Pluto in Capricorn Transit

This is in 100% synchronicity with Time as 4D, one with 3D, our bodies and astrology today. Listen well.

Listen to what he he says about astrologers and MIND. It’s because they don’t know that MIndset IS Time. Just as our bodies ARE time. Our time belongs to us and is completely malleable.

The sun, the earth and the other planets RESPOND and work in partnership WITH US. He’s right. The sun and planets are not CAUSAL. We are causal. Damn!

I need to make a point about intuition because mine is on all the time. Tea leaves, crystal balls, white boards, white snow, the sky, these are all tools for the intuitive to go into a partial trance-like state of mind.

He kept talking about feelings. It’s not feelings, it’s vibrations and frequencies. Feelings are physical and not rational. They are a certain truth but not the whole truth. IMO, one should never make assessments or decisions based on feelings.

INTUITION is the higher rational mind and you can search on it in the search box. I’ve blogged on it and have written a book about it. When looking at the past or the future, those timelines that ARE the DNA in our bodies you need to use all of it; your intuition, rational assessment, and feelings.

I’m adding this to today’s oracle.

How the Smartest Minds Use Intuition and Emotional Intelligence to Make Better Decisions, Backed by Science |

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Everyday Intuition and the Science Validating It

Your Gut Feeling Is Way More Than Just A Feeling: The Science Of Intuition

Mar 12, 2015, 09:00 AM By Samantha Olson

Science Of Intuition
Intuition plays a greater role in physical biology than most think. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

That little voice in the back of your mind that says don’t trust themdon’t walk down that alley, don’t go to that party tonight, and think twice before investing stock, isn’t just a passing subconscious message. We thrive in a culture that believes rationality and prevailing scientifically proven logic rules over the knee-jerk reaction to pull out of the parking lot or investigate a partner’s alibi. There are just certain feelings humans obligatorily follow without concrete reasoning.   

I wrote this

2011 study published in the journal Psychological Science revealed how the body is able to speak intuitively to the mind by dealing out a card game. Researchers designed a game based on no obvious strategy but forced participants to rely upon their hunches. Each participant was hooked up to a heart monitor and a finger sensor to measure sweat secretion. Most players figured out how to improve and eventually win the game, and researchers realized the winners were those who listened to their heart rate. It would speed up before they made a certain choice, but people mistook the subtle bodily changes for intuition.

“We often talk about intuition coming from the body — following our gut instincts and trusting our hearts,” the study’s coauthor Barnaby D. Dunn, of the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, UK, said in a press release. “What happens in our bodies really does appear to influence what goes in our minds. We should be careful about following these gut instincts, however, as sometimes they help and sometimes they hinder our decision making.” 

Instincts vs. Intuition

“Instincts” derives from the word “instinctus” or “impulse,” indicating it’s the body’s biological tendency to make one choice over another. It is the innate inclination toward a particular behavior that typically relies on a pattern of behavior in response to certain stimuli. The key to understanding our brains is by remembering humans are animals, which are born with a certain toolbox full of strategies and social impetuses to help us survive.

It is instinctually engraved in us to recognize when to run from a perceived danger, known as the “flight or fight” response secreted into our blood systems by adrenal glands. Babies are born knowing how to feed from their mothers, while mothers know when there is something amiss with their offspring. It is the proverbial sixth sense we have shadowed behind the five testable ones: see, taste, touch, smell, and hear.

On the flip side, the word intuition is based on the word “consideration,” formed by a collection of beliefs, experiences, and memories. The intuitive system is more hardwired into the human species than is commonly understood. It is the automatic, higher mind thought process that doesn’t require analysis or deep thinking. Science relies on heuristic techniques for problem-solving, learning, or discovery that engage in a practical approach to action that gut reactions can’t evidentially rival.

I wrote part of this and own the copyright

Unfortunately, gut feelings can also be silenced. When humans are forced or denied certain feelings during their prime stages of mental, physical, and above all emotional growth, guts can be faulty. A childhood hijacked by abusive or neglectful parents or guardians can create excessive self-doubt, irrational fear, or a clouded thought process, making it difficult to filter traumatic past experiences from actual gut intuition. Overwhelming stimuli can also make it difficult for a person to see the decision in front of them with clarity.

Women, on the other hand, may have a stronger ability to make a successful intuitive decision because of their exceptional skills in reading other humans. Female ancestors needed to evaluate a situation quickly in order to tune in to their infant and their environment for protection and survival. Their brains were trained with peak awareness because they were protecting a heart outside of their own bodies. Female brains, therefore, evolved to have a larger composition and ability to organize chunks of environmental information at a time, giving them an edge to read people.

So humans, trust your gut.  

Intuition in the Scientific Method

This is a paper written by Ph.D. physicist Dr. Smith who worked on the Manhattan Project. He had a different perspective on the efficacious and ethical use of Intuition. I own the copyright.

I wrote the preface, history, glossary and added bios and pictures at the end. This booklet would be useful in history, science research methodology, or physics classes at the college level. You can find the paperback and ebook on Amazon for 14.99 and 4.99.

