Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

This just popped up in XTwitter at 11:11. Luc was a very good friend of Dr. Chavez, who was my friend and knew of my work. I wasn’t as far along back then as I am now.

Notice that they are just now discovering that DNA has memory, which we know is the CA strand, civilizational advance, and that it makes sound. That is the Tones of Creation. All ancient t knowledge that gets ignored.

It’s stunning to me that molecular biologists are still struggling with the fact that all DNA emits ELM energy. I thought this was old news.

Lastly, the suggestion that biologists study physics. Is this new also?

They are behind.

Earth Holon Positional Update

I have a positional update on where the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point is located in the 4D Earth Holon, IN TIME.

It’ is Plate VI, 60-90 degrees South-180-225 degrees East. That is in the South Pacific, South of Australia taking up the entire YELLOW SEED TIME PORTAL in the S. Polar Zone of Earth.

This is a Gateway Kin whose purpose is to Ground, be our ROOTS/TRANSMIT information.

The interesting juxtaposition here is that by TUESDAY we hit Yellow 11 Sun, the Stop Codon in any DNA sequence which sits in the North Polar Zone of Earth and transports the Yellow galactic spectrum OF LIGHT or Photons in the magnetosphere producing the yellow light in the auroras!

So, come Tuesday, I predict a BIG YELLOW light show. LOL. Indeed, on Wednesday, hitting Red 12 Dragon, we are in the N. Polar Zone.

The First Director of NASA James Webb

James Webb Birth gateway, October 7, 1906. He only dreamed of this telescope that manifested over 100 years later. The day the telescope traveled to its position was his EXACT analog on the right.
The day the telescope was on its way-12/26/21, Red 13 Cosmic Earth.

The travel day of James Webb Telescope 1M miles away from 🌎 Earth

Red 13 Earth is Cosmic Navigation and Synchronicity. It was exactly that for humanity. When you watch the movie, note that Yellow 12 Warrior, 12/25/21 is mediated by Saturn, the planet of the Hexagon. The mirrors on the mandala that is the telescope are HEXAGONS! Also, the Guide Power for the telescope is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon whose analog is White 13 Cosmic MIRROR. The telescope LITERALLY IS a COSMIC MIRROR reflecting back to us, our Source, who we are and where we came from; our cosmic family.

Go here for more info.


Look at the synchronicity of this. James Webb was White 13 Cosmic Wind. The telescope trip 1M miles away from earth was his direct analog support, Red 13 Cosmic Earth.

It’s totally amazing, not an accident. You MUST watch Netflix UNKNOWN COSMIC TIME MACHINE. The title isn’t so great, but I cried watching this unfold. Red 13 Cosmic Earth is my Guide Power. I love our universe and astronomy so much, and humanity.

There have been many mistakes made by wiser and older entities than us and I am here to tell you that earth and humanity have been endowed with a very special spirit of love and species cooperation that can HEAL all the error. We think we are minor, but our hearts and minds are ginormous. We have a special mission in our local universe. All eyes are on us right now. Do you best to bring your best self forward while we move into this paradigm shift as citizens of our local universe.

Brownstone Institute Update-7/27/23

We know, it’s impossible to keep up, even if you have the stomach for it.  Just today, Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX, responsible for many billions lost, was cleared by the Justice Department of campaign-finance violations. The reason: not because FTX was not guilty but rather because the extradition request from the Bahamas did not list that as a reason.  Yeah, right. The receipts are all there, and campaign finance is very obviously part of the whole point of the FTX’s existence, even if “pandemic planning” was the cover story.
Brownstone published two very important pieces on the topic: here and here. Among many others. 

On the censorship front, we just published an important series of revelations. It was not in your imagination. Facebook was directly pressured by the White House. We have the receipts.  It does seem as if everything is unraveling. There is still a very long way to go, however.  Please register now for our November 4 conference and gala in Dallas, Texas. Rep. Thomas Massie will join us as dinner speaker and all your favorite writers and researchers will be there. There is limited space and you don’t want to miss this.  As for the supper club, a big treat comes our way on August 16: Aaron Day will speak about CBDCs. He might rank as the world expert at this point. 

Finally, happy second birthday to Brownstone! We opened to the public on August 1, 2021. The reach has been up and up. Six books, ten fellows, monthly events, 1,500 articles, and many millions of views later, Brownstone is in top form, and we still have a tiny staff.  Thank you donors above all else! None of this would be possible without you.  

Here is some content since our last email: The Facebook Files Show Brazen and Aggressive Censorship By Justin Hart. Never-before-released internal documents subpoenaed by the Judiciary Committee PROVE that Facebook and Instagram censored posts and changed their content moderation policies because of unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House. 

Watch “NASA Sounds the Alarm on Solar Superstorms” on YouTube

Let’s look at this in context. The sun is even older than the earth. The earth has been here for billions of years, maybe 4.5 billion. The solar cycles are 11.5 years long, so the suns’ polarity has flipped millions of times. We just weren’t here or knew how to see it!!!

Humans are only 1 million years old. Evolutionarily speaking, we are infants, little babies, not allowed to play with nuclear toys in the sandbox, and our Watcher parents shut them down just as a parent takes a lighter from their child. We don’t know how to play nicely in the cosmic sandbox yet.

All of a sudden, we have this ego and a sense of ourselves, and we think we see everything clearly. We don’t. Take healthy mothers, for instance. We love our kids so much that we don’t always see them clearly. Men are the same way with being protective and wanting to control the outside world. We both need to be more rational.

Humans are something. They are the ones using science to be dramatic and alarmist. You don’t see women making these videos and getting alarmist. We use our instincts. Men are fantasy prone, and imagine worst-case scenarios and get attached to blowing stuff up. It’s their testosterone. They’re not rational! Women are, especially when we learn to think more than procreate.

So take the video with grain of salt.

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