ll have to wait for me to parse it out. Anyway, I’m still busy and they just call it magic. Science doesn’t like anything called magic.

I love this song. Great groove.
All the archetypes on this cover are Egyptian (As in The Law of One). Just Sayin’

HF45 Spec’d Out; Sat., Sun., Mon., Tuesday Coming UP

Here’s the deal;

  • 3D, 45:17:8:177 Coordinate. 6, 7, 8, 9 is there quite a bit as you add things up
  • 572Hz frequency
  • I Ching 22-GRACE
  • Earth Holon location, 60 degrees S–180 degrees W
  • Stage III, Ancient World History focus on the CA, Past to present strand of our DNA
  • This is a spectral matrix (Tone 11) where we are self-regulating the universal fire of LIBERATION
  • The harmonic begins with Red 8 Galactic Earth. This is Kin 177. On 11/11/22 this was 11:11:11:11. Look at the synchronicity with the alignments with I Ching 22!!

In this HF we have Red 8 Earth, White 9 Mirror, Blue 10 Storm and Yellow 11 Sun. So we are on the left side of the body starting at the left neck, to left eye, to left top of the head over the right top of the head. That’s where the evolution flows in 3D.

The amino acids are phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and a stop codon AS THEMES. Each oracle has a total of 5 amino acids each day. These planets are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Pluto again. These are brain transforming amino acids so as usual, adjust to the Psi Bank ScR.

I have marked, Red 4 Dragon is the 5GForce for Blue 10 Planetary Storm hitting on MONDAY. I also noted that the antipode for that day is Red 10 Planetary Moon that hit on 3/24/23. Now let’s go back to that day. It’s Kin 49 in HF13; This begins the end of everything according to Jose.

This is a switchover pivot point in the harmonic where the binary triplet configuration and binary polarity switch from one side to the other. What does that mean for us? Events and people around us will evince and embody a time reversal, you may have deja vu, the vibes may feel familiar or you may have awareness that you didn’t before. The pulsing goes back and forth all the time between past and future.


Once we hit HF36 we were on the OMEGA END POINT. In HF36 we hit RFK birth oracle, his father, Red 11 Spectral Dragon. This pulses on the ALPHA POINT 33:11:1:131. Here we see how the DNA really is time passing a torch to the child. It’s not physical DNA but DNA AS TIME. It’s EPIGENETIC, NOT GENETIC. This is an important new idea given to us by Bruce Lipton’s work, White 13 Cosmic Worldbridger, my direct analog, as is Dr. Greer who just spoke at the David Grusch hearing.

We just passed the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point on Red 4 Skywalker 3 days ago when I posted the Spaceweather.com post about the Sun breaking records and the astrophysicists being mystified by what is happening. That was predictable from a TSR perspective; N. Pole, Plate II, 60-90 degrees N. 225-270 degrees E.

We are now at the end of HF44 today,7/28/23 and we just went through a MAJOR real disclosure in the government.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 7/29/23 we hit then next Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point, Plate VI, 60-90degrees S-180-225 degrees East at the S. Pole. We will be in the S. Polar Zone in 4D.

The 5GForce for Monday, Blue 10 Planetary Storm is Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon, the beginning of Infinity, the Central Axis of the Harmonic. This is the space that makes possible the transformational dynamic of the crossover polarity seen on page 32 of Earth Ascending,

Let’s see what events and people come forward but it is still essential that for this thing to come out peacefully, that each person meditate from their center point, open the pineal gland and be sure you know where you are in your grounding and what you want for your life and your place in humanity. That will change how the next 4 days unfold and how the earth fares.

Galactic Information Booth – The Psi Bank

This is another explanation of the Psi Bank, which is monitored by the Schumann Resonance ScR. The Tzolkin at the bottom is essentially a read out of the LIGHT SPECTRUM photons found if the auroras that are the light emanations of the Tzolkin. These are the Psi chrono units.

My Tzolkin analysis is already fairly complicated with regard to parsing out the DNA sequencing daily as the oracle.gateways. This is another layer of complication that I haven’t been willing to add. Nevertheless, it is accurate to the 13;20 coordinate that governs 🌎 earth.


Saturday 2/25/23 Spacetime Weather

🌎 The Earth Holon as the Eternal Now

The context of the Earth changes is 4 billion years. It’s been doing this for that long. Humans only arrived on scene 1 million years ago, approximately so we are a new species here. We need to calm down and LEARN about the earth and its ways so we can cooperate with all evolving life forms peacefully and continue to thrive here, not just survive and obey the edicts on the news as though it’s God.

The purpose of this section of my blog is not to fear monger cataclysm for the federal government or any other agency who wants to institute A.I. on Earth. You know I believe natural evolution will continue here and so must our bodies.

To achieve that through the earth changes, it’s important to know that our bodies and minds contain eternity, the eternal NOW, AS TIME, expressed in LIGHT AND COLOR in the auroras as the collective emanations of the etheric aura of all DNA forms. They are emanating our 52-day cycles. The Maya left these time patterns for us on Earth thousands of years ago.

  • The Red Light 52-day cycle is kin 1-52
  • The White Light 52-day cycle is kin 53-104
  • The Blue Light 52-day cycle is kin105-156
  • The Yellow Light 52-day cycle is kin 157-208
  • The Green Light 52-day cycle is kin 209-260

The Tzolkin IS TIME, as OUR BODIES and All DNA.

