Mass is Made of Matter which is Made of Atoms…

You are pure energy spinning with intention of mind.-Me

Atoms are 98% electromagnetic space, not solid but vibrating at such a high speed frequency that they appear dense and still. Can we reverse the formula algebraeicly, the theory of relativity; E = mc2?

How about M=ec2? Mass equals energy times the speed of light squared.

E = mc2. It’s the world’s most famous equation, but what does it really mean? “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing.

E = mc2 Explained. Einstein’s Big Idea homepage

They say what I’m suggesting right here. Mass and energy are THE SAME THING. They are interchangeable because they are both composed of pure ELM frequency or vibration.

When we say different forms we mean different dimensions. Light, for instance is absorbed and takes the form of, or helps to make the form of a flower. We don’t actually know what any DNA form would be like without sunlight because it wouldn’t exist without sunlight. No life anywhere in our local system would exist without our sun.

Sunlight is considered abstract, but it is not. Light is literal, and because it is literal, it makes manifest our world. It’s physical in another dimension, but it is still physical. You can feel sunlight and see sunlight but you can’t touch it.

Why does that make it abstract? Sunlight is literal. So are the auroras. So is the light of the etheric body that Reiki workers can see, feel, or sense.

Here’s an example. If you could turn every one of the atoms in a paper clip into pure energy—leaving no mass whatsoever—the paper clip would yield 18 kilotons of TNT. That’s roughly the size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. On Earth, however, there is no practical way to convert a paper clip or any other object entirely to energy. It would require temperatures and pressures greater than those at the core of our sun.”-The link

The actual manifested mass in the center of any cell is only 2%. That is like a pin prick in the dome of a cathedral. 98% of every cell is electromagnetic 4D time. There is nothing DENSE in it. What makes it and us appear and feel dense is the speed we are spinning, which is epic.

If the atoms of a paper clip have that much pure energy, according to science, how can you doubt for a second the power of your own manifestation in a body and the power of your mind on the trillions of cells in your body? Then, as a collective of 8 billion people on earth, how can you doubt the effect we have on the weather, the earth, the sun, and each other?

Don’t doubt it. Focus your mind on what you want, what is GOOD, and what we need as a collective that is basic without intruding on our differences.

Lisa T., 13Skywalker

Attributes of a Tone 10, Manifested Planetary Human

Yellow Human Ripens MAGIC (Creativity or Synchronicity) into FREE-WILL. Tone 10 acknowledges PURPOSE on the planet. Everyone has a positive role to play. That puts you on the AC Timeline; Aboriginal Continuity.

What’s the opposite that we will see the 12:60 folks doing? They are bored and habitual and happy with that. They feel like prisoners to mainstream media, government, bosses, marriage, duties. They are not free and don’t believe in it or won’t take steps to free themselves. As far as purpose, they don’t know themselves well enough to feel or intuit their purpose, even though they could if they’d work at it.

Kin who are in 12:60 need to meditate and get with nature…asap. Their frequency is too low to match the earth changes.

I Perfect in order to influence. Producing Wisdom I seal the process of Free-Will with the planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Universal fire. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

1. No solid waste production made possible by ethical production of goods.

2. We ingest mostly water and little food.

3. We grow some of our own food if possible.

4. We understand our own anatomy and that many amino acids are produced automatically in the body. We don’t need to eat them.

5. The money system has changed so we can work at what is meaningful to us. There is no more slave labor.

6. We Interact with stellar ancestors and visitors here on earth normally. We start to mix in while we retain our human ways and adapt. Humans already here who are humanoid become aware of it, which is most of us.

7. It’s easy to take a trip to another planet.

8. There are no more governments as we know them today. Something else will come to fruition based on peace not war. Secret Space Program will no longer be secret and will function as peacekeeping not defense or offense.

9. Free energy. No more utility bills.

10. The Catholic Church will be gone, a dysfunctional relic of the past.

11. We are all aware of synchronicity in the Matrix. There is no more superstition, luck, change, coincidence or serendipity. It’s SYNCHRONICITY. We all use 13:20 and the 13 moon calendar.

