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I just searched on this from the search box, and my consolidation of posts has brought forward this popular subject. I’ve read and written a lot on it because TIME has everything to do with the subject. Time as DNA according to the Maya even more. So, have at it.

My posts are not boring, and remember, your brain burns more calories than any other tissue in the body, so use it or lose it.

Time is Multidimensional. If DNA is Time then DNA is Multidimensional

Two-dimensions of time would make time travel possible. Instead of being linear, at some point time loops back on itself. In this way, you could travel back or forward in time.-The Article

Quantum Physics already knows time is multidimensional and teaches it. In my opinion, these 2 dimensions going forward and backward are time; the past and the future, the 2 strand of the DNA double helix. It’s simple.-Lisa T.

We think of DNA as only 3D but all of my work is showing that it’s not. Originally I felt that the Tzolkin Harmonic was going to illuminate protein folding because of the alignment with tRNA, and it still may, but it’s more tantalizing to me to see our bodies and minds as quantum (the plural of quanta). The word quanta is the root word of quantum and it just means the smallest thing possible. Maybe like a light beam? A quanta is a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.


  1. 1.PHYSICS-the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles which cause ionization.
  2. BIOLOGY-divergence out from a central point, in particular evolution from an ancestral animal or plant group into a variety of new forms. “evolution is a process of radiation not progression”

Looking at both of those definitions of radiation I would say humans match the physics definition more accurately than the biology definition. We are physically radiant not biologically radiant…because of our conscious minds and the ability to enact meaningful, independent action, not necessarily following a herd or group which tends to happen in nature all the time. Humans like to get all “TONE 4 SELF-EXISTING” and go off by themselves. It helps us become smarter not to follow others. Tell your friends.

We’re moving past just our five senses here and accepting the fact that things like time, light and gravity are fluid. They are nouns, just very, very, very small particle nouns. How else could this work?

Spirituality has us visualizing and projecting our focused thoughts these days to manifest in 3D and it works. It happens when people do the projection correctly, sitting in their true frequency, not lying about what they really feel and believe. The key is getting in touch with that in a society that has expertly trained people to lie to themselves and each other, all the time. A person who is authentic is definitely a freak and quite intimidating, not to mention socially taboo.

That would mean thoughts are quantum also and everyone is claiming that as well. That’s what telepathy is. Someone’s thought or emotional vibe literally hits your body and you can feel it. These are the days we live in. It’s best to intentionally set your frequency before you go out the front door and also to set it yourself. Don’t let MSM or others dictate it.

Our body, mind, and spirit are quantum. Then our DNA is quantum. Then the DNA we’ve inherited spiritually from J. C. is quantum. Just because he didn’t mate and have children doesn’t mean we don’t have his DNA. We do on a quantum level.

Feel your Qi and Focus your Qi in the body. It’s the key to Health

My followers are not necessarily religious people so I’m not going to start citing a lot of Hebrew scripture, but when J.C. walked the planet, he talked about spiritual inheritance, that people who focused their mindset and heart on his Spirit were “heirs to Christ”. That is an inheritance of Christ Consciousness. It’s cited quite a bit and was the main tenet of his teaching. He claimed that we can become new creatures under this influence the same way the scientists have found that muscle strengthening changes our DNA. A spiritual workout with your Creator changes your DNA also.

Scientists Discover Huge ‘Extragalactic Structure’ in Hidden Region of Space

The obscured “zone of avoidance” in space is a place of mystery, and scientists are peering at what’s inside it.

