Synchronicity; This is how they hack HF33! The Netflix Documentary on Emanuela Orlani, “The Vatican Girl”

I believe The Vatican took her and kept her for their purposes, ultimately in Vatican City.

May 13, 1981, White 6 Dog, there was an attempted assassination on Pope John II by Mehmet Ali Aqca. He spoke of the Grey Wolves and the Bulgarians and said he had been hired to do the hit on the Pope by the KGB. All lies.

June 22, 1983, Yellow 9 Solar Sun in HF25, a 15-year-old girl who lives in Vatican City, in the Vatican with her family, disappears. The Pope is in Poland,  connected to the Polish trade union Solidarity Movement. Mafia money was laundered to be sent to fund Solidarity. He delivered it.

They said they wanted Ali Aqsa in exchange for Emanuela. They purposely aligned the assassination attempt with May 13, 1917, White 7 Dog, Fatima, the date of a prophecy that there would be an attempt on the Popes’ life. I believe the Vatican set this up for superstitious religious so they would accuse Aqsa.

The Italian secret service decision was “No. This has nothing to do with international terrorism or Fatima prophecy. They are hiding a secret in the Vatican.”

Emanuela Orlani, born 1/14/1968, White 4 World Bridger, kidnapped 2 years after the assassination attempt is used as a blackmail pawn between the Vatican and the Italian mob, for money owed to them by the Vatican that the Pope gave to the the Polish Solidarity Movement. The money was laundered so the Pope could get away with it. It was done by Roberto Calvi, head of Banco Ambrosiano, a Catholic bank related to Vatican Bank and he handled the money laundering. He was anti-communist and eventually a scapegoat. Calvi was then murdered but they tried to set it up as a suicide. upon investigation, it was obvious that it was a murder.

July 20, 1983, Yellow 11 Spectral Star, about one month later, is the date that her family first hear from a stranger, and the plan is made clear. They want to swap the assassin Aqsa with Emanuela, or they will kill her. You can see by the image below that the timing of this blackmail threat was a hack of HF33. Anyone who moves energy in Yellow 11 Star (Yuja Wang) is moving the most powerful 5th density energy by their own intention. The vibratory frequency of the female, sex, and music are the strongest on the planet so if you can tie your own intention to one of those, it has a good chance of being manifested through implicate order because there is no 3D governance over the next 4 days.

This date, when they suggest blackmail on Yellow 11 Star, is right in the mystic column, the day before HF33! They kidnapped her on Yellow 9 Solar Sun at the end of HF30 right before the mystic column, Red 4 Dragon.

They keep investigating it which you can see on the show if you watch it. 2016, Vatileaks; the leak of secret Vatican documents on corruption and financial mismanagement. It was a battle with the journalists. Investigators within the Vatican tried to create lies. They want complete secrecy. Priest of prefecture of economic affairs got into a safe and stole secret documents showing connections with the Masons.

There was a secret dossier, 197 pages on Emanuela on Italian soil and a folder with document dated March 28, 1998 which is Red 3 Moon, the analog of White 3 Dog which is the birth gateway of J.C. That is a very powerful kin next to White 13 Dog in HF33.

Cardinal Lorenzo Antonneti knew what happened the whole time. He was listing expenses for the removal of her to London, to live in London, and then to bring her back to Vatican City. No mention of whether she was dead or alive.

Costs were covered by the Vatican, in London, 1993 TO 1997 while while she was 25-29 living at. 176 Clapham Rd at a cost of 8 million lyra. It was in a youth hostel owned by Father Sacalabrini. He had a very strong connection to Vatican. They found nothing. 21 million lyra was spent for her transfer back to the Vatican. The Pope said to a relative that “she was in heaven.” There is still no proof that she died and he offered none, yet he had the gaul to say that.

Man Who Shot Pope in 1981 Is Freed on January 18, 2010, YELLOW 11 SPECTRAL SUN!!! Synchronicity. However, no one knows what happened to Emanuela Orlani.

