Mark Zuckerberg is ‘continuing to derail’ Facebook-Harvard Expert

It’s not as though he needs the money. But maybe the D.S. thinks they own him for their nefarious reset purposes and he has to get out somehow.

That was the deal in the dream I had about him. If he can derail FB on purpose and get out alive, KUDOS to him!!! In my dream, his family comes first now. His priorities have changed since he founded Facebook, which he now regrets in my dream anyway. He might not admit that. But they have been able to use him in ways he never intended. Worldly power corrupts.

I did a blog post on the day of the dream, after dreaming it that night which was…White 10 Worldbridger. I woke up, and thought, “Why was Zuck in my dream telling me all of this?” Dialed him up, dialed the day up, and there it was. Synchronicity.

Mars, Maldek, Saturn, and Jupiter karma. The dude is in the hot seat as a time thief and maybe a White 10 Worldbridger double agent contributing to the Tiamat blowup. He was committed to the technosphere and A.I. That’s Maldekian, now the asteroid belt. Good luck with that. I had a strong dream where he was present. He wanted out of FB. Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle vision. He sure manifested that!

He is in company with kin Biden, 2 WorldBridger, and Elon Musk, 3 WorldBridger. Unless this kin has turned the corner to become more spiritually aligned, and many have, they may be physically losing their way.

Skywalkers are going through it also. It has everything to do with Mars-Maldek karma. Each person has their unique destiny.

Karma is a bitch. I don’t exactly feel sorry for him but as an analog I hope FB disappears and he and his family are safe.

To All of My Followers

It’s October 12, 2020, Monday and we’re still in the middle of this Plandemic and pre-election. I’m in the process of ending my Facebook presence all together as we speak. It’s gotten out of hand over there with restriction, censorship and control.

To that end, it’s back to blogging and email, fully free and no particular rules. We’re free to be authentic. No need to be fake in the real world. Facebook is very detrimental that way. It really does try to control your relationships and how you communicate. Creepy! I called it Fakebook.

Some people like to comment publicly, some don’t. You can always question or comment to my email I am busy working with patients and writing but I should be able to get to it.

My WordPress followers are used to two faces over the last 8 years or so; my previous Intuition posts and gender balance empowerment and now the focus on the Mayan Tzollkin, DISCLOSURE and Time Science. I am now merging my Facebook Group “Time Science and Art” OVER HERE for us all to collaborate and learn together. I guess part of this EVENT and all the energy changes on the earth also have to do with personal empowerment more than gender. Males can be divine too. God has no gender.

Yes, there is an imbalance on the planet but I don’t feel it’s men’s fault. I won’t go off on that tangent right now and I’ve blogged extensively on here about that. Still, it will come up because all of the changes on the planet and in our DNA calls for equal empowerment, equal respect, equal right to express our feelings and intelligence.

I’ve been studying the Tzolkin for 30 years and I’m writing my second book so if I go too fast or there is something you don’t understand please speak up. I’m going to add a recommended reading tab and a FILES tab so you can do some self-learning. This subject matter calls for you to be a good student. No tests though. LOL. I can also do a Tzolkin Destiny chart illuminating the lessons and synchronicities with your family and friends if you wish. Just email me.

Remember to hit the email notification so you don’t forget about us over here. Welcome to all my great followers from Facebook. Let’s relax and have some coffee over here without FB stealing all of our information, stalking us and acting like they control the planet. What a mess with social media. I recommend we all get back to good ole EMAIL.

Lisa T.

My son says, “Mom, you’re supposed to smile.” We had a chat about that. I’m trying to nip it in the bud early as a mother. I smile all the time; just not here.

Re-Program; Time Science & Art


Facebook Group Time Science & Art

The link above takes you to my Facebook group Time Science & Art. It currently has about 100 members but I really think many of my followers on WordPress Intuition Up (about 300) would like the content I post daily in this group.  I cross-post from this blog to my Facebook blog but as you may know, they are quite different audiences. Facebook apparently has everyone on the planet as it’s members yet it’s the most innocuous compared to WordPress blogs and Twitter which I prefer. I’d like to spice up Facebook if that’s possible. Maybe that’s like trying to add salt to a bad recipe.

In a nutshell, this group knocks around the way our bodies are evolving in time and how the Mayan Tzolkin via synchronicity literally organizes our bodies. I’m working on a hypothesis regarding protein folding to that end. I also post very cool art and nature photos to demonstrate the synchronicity and patterns quite often.

I hope to see you there.

Lisa T.

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