Consciousness is a State of Matter…

“In 2008, Tononi proposed that a system demonstrating consciousness must have two specific traits. First, the system must be able to store and process large amounts of information. In other words consciousness is essentially a phenomenon of information. (DNA DOES!)

And second, this information must be integrated in a unified whole so that it is impossible to divide into independent parts. That reflects the experience that each instance of consciousness is a unified whole that cannot be decomposed into separate components. (THE TZOLKIN)

Both of these traits can be specified mathematically allowing physicists like Tegmark to reason about them for the first time. He begins by outlining the basic properties that a conscious system must have.

Given that it is a phenomenon of information, a conscious system must be able to store in a memory and retrieve it efficiently. (mRNA and DNA)

It must also be able to to process this data, like a computer but one that is much more flexible and powerful than the silicon-based devices we are familiar with.” (DNA SEQUENCING)

abstract technology science concept DNA binary on hi tech blue background


My son casually came down the stairs yesterday and brought up Timelines. I don’t know what he had been reading. I started explaining how timelines worked and he stopped me and said, “Mom, time isn’t real. It’s just a METRIC.”

I didn’t exactly disagree with him but it got me wondering. If time were just a metric are WE just metrics? Meaning is DNA just a metric for manifestation in the Matrix? Is our existence in this dimension just a marker?

Is DNA a type of virtual holographic plate the reconstructs our own personal waveform and projects it into this dimension to be viewed? Similar to a photograph or a movie? There are all kinds of “METRICS” in photography; light, distance, tone, colors, spectrums, movement, etc.

Monday. Yellow 9 Solar Seed

My Rose of Sharon bush

We are currently under the Guide power influence which is Yellow 9 Solar Sun and the sun is shining brightly where I am. It feels like it will be a good day to target our awareness of things that were hidden on our society.

Enlightenment is good. Either way, good or bad it’s essential to know the power of the human soul for good and evil. Why is there surprise for evil and an assumption of good? That is dangerous denial propogated by Disneyland mainstream media to keep us asleep. The analog is Blue 9 Solar Eagle. Like Icarus, he is flying so close to the sun (guide power) his wings melt.

We need a balance of light and dark. The antipode today is White 9 Solar Wizard who is RECEPTIVE. Its the feminine, the dark of the womb. The Wizard has dark vision meaning, like a cat, he’s nocturnal. Big synchchronicity there.

Lately the evil of Adrenochrome production is being talked about. Now most of us know what it is. There’s been a tremendous amount of vampirism on our planet between humans, I guess because we’re early on in our evolution we’re not very spiritually mature. The abuse of small children for their prana is the height of blood cult vampirism.

We have everything we need on this planet; the DNA in the seed, the radiation in the energies from the Sun have long been known by our ancient ancestors to provide our minds and brains through our eyes with everything we need. There is special energy in the Sun and in the Earth itself to provide for us. There is no need for us to hurt other people especially children, to have life force energy; prana or Qi.

But as we find ourselves, some humans, a very small number, have found themselves so enamored with the Earth plane that they’ve given their souls to money, sex, things. They don’t believe in God or anything outside of temporal time.

That’s all Luciferianism, evil seeds indeed, false gods that cause people to forget powers that are intrinsic in their mind, body and soul and then they do things that suck the energy off of other people.

As much as we want to judge what’s going on with this abuse in order to harvest adrenochrome the fact is is that a large majority of the planet believes that they have to follow each other or their families and suck energy off of each other in order to survive and thrive when the truth is you have your own soul power.

When we see our own body and our own blood, when you focus our mind and breath, we start to feel the life force in us or what some would call God. You don’t have to call it God. The spiritual movement says Source.

This is something that’s going to need to be discussed in the human community. Jow do we access Source? How do we stop this vampirism in society where we feel that we need each other’s energy in agreement all the time. The politics has practically destroyed us because of that demand for agreement! Stop it!

We can sit in our own sovereign soul space and share instead of sucking energy off of one another and getting so desperate that we have to be violent. This is the end of the road. It’s time to receive Enlightenment from the Sun from Source and have radiant synchronicity guiding us every day because we choose it ourselves.


