The Time Pulses of The Tzolkin Control the Seasonal Plates of Earth..

Including the Temple of the Human Body

Map 44 in Earth Ascending. The time pulses from the 4D Time portals are on the left, pretty wild. The image on the right shows how it pulses directly to our bodies. We may as well be doing cartwheels with these Earth changes.

The Time Portals pulse to an area on earth that is 9, 850,000 miles. That number x 20 is 197,000,000 which is the surface of the earth. There are 20 time portal.

But there are 64, 3D Hexagrams. Each 4D time portal has either 2 or 4 3D hexagrams to which the time portals pulse.

In N. America, We are in Blue Monkey 4D Time Portal. 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal pulses to 3DHexagrams: 1, 2, 62, 63 all next to each other on earth.

This is 30 degrees N–150 degrees West in the N. Pacific between Baja, CA and Hawaii. Jose lived in the Time portal when he was alive and he was Blue 11 Monkey.

His HF was HF3 which began with Red 9 Solar Moon. That harmonic pulses Moon, Dog, Monkey, Human. These are all the ginormous 4D Time portals that pulse to the 3D territorial areas on the planet so it’s clear to me looking at Map 32 that the Time pulses from the Tzolkin control the Seasonal plates of Earth. The time pulses bounce all over the place because there are more hexagrams on earth than portals. Each day it changes since the time portal pulses change daily. Then factor in the fact that each solar day has 5 kin spinning not just one.

I’m Receiving a Channel Via Remote Viewing

This is an extension of what Michael, my fiance who died in 2016, came to me about yesterday. He was Red 1 Serpent and one of the good Reptilian fully in human form. But his physique was big, strong and smart like them.

He told me it was kind of fierce and conflictual in our sector but gave no specifics. I was eating lunch just now and saw it.

We are quickly embedding the future to present AC timeline into the cosmic web that switched over on October 5th, not long ago. In order to fully clean the past or the karma and the c%^&* out of our sector, along with the BS A.I. threat, Tiamat/Maldek’s Dreamspell holding the asteroid belt in orbit has to be swept away.

The GGLN and the Guardians want to do it but the Reptilians are concerned about what will happen to their minds since it is so heavily tied to the past and its mistakes with the planet blowing up plus Luciferian A.I. and the nanites in their bodies. A Dreamspell is A COLLECTIVE MINDSET around a planet with all of its memories and values and history. It is its magnetosphere just like 🌎. We are a collective, always. 🙏

It’s being adjudicated right now but the ICC and Orion group are threatening war over it, understandably. And…there are many Red Serpent and Red Dragon kin currently on earth who will also feel it. Actually all the RED TRIBES will. I feel it acutely being Red.

It’s hard to let go of our stormy past but humanity has to move forward. That asteroid belt needs to go, like a dead body sitting there too long! That dust needs to be blown away and buried.

But will it destabilize the OUTER PLANETS whose atmospheres already have the time disturbance affecting them. I post it on here often bc NASA keeps posting on it.

I don’t know. I feel this in my body.

This is what my Red Serpent Michael looked like. That man was fierce. Computer programmer and so into tech. Typical Maldekian. H1N1 took him.

Scientists surprised as geomagnetic storm opens ‘crack’ in Earth’s magnetosphere

Here is the text of this post.

29 June 2022·2-min read

A geomagnetic storm hit our planet over the weekend, surprising scientists as it did not appear to originate from a solar flare.

The storm came amid a rare alignment of five planets, offering photographers the opportunity to picture them against against a bright aurora.

Astronomers now believe the storm was the result of a much rarer phenomenon than a solar flare – something called a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) caused by two streams of solar wind meeting. (The two timelines turning into DNA imo. -Lisa T)

The link

CIRs are created when solar wind streams at different speeds interact, bringing with them a huge shock and build-up of plasma at an extraordinary speed – 700km per second in this case – and without the tell-tale sign of a sunspot.

Without a sunspot signalling a coronal mass ejection, scientists had no signal that a geomagnetic storm was on the way.

When it hit Earth the storm managed to “open a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere” according to the Space Weather news site.

The solar storm followed a week after an enormous sunspot – more than twice the size of our planet – was pointed at Earth.

Although it subsequently rotated away and the risk of a dangerous CME faded, scientists do not know whether it was connected to the CIR.

But even if we had been able to predict the storm, the planet has limited defences against the most powerful forms of space weather, and our increasing dependence on electronics makes us vulnerable to their effects.

The Carrington Event is believed to be the largest solar storm ever recorded which hit Earth in 1859.

It left an aurora visible across the sky, even in latitudes much closer to the equator, and was described in contemporary reports as even brighter than the light of a full moon.

It caused the failure of telegraph systems all across Europe and North America, and a similar storm today could cause trillions of dollars in damage globally.

