True Time Update for 8Moon, Tuesday, 9/19/23

Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and Earth mediate. Today is the Red 8 Galactic Moon time gateway

This is about harmonizing our feelings to get a focused start in this new HF58. This is a spectral tone 11 pulse to formulate the free will of liberation. IChing 16 is called Enthusiasm and is a Body Node Pivot Point called INITIATIO. It is a powerful day.

We are moving to Yellow 11 Spectral Human over the next 4 days. This pulses to the left abdomen and the left hip joint. I already had a very unexpected and unprovoked outburst from a friend this morning that was over the top. The X platform is very irrational as well, so there is OFFLOADING going on. Some people are blowing a gasket. I’m detached. It is interesting to observe, though.

For 10 more minutes we are guided by Mars. This afternoon is Blue 8 Storm trying to harmonize people’s brains. More fun!

The 5GForce for Meditation that You Want and Need.

I organize in order to play. Balancing illusion I seal the process of magic with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 71; Blue 6 Rhythmic Monkey

Earth Holon 🌎

Today is a clusterf… in 3D and 4D. Be as detached as possible from human’s drama. It’s nuts on social media, on the phone, and outside in public.

All afternoon we’ll be at 8.08hz alpha. Amps are going up, too. The amps will rise to 35 by 10pm, and the QFactor is very dynamic.
  • Today’s astrology can produce some misjudgments, but we’re learning more about ourselves and our plans in the process. This morning, the Sun forms its annual opposition with Neptune, and we can feel directionless or not very up to facing everyday realities. We’ve been paying more attention to service to others and our physical health, and we may need to take a step back for spiritual refreshment. The tendency to put people on a pedestal or glamorize others can come to a head now, extending beyond people to situations and objects. It’s a time for seeking a better balance between action and reflection. We are more sensitive and vulnerable today but prone to mis-perceiving people or situations. We might watch for projecting our unrealized dreams or wishes onto others. With willpower low and perceptions off, there are better times for major financial undertakings or formal agreements.
  • Mars and Jupiter form a quincunx, also stirring discontent. (Mars mediates our Guide Power Red 8 Skywalker) We can feel out of sync with our instincts and natural rhythm. We could have some trouble making decisions or find it challenging to integrate one strong desire with another. Circumstances are such that we need to assess where we’ve been putting too much–or too little–energy. Poor timing is possible, and reshuffling our focus and prioritizing can be necessary.