The Ancient Past to a New Future

Note the word NEW. We don’t need to repeat an old future either where we look like the Grey’s from Orion.

The past to the present is the CA strand of our DNA, or Civilizational Advance, and the future back to the present is the AC strand of our DNA, Aboriginal Continuity.

All DNA is charged electromagnetically with + and -, anode and cathode forming a covalent bond from one strand to another, making it spiral in every cell of our body. I find it very romantic. It creates the dance of all life AND GRAVITY.

This is the work I’ve done, putting this movement into a 2D display to be tested in the lab. I have the proposal for a procedure done and had the promise of a backer, but he tends to get himself embroiled in lawsuits, drama, 5 companies, 11 children, and Elontroversy.

It’s fine. As we know, synchronicity is in charge, not me or us, so I need to finish my work on The Tones of Creation book anyway. I’ve been avoiding it because it’s hard.

This is my original handwritten version from 2016.
I needed to see it in 2D from what I had figured out in my mind as far as protein folding first. It was difficult and took about a year to do.

It turned into these charts, and I put them in my book, Time is DNA. I hope to use it in the lab with a team of microbiologists after I have the hertz levels of the 13 Tones figured out.

Examples of Past Life Regression; Essentially Time Travel via DNA

This is very good because it demonstrates exactly how our DNA (our SELVES in a body) move from timeline to timeline. In this case, the CA timeline or past to the future.

It would be interesting to have a hypnotherapist do future life progression instead or regression or put someone on the AC timeline. Our culture is so past obsessed, or karma, that they probably can’t even imagine it.

I personally have wakeful dreaming memory of my lives on Tiamat, my past life with Michael my ex-fiance and my husband, my son’s father from the same lifetime. I’m continuing to work through issues of loyalty to Red Serpent and Red Dragon tribes even though they are maligned and called super aggressive and violent at every turn in the current time as though that is all they are. No tribe is 100% shadow and no tribe is 100% good. For gods sake, look at how insanely violent and aggressive humans are. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Anyway, I am passionate and compelled to leave a body of work on the planet as I’m doing now because there was too much ignorance and bias on Tiamat that caused them to aggressively defend themselves militarily and with A. I. tech that caused the timing mistake with the Sun’s energy. We need to learn the truth about our combined DNA and realize that we are all related, good and bad. This is not an easy lesson but scientific facts may help which is why I’m doing what I’m doing. I often ask myself why I love this issue so much and it’s because every day I have memories of my past life on a planet that is now…destroyed, and millions and millions of souls with it.

Earth has been profoundly successful as a genetic experiment station and the universe personalities that have overseen it are very pleased. The human race will not be allowed to end and neither will the Earth. But how soon things improve is still up in the air because although humans are not tolerating tyranny, the dark actors are still afoot and we have to figure out how to get them exiled so we can clean things up.

The Interplanetary Holon; What is Time Travel?

Keep this image somewhere so you can look at it. It shows how the Mayan DNA as Time syncs up with astrology in our local solar system. There are 10 planets and 20 tribes of time.

As far as the movement of time, please note that the left side, galactic karmic inbreath is CA, civilizational advance which an awareness of past to present. These kin will perceive life that way. We are on the left side as of yesterday with Yellow 10 Sun.

The right side in 9 days is AC, aboriginal continuity or perception of the future first, then seen in the present. It’s the solar-prophetic outbreath. These kin are prophetic outliers, unable to be controlled by the reigning paradigm of preoccupation with the past. They can see the future.

It is important to note that YOUR ANALOG is on the opposite side from your tribe so BOTH timelines are always functioning at the same time in us and on the planet. This is TIME TRAVEL. It is in our minds and thus in our awareness.

What is a Time Tunnel?

We can parse this out. It’s not a 3D tunnel such as the kind you drive through. Time is perceptual; a State of Mind as well as the earth’s movement around our Sun. For instance, we have all experienced time seeming to move very fast, sometimes instantaneous such as “I feel like I just woke up and sun is already setting.” Or, “Time is dragging so slowly, it feels like it’s been a year, not a day.” That happens if you’re bored.

None of this is literal. The length of each day is always one revolution of the earth rotating near the sun and a year always takes 365 days. But I bet most of us would say 2020 feels like two thousand and twenty years packed INTO one earth year. Holy crap!!!

If my hypothesis is true, that DNA is Time then that fluctuation of perception has everything to do with what we are experiencing in our own bodies through our twelve senses (not 5). I blogged on that. I’ll see if I can find the blog for you and link it here. It’s important because our expanded awareness of time comes through using our expanded physical or psychic senses that are NATURAL to human beings and animals of course.

Time is the fourth dimension and a tunnel would be a cord or connection. It makes me think of the cosmic web that Corey Goode talks about that IS literal. It’s a literal multidimensional web that humans and E.T.’s use to time travel in our local universe. Corey has used it and seems non-plussed by it. This video was made in February 2020 by the way so it is fairly recent. Almost every time Corey makes a video he talks about time lines because they are changing this year. In my opinion, that’s what is changing our DNA or are bodies. I’ll speak for myself and say my body is changing like crazy because I seeded it a while back not knowing this was going to happen so quickly.

I will just drop this here and that is our bodies transform mostly through thought and feelings or vibration, not food and drink. Food is just food. It is not nearly as big a deal as everyone makes it in and of itself. YOUR BELIEF, THOUGHT AND FEELINGS about the food you eat and the vibe you run when you eat it has FAR more power than the food itself. Think about it. How can you possibly believe that a roll has more sentient power than you do? #1 it’s not sentient. The power you give it dictates what it does to you once it’s in your mouth. I believe this to be my number one issue with my holistic peers who continually harp on food as though it’s God.

We’re referring to changing Time Lines when we refer to unblocking Time tunnels. I’m not positive about the technology behind changing Time Lines but there are strict rules. It’s actually a SERIOUS issue. Time is elastic. So is DNA by the way. Our bodies are very, very, malleable and obviously, humans have travelled in time or if we ARE Time than we’ve just “travelled”. LOL. The Mandela Effect he talks about is funny to me and no big deal.

The section where he talks about healing is in synchronicity with Blue 7 Hand; 12/21/20 which is all about Resonant Healing. Time can be manipulated and it has been. We had torsion field drives in the 80’s and temporal drives in the 90’s. Humans manipulated space- time. That’s the tip of the iceberg regarding what is held in secret underground given to us by our E.T. ancestors. The Time Thieves have kept it secret (Church and State, Jupiter and Saturn)

You can skim through this and see what you come up with about Time being malleable.

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