Tuesday; Channeling Physical Instincts, Grounding, and Mating

Today is Red 7 Resonant Serpent with Analog White 7 Wizard. This is waking up the SPRING energies and our Spring Equinox is coming up March 20. The Earth QI for fertilization is all around us as we walk through the mud and dream of warm spring winds.

The Guide Power this morning meshes with the Aquarius Moon and is Red 7 Resonant Earth. Uranus rules Aquarius and is the mediating planet for Red Earth. Be sure to get outside and listen to the Earth changes happening as we leave Winter.

Above, you can see the antipode for this afternoon; Blue 7 Resonant Eagle. Our Vision can detract from our grounding unless we work with it. Never give up your grounding, meaning, always let your BODY lead and practice something like Tai Chi to keep you balanced from side to side. It can be organic movement, you don’t have to follow someone else’s form. Before I knew this was the line-up today I felt the need to do something to balance both legs and hips and just intuitively felt a balancing exercise very early this morning. Your body will tell you what it needs to be happy if you listen. This also changes the DNA and your timeline. Same thing. We each ultimately control our Mind, Body and thus Time. The Globalists aren’t allowed to unless we let them by default because we aren’t being vigilant for ourselves.

The Hidden Wisdom is resonant with yesterday’s 5GForce; Yellow 7 Resonant Warrior. As we balance the body between grounding and vision, feet up to the head our Higher Mind wakes up and we become more intelligent.

The 5GForce is resonant with today’s antipode; Blue 7 Resonant Eagle. That’s a bit odd. I’ve never seen the 5Force and antipode as the same tribe. Since the Fifth dimension is pulsing off of the antipode it speaks to some serious shadow energy being brought forward to be cleansed and released or to bring the person down further into their karma by their own making. It has to do with sexual abuse. The human sexual instincts should never take over the spiritual nature completely or dominate it. The two instincts; sex and vision can be balanced.

Serine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, and Histidine are evolving.

Commanding Radiant Intuition

This blog used to be about the Intuitive Mind from a rational perspective. Now I’m trying something else because I’m just as passionate about DNA as Time as I am about uplifting the Mind via the Intuition, intuition being the Higher Mind. Both males and females have it so it should not be used for gender discrimination, another passion I have. If we all tuned into our intuition every aspect of power in human society would be managed.

Today is Blue 5 Overtone Night. It is the amino acid Alanine and it’s analog is∞Yellow 5 Warrior or Histidine. The guide power is Blue 5 Monkey are Asparagine, the antipode challenge is Red 5 Skywalker or Glutamine and the Hidden Wisdom is White 9 Solar Mirror or Tyrosine

The 5GForce is Red 9 Earth or Solar Synchronicity. So once again, the Schumann Resonance is pulsing strong to get the Earth lined up with the universal stream.


I empower in order to Dream. Commanding intuition I seal the input of Abundance with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of Magic.”-The Dreamspell

In this themplex which evolves in our DNA and thus in Time, we have big influence from our unconscious mind. Today is a great day for daydreaming while we do chores, reading and writing, journaling or just emptying our minds and meditating. In addition, it’s the Summer Solstice and the first day of the Sun in Cancer.

The mediating planet of Blue Night and Yellow Warrior is Saturn which is placed nicely in it’s own sign of Capricorn so it is fairly easy to get some things accomplished at home or at work today. We’re guided by some fun and magic with Blue Monkey mediated by Venus but Venus is retrograde so it could easily turn into detrimental mischief. Watch your step!

Challenging us is Mars which is in it’s home sign of Aries right now with someone around you going directly for the truth and not pulling any punches. I know about that because it’s me (Aries/Skywalker). No fear. Do the right thing. Tell the truth. Right…very few people are doing that right now so you’d rather we all be quiet and go away. This position is also a gift.

A solar mirror as hidden wisdom means our connection to the sun asks us to stop looking at others and society and look in the mirror at what we have personally evolved into. Self-examination is a good thing.


We’ve got that pentagon going on in Histidine. It’s the 5 pointed star which is an archetype of humans; head, 2 arms, 2 legs. For most of human history we’ve been warriors and fought each other and that is the Mayan archetype; Yellow Warrior. It might be controversial, but the reason humans got around, intermarried and became so diverse and strong is because of war. So, honestly, war was not all bad for the human race and despite the deaths, our reproduction rate has been prolific tipping our environment by the billions!

Synchronicity is there between Arginine and Glutamine which are right next to each other in the themeplex. They have the same lineup but my archetype has an extra carbon and Hydrogen molecule. That’s deep affinity for Yellow Star∞Blue Monkey which is mediated by Venus. Indeed, it’s my hidden wisdom placement and someone I love is Yellow Star.

Intuition; Counterintuitive; the opposite of Intuitive

I haven’t talked about something being counterintuitive yet but the word and the concept are well known in our culture. That’s a good thing. That means most people are still using their intuition which means they’re tuned into their body and enjoy it. That is nature and it’s far more powerful than institutional and societal programming. I get out of bed every morning still believing that and seeing it in my patients. That’s why I get out of bed.

