Watch “Sound of Creation – Official Trailer | Seekers” on YouTube

This is what my TONES OF CREATION book will be about only it will be the Mayan Tones not just 3D Tones which means the geometric forms or mandala will be QUANTUM or upper density, WHICH IS WHAT WE ARE. Our DNA is quantum.

I seek the end of the error stricken sickcare by boycott and replacing it with true, effective, holistic healthcare. The Mayan Tzolkin is the truth about THE BODY which is ONE with the DNA on Earth and all of the planets. The Sun is the prime SUPPORT, Tribe 1, the StopCodon. Blue Storm, tryptophan is tribe 19 and is a sub-stop codon along with Proline which are the ANALOGS of Yellow Sun. They are mediated by Pluto. So what is going on with Pluto as far as radionics?

When Nassim Haramein days “sounds with technology”, to me that means sound plus US. WE are the technology, not machines. Again, watch out for machine-happy new agers and spiritualist. Nature is the highest technology. Focus your mind in meditation.

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