Every day happens all at once in one Gestalt of Time, which is Eternity. But because of evolution, we can see it in pieces. Because we see it in snippets, we believe it exists in pieces, like a day, but it does not. Every day is eternally a day and night, like the movie Groundhog Day, but without the time warp. As we change our minds and hearts, the time warp ends so that every day LOOKS AND FEELS different.

Time is ONE WHOLE, all of the time as the double strand DNA, the past, and the future, which are actually just partial projections of what we’ve created before.

As soon as today arrives, tomorrow is gone, so tomorrow IS TODAY. There is no “live” past, there is only now. We just have memories of events and feelings. The 3D pieces we see or have are only shadows of time. They aren’t alive.

Only DNA that has some form of breath is alive. Everything living breathes in its own way. It doesn’t breathe like animals, but it breathes.

There is no set future because of FREE WILL. The future is created based on what THE COLLECTIVE MIND wants, which I read all of the time and thus make predictions. But it’s never set in stone. No one can predict the future for sure. They only see their perspective from their point in time, but the collective is always changing its mind!! We are not of the same mi d as our ancestors when some fellow we know harps on that. We are US.

We can only see it in the Tzolkin as the 7th harmonic run, the axis of the eternal present, the Mystic Column that pulses to our CNS or brain and spine. It is kin 121-140, and I’ve posted on it continually. Just search on the Mystic Column in the search box, and more information will come up. And the GAP kin are the activation points on our spine for our eternal DNA, so heads up when those hit.

From NOAA spaceweather.com

Shock waves inside the CME accelerated protons (our DNA positive+charge) to nearly light speed, and they have already reached Earth.

Our planet’s magnetic field is funneling the particles toward the poles, where a second type of radio blackout is underway–a polar cap absorption (PCA) event. Airplanes flying over these regions may find that their shortwave radios won’t work due to the ionizing effect of infalling protons: map.

These are the 52-day light emanations as TIME; the Tzolkin, or count of days as evolution through the Loom of Maya from our mothers. They are different colors because they are different Hz frequencies of SOUND via The Tones of Creation 1-13. Light comes from sound. But what is the Source of sound?

The Psi Bank Magnetosphere ScR

Frequency is 7.94, and amplitude is 35

A CHAIN REACTION ON THE SUN: A magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR3229 erupted on Feb. 24th (1949 UTC), Friday, producing a chain reaction of events. First, the filament sliced through the sun’s atmosphere:

Its liftoff destabilized the sunspot, sparking a long duration M3-class solar flare (2030 UTC). The flare, in turn, ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, blacking out shortwave radio transmissions around the Pacific Ocean: map.

Next, a CME emerged from the blast site. Coronagraph images from SOHO show a lopsided halo with an Earth-directed component:

Type II solar radio emissions from the leading edge of the CME suggest a departure speed of 1200 km/s (2.7 million mph). The flank of the CME could reach Earth on Feb. 27th. NOAA analysts are modeling the storm cloud now, so stay tuned for a refined forecast.

That’s not all.

Synchronicity-What is earthquake light that is seen in Turkey before the massive jolt?



The earthquake lights occurred on 11-23-22, AND with this quake of 2-6-2023. They are the northern lights or the auroras, which are emanating from the magnetosphere, which is the Tzolkin Psi Bank in the cosmic web.

TIME is manifested SPACEtime for the purposes of evolution as DNA life forms. Our lessons wouldn’t be very valuable to us as muggles if it was all INVISIBLE. So to talk about it, I, we, use SYMBOLS to represent manifested thought forms and waveforms. All life around us is at the level of symbol representing the thought form and feeling that the thing is. What is real is mind and heart, thoughts and feelings in 4D and 5D. Then we see it because we and millions of others INTEND to. We are magical co-creators and could be much more mindful than we are about what we are creating.

Our eyesight relies on a certain wavelength to see things in 4D in TIME because our brains and spirituality are still quite low compared to other universe species. We need to see the matrix movie playout in front of us in order to learn from it.

Mayan symbols are representations of amino acids and hertz levels of sound, which is PHYSICS.

Synchronicity-Earthquake in Turkey Assessed per Cosmic Cycles


Cosmic Cycles

Today is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed. The 5GForce is #36, Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior.

7.9 Magnitude Earthquake. As of Tuesday the death toll is closing in on 8000 people. This in synchronicity with the antipode, White 10 Planetary World-Bridger or planetary death. The Guide Power is the same tribe as the 5GForce so this is significant. A SEED is a DNA packet. There is a new DNA seed packet of VALINE on an energetic spectrum being seeded here by the new timeline.

Corey Goode posted on Twitter that there was a strange, huge white light in the sky before the earthquake. I said.

“This was a big synchronicity according to the Mayan oracle. I believe it was a congruence of the 3D IChing hexagram 1 in that earth location and the Red Dragon 4D Time portal in the same location that caused a time quake in the earth’s timeline first in the cosmic web and then an earthquake in 3D.

Turkey’s coordinates are 38.9637° N, 35.2433° E. This is the Red Dragon TIME PORTAL and we are currently IN the Red Dragon 13-day cycle. The nucleotide is AAA Lysine which is the White Wizard Tribe, Maldek Karma and the goddess Ixchel.

This is in total synchronicity with what I posted about this morning. There is no bigger gender disparity on Earth than in that area of the world. Things are moving. The I Ching governing the area is I Ching Hx 1 which is located 30 degrees north, 30 degrees east!

This is a prehistoric timeline, Stage 1, the Deep Past, AC, aboriginal continuity, future into the present.

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