Blue Storm Archetype Tryptophan

Electrons stimulate sleep hormones and relax us. Our blood carries our polarity charges.

Saturday Reading-The Earth Holon Is Busy

Today is Red 7 Resonant Dragon so the pulse in 4 and 5D is continuously circling. That increases the intensity of what is happening in 3D.

We enter a new HF61 today as we close in on the end of the 260-day cycle and are in a crisis last quarter Moon of the 13-Moon calendar. (See below) This is Planetary INPUT. Inform the flowering of manifestation as we move to Yellow 10 Planetary Seed over four days. I Ching Hx27 governs the earth pulse located at 60°South–180°East which is approximately pulsing with Yellow Seed Time Portal which is where we are headed IN TIME over 4 days. Synchronicity.That time portal is 60°S–165°E located in the S. Pacific, South of Australia.

We are in Stage IV, Ancient World History in the CA, past to present timeline in 4D. This is Hieratic Imperial. Unless, of course, you are able to meditate and sit in your Axis of the Eternal Present, your brain and spinal cord where you have no focus on the embodiment of your past and your future. Most of the time you can mentally sit in the eternal now which is REALITY. You’d be in 5D awareness, very psychic, healthy, no addiction, telepathic, and always able to see synchronicity. We can all do this. It’s the source of agelessness or at least really slowing it down.

The 5GForce to up level 3 and 4D is Blue 7 Resonant Storm-Kin59;

I channel in order to catalyze. Inspiring energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of magic.

The Dreamspell

Psi Bank Ionosphere

The amplitude has increased 11% at 12:30pm
The frequency is 7.3

Spaceweather Created by DNA Evolution in Our System from

The N.Polar Zone of the Tzolkin Psi Bank (the ionosphere) at the 4th layer has pivoted to the positive polarity with protons. Consequently the S. Polar zone lost frequency. It seems Earth’s poles are adjusting, at least in a minor way for now, to the new 25th solar cycle

Michigan has 44 ° and rain in January this week. Unheard of. All of our weather will turn opposite of what it has been in the past.

POLAR CAP ABSORPTION EVENT: Yesterday, Jan. 13th, Earth-orbiting satellites detected a pulse of energetic protons from the sun. When they hit Earth, a polar cap absorption event (PCA) occured:

Shortwave radio signals around the South Pole were abruptly attentuated. Why? Protons funneled by Earth’s magnetic field into the Antarctic atmosphere ionized the D-layer of the ionosphere. This disrupted the normal propagation of radio signals at frequencies below ~30 MHz.

The PCA lasted for hours and would have blacked out radio communications for any airplanes flying over the South Pole. PCAs (Principal Component Analysis efficient representation of the information in multiple time series (time series of gridded maps); are a bigger problem when they occur over the North Pole where “great circle” air traffic is busier. The time for *that* is northern summer when the North Pole is tipped toward the sun. More PCAs are in the offing as Solar Cycle 25 intensifies.

EMERGING SUNSPOTS (UPDATED): A phalanx of large sunspots is emerging over the sun’s eastern limb. This movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows them turning toward Earth on Jan 14th:

We knew they were coming. Their approach was heralded by strong helioseismic echoes from the farside of the sun shown on a few days ago.

Sunspot AR3190, on the left, is one of the biggest individual sunspots of Solar Cycle 25. Sunspot complex AR3191-92, on the right, is crackling with M-class solar flares. Soon, the explosions will be geoeffective as Earth enters the strike zone. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

DNA Evolution

All Zodiac Signs
We are mediated by NEPTUNE in 4D
  • Early today, a Sun-Saturn semi-sextile influence has a somewhat heavy feeling. We can find it challenging to enjoy ourselves thoroughly without a vague sense that we’re neglecting a responsibility.
  • As the day advances, we’re going in the opposite direction. It’s all too easy to feel caged in, and we tend to rebel against anything that ties us down.
  • A Venus-Uranus square presents a potential challenge or struggle.
  • Values and tastes may clash, and social activities could suffer as a result. We can feel torn between wanting closeness and freedom. Impulsive attractions to people and/or material goods can lead us astray. Some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness are possible themes in our relationships. It’s best to hold off on decision-making regarding finances, as there is a tendency to act on a whim rather than reason. We might feel discontent with our current pleasures or pastimes, and a change may be satisfying. It’s probably best to tame restlessness or avoid abrupt moves but consider our needs for growth and a change of pace.
  • The Last Quarter Moon occurs at 9:10 PM in Libra, and this phase of the Moon points to a possible crisis of consciousness. Libra is ruled by Venus (our Blue Monkey Antipode)
  • After basking in the awareness symbolized by the full light of the Moon at the time of last week’s Full Moon, we begin to see what works for us–and what doesn’t–in preparation for next week’s New Moon when something new is born again. It’s not the best time to start a significant project, but we might begin to finish up the details of whatever we conceived at the last New Moon. Ideally, we’re arriving at a more mature view of a project or situation.