Becky Ferreira

by Becky Ferreira

November 3, 2022, 9:49am

The VISTA Telescope. Image: MARTIN BERNETTI / Staff via Getty Images

Scientists have discovered a huge “extragalactic structure” hidden behind the Milky Way in a mysterious area of the sky known as the “zone of avoidance” because it is obscured by our own galaxy’s opaque bulge, according to a new preprint study. The discovery of the structure, which appears to be a large galaxy cluster, helps to fill in this shadowy part of our cosmic map, which may as well be labeled “here be space dragons” because it is so unclear what exists there. (The Draco? Red Dragon Tribe banned from our sector, kept out by The Guardians)

The star stuff that makes up our galaxy, the Milky Way, is distributed inside a thin plane that orbits around a central bulge that contains a supermassive black hole. The galactic plane and bulge are packed with stars, dust, and gas that block our view of whatever is on the other side. Though scientists have been able to use different wavelengths to peer through the zone of avoidance (ZoA), a region that obscures 10 to 20 percent of the sky, most of this region still remains out of view.

Now, a team led by Daniela Galdeano, an astronomer at the National University of San Juan in Argentina, report the discovery of “ a new galaxy cluster, VVVGCl-B J181435-381432, behind the Milky Way bulge,” which helps to complete “the picture of the large scale structure in this still little explored area of the sky,” according to a study posted this week on the preprint server arxiv. (The study has been submitted to the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics but has not yet been peer-reviewed.)“This result is very satisfying for us,” said Galdeano in an email to Motherboard. “For many years, the ZoA had a lack of information, but now with new studies we could cover a little region of the sky, and in the near future, a bigger region with data.”“It is incredibly difficult to find galaxies behind the galactic plane, because of the high density of stars and also the obscuration by dust along the line of sight, and this looked like one of the most prominent candidates,” noted Dante Minniti, director of the Institute of Astrophysics at Andrés Bello National University in Chile and a co-author of the study, in another email to Motherboard. “We suspected the presence of structure,” he added, “but since this was a ‘blind region’ before, this discovery of a new galaxy cluster was a nice confirmation.”

Galdeano and her colleagues were able to spot this cluster within the ZoA (zone of avoidance) using the VVV Survey, a project that scans the Milky Way bulge at infrared wavelengths using the European Southern Observatory’s Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) in Paranal, Chile. Whereas the galactic plane blocks out almost all visible light in the zone, longer wavelengths of light, including in the infrared band, are able to travel through the Milky Way’s haze to reach telescopes on Earth. 

The team previously used the infrared glow captured in the VVV Survey to probe an “overdensity region” in the ZOA that suggested the presence of “new extragalactic sources that have not been identified by other catalogs,” according to a 2021 study also led by Galdeano. To zoom in on the tantalizing region, the researchers used a near-infrared instrument called FLAMINGOS-2, which is on the Gemini South telescope in Chile, to identify measurements called “redshifts” that can be used to estimate the distance and velocities of its objects in space.

The results exposed new details about five galaxies some three billion light years away, which the researchers think are part of a much bigger cluster. “I started working with VVV data in 2017, and from the beginning we noticed an excess of galaxies in a small region of the sky,” Galdeano said. “During all these years we had the suspicion that these galaxies belonged to the same structure. These suspicions were based on photometric techniques, so we could not confirm these conclusions.” 

“It is for this reason that we requested follow-up telescope time to obtain the spectra of the brightest galaxies in these overdensity regions with the aim to confirm or discard our suspicions,” she added. “Fortunately we could confirm our conclusions, so we are very happy and proud with these results.”The team estimated that the cluster contains about 58 galaxies, but it will take more observations to be sure of its mass and contents. “It looks quite big, but it is difficult to tell yet how massive,” Minniti said. “We need more spectroscopic redshifts to estimate the mass of this cluster.”

The discovery of this cluster offers an exciting glimpse behind the Milky Way, and scientists will need to continue pulling back this curtain in order to understand our place in space. For instance, in addition to hidden galaxy clusters, the ZoA contains the so-called Great Attractor, an unidentified gravitational anomaly that is tugging galaxies and clusters toward it. The nature of this huge attractor is a mystery that can only be solved by more observations and research.To that end, it’s unclear whether we will ever be able to figure out what lies in this eclipsed zone, but regardless, Minniti noted that he and his colleagues “are prepared to be surprised.”“There are some areas that have a lot of dust and stars, so the absorption [of light] is very high, and this is an obstacle that is very difficult,” Galdeano concluded. “Nevertheless, we work hard to explore these mysterious regions, so we hope to have an approach and find out interesting results in the near future.”