12. Self-Healer

13. We feel light and love more than fear and shadow (cataclysm, apocalypse, loss and chaos)

That’s a start. Feel free to intuit your own and add them to the comments.

The Full Moon in Capricorn, exact at about 2:30 p.m. pulses on the Tzolkin Hidden Wisdom today which is 4Methionine or Red 4 Self-Existing Moon. We’re settling in to some frequency changes that have happened naturally and we are emotionally adjusting to them. The flow is either rough or smooth depending on how much we’re cooperating with the other energies around us. We can only change ourselves.

Our commitments to the outside world are evident with Yellow 10 Human and analog Blue 10 Hand. EARTH mediates today and we are facing some relationship realities that we’ve created because of our intentions and what we truly want whether we say it or not.

The Guide Power this morning is 10Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Sun so it’s another upload regarding which timeline we want to be on; AC or CA. AC brings the FUTURE into the present which is the theme of this post. Both timelines are the two strands of the DNA double helix but because our DNA is expanding now to more strands, we have a choice now of emphasis in our own bodies. Some believe our strands will jump from 2 to 12! I don’t know yet. I believe it will be 13 strands: 13:20. It cracks me up that these older New Age men keep staying on TWELVE and are scared to death to accept 13, even though it’s established fact that there are 13 Lunar cycles in each 365-day year, 28 days each.

Time is 100% synced to women’s bodies. That doesn’t mean we’ll run society and the earth into chaos as men have. They’re going to have to get over it and balance power with women

Antipode this afternoon is 10Glycine or White 10 Planetary Wind. Uranus is mediating and there is a Saturn-Uranus square. Saturn rules Capricorn (the full Moon) so there could be some confusion or challenge on one particular issue to bring you clarity.

The 5GForce is 4Leucine or Yellow 4 self-existing Star. Leucine, like glutamine makes the muscles strong and changes our DNA. It’s a good day for water and a work-out or setting that up as an intention.

We Meditate in Order to Focus. Our Thoughts are Seeds.

The planet on the right is Jupiter. Meditation is channeling and focus is targeting. Those are Yellow 7 Seed Attributes. We meditate within our bodies and then our body/mind interacts with MIND all around us. We can choose what we let in and what we don’t. Activating the power of our minds is frankly the only way we’re going to get out of this mess of others controlling the human race. We’ve let this happen by default.

Yellow 7 Seed resonates AWARENESS of the context within which we live and have our BEing. A physical seed is a DNA seed packet that drops to the earth and sprouts. A woman’s egg is a DNA packet that drops in the uterus, is fertilized and creates a human. That is an exact analogy to our MIND seed packets that we drop in the ether and they literally sprout. I’m asking you to meditate on the LITERAL nature of THE MIND and TIME as DNA and the power of Life Force that it has.

Look at the phenomenal plant life on earth that came from a tiny physical seed! Now imagine that 100 times or more with the power of human intention backed up by the timeless universe with regard to our thoughts and feelings. You may assert your positive gratitude and happiness path a bit harder instead of indulging in anger and pettiness on social media next time. The whole planet needs to PIVOT on that. I deactivated my Twitter account. That thing is TOTALLY negative. So is T.V. Negative mindset is the most destructive thing on the planet and we should not be part of it. In essence, we’re destroying ourselves if we do but maybe that’s what some people want because they literally don’t believe that Love and Goodness exist in the Universe. They don’t believe there is a God. Ok, then!

This process is called ATTUNEMENT and is also an attribute of RESONANT TONE 7. I am a Reiki Master and teach Reiki classes and do attunements for my students. Their mind and body has become aware of their Qi or Ki and now they have learned how to FOCUS their QI to heal themselves and others. It’s not much different than tuning up a musical instrument or the singing voice. I am also a degreed musician. The musician and actually all artists are athletes in that our creative expression comes through our body. You have to be in shape and in tune with your biorhythm to do well in your craft. That’s also the case with bodyworkers.