Sunday-Yellow 1 Warrior-Histidine

Theme is Yellow Warrior, analog support is Blue 1 Night, Guide Power is Yellow 1 Warrior, Antipode is White 1 Worldbridger and Hidden Wisdom is Red 13 Serpent

We begin a new wavespell or 13-day cycle today whose affects can be felt as a fearlessness, desire for intelligence and questioning what is true and what is a lie. There is plenty of confusion afoot.

Tomorrow I am deleting my FB Group Time Science and Art, My FB business page Deep Tissue Therapy and Reiki is already gone and my Intuition Up page will be gone. Facebook restricted my Business page illegally and questioned the integrity of my posts. They are 100% incorrect and lacking integrity, of course. The world is beginning to see it and I hope they are closed down soon. This is all in synchronicity with Yellow Warrior. I have felt as if I was in Warrior mode all day.

The mediating planet today is Saturn

The 5GForce is Red 13 Serpent. Note that it was the antipode yesterday.

The analog is Blue 1 Night; Magnetic Intuition and chanelling.

The Guide Power is itself.

The Antipode is White 1 Worldbridger. Yesterday it was the Hidden Wisdom. What does the swapping of those two positions mean? It’s time to close the file on the Maldek debacle which resulted in so much death and destruction.

ALL BEINGS, ALL SPECIES universe wide are loved and cared for in their uniqueness and diversity. ALL HEARTS must unify in the Heart of Love, of our Creator, of the Christ Consciousness. Every species is different in their evolution and ability to coordinate the heart chakra and balance it with the rest of the body. It is not automatic and it’s no easy task. We must be patient with one another in the process of balancing the heart.

But our DNA is all practically the same. I have the proof. In order to have a peaceful local universe, we need to start to coordinate our DNA which will alter TIME! That’s what my work is about. THE PAST regarding the Maldek debacle and other Universe mistakes can heal when we UNIFY our minds around the fact that our DNA is almost identical universe wide. It’s The Tzolkin. When our hearts beat as one, TIME will unify. I’ve been receiving directives and downloads all day on this. The mistakes of the past the have caused so much pain and conflict can end when we realize FACTS of sameness. Then unique expressions culturally will be no big deal and just add color to all of our lives. No conflict! We are a universal family. That is much more true than the subconscious birth family of the planet we hail from.

I contacted Corey Goode yesterday about using his information about DNA in his video, in my new book, “DNA is Time” and he e-mailed me back pretty quickly, wants to know more and wants to be in touch. That is huge and I will fill you in on what I can as we move forward. He has to guard much of his information. Please watch the videos I post of Corey’s interviews. Sometimes they are hard to understand but resonate with me 100%. I feel like he’s a brother.

I’m putting this up again. Start at 15:45. Corey has not read any of my work and we’ve never met but he’s aware of me and it. I told him about my interpretation of what he said here and he liked it on Twitter and it’s been retweeted a lot. Corey describes exactly what I’m finding mathematically in the Tzolkin, for the last 5 years. He’s right on about everything he points out and what is included in the Dreamspell. I don’t believe he knows of the Dreamspell either so it’s quite a synchronicity.

We are on the same beam big time. Corey is THE TOP trusted direct INTEL recipient from the military generals who work with the Administration. He’s been in the military and also Secret Space Force which is an elite group. He’s spent a lot of time off-world and frankly, I’m not afraid to either, at all. Plus he is a highly valued Intuitive Empath (I.E.) I am an I.E. as well but there is no way I would come to this planet and answer any human or E.T. whatsoever. I only answer to Christ and God IN ME via my higher rational mind or intuition. I’m here to help humanity get through this though. I don’t take orders.

Please watch this. I’m happy to answer any questions.

The DNA Double Helix as Time.

He just posted this on Twitter. I’ve already asked him how he knows this. Did he see it? Did he dream it? Did an E.T. tell him? Is it in The Law of One? Did the Blue Avians tell him?

Start at minute 15:45 and listen to him. I just hit the jackpot. What he describes is EXACTLY what I see when I’m analyzing the Tzolkin with the Amino Acid DNA molecules. I’ve written down what he said and will QUOTE him in my book. But I’d like to know the Source.