I Have Company. Now I Don’t Feel So Alone in This Work

This is an excellent piece from Disclosure News. I’m not personally experiencing all of these symptoms but I’m aware of them bc my patients have them. Get your light body humming while stretching and breathing to relieve them.

There is so much happening that we don’t have time to catch our breath. The energy is drubbing so that the teeth are cramping, our body is trembling, the brain is soft-boiled. Often we don’t have time for anything. But when we just do our routine as usual, it turns out OK. Everything builds up by itself; we are clearly being led and helped.
Old sores get worse; sometimes we just don’t know where to put ourselves. Insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, headaches, pain in joints and ligaments, blurred consciousness and vision, hearing loss, dehydration, inability to concentrate … This is not a complete list of what we are experiencing now, even if absolutely healthy…
These are the effects of high-freqs’ quantum waves coming to Earth.
They continue to speedily reset all the old, 3D programs and download new, five-dimensional ones.
Events are speeding up for some, and slowing down for others to a dead calm.
Sensitivity (empathy) is becoming more acute. Powerful streams of energy cause tremors in our body, caused by raising vibrations.

The article

Wilcock Did a Presentation on Densities on GAIA

Today is 10/28/22; Blue 7 Resonant Night. I just saw this again. It’s a good one. Check it out.

“Time can be moved through the ZERO POINT between polarities.

David Wilcock quoting Professor Simon Shnoll

I just saw this in my notebook. That applies directly to Proline as ZERO in the Sidechain as itself, tryptophan (19) or the Stop Codon (20). Is Proline the zero point in the binary triplet configuration? Is it the pivot point between the polarity reversals in the Tzolkin?

The movement between polarities, positive and negative or protons and electrons happens in the middle of the Tzolkin or the Zone of Transformation, specifically on the G.A.P. kin

©Lisa K. Townsend

Don’t steal my ideas or your karma will be prolific.

Russian Discovery Challenges Existence of ‘Absolute Time’

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

(Full text of article from summer 2000 21st Century) |Russian scientists discover unexpected regularities in radioactive decay, linked to astronomical cycles

“Two years ago, nearly unnoticed in the West, the Russian biophysicist S.E. Shnoll published a paper in the prominent Russian physics journal Uspekhi Fisicheskikh Nauk1 summing up the results of more than three decades of investigations of anomalous statistical regularities in a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological processes, from radioactive decay to the rates of biochemical reactions.

The evidence points unambiguously to the existence of a previously unknown relationship between fluctuations in the rates of radioactive and other processes in the laboratory, and major astronomical cycles, including the day, month, and year. The implication is, that many phenomena which until now have been regarded as purely statistical in character—such as the distribution of fluctuations in the momentary rates of radioactivity measured in a sample—are somehow controlled or at least strongly influenced by an astrophysical factor, which varies in time in the same way at all points on the Earth.

Vladimir Voeikov, a colleague of Shnoll, comments in the Spring 2000 issue of 21st Century: “Shnoll’s work shows that time is heterogeneous. It is not a Newtonian time. Each moment in time is different from another, and this can be seen in any physical process that you study.”

Albert Einstein, who rejected claims by Niels Bohr and others that the fundamental microphysical processes are essentially, irreducibly random in character, liked to say that “God does not play dice.” Einstein and others pointed to the arbitrary nature of Bohr’s argument: Just because physicists in Bohr’s time could not penetrate beyond the apparent randomness of radioactive decay and other microscopic processes, to find a deeper lawfulness and regularity underlying such processes, does not mean that science is doomed to remain in that state of ignorance forever!

By demonstrating the existence of a universal, astronomical factor influencing the fine structure of supposedly random fluctuations, Shnoll et al. have opened up an entirely new field of scientific investigation which is not supposed to exist, according to Bohr.”