Being a Reiki Practitioner is like being a gardener organizing and tending to their garden. Each client is a Seed that wants to get comfy in the soil of their body and SPROUT! ReiKI is like the SUN.

The 5GForce today is Yellow 7 Warrior, the GUIDE POWER. That’s odd. The Moon was in Sag and is now in Capricorn so there is some affinity today between Jupiter and Saturn on every level.

  • The Theme in the middle is Yellow 7 Seed, Valine
  • Analog is Blue 7 Eagle, Arginine
  • Guide Power is Yellow 7 Warrior, Histidine
  • Antipode of White 7 Wizard, Lysine
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 7 Earth, Phenylalanine.

The pentagon in histidine is tetrahedral which is the Hydrogen molecule. It appears to me that Jupiter has had a major role in making sure hydrogen is distributed to planets that are going to evolve life. Saturn has the hexagon which is in Phenylalanine. JUPITER is the mediating planet today.

Prose; Spiralling Paradox


The gravity of each individual Mind pulls us and keeps us in the body, giving off a specific gift, look, flavor, color, and feel.

Individual cells dance with electromagnetic charge set in motion by our feelings and thoughts.

Complete…we can co-create just as we are right now.

Yet gravity still makes us spiral as One toward The Center, all touching and affecting each other.

It’s a paradox.

We are individuals yet we are One.


Essay; Women Can Be Loving with Sexual Energy But Only if It’s Reciprocated

zooskToday the rubber meets the road and as I was working out, Spirit got to me. Some say God or Source. I pride myself on listening for spiritual guidance so that I’m always in my power and integrity so that’s what some of this information is. If it’s not true for you, just leave it be.

My intuition was very strongly scoping out my body this morning which it’s been doing lately. I sensed that most of the time women take energy from the man in the form of seed (sperm) or money but I don’t think we love as often as we could. Of course, we have our own money but women that marry a man do so mostly for his sperm so she can have their child (pure love) and his money (to support that pure love). In that, he is viewed as successful but men shouldn’t have to be defined just by that just as women aren’t. It’s rarely really loving.

I say this from talking to many women who rarely express love for their man the way they do their children. Many women withhold their heart love from sex because the man doesn’t stimulate it with human intimacy. I’m not sure women are aware of it but I know I’ve done it because I resent that men don’t love from heart energy. I think that’s why in my 20’s I kept falling in love with gay men. Straight men don’t love the same way women do! It’s not their fault that they’re more simple. They love from first chakra or just sexual energy, their stomach, and from their minds. (Chakras 7, 3, and 1 or mind, power and food and sex) Women are more centered in chakras 6, 5, 4, and 2 or intuition, speaking and communicating, heart love and feelings. Gay men are too.

Tree with intuitive human

The sacral chakra or chakra two is right below the navel. This is the emotions center, conception, and THE center of creation and love on the planet in the woman’s body. Men don’t have the same energy in chakra 2. Being a woman, I know I cover my belly, hold in my procreative energy and sexual energy there for myself because society doesn’t give me any. I don’t release it during sex unless I’m feeling particularly empowered from within and feel that the man I’m with deserves it because he loves me.

On this planet, it takes a phenomenal amount of energy for a woman to love herself by herself. We’re not taught by any institution or any part of society to love ourselves alone. Women that are internally strong are called witches, freaks, or weird. My patient called me weird yesterday when I told her I was very intuitive. Good ole’ Grand Rapids. That would be me and I’m none of those things.

My oldest sister has always called me a freak though but she’s jealous because she’s more normal than she’d like. Hey, if you’re not willing to do the work and willing to pay the price of being exceptional in a mediocre driven society, I’m sorry.  Hardly any women love themselves from within because you’ll be a social outcast. I’m just being the way I was born to be and I refuse to adjust. It’s not like I’m rich from being this way but I sure need to make more than I do.