What’s Happening on Saturn? A Transcribed Interview of David Wilcock, Author

Deep Space Saturn-David Wilcock.

“Saturn’s rings changed in one day within minutes. We saw electromagnetic vehicles in there. The plasma exhaust from the vehicle was changing the rings. There’s something called “the thing in the ring”. It’s been spotted by NASA and there are photographs recording it and it is giving off radio signals.

The thing in the ring on Saturn

There are ancient accounts that Saturn is a broadcasting system of fantastic power. A picture of a ring of Saturn taken from a certain angle is frequency sound. The rings are sound frequency. Saturn’s rings can sing! Since the rings are composed of trillions of icy particles all in orbit around the giant planet we can apply the same pitch scaling that we used for the moons to the entire ring system. It’s having a massive impact on human senses and the human sense of reality.

These broadcasts from Saturn are at the southern pole.There is a storm that looks just like an eye and at the northern pole that is the hexagon storm where clouds are whipping around at an enormous speed. How do you get what should be gas clouds rotating freely turning into a hexagon? We’re talking about straight lines and a series of angles in a very symmetrical shape. That should never exist at the North Pole of Saturn. There isn’t really any basis in physics, geophysics, or planetary physics to explain why you would have this tunnel of clouds that would make a sharp turn and form a hexagon.

The Hexagonal Storm on the North Pole of Saturn

It’s what Hans Jenny discovered; that he could take a drop of water and have these free-floating particles of sand in it called colloids, and that is called a colloidal suspension, and if you have the water with a colloidal suspension normally it’s just going to look milky however once Dr. Jenny started to vibrate the water with diatonic sound frequencies; the white keys on the piano, then all of a sudden those sand particles would mysteriously make geometric patterns. These patterns included square, diamond, triangular, hexagonal shapes just like we see on the North Pole of Saturn as well as in certain cases even pentagonal symmetry which does not occur in normal crystal formation.

This is a very strange Enigma of Science and when we look at it there is a very consistent thread of scholarship suggesting that geometry is the foundation of the universe.When we look at ancient Tibetan and Hindu mandalas they show what appears to be matrices of geometry as the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. There are also undoubtedly so many reports of anecdotal people having psychedelic experiences and seeing geometric patterns while they are in that state of consciousness. It was happening to me as a little kid when I would get these fevers and my temperature would go well over a hundred degrees and suddenly everything around me would look like it was made from geometry.

So, I have looked at this problem in geometry for a very long time and my conclusion is that planets are in fact gating through hyperdimensional energy.This was something that was originally discovered by Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden and was then picked up by Richard C. Hoagland in his classic book “The Monuments of Mars.” We can look at certain examples in our solar system and see this type of geometry appearing in the way these planets look.

Hyperdimensional physics

Everything in this universe receives energy from a higher level of dimension. There are complicated mathematical equations done by topologists, (in mathematics, topology is concerned with the properties of a geometric object that are preserved under continuous deformations, such as stretching, twisting, crumpling, and bending, but not tearing or gluing) that describe these higher special dimensions and what they might look like. It also explains why it’s shaped like a hexagon.

Maybe Saturn is a gateway for that incoming energy.My answer to why the 19.5 degrees has the swirling activity is that just like in Hans Jenny’s experiments, when you vibrate that water, those particles of sand appear geometrically or anywhere else in the water. So, in the same way, you’re going to get the greatest amount of motion and the greatest amount of swirling in the areas where the geometry is in all the clouds around. In a solid plain it is going to swirl around under the crust with then break up through and create a volcano-like vortex as we see at 19.5 latitude. So, you have visible atmospheric or crustal phenomena and you have a portal effect.

So now let’s look back at Saturn to see what the heck is going on here. We have an undeniable hexagonal shape in the northern hemisphere that even skeptical scientists now have to admit is a functional characteristic of fluid dynamics behavior. That’s not even being disputed anymore. Fluid Dynamics is in fact the only acceptable answer for how this geometry could be there. Richard Hoagland talked about how the up-welling point was 19.5 degrees give or take a planetary body, and is a spinning body like the Earth versus on Earth, there is the Mauna Loa volcano which is the highest volcano on Earth. At 19.5 degrees you have the Great Red Spot on Jupiter which is 19.5 degrees which has to do with the geometry of a circumscribed tetrahedron.