Researchers believe that magnetic radiation from giant solar storms caused the sudden and nearly instantaneous detonation of dozens of sea mines in Vietnam in the 1970s.

Earlier this year SpaceX confirmed that a geomagnetic storm destroyed most of the Starlink satellites it had attempted to get into orbit during a launch.

Solar activity has been observed rising and falling naturally every 11 years, although not quite like clockwork, and astronomers believe we are now entering a period of increased solar activity which could peak in 2025.

A new family of sunspots, discovered on the surface of our star in 2020, unleashed the biggest solar flare that scientists have seen since 2017.

Tomorrow is Halloween, October 31, 2022 which is White 10 Planetary Worldbridger.

This just happened at a Halloween celebration in White Worldbridger Time Portal.

Seoul Korea, where the deaths happened, is in White Worldbridger Time Portal; 30 degrees north, 120 degrees east. The exact location of the portal is Shanghai, China which is a stone’s throw from Seoul.

Meaning? The Time portal is MOVING. It is in flux with the the Earth Holon and the new future timeline. This is epic synchronicity.

World Bridger is about Death and Change.

Breaking News; I Didn’t Think BoJo Would Be Back In. He’s Unpopular Now, Same Problem as the U.S. Leaders.

Heads up. Tomorrow is BLUE 3 ELECTRIC STORM. ScR, lightning, storms and stormy events.

Rishi Sunak is coming in for now; Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed~Blue 4 Eagle. Well, Jupiter will be mediating. Idk. I don’t think he’ll last either and he’s an introvert. Every Tone 4 is an introvert, no exceptions. But he will help organize what is left of the country. ?? He’s also green to British Politics. Who knows what’s going on behind closed doors. My radar says chaos. I feel conflict here because the U.K. is bankrupt. Gee, kind of like the U.S. Keep a sharp eye on the November midterms Americans. I mailed my ballot today and voted Conservative down the line. In my heart I’m a liberal but with LAWS intact and enforcement of them, which is not the case right now.

Rishi Sunak is a British politician who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022, having previously served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury from 2019 to 2020. A member of the Conservative Party, he has been the Member of Parliament for Richmond since 2015.

I just saw that Penny Mordaunt is also in the running. She is March 4, 1973; Yellow 6 Rhythmic Sun. I can’t see it yet. There should be an election!

She is a British politician who has served as Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council since September 2022. A member of the Conservative Party, she has been Member of Parliament (MP) for Portsmouth North since May 2010. She served as a junior minister under Boris Johnson, having previously served in Theresa May‘s Cabinet as Secretary of State for International Development from 2017 to 2019, and as Secretary of State for Defense from May to July 2019.

Mordaunt read philosophy at the University of Reading, before working in the public relations industry. She held roles within the Conservative Party under party leaders John Major and William Hague, and also worked for George W. Bush‘s presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004. Mordaunt was elected to the House of Commons in May 2010.

Oh yeah…but, but…she’s not smiling!! LOL. God forbid a woman would be serious. You would not see this in a U.S. picture of a female politician. Think about that.

I find it a riot how obsessed MSM is with Trump right now. Even the Republicans in Congress are against him. But he certainly has a grassroots following among the people. He is banned on all American media!! Dude is a populist! All the more reason the Narrative has to stop him, right? Why don’t they just put a big letter A with a circle around it on their foreheads right now and admit they want to hang him on the White House lawn.

God Bless America. This country is SO controlled it’s not even funny. It’s a good thing people still talk to one another. My neighbors do.

Friday-Daily Reading; We’re Settling In to Bringing Forward a Future We’ve Already Created

We can tweak it as we go though. Time is malleable as RNA is malleable. What is solid is the DNA in the nucleus of all of our cells. That is not to be messed with which is exactly what the geneticists do with CRISPR. THEY ARE NOT TO DO IT. Changing our DNA through our RNA is our business, not theirs. I find it interesting that I gave a client a copy of my book Time is DNA because her military boyfriend worked with CRISPR. I told her we could chat. I never saw her again. He probably gave my book to the authorities or threw it to the side.

The Covid vaccine they created, as you know, affected our mRNA. They made it from our mRNA. Pure evil folks. Thank God it didn’t work. I’m pretty sure the upset caused Dr. Chavez to have a stroke when he saw it in the lab but he was letting himself get too emotional. Those were dark times on this blog. You can look back to the beginning of 2020 on my posts.

Vaccines generally don’t work because the way we’ve evolved puts us in charge of our own immune systems, powerful as they are.

Body Frequency

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 2 Polar Storm. Tone 12 is communal and others oriented, thus my video post of Bob Dylan.

We land on White 12 Crystal Wind mediated by URANUS which rules the age of Aquarius. This one sings Blowin in the Wind by Bob Dylan. This is hippie stuff.😅
He is Red 3 Electric Dragon; May 24, 1941. I was born one month after this video was made. 2 million people on both sides, died in the Vietnam War.