So I turned to Yellow 11 Sun in HF45 of my Tzolkin, and there is 11 Sun at the bottom, but yesterday I had just put sticky notes there because Blue 10 Storm is the day before it and has the 5gforce of Red 4 Dragon which heads up the central Mystic column where there is no ELM or binary and HF33 is right in the center. The antipode of Blue 10 Storm was 3 days ago when I figured this out; 3/24/23. Major synchronicity.

2018, in a white envelope, it said,  “If you want to find Emanuela, search for where the angel is watching.”  The Vatican owned a cemetery called  Teutonic. They dug it up on July 11, 2019, Blue 12 Storm. They opened the tomb, and it was empty. What was they purpose of this? Teutonic means related to the German people. German Nazis and the Vatican are considered the Time Thieves, and are intertwined with Hitler being a Catholic from his childhood. The Catholics have a very mixed history with the Nazis and many priests actually helped hide Jews during WWII. But the Nazi party was started in very Catholic Munich, Germany. The short of it is that there is a strong connection between the Vatican, the Nazi party, and German Catholicism.

As we move into more modern times, It came to light that a Cardinal very close to the pope bothered her with sexual advances in the Vatican Garden back in 1982. She confided in a friend in 1982 but her friend never said anything until now. She was a minor, so legally, it would be considered pedophilia. She would have never told her family that a Cardinal bothered her.  Her friend very strongly felt it had to do with sexual advances. It’s in the documentary.

2023-There is no proof of where she is, alive or dead. My sight says she lives in the Vatican as “The Vatican Wife” either with one man or passed around between the men probably to deal with the sexual predatory instinct, to quell it being visited on children? I have a friend who spent quite a bit of time in Italy, and she said the men are very sexist and predatory, if I went there I should be careful.

My experience with a straight Catholic priest was the same. He hit on every woman in the parish and felt we had a duty to service him. He was despised by the local priests, I found out at a job interview, because they knew what he was doing and told me. It’s all in my book, Healer. I was married at the time, and he knew it, yet did his best to have an affair with me. There were scads of synchronicity around it. I pushed him away. The Grand Rapids Diocese got an 8 page report out of me and I quit. Another parish wanted to hire me for a big job and I practically spit in their face. I want nothing to do with the Catholic Church and feel the U.N. should disband it as a criminal organization.

They moved him to a new parish where he did the same thing with the music director. Then he got ill and died. The priest was Red 11 Serpent, at the head of my inverse harmonic. The inverse harmonic energy is real. It contains your Hidden Wisdom, subconscious programming, reason for incarnating to the planet to face something down.

Synchronicity is real and we all need to use it in Light, not in shadow as these patriarchal institutions have to drive a wedge between women and men, families and their children, and humans and the earth.

Today’s gateway

Planes and Ships Do Disappear… in the Bermuda Triangle. It’s in the Yellow Warrior 4D Time Portal

Christopher Columbus saw the white lights mentioned at the end of this video, as noted in his journal. They are a type of Aurora from the Psi Bank, the etheric MIND of earth that is time.

December 5, 1945, when the 5 bombers vanished. Saturn, Venus, Mars, and Maldek karma

The coordinate of the Bermuda Triangle portal is 25°N–71°W. These are the military coordinates, not mine, and the triangle is a vast area, I Ching Hx56 as a matter of fact, HF40. It’s an Alpha Point. I’ve blogged on alpha and omega points a lot. You just have to search on it and read it to understand.🧐🤓. The Stop Codon is the overarch nucleotide, it starts a new 52-day cycle, and a new Red Earth 13-day cycle, the power of navigation,

The exact coordinates of the Yellow Warrior 4D Time Portal are 30°N-‐60°W. Do you see how close that is to the Triangle coordinates?

But the disappearance date of 12/5/45 was in HF44, IChing53. This is one of my least favorite harmonics as it’s headed up by Red 4 Skywalker. I’ve had a parade of traitors in this time period in 3D come through my office and challenge me, fight me, or disrespect me. I believe it’s past life stuff from Maldek. 7Warrior is the last day in this harmonic,

As I looked at the 4D earth holon, the Bermuda Triangle lies at and joins the corners of four 4D time portals; Blue Eagle, Yellow Warrior, Yellow Human, and Blue Monkey. Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Earth. The timeweather for all four of these are in play here; karma and dharma.