The storms on Saturn have been going for well over thirty years and they have not dissipated, they have not changed and something is driving it. There is no conventional explanation in physics that could account for it. The classic example of course is the vortex that would be at 19.5 degrees north or south of the Equator and Hoagland went through this extensively.The most obvious example we have is the Great Red Spot 19.5 degrees south of stable consistent gigantic hurricane that you can fit five-planet earth into side by side ever since the dawn of the invention of the telescope in the 1600’s that we know of, probably a lot longer, and it’s just spinning and spinning.

We also see a dark spot on Neptune and it’s at the same latitude where we see the sunspots on the sun. They always tend to be in these bands at 19.5 North and 19.5 South and really nowhere else.

This new image taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope confirms the presence of a dark vortex in the atmosphere of Neptune. The full visible-light image at left shows that the dark feature resides near and below a patch of bright clouds in the planet’s southern hemisphere. The dark spot measures roughly 4,800 kilometers across. Other high-altitude clouds can be seen at the planet’s equatorial region and polar regions. The image at right shows that Neptune’s dark vortices are typically best seen at blue wavelengths. Only Hubble has the high resolution required for identifying such weather features on distant Neptune. Though similar features were seen during the Voyager 2 flyby of Neptune in 1989 and by Hubble in 1994, this vortex is the first one observed on the planet in the 21st century. In September 2015, the Outer Planet Atmospheres Legacy (OPAL) program, a long-term Hubble Space Telescope project that annually captures global maps of the outer planets, revealed a dark spot close to the location of the bright clouds, which had been tracked from the ground. By viewing the vortex a second time, the new Hubble images, taken by Wide Field Camera 3 on May 16, 2016, confirm that OPAL really detected a long-lived feature. With the new data, the team created a higher-quality map of the vortex and its surroundings. Links: NASA Press release Neptune (full color) Image with dark spot (blue light) Scale and compass image for dark spot on Neptune Neptune (full color) Full color Neptune global map from Hubble’s OPAL program (dark spot and companion clouds closeup) Blue Light Neptune Global Map from Hubble’s OPAL Program (Dark Spot Closeup)

Also, when we look at solid planets like Earth or Mars where they have a crust, we see huge volcanoes that appear at this latitude and they only seem to be the largest that latitude. For example, on Mars, the biggest volcano is twice the height of Mount Everest and is called Olympus Mons which exists right at 19.5. Then if you go one tetrahedral turn off you have the face of Sedona on Mars. Its 120 degrees away in longitude so it would definitely appear that there is some sort of multidimensional energy going on that is causing this to happen.Now the theory gets more interesting when we look at what has happened with the Earth because Dr. Ivan T Sanderson investigated the Bermuda Triangle phenomena. That was then picked up by Charles Berlitz who took one of the vortexes and wrote the classic book “Bermuda Triangle”

.But it is not just the rings or the odd geometry that makes Saturn so enigmatic as NASA’s Cassini Mission showed. Some of the moons of Saturn are also a puzzle waiting to be solved. Saturn’s moons are about as weird as it gets. Similar to a whole bunch of these moons, they might actually have liquid water below their visible surfaces. This is really interesting because when you have water you usually have life.

Iapetus seems like an artificial body and it had all the characteristics you would expect of an artificial body orbiting at about a 60-degree angle which is kind of the horizon that is shaved geometrically. It does not have a spherically curved wind but has a very distinct set of equally long lines on the horizon. Some people argue that it’s a dodecahedron. In addition to that, there’s this ring around it that makes Iapetus look like a walnut. The fascinating thing about that is it’s right around on the equator itself. It’s right where you would put it if you were manufacturing the Death Star.

It’s important also to remember that if you actually read the book by Arthur C Clarke 2001 that the planet that Commander David Goldman goes to with HAL was Saturn, not Jupiter. And then Stanley Kubrick was the one who wanted to change it to Jupiter for visual purposes. For creative purposes, he was worried about getting the rings right all that kind of stuff but then we have some very strange things around Saturn like the moon Iapetus. It’s black on one side and white on the other and that was a key part of our Arthur C. Clark’s book as well. Iapetus was the gateway that led to whatever this portal was around Saturn.