The 5GForce

Today it is White 2 Polar Mirror, Kin158

I polarize in order to reflect. Stabilizing order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the polar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of heart.

The Dreamspell

Earth Frequency

Amplitude power Remains 9.5 for the 7th day in a row. That combined with the 4D astrology transits proves we jumped timelines. Plus you can feel it.

The Local System Frequency

We are mediated by Uranus but pulsing are the asteroid belt, Earth, and Pluto. That lines up with the Transit video I posted last night.

  • The Sun opposes Chiron this morning, and we confront our insecurities and vulnerabilities through our relationships and interactions. Lack of faith in our own decisions is possible. The desire to learn and grow through experiences and others is strong but hampered by a lack of confidence or a fear of being different. We may not be seeing eye to eye with others. We might also be so concerned with keeping others happy that we are afraid to assert our desires. However, this is also a time to recognize something important about ourselves through our sensitivities and reactions.
  • Today’s Pisces Moon is typically good energy for winding down. This Moon is compassionate and spiritual, encouraging an intuitive approach to the day.
  • However, the Moon forms a square to Mars tonight, firing up our feelings and stirring us into action, although possibly also prompting some missteps. Rising desires to learn, share, and connect can seem to interfere with the calm or zen we’re trying to achieve.
  • We are headed towards the Full Moon in two days.


Thursday-We Are Back to Binary Polarity In our Cells

Meaning…the excessive pain and inflammation of evolution forward at the faster rate should ease. Also, and markedly, the ScR has been normal or even low for a week, since we got CLOSER TO THE NEW TIMELINE. This was a big indicator to me that our collective mind body was turning the corner. We see it manifest in the Psi Bank.

There is nothing abstract here. Our bodies, brains and minds are changing which mean TIME is changing. It’s obvious all around us in new human behavior and EARTH behavior.

Humans are either more violent, more peaceful, more sexually confused, celibate or in flux and peaceful, gaining or losing weight. I have seen so many women who are putting on weight quickly. Men just a few.

This week, since Red 7 Earth many of my patients and people they know have had insomnia. My sleep cycle and brain feel totally different on this new AC timeline. I already posted about time with my healer teacher while sleeping. Then I used it in my office and my patient who had a hernia operation in his abdomen years ago had a major healing experience yesterday with me. He saw a very bright purple light as I used the new technique on him. He also canceled his CT scan for pain in his side because I got rid of it!

My future timeline is here. My healing practice is going to increase for everyone’s benefit. In addition, I’m going to have the small toned body I’ve always wanted but wasn’t raised to have in lieu of BAKING. Then I can keep working. Aboriginal Continuity is the dreamtime. I receive the most help there. We all can. We are now on the AC timeline. The changes are happening IN US. I hope that’s where you’ve been looking.

Next Week Wednesday We’re Switching Timelines

Today is Blue 5 Overtone Eagle Arginine. It pulses to the left ARM FLESH and tone 5 pulses to the right elbow joint. The Right arm is Yellow Seed Analog.

October 5 is five days away. Can you feel the shift coming? It has a crazy feel that scares some people if they’re not centered in their life and body. The changes are everywhere and obviously all around us, in human society, the earth changes and the local planets. This is natural evolution and the key to survival is TO ADAPT AND COOPERATE.

Remember that a timeline Is a DNA strand line. Time is DNA. But DNA makes up the earth and life on earth and the Interplanetary system. ALL of our bodies are changing.

Also, strong physical changes are happening to people that are healthy. Headache, muscle spasm, brain issues, heart issues, almost anything really as the body gears up to receive the future to present energy in the RNA. I have muscle spasms in my back today partly caused by heavy P.T. work on my hips.

I didn’t sleep at all last night writhing in pain. Par for the course. I let my grounding go out of whack from 1998 to 2016!! I gave it to men and motherhood. So low back, abdomen, hips and thighs are adjusting. It is chakras 1 and 2 for me, VENUS, Monkey and Star, my Hidden Wisdom. Spec that out on your body. Where is your Hidden Wisdom pulsing on your body and take care of it.

If you have parents to forgive and release so you pivot into your own future timeline that you control you need to get cracking. You can’t change your parents. They are who they are.

Focus on making sure you are who you want to be and drop it. Anyone who is intolerable for you, don’t have a relationship. We all need to get set physically for these new frequencies that are taking us forward into the future.

Zuck…Big Tech Technospbere Gets Checked

I just mentioned him on today’s video. He is White 10 Planetary World-Bridger mediated by Mars. Remember Tone 10~4 balance are materialistic and ambitious. They think big and act big and have huge egos. Par for the course. These tone 10 folks aren’t big on compassion or emotion but can feign it, tricking people. It’s the TONE, not the tribe.

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