If you look at the vortice point where all 4 corners cross in the Atlantic, it’s the triangle…possibly. Some ancient alien theorists think it’s the previous location of Atlantis, and there is still tech down there, causing time anomalies. Maybe. Someone should dive down to check. The U.S. Navy has checked out a pyramid down there. See my post link below.

If that is the anomaly, maybe when the karma in time that we caused in Atlantis is remedied, the portal will stop pulsing in an exaggerated manner.✋️ We need to learn that the sooner we fix the wrong action while it’s still fresh in time/memory, the better. When it starts sitting in the deep past, it becomes a bigger problem. We all know this from having an extended and immediate family.

The actual time portals for these tribes are pinpoint areas IN TIME, not the entire section of Earth. The 3D hexagrams do cover the plates of the earth. I’m still not sure how the time portals interact with the hexagrams. It’s geomancy, an ancient art.

Here is my post from January 2021. I just saw it. I had completely forgotten about it. Synchronicity. You might also search on time portals on this blog.

Bermuda Triangle Time Portal Pyramid is Being Investigated by the U.S. Navy

Tzolkin Matrix Analysis of Malaysian Flight MH370, the Plane That Disappeared But No 3D Evidence was ever Found, No Wreckage, no Bodies

I watched this last night. It is a very good documentary.

I won’t spoil this for you by listing the three HYPOTHESES that various investigative journalists came up with. They are good, though, but they never make it to the theory stage, much less proof.

The official narrative is spun to a hard char, of course!, by government authorities, which is highly suspicious.

The very intelligent people who come up with these hypotheses are attacked viciously. Humans are something. I can only imagine how I’d be treated regarding my time hypothesis if anyone ever paid attention to it. Maybe I don’t want them to?

There is no physical evidence left of anything having to do with the flight to prove that it blew up, which is nuts. I would be suspect of anything they say they found now as they’re professional at faking.

There is no evidence that it blew up at all! I will tell you that much. But as you watch the movie, they sure try. One woman thought she had found a debris field in the South China Sea. Nothing came of it.

Now here are the Tzolkonic facts. I am not putting forward a hypothesis. I’m just reporting facts of THE TIME and the DAY and SPACETIME from a Tzolkin perspective. The synchronicity is profound.

  • 239 people; 12 crew and 227 passengers, the plane, and all the cargo on board disappeared without any physical trace on March 7, 2014, which was Yellow 11 Spectral (ghost) Star, KIN 128; HF32. The number of passengers adds up to 11, the tone is 11 and the coordinates pulsing on that day are 11:11
  • This is the kin right before HF33 which is the only harmonic with no 3D governance. There is no I⁰Ching Hx overarching evolution in this harmonic. These days do exist in time but they are IMPLICATE TIME, NOT EXPLICATE 3D manifested Time. The flight took off in this TIME CONTEXT. 😳
  • It was a red-eye flight and was supposed to land in Beijing, China on March 8, 2014, Red 12 Crystal Moon in HF33, no 3D governance. 4D Time only in 3D and 4D. HF33 is basically a multidimensional harmonic.
  • The location of the disappearance was in the White Wind 4D Time portal; Equator–75°E by the Maldive Islands off the coast of India near Malaysia. This was YESTERDAY, White 3 Wind by the way, the day I was watching it. Synchronicity big time!
  • This is I Ching Hx13, 3D portal in HF32
  • This is also the portal for 1-11-2017 which is coordinate 11:11:1.
  • The 5gforce was Yellow 3 Electric Human.
  • The plane was a Boeing 777 which adds up to the master number 21
  • MH370; M is a 13. H is an 8. That adds to 21, +370 is a 10 = 31. 31 is the 11th prime number. It is a super prime and a self prime (after 3, 5, and 7), as no integer added up to its base 10 digits results in 31. It shares two properties with 13, which is its dual empire and permutable prime. 31 is also a primordial prime, like its twin prime, 29.
  • So far, we have SPECTRAL, dissolving, ghost-like Tone 11 frontwards, backward, and all around!
  • In the movie, after all the hypotheses are brought forward, and are riveting, we end looking at the South China Sea again which was the programmed flight path from Malaysia to China.
  • This explains NATO AWACS planes that some think were trying to talk down the plane. If the military would admit it, why?
  • The AWACS are Air Force. They know all about the time portals and guard them closely with remote viewing but would never admit it. That would be major disclosure, which a whistle-blower did with Corey Goode.
  • Does secretive NATO and the U.S. Air Force have a reason to keep commercial flights away from a Time portal headed for HF33 where it could easily time travel in the cosmic web to a destination anywhere? 😉 They’ve been doing it for 100 years. Maybe to the ICC with cargo that is used for spying, which was supposed to land in China. It’s in the movie. That cargo was on board and was not checked in. The U.S. had every reason to make sure that cargo did not arrive in China with the 3 Russian men on board who were possibly allies with China, making sure this was delivered. God only knows where it is now.

