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Look at this link. It’s BS. Not.

It looks to me like quantum computing is an attempted hack, as usual, ON us. It’s based in quantum mechanics, not quantum physics, and chance, not synchronicity. Qubits like 4, 6 and 8. Look at the qubit circle in the middle. It’s ugly.

Well, fortunately, our harmonic has binary written into it as the binary triplet configuration. It looks to me like I’ll be expanding the OBJECT CODE, which currently only consists of 0 and 1.

No wonder we’re in a time warp, Mr Liebniz. He did what he could with what he knew. They didn’t know what DNA was, the nucleotides or the amino acids back then. They were discovered in 1860, which is very recent.

Time is DNA (All life). DNA is Mass which is mostly Frequency (of all Life). DNA creates Gravity which is that Frequency. So Time creates Gravity.-Ed Level Advanced

This came to me intuitively at 3am, when I tend to get my best insights during those Delta waves.

When you put that “ism” on the end it’s in a box with sexism, racism, materialism, spiritualism, ageism, and cultism which are based in opinion, gossip, memes, feelings and thus dogma.

The internet, when I enter “Time creates gravity”

No, time dilation does NOT cause gravity. The simplest way to understand this is recognize that time dilation is a relative phenomenon, dependent on an observer’s state of motion and their position relative to masses, while gravity is an objective phenomenon all observers will agree upon.” Nov 14, 2017

WOW. Very severe and mandating agreement on everything being reality.

I didn’t say time dilation and I didn’t say cause. I said time, by itself, MAKES, not causes. When you make something it’s literal 3D. Women MAKE babies, literally. When you cause something, you just think it or nudge it with a thing. That’s all guys do is cause something. They make a mess and noise but they don’t make a baby. They cause a baby. This is the height of mechanical indolence. This is why so much of science is wrong.

Time dilation is the difference in elapsed time as measured by two clocks, either due to a relative velocity between them or due to a difference in gravitational potential between their locations. When unspecified, “time dilation” usually refers to the effect due to velocity.”Wikipedia

They don’t know what time is. No one does. Their minds are still in the time of Newtonian Mechanics in the year 2023. Newton’s ideas were formed 1643-1727, the 17th century. The earth rotates and then it rotates around the sun. That’s time to them.

The fact that Time creates gravity will change E=mc2 because Energy = Gravity x the speed of light2.

Gravity is the SUM of all DNA as Mass moving in spacetime. The fun piece is that all mass is 99% frequency or empty space. It’s not dense. It’s just moving at phenomenal speeds because of MIND.

5:15PM on Friday

Now I’m looking at some physics notes from Jack Sarfatti, Physicist on X.

  • UAP’s use warp drive or control of the spacetime continuum (gravity field) with small amounts of energy using energized resonant artificial meta materials in macro quantum coherent “Frolich condensate” phases. This is a straightforward application of Einstein’s 1915 gravity field equation connecting the gravity field Guv to the stress-energy tensor Tuv of an applied electromagnetic inside the specially designed meta-material fuselage. Fröhlich condensates are classified into 3 types:
  • weak condensates in which profound effects on chemical kinetics are possible,
  • strong condensates in which an extremely large amount of energy is channeled into one vibrational mode, and
  • coherent condensates in which this energy is placed in a single quantum state.- Mar 17, 2009

On the right is the tensor describing the matter and energy density — the source of the gravitational field. The equation shows that spacetime geometry equals mass-energy density when adjusted with the proper units and numerical constants.Oct 4, 2015

But Einstein looked at space and time and saw a single dynamic stage — spacetime — on which matter and energy strutted, generating sound and fury, signifying gravity.

The article below

Time is DNA says exactly the same thing but I hadn’t read Einstein. The Maya suggested it all to me in the Harmonic, and Jose Arguelles.

Honestly, Einstein’s work was always common sense to me. I’ve always understood E=mc2 and it actually caused me to ask more questions, especially about the true nature of mass which is answered by Fritjof Capra in the Tao of Physics. And it was answered by my hands on 23,000 people in my office.

Most people still don’t process that what appears dense and feels dense on this planet is simply spinning at mind-boggling speeds like 60,000 mps with MIND intention. Why? Because our Creator gave all creation the ability to create ITSELF and to create new things. Self-Existing Tone 4 and Earth are ruled by 4. That’s the purpose of life. Not money. We’re creators. But on X, they call Creators-MONEY. I already posted that you can’t have it both ways. Time is money or time is art. There is nothing wrong with making a living with art, but that’s not the focus or you can’t create. No response. They live for money. There is no art on any social media.

Studying Phonons While I’m Looking for Sound Qubits

The Tones of Creations are multidimensional so they have to be quantum, they can’t just be 3D hertz level. That’s a bit of a no-brainer.

I just started watching this and I already have a headache from all of his assumptions. That’s how science is. Everyone just repeats what they’ve been taught. It’s the same with all human “things”. People follow each other. It’s still fun though.

I hope to find 13 phonons or maybe they are the musical notes in another dimension. But I have to be able to reproduce them accurately.

Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

This just popped up in XTwitter at 11:11. Luc was a very good friend of Dr. Chavez, who was my friend and knew of my work. I wasn’t as far along back then as I am now.

Notice that they are just now discovering that DNA has memory, which we know is the CA strand, civilizational advance, and that it makes sound. That is the Tones of Creation. All ancient t knowledge that gets ignored.

It’s stunning to me that molecular biologists are still struggling with the fact that all DNA emits ELM energy. I thought this was old news.

Lastly, the suggestion that biologists study physics. Is this new also?

They are behind.

Top Tier Physicist…

His birth gateway is the same as David Wilcock and Harry Petsanis. These kin crave the spotlight.

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