Well, my male friend from another state is most definitely in touch with me and was not crazy about me being on Zoosk at all. I don’t know why yet. I wasn’t crazy about his harems and extreme flirtations with women either so I set the boundaries. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The truth is, now that I’m 56 if a man my age still prides himself on the number of women he can f* and needs that, I don’t care. It’s just defecation to him, it’s troll behavior and hurting him more than me not to love a woman or accept it from her. I love at all times.

I’m not sure what he’s up to or why he wants t talk to me. People have said they feel comfortable being themselves around me; not fake. That’s because I tell the truth which seems to be lost in the world of men no matter where you find them or what level of character they are.

Essay; The Sacrifice Model Shores up Patriarchy

“My Kite” by Paige Bradley

My last post was about men as a subject, women as object and how that can pivot so that men are objectified as well under the paradigm of patriarchy.  That’s not something that most women are aware of. First, let me remind my readers that neither male nor female dominance in civilization is ideal. We came from 5000 years of matriarchy which preceded patriarchy and now we are shifting again. My hope is that we don’t go back to the mistakes and abuses of matriarchy just because it’s in our collective unconscious ancestral memory. I believe women have evolved ahead of men but men have come a long way as well in 5000 years. The idea here is for humanity and the earth to move into our conscious minds, or reasonable mind engendered by the balance between intuition and rationality. That will then fill our households, the foundation of our societies the world over.

Gender equity or balance of power will lead us to less militarism, more peace, more great sex, and more love. Yes, I’m an idealist but some partners are succeeding. It occurred to me yesterday that when you have the subject-object system going, which is what patriarchy thrives on, both subject and object, both men and women are sacrificed for the profit of the 1% on the planet, even though patriarchy makes it appear as though men are in charge. They aren’t really. They only have what women let them have. Imagine for a moment the suggestion of “Lysistrata” coming to pass?

Lysistrata is a Greek comedy written by Aristophanes about women boycotting sex with men in order to quell the endless wars of that age. What if today, women all over the planet found the wherewithal to stop making porn videos altogether, stopped having sex with their husbands/boyfriends/partners, and halted reproduction until men got the message of respecting our humanity and not just looking to us for sex and food attention but as a friend and a mate? Maybe this is what lesbians wish would happen. There is a whole group of feminists that believe that until women take full charge of their body and stop sharing it with men, women don’t stand a chance of true liberation. I just ponder that in my circumstantial celibacy. I will say that it’s truly empowering to live alone and be in full charge of my body and my physical energy as a female. I’ve become fully aware of how much all of the men I’ve known have taken sex and food from me and how little they’ve truly given back. It’s not an awareness I relish and I’m certainly not saying that I believe all men do that.

Subjects are sacrificed to the 1% who in turn are brainwashed or socially engineered to sacrifice the objects. Men are “subjected” to the dictates of family, state, church, and corporation and sacrificed and rewarded for handing over the control of their heart and mind to that. That’s how Trump got elected in provincial, small-town America which is trapped in it’s subconscious, family-programmed mind!

Part of the purpose of social engineering is to objectify and eat women for breakfast. Women are to be consumed; sexual consumption and food consumption. Men are not taught to see us as full human beings with a mind and heart but to overlook all of that, no matter how smart or successful we are in order to objectify and subsume us; no matter what. Her provision of children is only a mask for the man that makes him appear more socially acceptable to all of the institutions listed above. Let’s not forget that he is not acting from a whole heart and mind. If he did, he would be a damned artist or poet, drugged in a psych ward and living on the fringes.  We can’t have that frightful prospect, can we? I’m half kidding.

There are millions of men and women who are free spirits and see through the charade of civilization though and we own houses, pay our bills and mow the lawn. It does take guts to join us though and we’re usually not rich.

So you see the subject-object title is interchangeable. The subjects are also brought to be objects for the elite; especially in war (the honored dead, mostly male), in sports, and in corporate life. It’s incumbent on men and women to jump out of the subject-object roles and live a free life.



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