AWACS is a technology featuring long-range radar surveillance and control centre for air defense. It is designed to detect aircraft, ships, vehicles, missiles, and other incoming projectiles. It is highly capable of jamming communication systems of any airline.

The military nor NATO will ever disclose whether they were trying to stop or subvert MH370 or why, ON THIS DAY AND AT this time. The plane disappeared.

Time is ART

This is “The Mystery of the Disappearing Plane” Music

Understanding the Binary Triplet Configuration as the Foundation of Evolution on Earth

I’m posting this again for your review. Maybe it would help to realize that the layout and patterns of the earth are one with your body. They are analogous, both have weather and seasons and are psychic, meaning MIND controlled which is etheric, which is TIME. Don’t 3D clench on this with your jaw. No talismans.

Psi Bank is the magnetosphere, the mind of Earth. Psy chic is the intuitive mind of humans. Psi means mind but psyche means Intuition in Greek. Look it up.

Earth Ascending Page 37, Map 4 by Jose Arguelles

This is a graphic of the earth’s psi bank Matrix generated as a Binary resonance of Earth’s Radiation Belts. Side by side you can see it in our DNA double helix and the earth’s binary structure. Note the + and – and tags on the earth radiation belts which interact inward to outward as the Psi Bank; Earth’s conscious Mind. You’re not going to hear that from any scientist.

The darker inward line circles the earth. Then we have;

  1. Earth’s atmosphere
  2. The positive Galactic Proton Belt
  3. The Psi Bank Matrix as Solar-Galactic Binary Resonance Field (Like the Interplanetary Holon I post)
  4. The Negative Solar Electron Belt. There is a Magnetopause (Magnetosphere) all the way around the outside of this belt. The Magnetosphere is the ELM around Earth
  5. The Shock Front

Bear with me here. This merges with astronomy-physics posts and it includes the illumination of the BODY HOLON VIA DNA EVOLUTION and the EARTH HOLON via geomancy.

The inner belt, consisting of trapped positive cosmic radiation, protons, and the outer of trapped negative solar radiation, electrons, provides the binary field for the rudimentary psi bank matrix. The positive/negative polarities of both radiation and psi belts are sensitized to the north/south poles of the geomagnetic (gravitational) field. The simple helical structure of the psi bank matrix as the bio psychic resonance field of planet earth is obviously attuned to or resonant with the primary double helix configuration governing the operation of the genetic code. This is to be expected since the spectrum of the bio psychic resonance fields runs the gamut from the most simple cellular organism to the most refined levels of mental activity.”-Earth ascending pg. 36

Science amounts to the eradication of anything ancient or earth-based even if the math shores it up. It’s scientific ego. Their priority is funding, not the truth.