I always write about intuition, which on my part, is a bit of a reaction to a culture that lies all the time. Everything in the media shuns intuition and makes statements and advertisements that lead one to believe that we and everyone around us are counterintuitive. They’ve taken it to such an extreme that when they say intuition, they mean their version of intuition which is against the natural body and soul. It’s gotten that bad. When the media says, “let’s be intuitive” it’s actually counterintuitive.

A perfect example is our sick-care system called healthcare. Most people are willing to hand over their body, their physical decisions, their physical awareness, and all their money to a doctor or health insurance. They’ve become convinced by the system and the media that there is no way they are accurate in their own intuition about their body. I’m writing about this here because it’s drastically affecting our BONDING to one another, sex, and intimacy as well as turning intuition on its head, especially now during this unnecessary panicdemic.

The reason for this is the ancient tradition of bloodletting. The worship of bloodletting underpins our entire human culture and has for centuries. It’s sinister and incorrect and I hope to point out the details here.

Bloodletting is such an honored and ancient tradition that it’s become part of most of our Western superhero movies, Hollywood, and most of our human rituals all over the world. Bloodletting is an important part of almost every world religion. In Catholicism, they actually pretend to drink the blood of Christ and call it transubstantiation which means the wafer and wine stand in the place of Christ’s tortured body and his actual blood. It harks back to the slaughter of a lamb in the Jewish temple ritual. Christ was not the lamb of God. He was betrayed by Judas who was Luciferian. He didn’t have to die. He chose to allow it for teaching.

Honoring the blood flowing outside of the encased skin is seen as “a good thing”. That’s a Jewish idea co-opted by the Christians. Jesus didn’t condone it, in fact, he railed against the Jewish temple traditions which included too much hand-washing. Sound familiar?

I hate to bring up an unsavory subject but drinking blood and eating dead bodies is Luciferian. What does that make Christianity then who has an actual ritual around it in addition to entrenched pedophilia? In addition, we carnivores blood let animals and then eat them and call that the best food on the planet. If you haven’t been to a slaughterhouse you don’t know what you’re missing. For that matter, a chicken farm could be a field trip too. It’s awful.

I’m not going to be a liar here and say I’m a vegetarian. I have been off and on in my life but like so many people, I’m addicted to meat. I think it’s wrong of me and like many addicts, I don’t want to do it anymore but I was raised around it. My family is very much carnivore and other bad things as well. They’re basically Illuminati and I’m no longer in denial about it. In addition, we all have a license in our society and even encouragement to bloodlet an animal and eat meat with gravy made from that blood! It’s up to each one of us to clean up our act and not live double-minded.

Then there are the hospitals and all the surgery and blood spilled in our sick-care system. As my patient who is a nurse said to me one day, “I would never want to be in a hospital. It’s the worst place you could be.” She works in one! How counterintuitive is that!??? Humans. My god.

It’s important for there to be a profit in our so-called healthcare system. Wellness is not something to be taken seriously and nobody wants anything to be simple, plant-based, and whole. It lacks conflict and violence so it isn’t sexy. Wholeness or holiness is from God and they don’t believe in God. They thrive on fear, abuse, and wrongdoing. But the SACRIFICE you make as a low strata citizen will always be rewarded like getting a Christmas gift from Santa for free, even though it’s at taxpayer expense.

The Law is a balanced act. Justice is not based on physical sight.

There’s also the just war that has kept our economy going and governments funded for one hundred years. Blood spilled on the battlefield is sacred blood because it’s violent. A sacrificial war keeps our society going. We like all the nice things we can buy that are killing our habitat. Soldiers are a necessary sacrifice to have all of those nice things. Everything is a necessary sacrifice when the elite are Luciferians. But you’ll be rewarded, if not in this life, in the next.

When you go to work and you’re a loyal worker you’re sacrificing your time and energy for slave wages and yours is a necessary sacrifice. These other jobs that require you to sometimes give up your health, like being in the sick care system in the hospital and not being given the supplies you need are something you’re supposed to accept. It’s fine if you die because you’re the honored dead. The local news will make sure that you’re given that and it justifies your life so, just be quiet.

As long as you sacrifice something FOR THE ELITE, who are Luciferians, your life is worth something. They’re God? It’s for the elite, your bosses, authorities, the people in charge who tell you to go over the cliff when they need something. If someone HAS MONEY and POWER, that makes them holy? They are God, not you. That is the God of materialism and it’s not God, it’s the opposite.

We’re in a body to be alive for a time, for the evolution and learning of our own souls. It’s a gift. We breathe the air, live life with the animals and the plants and people we love, have a baby, have sex, and be free. It’s codified in our Constitution that some incorrect politicians and citizens would like to shred. We are free to work in a career that we are passionate about. We don’t need anybody to patronizingly tell us what to do with our bodies as though we’re children in need of a state governor who is a babysitter. Blood sacrifice is not necessary. It never was. It was edited into books and stories that way for brainwashing profit. Fuck them and the donkey they rode intrusively into our lives. Christ rode a donkey to his crucifixion. We’re not riding their donkey to ours and Christ never asked us to. They twist the truth and always have.

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