We’re looking at people tipping us off on this idea that the portal phenomenon may exist. The question of whether Iapetus is still occupied as wide-open nobody really knows. It appears to be abandoned and certainly logically, we would assume has been there for millions and millions of years so it seems doubtful to me that it would be occupied. But who knows? Who knows where ET bases are in the solar system and who knows who built it was it built by human hands? ET hands are people like us; humanoids that built an environment for themselves on Saturn.

The question is why would you build so far away from Earth in the inner solar system where you’ve got a lot more life teeming. It is interesting to note that NASA is sending the Cassini space probe into Saturn knowing that it has seventy-two pounds of plutonium on board. This is something that they have tried to do before in the furthest parts of the solar system. We’ve heard it from multiple insiders. They want to take a radioactive, essentially a nuclear bomb, and then plunge it into the hydrogen laced atmosphere of a planet like Jupiter or a planet like Saturn because they have a mythological belief which is probably not a myth, that there’s going to be some sort of activation of a planet into a star and this was directly laid out for the public to see at the end of Arthur C Clarke book and movie 2010.

NASA keeps trying to blow up these planets and igniting these planets to create some sort of awe-inspiring event for the public which they feel would help usher in their new world order by giving people something to focus on and drawing all the attention away from themselves. They are always looking for a big distraction so they can do something as big as 911 get everybody talking.

The more we learn about the planet Saturn the stranger it becomes. The spacecraft Cassini has fallen into the atmosphere of Saturn. With Cassini gone we’ll have no more visual access to the planet outside of our telescopes. What if the planet is something different than what we’re told? Is Saturn somehow controlling us in a very bad way? (It was. That’s over now-Lisa)You can change reality physically, actually holographically, that people are decoding. If you’ve got a headset on in a video game and someone puts another disc in then you’re all of a sudden decoding other information. When one looks to mythology and history it is soon discovered that many cultures and societies are somehow linked to Saturn. Why would so many varied human populations and groups have the most universal connection with Saturn?”

End of interview

Stay tuned…

Here is a very cool video from 2018 on Saturn losing it’s rings.

We Meditate in Order to Focus. Our Thoughts are Seeds.

The planet on the right is Jupiter. Meditation is channeling and focus is targeting. Those are Yellow 7 Seed Attributes. We meditate within our bodies and then our body/mind interacts with MIND all around us. We can choose what we let in and what we don’t. Activating the power of our minds is frankly the only way we’re going to get out of this mess of others controlling the human race. We’ve let this happen by default.

Yellow 7 Seed resonates AWARENESS of the context within which we live and have our BEing. A physical seed is a DNA seed packet that drops to the earth and sprouts. A woman’s egg is a DNA packet that drops in the uterus, is fertilized and creates a human. That is an exact analogy to our MIND seed packets that we drop in the ether and they literally sprout. I’m asking you to meditate on the LITERAL nature of THE MIND and TIME as DNA and the power of Life Force that it has.

Look at the phenomenal plant life on earth that came from a tiny physical seed! Now imagine that 100 times or more with the power of human intention backed up by the timeless universe with regard to our thoughts and feelings. You may assert your positive gratitude and happiness path a bit harder instead of indulging in anger and pettiness on social media next time. The whole planet needs to PIVOT on that. I deactivated my Twitter account. That thing is TOTALLY negative. So is T.V. Negative mindset is the most destructive thing on the planet and we should not be part of it. In essence, we’re destroying ourselves if we do but maybe that’s what some people want because they literally don’t believe that Love and Goodness exist in the Universe. They don’t believe there is a God. Ok, then!

This process is called ATTUNEMENT and is also an attribute of RESONANT TONE 7. I am a Reiki Master and teach Reiki classes and do attunements for my students. Their mind and body has become aware of their Qi or Ki and now they have learned how to FOCUS their QI to heal themselves and others. It’s not much different than tuning up a musical instrument or the singing voice. I am also a degreed musician. The musician and actually all artists are athletes in that our creative expression comes through our body. You have to be in shape and in tune with your biorhythm to do well in your craft. That’s also the case with bodyworkers.