The science of astronomy and physics is not yet holistic. It’s funny to me when I see a wonderful discovery that is pulsing holistically and they use 3D clenching, materialistic verbiage in the article because they don’t want to sound esoteric which is not considered scientific. Geomancy and shamanism are the basis of earth sciences, including astrology. They are the parents of the children.

Science amounts to the eradication of anything ancient or earth-based even if the math shores it up. It’s scientific ego. Their priority is funding, not the truth. They may change soon under the pressure of the truth demanded by the public. They’ve borrowed from holism for years without giving it any credit. It’s similar to what they’ve done to women. It’s not profitable. Modern science is Time is Money based. Please remember that as you read modern science.

The next level up, which is coming on the leading edge is Time is DNA, Time is Art, Time is us if our movement achieves leadership. I need to have more than 1400 followers so share this blog, please. 🙂

Insights I had into the CV2 sequence on 5/20/20-Yellow 13 Human, Kin72

I never posted this until now because of the Covid lockdowns back in May, 2020. Also, I never finished deciphering the Covid genetic signature that Dr. Chavez gave to me, into 4D Tzolkin signature. I have most of it though. I also understand HF34 better as it follows HF33. This is the BACK DOOR hack to HF33 that I posted about. You can search on HF33 hack on the homepage. There is no electrical charge and no binary. This is the mystic column which I’ve also posted on extensively so they knew how to get in using time travel and whatever else the Germans have up their sleeve as far as the cosmic web. Well, I wanted you to see this for some reason-Lisa T. 3/9/23


I just spent the last week or so confirming the line-up of the Covid19 genetic signature and its inverse signature which is the inoculation, it’s corroboration in the Tzolkin, the IChing hexagrams, the DNA nucleotides that go with them and the symbols. There were a few hiccups because of the amino acid Proline that Is equal to Yellow Sun Stop Codon. But they have different functions in the genome even though they are both stop codons. The issue of Proline is in my book, Time is DNA. It is a sub-stop codon.

I noted awhile ago that HF34 was the most invoked harmonic by the CV2 signature and found it creepy since the symbol for it is the right turning Nazi swastika. The symbols are on the Law of Time, site. The Nazi’s are ONE with the cabal, deep state, and the abuse of humans in our local solar system according to numerous US military whistleblowers. At some point we hope it will come out in disclosure at the Federal level.

To my mind, it mattered when this plague was let loose in China. Again, timing and DNA merge. I found the article below after I conjectured that is was close to Nov. 22, 2019. It was found to be Nov. 19, 2019 so I was right. I thought as much by looking at what dates went with HF34, which I just mentioned above. On November 22, 2019. We were in HF34 on that date and it’s invoked 5 times in the signature which is VERY TELLING.

Then I remembered that JFK was shot on November 22, 1963. That was Red 12 Skywalker, HF59, inv. HF7, Hx3. I looked at the genetic signature. That was the section I got very hung up on for some reason in translation. It is nucleotide CTC-GAG.

11/22/19 was Red 3 Skywalker so there was synchronicity there. It looks to me like this signature was purposely evoking WWII, the Nazis, the control of our local system after WWII by the Nazis which has been proven and is on record to be disclosed by our military. Operation Paperclip is fully on record as well. The US government hired Nazis into NASA to fight the Russians on tech in the 60’s.

It is also believed that because JFK was going to disclose all he knew from Operation Paperclip in 1963 to the public about the E.T.’s, the CIA assassinated him. All of the energies, memories, and emotions of those events were invoked by the genetic signature of Covid19 to DISTRACT the public from the other, even more grievous crimes of the c^&*() and DS over the last 100 years from our current view. I’ll let them reveal that.

We have not been able to trust Science, Medicine, the Federal Government or The Church since 1920. So many secrets and crimes have been perpetrated. The plan behind this plandemic was to distract us from the fact that this is the end. It’s going down and we need the information the E.T.’s have left here for us, yesterday.

