Michael Salla Interview of Clones and Black Navy Ops at Diego Garcia

Greys and Insectoid are acting nefarious…to be expected. Not all Insectoid E.T. are bad. Praying Mantis are not. The U.S. Navy has a black ops program that is involved with human trafficking.

He talks about the E.T. soul splitting technology that allows clones to be made. It reminds me of Voldemort’s borcruxes in Harry Potter. It’s ancient dark magic that our U.S. military uses; Luciferian.

Also remember that the ancient light magic is the mother protecting her child. That was in the movie also.

Mother’s can do soul retrieval for their child also since the child’s soul is one with her DNA in the Loom of the 13 Moons. They aren’t going to win as long as mother’s have children. It’s the unbreakable bond of the goddess. All life comes through the female from Galactic Center.

Ixcel, The Priestess of the Maldekian White Wizard tribe. White 3 Wizard is the Guide Power today for White 3 Dog.

What People Believe “UFOs” Are In 2023: Four Main Categories

Great article from Conscious Evolution.


I’m a Deep Diver as far as category. I’ve been researching and working with the Maya in meditation and otherwise for 33 years as well.as quantum physics and intuition. I have written one book specifically pertaining to the Tzolkin and three others on other topics.

I have not had a current, direct experience with a UAP because I’ve asked not to. It wouldn’t phase me. I find humans to be odd enough. Psychic and healing work is extremely easy for me but I don’t really want any more special skills right now.

I came to earth to be immersed in human life and family and feel I’ve had many lifetimes doing cosmic work with many different galactic species and politics.

I’m interested in earth politics but want little to do with the current GGLN because of the Tiamat fiasco, allowing Jupiter and Saturn to institute 12:60 coordinates for GGLN reasons that I don’t 100% dispute. The timelines and all DNA species need to settle it themselves.

2023 – The Year of Global Revolution & Exo-political Revelations

Exopolitics.org <drsalla@exopolitics.org


Sat, Dec 31, 2022 at 5:17 PM

Will Ukraine’s military collapse from an impending Russian winter offensive that will lead to NATO’s possible implosion?

Dr. Michael Salla
2023 – The Year of Global Revolution & Exo-political Revelations Hope you are enjoying your New Year celebrations wherever you are. I’m presently in Australia meeting family members after a 3-year hiatus due to the global plandemic, which led to severe travel restrictions in my country of birth. I’m ready for 2023, which promises to be a revolutionary year for the entire planet after a lackluster 2022. I’m most excited by growing evidence that the Deep State is unraveling with more and more of its most deeply held secrets being released every day by whistleblowers and White Hats in what appears to be a globally coordinated plan.
It’s no accident that the recently signed 2023 National Defense Authorization Act in the US gives whistleblowers protection from any Non-Disclosure Agreements when it comes to UAPs/UFOs. This is going to spark an avalanche of whistleblowers coming forward and revealing more of what has been happening in corporate and military facilities dealing with reverse engineered alien technologies and off planet visitors. One of the individuals who will be impacted by the new law is my long time source JP, who continues to serve in the US Army, and may be able to reveal more about his missions. I hope he will succeed in persuading other serving military personnel to come forward under the new whistleblower protection law.
Also, the James Webb Space Telescope is focusing on distant star systems such as Trappist containing multiple populated exoplanets, which makes the detection of techno-signatures inevitable. Exopolitics is fast going mainstream as discussion of extraterrestrial life and its implications is increasingly being seriously discussed in official circles and major media.
At this point, it’s still not clear what the trigger will be for the global revolution. Will it be: Judges overturning rigged elections as more data comes in? More Twitter files exposing the truth about Deep State operations? Ukraine’s military collapse from an impending Russian winter offensive that will lead to NATO’s implosion? The truth about Deep State’s Plandemic coming out? An announcement that the Webb Telescope discovered ET life? The Deep State finally moving ahead with a false flag alien event that is bound to fail? The ETs themselves forcing the issue by uncloaking their mother ships/Arks and exposing the Deep State’s biggest secret? The awakening of giants or Inner Earthers coming forward to reveal themselves to the mass consciousness? It could be any one or a combination of these factors that leads to a global revolution as the people wake up to the decades of Deep State manipulation and deception.
In 2023, I’m planning to do many new weekly interviews with fascinating guests who will cast light on many exopolitical issues. I will again do eight webinars this year on topical issues beginning in late February. Also, I plan to start a weekly podcast to cover the Exopolitical news that week, and eventual turn it into a live podcast with Q & A. Finally, I’m working on Book 8 of the Secret Space Program Series which should come out in May.
Unfortunately, the growth of exopolitics and my podcast channels has led to many impersonators, scammers, etc., imitating me on Telegram and YouTube. If you ever receive a personal message from someone claiming to be me encouraging you to sign on to some financial scheme, then note you are being scammed. I never privately approach anyone offering financial advice or to solicit funding.