Being a Reiki Practitioner is like being a gardener organizing and tending to their garden. Each client is a Seed that wants to get comfy in the soil of their body and SPROUT! ReiKI is like the SUN.

The 5GForce today is Yellow 7 Warrior, the GUIDE POWER. That’s odd. The Moon was in Sag and is now in Capricorn so there is some affinity today between Jupiter and Saturn on every level.

  • The Theme in the middle is Yellow 7 Seed, Valine
  • Analog is Blue 7 Eagle, Arginine
  • Guide Power is Yellow 7 Warrior, Histidine
  • Antipode of White 7 Wizard, Lysine
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 7 Earth, Phenylalanine.

The pentagon in histidine is tetrahedral which is the Hydrogen molecule. It appears to me that Jupiter has had a major role in making sure hydrogen is distributed to planets that are going to evolve life. Saturn has the hexagon which is in Phenylalanine. JUPITER is the mediating planet today.

Organizing Your Mind; How?

I and millions of people meditate daily. I’m addicted to it. I’d put it right up there with great coffee or sex. It’s a tonic for the mind. Humans are different in the animal kingdom in that we have the ability to be self-reflective. I’m trusting my readers are able to ponder their feelings, actions, motives, and past experiences so they can learn who they really are. If you do start to ponder it’s easy for your mind to start to spin with ideas, memories, thoughts, feelings and intuitions.

In order to make some real progress with mental focus, it’s helpful to decide what you’re going to focus on mentally and put the others in a folder in the back of your mind. In order to do that, you must be clear on what you want to accomplish that day and what your time looks like. Make this decision before you meditate. That way, your spirit guides know what you need help with. You decide, they don’t! On other days, I’ll observe some odd inclination I’m having and figure out what I’m feeling to understand why I’m doing it.

The truth is, my life is extremely abundant and I’m grateful daily. I mostly did it myself but definitely had help. We all have help reaching our abundance goals whether they be psychological, money, or spiritual. You have to start by asking for help though which means getting past your ego.

Today is Blue 6 Night which hands us the energy to pulse musically with what makes us feel good, focused and abundant. Let’s keep the definition of abundant open to more than money. Enough money is definitely an important tool but it doesn’t bring health, mental stability or clarity about feelings. I think money is only 15% of abundance. Loving yourself and knowing how you feel is 75% of abundance. Liking your body set up is the other 10%. I guess I’m speaking for myself.

The analog and guide power are Yellow 6 Warrior and Blue 6 Night again. Saturn is the mediating planet. Therefore our minds are disciplined with help from Saturn to decide what we’re going to think about and not think about. There is no compulsion here. Just make a simple decision and do it. Sometimes it’s that easy.

The antipode is Red 6 Skywalker which compels us to movement and exploration in order to distract ourselves from getting our thoughts in order. I am Skywalker and I get bored so easily having to focus on one thing. It’s truly maddening to have to apply my antipode, this Blue Night theme to my mind. I compromise through my writing. Writing allows me to continue o explore the ether creatively while sitting still. I do manage to get things done but they’re not usually as perfect as I’d like them to be.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 8 Mirror, galactic reflection! That’s a good reason to sit still. The galaxy is unlimited and there is so much hidden from us by State and Church. They keep all the info. left on this planet for themselves. Order is one of the attributes of White Mirror though so we have double, maybe triple help getting something fruitful done. Have a great Thursday.


We see the Jupiter pentagon on the histidine molecule while the Moon is in Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sag . And we see the Saturnian hexagon on the tyrosine molecule with the Saturn attributes or order, discrimination, ritualistic, discipliner, well coordinated and practical.

The Facts of Evolution Overstep Fate and Destiny

I’ve bothered to bring ancient wisdom and systems of organizing and seeding DNA on Earth down to the molecular level because of free will guiding evolution. The attribute of free will is manifested by the Yellow Human tribe. Up until now, evolution has either been esoteric and in the realm of New Age Religion or in the lab with the reductionist geneticists using Crispr to slice and dice our DNA.