Lisa T., 13Skywalker

Saturday 2/25/23 Spacetime Weather

🌎 The Earth Holon as the Eternal Now

The context of the Earth changes is 4 billion years. It’s been doing this for that long. Humans only arrived on scene 1 million years ago, approximately so we are a new species here. We need to calm down and LEARN about the earth and its ways so we can cooperate with all evolving life forms peacefully and continue to thrive here, not just survive and obey the edicts on the news as though it’s God.

The purpose of this section of my blog is not to fear monger cataclysm for the federal government or any other agency who wants to institute A.I. on Earth. You know I believe natural evolution will continue here and so must our bodies.

To achieve that through the earth changes, it’s important to know that our bodies and minds contain eternity, the eternal NOW, AS TIME, expressed in LIGHT AND COLOR in the auroras as the collective emanations of the etheric aura of all DNA forms. They are emanating our 52-day cycles. The Maya left these time patterns for us on Earth thousands of years ago.

  • The Red Light 52-day cycle is kin 1-52
  • The White Light 52-day cycle is kin 53-104
  • The Blue Light 52-day cycle is kin105-156
  • The Yellow Light 52-day cycle is kin 157-208
  • The Green Light 52-day cycle is kin 209-260

The Tzolkin IS TIME, as OUR BODIES and All DNA.

Every day happens all at once in one Gestalt of Time, which is Eternity. But because of evolution, we can see it in pieces. Because we see it in snippets, we believe it exists in pieces, like a day, but it does not. Every day is eternally a day and night, like the movie Groundhog Day, but without the time warp. As we change our minds and hearts, the time warp ends so that every day LOOKS AND FEELS different.

Time is ONE WHOLE, all of the time as the double strand DNA, the past, and the future, which are actually just partial projections of what we’ve created before.

As soon as today arrives, tomorrow is gone, so tomorrow IS TODAY. There is no “live” past, there is only now. We just have memories of events and feelings. The 3D pieces we see or have are only shadows of time. They aren’t alive.

Only DNA that has some form of breath is alive. Everything living breathes in its own way. It doesn’t breathe like animals, but it breathes.

There is no set future because of FREE WILL. The future is created based on what THE COLLECTIVE MIND wants, which I read all of the time and thus make predictions. But it’s never set in stone. No one can predict the future for sure. They only see their perspective from their point in time, but the collective is always changing its mind!! We are not of the same mi d as our ancestors when some fellow we know harps on that. We are US.

We can only see it in the Tzolkin as the 7th harmonic run, the axis of the eternal present, the Mystic Column that pulses to our CNS or brain and spine. It is kin 121-140, and I’ve posted on it continually. Just search on the Mystic Column in the search box, and more information will come up. And the GAP kin are the activation points on our spine for our eternal DNA, so heads up when those hit.


Shock waves inside the CME accelerated protons (our DNA positive+charge) to nearly light speed, and they have already reached Earth.

Our planet’s magnetic field is funneling the particles toward the poles, where a second type of radio blackout is underway–a polar cap absorption (PCA) event. Airplanes flying over these regions may find that their shortwave radios won’t work due to the ionizing effect of infalling protons: map.

These are the 52-day light emanations as TIME; the Tzolkin, or count of days as evolution through the Loom of Maya from our mothers. They are different colors because they are different Hz frequencies of SOUND via The Tones of Creation 1-13. Light comes from sound. But what is the Source of sound?

The Psi Bank Magnetosphere ScR

Frequency is 7.94, and amplitude is 35

A CHAIN REACTION ON THE SUN: A magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR3229 erupted on Feb. 24th (1949 UTC), Friday, producing a chain reaction of events. First, the filament sliced through the sun’s atmosphere:

Its liftoff destabilized the sunspot, sparking a long duration M3-class solar flare (2030 UTC). The flare, in turn, ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, blacking out shortwave radio transmissions around the Pacific Ocean: map.

Next, a CME emerged from the blast site. Coronagraph images from SOHO show a lopsided halo with an Earth-directed component:

Type II solar radio emissions from the leading edge of the CME suggest a departure speed of 1200 km/s (2.7 million mph). The flank of the CME could reach Earth on Feb. 27th. NOAA analysts are modeling the storm cloud now, so stay tuned for a refined forecast.