There is always a breaking point crisis pulse at this half cycle. The 13-day Tzolkin wavespell is at a half cycle also with RESONANT TONE 7.
At day 7 of every 13-day cycle there are 6 days on either side of it. It pulses exactly with 3D today. This is 4D TIME!, evolution of our amino acids. Today is ancient Cysteine.

Mars Exploration Rovers | Missions – NASA Mars Exploration

Have you heard about this? I’m watching the documentary on Prime Video called Oppy.

The mission lasted 15 years.

Mars was Maldek until a huge portion of the planet was blown off by the Tiamat blow up. So, in essence, these are scientists waking up their past memories of the planet. They don’t know that.

As I’m watching this I’m seeing that humans STILL have the Maldekian inclination to project a life and soul into a robot. It’s repulsive but fascinating. It’s A.I. propaganda from NASA so far.

Very interesting section on the Sun propelling the largest solar flares ever while the rocket was headed toward Mars. The meaning of that from the sentient sun could be myriad.

They landed January 3, 2004 which was Blue 3 Electric Eagle, very synchronistic with an American space program giving us eyes to see a planet.

Still, check it out and see what you think.

They activated all right!

This is the day the rover Spirit died. Yellow 9.Solar Human. Again how appropriate.
NASA called each day Sol and counted the days the rover lived by Sols, meaning Sun. Humans did influence and gained knowledge from this mission.

This is the day Opportunity discovered water on Mars, 3/9/2012
Enlightenment is apt. There was a civilization on Mars but that was already in the channeled and ancient history of Mars. The scientists needed and found their kind of proof of course. Water.💧

At the end of the documentary they start asking the questions we have answers to.

Mars used to be like earth. What happened? Tiamat was actually more like earth and Maldek was its Moon. The Maldekians became hypnotized by technology and Lucifer, then an angel of light which is what luce means, light. He encouraged them in their ambition. They tried to harness the power of the Sun (Sol) and made a critical timing error. The weapon was reversed and blew up Tiamat becoming the asteroid belt still there right now with its PSI BANK, it’s MIND and collective memory holding the asteroid belt in orbit.

We resettled on Earth with the leadership of Red Skywalker and White Worldbridger tribes mediated by Mars with a contract in place that humans would absolutely be stopped by The Guardians if we tried to use weapons of mass destruction and they HAVE shut them down in our modern day. We will not be allowed, in our error and greed, to keep blowing up each other and planets.

The last day Opportunity rover was alive was 6/10/2018, Blue 6 Rhythmic Night. She sent a message back to NASA, “It’s really getting dark.” A huge dust storm was rolling in. She was not heard from again.

2/12/2019…nothing. They picked the song “I’ll Be Seeing You” which is a love song about a relationship ending and this was the gateway. White 6 Dog.

Humans need to learn the lesson of the Maldek/Mars disaster and love one another and listen to our INTUITION, our Higher mind and not be so enamored with technology. We need to love our own bodies, the earth, and each other.


Scientists Discover Huge ‘Extragalactic Structure’ in Hidden Region of Space

The obscured “zone of avoidance” in space is a place of mystery, and scientists are peering at what’s inside it.

Becky Ferreira

by Becky Ferreira

November 3, 2022, 9:49am

The VISTA Telescope. Image: MARTIN BERNETTI / Staff via Getty Images

Scientists have discovered a huge “extragalactic structure” hidden behind the Milky Way in a mysterious area of the sky known as the “zone of avoidance” because it is obscured by our own galaxy’s opaque bulge, according to a new preprint study. The discovery of the structure, which appears to be a large galaxy cluster, helps to fill in this shadowy part of our cosmic map, which may as well be labeled “here be space dragons” because it is so unclear what exists there. (The Draco? Red Dragon Tribe banned from our sector, kept out by The Guardians)

The star stuff that makes up our galaxy, the Milky Way, is distributed inside a thin plane that orbits around a central bulge that contains a supermassive black hole. The galactic plane and bulge are packed with stars, dust, and gas that block our view of whatever is on the other side. Though scientists have been able to use different wavelengths to peer through the zone of avoidance (ZoA), a region that obscures 10 to 20 percent of the sky, most of this region still remains out of view.