All religions have been a step forward for humans except for the superstitious parts that require no critical thinking. Generally you have a prophet, a seer, a visionary and a teacher. The new age movement has plenty of those types and unfortunately there is usually some strong, intelligent woman behind the Kings throne to keep him socially cued in. I still see it everywhere in 2020 and she still has to be beautiful and hang on his arm. She is capable of being the leader, but even in the New Age religion, men are men. They are egos that need to try to get territory and dominate because generally speaking, they’re not as strong as women. We tend to dominate this planet, walk into a room even with our shirts on and the men’s mouths drop open. Women have tremendous power just by our physical presence. That’s not the effect men have on women but we are most definitely paying attention and appreciate beauty. Well, I am. I love the line on “Big Bang Theory” where Leslie Winkle says, “Come for the breasts, stay for the brains”. That’s gold. Most men don’t stay for female brains unless they have brains themselves but being men, they need to feel dominant so many times will pick a woman less intelligent than him. Smart women still end up alone much of the time no matter how they look.

On Earth, we still have a problem with the subconscious programming of gender roles seeded in us by our parents generation who went through tremendous trauma to survive the cabal and their nefarious lies and actions. It may take us a while to heal that. In that sense, the New Age religion has been no different.

However, now it’s time to seed a New Science that has at it’s foundation the intended oneness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our body IS our Mind and IS our spirit. There is no more degradation of the body, women, sex, and celibacy. We know synchronicity is real and that in the Matrix it’s not about coincidence, ever. Everything happens for a reason.

But today’s Theme, Red 13 Earth TRANSCENDS synchronicity which is an attribute of Tone 13. Cosmic kin transcend, have presence, and endure. We go past what is normally understood or seen and are therefore leaders for the people.

Cosmics have the patience of a great tree. We have enduring patience and perseverance.

Trees are archetypes for EVOLUTION. Red 13 Earth kin navigate the Matrix, transcending synchronicity in order to EVOLVE. The great lesson of this kin is that on Earth we have the power of birth, intelligence, freewill, and SEEDS. Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed in the Hidden Wisdom. All good things on earth come from seeds and we must respect and guard them well. Why? Because seeds are little DNA packets. They are time travelling pods and ensure the future of Earth and our progeny; animals and plants.

Given all of that, the edicts of control, fate, the gods, and destiny are cast out by Earth’s children. We create our own destiny. There is no fate or control of the gods as told to us in Greek myths and others. The Tzolkin doesn’t even control us; it just organizes the Matrix. Everyone’s intentions IN TIME have to coalesce in an orderly fashion or there would be more chaos than there already is.

The analog support is White 13 Wind. This is divine breath, God speaking through evolution. I’m down with that and I’m listening. The Guide Power is Red 13 Dragon, Rupert Sheldrake’s birth theme. He teaches morphic resonance. That melds perfectly with terrestrial evolution and divine inspiration.

Morphic resonance, Sheldrake says, is “the idea of mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species” and accounts for phantom limbs, how dogs know when their owners are coming home, and how people know when someone is staring at them.

Sheldrake is inferring what Arguelles inferred all the time; DNA is Time.© There is Interconnection between a DNA organism and collective memories which are time, is the way I would say it. And it’s not mysterious. I have it figured out and I’m putting it in a database to be analyzed. There is rhyme and reason to it.

The antipode is Blue 13 Hand or ongoing healing. I swear I’ve been a healer in every lifetime from planet to planet. I could do it in my sleep. My hands are so attuned to the natural body I can’t fathom calling myself a healthcare worker and not touching the body. It’s so bizarre to me. The boundaries are in my mind. I wouldn’t dream of crossing pa physical boundary with a patient yet sometimes I feel they want me to given the tremendous dysfunction in our society with regard to the body.

No one touches anyone with kindness. When a bodyworker does touch them with kindness and excellent therapy, some are confused. It’s a travesty. The human body is OBJECTIFIED because of our psychotic sick care system and no one is educated about how their body actually works. The doctors aren’t even educated that well. If Church and State can keep you ignorant about the unlimited power of your body to heal, bring pleasure, and accomplish what you wish, they can control you. That has been the status quo and is even now with this planned virus event.