This sounds like TIME SCIENCE to me. Fancy that.

Time. It’s a particle all right. It’s DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. It’s a particle when manifested in 3D and a wave in 4D and upwards.

Sun’s ‘DNA’ revealed — ScienceDaily

The Sun has DNA. Indeed, as the Urantia Book teaches, the earth and the rest of our solar system were born out of our sun. Our sun is our etheric parent. Parents are always psychically connected to their children. The Sun is SENTIENT, just as we are. It is both mother and father. Please read this link.

What is the difference between human plasma and sun plasma?

Human plasma, i.e. blood plasma makes up 55% of the blood volume, and is composed of water (95%) with dissolved proteins (albumin, fibrinogen, immunoglobulins), glucose, clotting factors, electrolytes (Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, HCO3−, Cl−, etc.), hormones, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Sun plasma is mainly hydrogen (91%) and helium (8%) in their fourth state of matter (i.e. plasma – in simple terms a gas with high electromagnetic response).

And what is water? Hydrogen and oxygen, mostly hydrogen. H2O.

What is the sun? HYDROGEN and helium. The sun is IN US but we are more because of the amino acids as our DNA.

In fact over 99% of the matter currently present in the solar system is concentrated within the Sun. More importantly, the Sun has conserved the initial composition of the protosolar nebula, the cloud of gas and dust that gave rise to the solar system. This is not the case with most of the other bodies in the solar system, such as Earth, Mars or the meteorites, which — because they formed at high temperature — have lost their primitive volatile elements. Consequently, their present composition does not reflect the composition of the protosolar nebula.

Science Daily article

I Focus on Physics at the Subatomic Level Because WE are Composed of Atoms

Time Continuum by Sandra Bauser

Think of Earth as a nursery. Unless that baby cries the parents don’t spring to action. A baby can hold a room of adults captive and the same is true for humans and all precious DNA life evolving in our system. We hold the focus of the universe lovingly watching over ALL life which then responds when we express ourselves or have a need just as human parents do with a cute, small child. Human parents are a vulgar analogy as of course, many parents are in error and neglectful but most aren’t.

Your DNA molecules look big compared to the subatomic FREQUENCIES that make up 98% of your body. We only appear dense and then believe what we see in the material world and thus vibrate at a super dense speed or frequency. We can change the speed and intention with which we vibrate and quantum physics teaches it. That’s what meditation does. It has a tremendous amount to do with which habitual emotions you run which are absorbed directly into your muscles and every cell of your body.

Think of this.What Gives Lightning Its Zap? Lightning happens when the negative charges (electrons) in the bottom of the cloud are attracted to the positive charges (protons) in the ground. That creates pure plasma and Plasma is manifested in our blood. Our blood is QI, and full of DNA which is the case for all life. Qi is similar to lightning which is an archetype for Blue Storm Tryptophan.

Physics has everything to do with biology, but as I’ve been podcasting, quantum physics has yet to irrevocably infiltrate it’s truth into biology academia in the medical schools. I’m not waiting for the geneticists who hug quantum MECHANICS to embrace quantum physics because I have seen too much human suffering in my office and around me that is cured by the movement of Qi, energy, the focus and intent of my mind and the patient’s mind on their body and the eradication of pain. Add to that the unlimited power of human blood in the muscle and it’s affect on all of the organs and tissue when it’s circulating properly and my patients get well and don’t have to keep coming back. I have a spate of new ones.

Isn’t healthcare supposed to be about people getting well, not having pain and living a good life? Not on this planet in this sick care system. They say it but they don’t do it or I wouldn’t be so constantly busy with patients coming in telling me horror stories of failure are the hands of surgery, drugs, and mandated vaccines. Now I see wellness coaches popping up. Not good enough. We have plenty of trained holistic doctors that all states need to license who can firmly tell patients what they have to do to get well. There is no suggestion here. Patient’s need to be taught the path to wellness that is thousands of years old and has always worked. Now it’s backed up by quantum physics.

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