That’s not all.

Kin #20 Phenomenon on Wednesday; It’s G-Force is Itself. It will hit on 2/22/23 which adds up to an 11 and has a 22 in the date also

It actually has 2222 in a row which is 22:22, a master, master number or 11:11 twice. We need to look at this before it hits on Wednesday this week.

  • We are in HF5 in the South Polar Zone headed toward the end of the FIRST 20-day cycle in the 260-day Tzolkonic cycle.
  • Every 20-day cycle ends with the STOP CODON, Yellow Sun.
  • There are 26, 20-day cycles.
  • This is the anniversary of 4/18/20 which landed on this day and I accurately predicted a big solar flux in the Schumann Resonance and it occurred. I just posted it on a separate post.

The Yellow Sun 4D Time Portal is a POLAR KIN which is at the crown of the planet receiving frequencies. It is located 60°N–15°W, west of the U.K. in the N. Atlantic.

The 3D I Ching Hx is 28 whose location is noted on the Red 4 Earth post yesterday.

So we have a cycle that is Kin 21-Kin19, 260 days long, which is Red 8 Galactic Dragon to Blue 6 Storm. They add to 14, which is Occult. Kin19 has a start codon and a stop codon Tone 6 and Kin 20 IS the Stop Codon 7.

The fact that the 5GForce turns in on itself in Kin20 actually makes ALL dimensions of this gateway IMPLICATE, like HF3. How is HF5 tied to HF3 and thus to HF33? HF4 is the power of timelessness which is the Axis of the eternal present, which is the spine, which is the Center of the Tzolkin, 20-day cycle with HF33 in the middle.

I’m actually thinking the entire first 13-day cycle of the Tzolkin is tied to HF33 because these kin have helped seed Earth from the very beginning after the Tiamat blowup approximately 1 million years ago. We are a new species here. These kin would be life carriers. (World-Bridgers)

  • 1:1:1:1-Red 1 Dragon
  • 1:2:2:2-White 2 Wind
  • 1:3:3:3-Blue 3 Night
  • 1:4:4:4-Yellow 4 Seed
  • 2:5:5:5-Red 5 Serpent
  • 2:6:6:6-White 6 World Bridger
  • 2:7:7:7-Blue 7 Night
  • 2:8:8:8-Yellow 8 Star

And then HF3 which I posted the other day; 9Moon, 10Dog, 11Monkey, and 12Human pulsing to HF33.

And then HF4

  • 4:13:13:13-Red 13 Skywalker, which complete the 13-day cycle.

And it ends with this 13-day cycle called a Magnetic Return. If this is the case it would be a pulse to start the Tzolkin of 4:7:13:19 or the 0-19 Code in Implicate order, in 5th density, not just 4th density.

Then…Kin 20 stops on the resonant 7 tone and circles in on itself in ALL dimensions. This is Corey Goode’s gateway, which would explain all of his experiences in all dimensions and what he’s contributing to disclosure now. I think when he said in his deposition that “he’s never been to space,” it could easily be interpreted as, when he WAS off the planet, he was in 4D and 5D. He wasn’t in SPACE, which would be on Earth in 3D. So that would be an accurate statement. He time traveled, A LOT.

Michael Salla dissed him over this statement. 3D clencher. I told Salla that I didn’t support his backing of A.I. and he got mad at me. Fine. He supports the med beds. I do not. They are A.I.

This Tzolkin is programmed to deal with the blowup of Tiamat, the Time Bandits, and the Lucifer Rebellion, thus our current C#$%^. Maybe we are going to have a new heaven and a new earth without the asteroid belt eventually or soon.

I foresee its 4DPsi Bank being absorbed into Earth’s Psi Bank, precipitating our major shift and then the 3D aspect or asteroids turning to dust and blowing away. I saw that months ago. We shall see. I request it all be gradual. No cataclysm.

What is earthquake light that is seen in Turkey before the massive jolt?