The bottom two, isoleucine (Blue Hand) and valine (Yellow Seed) are identical. The power of the Earth and it’s elements TO HEAL naturally is deeply seeded on Earth.

Knowing and Admitting Your Feelings About a Situation is Really Important

Welcome to another day in the matrix where synchronicity with All That Is are the road signs, as long as we’re paying attention. This blog is an attempt to free your VISION so that you glide easily between inner vision of yourself and your body and the outside world, or what we perceive as the outside world. I believe it’s actually ALL ONE Big Mind in the illusory hologram that we perceive with our five senses.

For thirty years I’ve witnessed and been personally involved in amazing, unmistakable synchronicity that can be explained no other way. So have countless others. But there is still this outside screaming chorus of CONTROL from the spiritually ignorant, greedy, bitter victims and psychopaths that would have us believe THEY are in control of the Matrix. Yeah, no. But in this local universe they are free to try up to a point. I can tell you that the E.T.’s helping us have time and again shut down our nukes and that will continue. They are not allowed to destroy the human race or the Earth. It’s in the contract.

The Matrix command and control is Galactic Center. We live in a Grand Universe that is organized according to Love and Light but because of free will, dissent, evil, violence, resistance and mischief are allowed to exist. There are 300 species of E.T. alone on THIS planet, underground, among us as humanoids, and in our local solar system. They are NOT a threat to us but we are EVER SO MUCH to them because of our unwillingness to control our drama and bodies. Humans need to get with the program and become CO-CREATORS instead of reacting like little children all the time. E.T.’s are just people. Hopefully soon all will be disclosed and the intelligence they’ve left us will come to the surface.

Knowing our Feelings is EMPOWERING!

Today is Red 5 Moon or Radiant Methionine which is the START CODON for the tRNA in all RNA sequences. It’s attributes are; purification, flow, and universal water. I talked extensively about water, hydrogen, and the tetrahedron yesterday without realizing that TODAY was the Water archetype. It’s analog is White 5 Dog which is Radiant Love. Red 5 Earth is the Guide Power, Blue 5 Storm is the Antipode and Yellow 9 Human is the Hidden Wisdom. The nutshell of that is, our bodies and feelings are bonded to Love and Loyalty. That truth is our accurate NAVIGATION in the matrix. Notice I didn’t say we ARE our feelings or that we should SIT IN our feelings. They are just road signs and then should be released. But don’t ignore the road signs in the Matrix or you’ll go off your rails. Our challenge and gift is to use that to catalyze SELF-GENERATION and INTERNAL ENERGY or QI. As Solar children, children of the Sun and the earth, our wisdom is to accept who we are in this incarnation. Follow the Sun cycles and the Earth cycles, not humans and their institutions. We have free will and real influence with other species. We are creators and holders of the chalice, the Holy Grail. We are vessels of a higher power and some would like to steal that from us. Hold your boundaries with the FOCUS of your mind. Navigate your body and mind. The Universe has your back. It’s not useful to offload your story or drama onto other people right now. Just align your daily behavior with your internal power. People can feel it. Act more, talk less.


  • Red 5 Moon is the theme; Methionine, the start codon
  • White 5 Dog is the analog; Aspartic Acid
  • Red 5 Earth is the Guide Power; Phenylalanine
  • Blue 5 Storm is the Antipode; Tryptophan and a type of Stop Codon
  • Yellow 9 Human is the Hidden Wisdom; Glutamic Acid

Just for fun, look at how similar the scientists depiction of a tRNA molecule looks to the Tzolkin Themeplex. Again, synchronicity. Just flip it to the right. The antipode/anti-codon is on the left.

Contains attachment site at the 3’ end for an amino acid. Contains a loop with the ___________. Fig ’ 5’ The anticodon base-pairs with a complementary codon on mRNA. If the codon on mRNA is UUU, a tRNA with a. ______ anticodon and a tRNA carrying phenylalanine will bind to it. The anticodons of some tRNAs recognize more than one________. Why? Because the rules for base pairing between the third base of the codon and anticodon are ________ (called______________).