Now, a team led by Daniela Galdeano, an astronomer at the National University of San Juan in Argentina, report the discovery of “ a new galaxy cluster, VVVGCl-B J181435-381432, behind the Milky Way bulge,” which helps to complete “the picture of the large scale structure in this still little explored area of the sky,” according to a study posted this week on the preprint server arxiv. (The study has been submitted to the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics but has not yet been peer-reviewed.)“This result is very satisfying for us,” said Galdeano in an email to Motherboard. “For many years, the ZoA had a lack of information, but now with new studies we could cover a little region of the sky, and in the near future, a bigger region with data.”“It is incredibly difficult to find galaxies behind the galactic plane, because of the high density of stars and also the obscuration by dust along the line of sight, and this looked like one of the most prominent candidates,” noted Dante Minniti, director of the Institute of Astrophysics at Andrés Bello National University in Chile and a co-author of the study, in another email to Motherboard. “We suspected the presence of structure,” he added, “but since this was a ‘blind region’ before, this discovery of a new galaxy cluster was a nice confirmation.”

Galdeano and her colleagues were able to spot this cluster within the ZoA (zone of avoidance) using the VVV Survey, a project that scans the Milky Way bulge at infrared wavelengths using the European Southern Observatory’s Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) in Paranal, Chile. Whereas the galactic plane blocks out almost all visible light in the zone, longer wavelengths of light, including in the infrared band, are able to travel through the Milky Way’s haze to reach telescopes on Earth. 

The team previously used the infrared glow captured in the VVV Survey to probe an “overdensity region” in the ZOA that suggested the presence of “new extragalactic sources that have not been identified by other catalogs,” according to a 2021 study also led by Galdeano. To zoom in on the tantalizing region, the researchers used a near-infrared instrument called FLAMINGOS-2, which is on the Gemini South telescope in Chile, to identify measurements called “redshifts” that can be used to estimate the distance and velocities of its objects in space.

The results exposed new details about five galaxies some three billion light years away, which the researchers think are part of a much bigger cluster. “I started working with VVV data in 2017, and from the beginning we noticed an excess of galaxies in a small region of the sky,” Galdeano said. “During all these years we had the suspicion that these galaxies belonged to the same structure. These suspicions were based on photometric techniques, so we could not confirm these conclusions.” 

“It is for this reason that we requested follow-up telescope time to obtain the spectra of the brightest galaxies in these overdensity regions with the aim to confirm or discard our suspicions,” she added. “Fortunately we could confirm our conclusions, so we are very happy and proud with these results.”The team estimated that the cluster contains about 58 galaxies, but it will take more observations to be sure of its mass and contents. “It looks quite big, but it is difficult to tell yet how massive,” Minniti said. “We need more spectroscopic redshifts to estimate the mass of this cluster.”

The discovery of this cluster offers an exciting glimpse behind the Milky Way, and scientists will need to continue pulling back this curtain in order to understand our place in space. For instance, in addition to hidden galaxy clusters, the ZoA contains the so-called Great Attractor, an unidentified gravitational anomaly that is tugging galaxies and clusters toward it. The nature of this huge attractor is a mystery that can only be solved by more observations and research.To that end, it’s unclear whether we will ever be able to figure out what lies in this eclipsed zone, but regardless, Minniti noted that he and his colleagues “are prepared to be surprised.”“There are some areas that have a lot of dust and stars, so the absorption [of light] is very high, and this is an obstacle that is very difficult,” Galdeano concluded. “Nevertheless, we work hard to explore these mysterious regions, so we hope to have an approach and find out interesting results in the near future.”

See rare alignment of 5 planets and moon in stunning photo | Space

So…the alignment of Mercury, Mars Venus, Jupiter and Saturn instigated this. As I’ve said 100 times, the Interplanetary holon is one with the earth and the earth holon is one with us.

Tzolkin followers, what are we looking at here?

Red Moon~ White Dog, Red Skywalker~ White World Bridger, Blue Monkey~ Yellow Star, Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed, and Blue Night~ Yellow Warrior.

Let me meditate on what is going on here and I will find the previous post unless you find it first. A CRACK in the Psi Bank is a breaking of the Earth’s mind.–photo-june-2022

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