The earthquake lights occurred on 11-23-22, AND with this quake of 2-6-2023. They are the northern lights or the auroras, which are emanating from the magnetosphere, which is the Tzolkin Psi Bank in the cosmic web.

TIME is manifested SPACEtime for the purposes of evolution as DNA life forms. Our lessons wouldn’t be very valuable to us as muggles if it was all INVISIBLE. So to talk about it, I, we, use SYMBOLS to represent manifested thought forms and waveforms. All life around us is at the level of symbol representing the thought form and feeling that the thing is. What is real is mind and heart, thoughts and feelings in 4D and 5D. Then we see it because we and millions of others INTEND to. We are magical co-creators and could be much more mindful than we are about what we are creating.

Our eyesight relies on a certain wavelength to see things in 4D in TIME because our brains and spirituality are still quite low compared to other universe species. We need to see the matrix movie playout in front of us in order to learn from it.

Mayan symbols are representations of amino acids and hertz levels of sound, which is PHYSICS.

Synchronicity is the Congruence of AC/CA Timelines

Aboriginal Continuity= future to the present moment. CA=Civilizational Advance is the past to the present moment. When the two strands of DNA cross (two timelines that cross), there is synchronicity. Your DNA is YOU, in your BODY so the timelines crossing is TIME CROSSING IN YOUR BODY!

If you aren’t paying attention to where your body is in spacetime or how it feels, or your intuition, you will not be able to catch any synchronicity. They don’t WANT you to pay attention to your body, how you feel and your intuition or they won’t be able to program you with THEIR AGENDA!! They have a use for you. Understand?

It is a matter of life and death folks. Study this for five minutes. I”m about to do a podcast on it.

Page 14 of “Time & The Technosphere”. 911 is at the top, circled. It was entirely predictable. So are other things coming but you have to pay attention to the 4D world around you, not the Fake MSM that helps you feel less lonely when you have it on or gives you the guidance you think you need. This is also in “Earth Ascending” Map 19

Upcoming Dimensional Unity for Ascension

I dreamed this so had to draw it. After I realized omega point HF33 was directly pulsing off of Alpha point HF12 and Omega point HF56 I had a vision of the lemniscate connecting all through the center of the Tzolkin on Kin 130; Blue 1 Monkey.

So I analyzed it and saw that;

My drawing below. Look bottom Left at HF30. It contains White 1 Magnetic Mirror which is the mirror archetype which is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement. This is Hx19 called APPROACH… which approaches the mystic column, the center of the Loom of Maya, the spine of the Binary Crossover Polarity and the Binary Triplet Configuration.

The infinity symbol is in the Center of the Tzolkin.
Look down the left hand side to White Mirror. Go over right to the numeral 1. It’s right next to 8 White Mirror in the Mystic Column.

Next we are in the mystic column where there is no electrical charges, no binary movement BUT we have 3D Hx4, Hx13, Hx7, and Hx49 in that column. Interesting that they are 4, 7, 13 and 49 adds up to 13. But HF33 is implicate 5D.

Then we have HF36~Hx33 Omega point at the top starting with Red 11 Dragon. When we get to the bottom of that 20 day cycle run that started with HF36 and the Omega point we hit the Alpha point in HF40~Hx56. That just keeps running into the new 260-day cycle.

  • 3D Hx33~4D HF36-Omega Point. HF 36, 37, 38, and 39 it’s winding back up.
  • 3D Hx56~4D HF40-Alpha Point-Off we go again until we hit…
  • 3D Hx12~4D HF52-Omega Point.

And 5D HF33-No 3D IChing, 5D alpha and omega points pulse together to create Dimensional Unity for Ascension. It’s in our spines, in our bodies.

So for this ancient Tzolkin period, most of the timeline movement is on the left, male assertive side. My guess is that as evolution makes a leap the astronomical lineups and the physics will change markedly as well as our bodies and we’ll probably have a new Tzolkin coming through or brought here by an E.T. species, just as the Maya left this one on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Everything changes all the time. We can count on it.

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