Scammers have also been phishing my email address (drsalla@exopolitics.org) to impersonate me. Thankfully, I found a great new startup company in Australia (CanIphish.com) that strengthens websites to stop phishing by scammers. Click this link to see if your website is vulnerable (see banner below for more details & an exopolitics discount code).
Well, that’s my New Year’s message for 2023, so stay tuned as much more is coming.
I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
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Watch “Global Galactic League of Nations, 22 Alien Genetic Experiments, and Secret Space Programs” on YouTube

This was originally posted by me on 11/14/20 during scamdemic and censorship, so like the last post, I’m not sure how many saw it. Please take the time to make sure you understand this.

This a super important, interesting documentary from Corey Goode, well worth your watch time. We all need to know this. It’s DISCLOSURE. Please share with awake family and friends.

Watch “American Lions: JFK & Trump’s War with the Deep State over UFO Secrecy” on YouTube

Original posting of this was November 2020, one year after Covid first hit, but no one knew what it was.

This is a must watch video by Dr. Michael Salla on the 57th anniversary of JFK assassination. 9 minutes. Share with your friends via email, mainly for the history and suggestion it contains, not because you agree with it at this point. Trump is no savior. He has said and shown that he loves money. The ICC loves money too. So do the Dems. Is he working with the ICC? And Trump supported the Covid Vax!!! Very bad.

Just for the record, I’m not convinced about the agenda behind linking JFK, his son John Jr. and Trump. Supposedly John John is Q. I have no problem believing he’s alive. People’s deaths are faked for all kinds of reasons. And Dr. Salla is supporting whatever the agenda is. Are these folks really opposed to A.I.?

I question everyone these days. Use your critical thinking. Everyone has an agenda. My agenda his health and body empowerment for the entire human race and the absolute eradication of A.I. -Lisa T. 12/29/22

“Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified” on Netflix

I highly recommend you watch this disclosure series. Just go to your Netflix app. This title will come up. There are about 8 episodes in the series.

I’m watching “Project Blue Book Unknown“. So far so good. Michael Salla and Nick Pope have already been on. I would say that this is some basic disclosure.

Kathleen Marden, UFO Researcher is the only woman, in any capacity, that I’ve seen so far.

A man, George Adamski met and talked with a Venusian about the imminent threat of nuclear war.

A other woman, Mary Rodwell was just on. JJ and Desiree Hurtak were also included.

MJ12 documents were leaked in 1980. 1947 document signed by Truman Confirmed the existence of MJ12. Nick Pope thinks they existed even before that. They didn’t want it to destroy The Church (aka The Time Thieves).

Dr. Greer recieved leaked documents from Project Aquarius that dated back to Roswell.

Caroline Corey gets to speak. Emery Smith was just on too in the context of abducted Travis Walton. He said the U.S. intelligence agencies didn’t want it to appear serious.

Uvonne Smith speaks. Terry Lovelace was chipped in his leg by the E.T. and became vocal in 2016.

They are admitting that the aerospace corporations control earth, not the governments. My input is that it is actually the ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate which is not located on Earth. I’m pretty sure that some of the 320 earth corporations are in the ICC and its agenda is to force A.I. o.to this planet. According g to Corey it’s already been decided that it’s not going to happen.

Corey Goode on a Fight for Timelines Between Reptilians-Insectoids and Higher Dimensional Beings Regarding Spiritual Ascension or Technological Ascension


Newest YT upload from Corey!

‘Ascension Chronicles: Spheres of Influence’ Graphic Novel Pre-Sales @ DisclosureComics.com. A Galactic Temporal War Between Advanced and Ethnically Diverse ETs play on Earth leading up to a solar event that locks in a set timeline.

A young boy is brought into A Secret Space Program and ends up serving a role similar to the story of Enoch as he meets with advanced Extra-Terrestrials and Higher Dimensional Beings who are battling over timelines in a Galactic conflict with Reptillian and Insectoid Races that worship an Artificial Intelligence God. It is a battle between a ‘spiritual ascension’ and a ‘technological ascension’ that is playing out in multiple timelines and realities. Join in on the Metaphysical MATRIX story based on the real-life testimony of Corey Goode.


I Hope You’ve Seen “Above Majestic”. It’s excellent

I originally published this in March 2021.

The four main E.T. groups on Earth are the Ebens, the Tall Greys (the short ones are android), the Reptilians, and the Nordic Types from all different star systems. There are groups of Nordics that are US from the future from all different cultures. The Ebens and the Nordics are safe. The other two are not.

In the late 30’s the Reptilians signed a contract with the Nazi’s regarding control.

JFK knew about the SSP back then and was going to announce it to the American people when he was assassinated. This is all in the video.

Eisenhower Presidential Meeting with E.T.

I originally posted this in September 2021. This is an important video. Check out exopolitics.org

Be Sure to Read the Letter at 1:26.

These are nefarious species that I don’t condone having any contact or contracts whatsoever. Nevertheless, I believe it happened. They admit that the deal was bad in the video. Man they screwed up.

Universal Structure of DNA Nucleotides; The Number 3 and 33

This supports all of my work on here. I originally posted this in May, 2021.

Note the part at 1:47. I had never seen this video before. Today’s Hidden Wisdom is Tone 3 as well; Yellow 3 Sun. I noted in HF33 that Kin 132 was the Holy Trinity five years ago. I’ll confirm that later. Starting with patients right now.

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