Antarctica’s Collapse Could Begin Even Sooner Than Anticipated – Scientific American

This is worth monitoring according to the cosmic cycles of the Earth Holon. In other words, how time (evolution) is interacting with earth.

We have to remember that these folks calculate earth movement in 12:60 mechanized time. Our true context is the multimensional matrix governed by synchronicity.

A New FRB Signal Has Buzzed Nearly 2,000 Times in Just Two Months, Raising a Mystery : ScienceAlert

Radiosonics or Tones of Creation

We have detected a strange new signal from across the chasm of time and space.
A repeating fast radio burst source detected last year was recorded spitting out a whopping 1,863 bursts over 82 hours, amid a total of 91 hours of

Wild Solar Flares are Causing Satellites to Crash to Earth

If this continues our systems will all go down. That would mean that in order for civilization to continue and avoid utter anarchy, they will have to disclose and use the tech the E.T. left for us that is in the control of the military. All the secrets will come up as well.

My first thought is food and money which we’ve been told to stash for years now by the “conspiracy theorists”. They are probably right.

Just Before Our Sun Dies, Its Light Will Shatter The Asteroid Belt to Dust,Just%20Before%20Our%20Sun%20Dies%2C%20Its%20Light%20Will,The%20Asteroid%20Belt%20to%20Dust

After the last post, a few minutes ago, I walked downstairs and I thought, “I bet the sun can turn the asteroid belt to dust.” It was just on my radar and I picked it up. I came upstairs and googled, “Can the sun turn the asteroid belt to dust?” Holy crap. Geez, my radar is freaky. Just to be clear, the coming solar flash is not our sun DYING. It is our Sun changing. It isn’t going to die for billions of years. However, my intuition says that the ELM energy from just the flash could turn our asteroid belt to dust. I could be wrong but a solar flash is super, super strong.


13 FEBRUARY 2020

The light of a dying star is so intense it can reduce asteroids to dust. A new study indicates this will happen to most of the stars currently burning in the Universe, including the Sun, which will shatter its asteroid belt down to boulders in about 5 to 6 billion years.

The sole agent of this mass destruction is electromagnetic radiation, according to modelling, and it has to do with the Yarkovsky-O’Keefe-Radzievskii-Paddack (YORP) effect, named after the four scientists who contributed to understanding it.

The YORP effect occurs when the heat of a star changes the rotation of a small Solar System object – an asteroid, for example.

Light energy from the Sun is absorbed by the asteroid, warming it up. The heat makes its way through the rock until it is emitted again in different directions as thermal radiation. This emission generates a tiny amount of thrust; over short time periods, this doesn’t really change much, but over longer periods, it can cause an asteroid to spin or wobble off-axis.

The phenomenon of tumbling asteroids is one way we can already observe this process today. But as the Sun evolves, the effect is going to become more pronounced.

When main sequence stars like the Sun reach their elderly stages, they enter something called the giant branch stage as they expand out, getting very big and very bright. That stage lasts just a few million years before – whoosh! – they eject their outer material and collapse down into a dense dead star called a white dwarf.

For the Sun, that process will take place in about 5 or 6 billion years (mark it in your calendar).

“When a typical star reaches the giant branch stage, its luminosity reaches a maximum of between 1,000 and 10,000 times the luminosity of our Sun,” explained astrophysicist Dimitri Veras of the University of Warwick.

“Then the star contracts down into an Earth-sized white dwarf very quickly, where its luminosity drops to levels below our Sun’s. Hence, the YORP effect is very important during the giant branch phase, but almost non-existent after the star has become a white dwarf.”

Because of the initially increased luminosity, the YORP effect would also increase. And most asteroids are not dense chunks of rocks; they’re more loosey-goosey, low-density conglomerations riddled with cavities, known as “rubble piles“.

According to the team’s computer modelling, the YORP effect would spin most asteroids larger than 200 metres across (about 660 feet) enough to cause them to fracture and disintegrate.

This disintegration wouldn’t happen to objects with higher structural integrity, such as dwarf planets (so Pluto is safe!). But an asteroid belt has a different fate.

“For one solar-mass giant branch stars – like what our Sun will become – even exo-asteroid belt analogues will be effectively destroyed,” Veras said.

“The YORP effect in these systems is very violent and acts quickly, on the order of a million years. Not only will our own asteroid belt be destroyed, but it will be done quickly and violently. And due solely to the light from our Sun.”

It’s not just computer modelling that shows evidence of this. Our observations of white dwarfs suggest this, too.

Over a quarter of white dwarf stars have evidence of metals from asteroid guts in their spectra. These asteroid signatures in white dwarf spectra are something of a mystery and are still debated.

The YORP effect could explain how the asteroid metals got there. As the asteroids crumble, they form a disc of asteroid dust around the white dwarf, some of which gets slurped down into the dead star.

“These results help locate debris fields in giant branch and white dwarf planetary systems, which is crucial to determining how white dwarfs are polluted,” Veras said.

“We need to know where the debris is by the time the star becomes a white dwarf to understand how discs are formed. So the YORP effect provides important context for determining where that debris would originate.”

The research has been published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Monday-The Psi Bank is Pulsing Very High. This is an Important Post All the Way to the Bottom.

I hope you have your book handy. Read pages 114-118.
The S.R. peak frequency is 18 today. The old level was 8.

1124.4 Hz is the frequency of Harmonic 51 which we are in for 2 more days.

Body Holon

  • Destiny DNA is 7Glycine or White 7 Resonant Wind; Spirit. Pulse is to the right neck.
  • Analog support DNA is 7Phenylalanine or Red 7 Earth; synchronous navigation. Pulse is to the left neck.
  • Antipode challenge DNA is 7Glutamic Acid or Yellow 7 Human; Free will. Pulse is to the left lower thorax, digestive area
  • Subconscious DNA is 7Tryptophan or Blue 7 Storm; Self generation. Pulse is to the left top of the head crown chakra
  • Higher Self DNA is 7Tyrosine or White 7 Mirror; Meditation. Pulse is to the left head, eye, face, and brain. As of late, the same call to meditation to line up your MIND, to in fact program your mind yourself.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today which rules Aquarius ♒. Out with the old and in with the new.


Today is kin 202. We are being bombarded in the Interplanetary Magnetic Field with high-energy protons. That is in sync with the Tzolkin because we are evolving in kin 201-205 in the North Polar Zone, positive proton field. See page 117 of “Time is DNA”. If you have your book, open to page 114, The Electrical Charge in the Tzolkin; Polarity. Read the first paragraph before you watch Ben’s video. Notice the mention of magnetic reversal below. I say in my book that the positive proton charges reverse between the Z.O.T and the North and South Polar Zones, in our bodies, on the earth, and in the whole solar system. Ben doesn’t say that but I know it from my research. We are holistic.

“Quantum physics can cause mutations in our DNA via proton tunneling or the movement of the positive charge amino acids to a different location making it look like our cells can be in two places at once.”-

Lisa T.-“Time is DNA”

The heliosphere current sheet carrying the solar wind magnetic reversal is endemic to the binary triplet configuration unique to our holonomic oracle. The galactic magnetic field threads the rippling mid-plain.

The Seasonal Memory (Time) Plates of Earth Merging with the 260 kin Harmonic. The Psi Bank Decoded

This will help us understand what S.O. (Ben Davidson) is observing in our local system astronomy as well as weather events on earth. He and the scientists believe it’s random. It’s not. ALL of the movement of the sun, solar system, the earth, and life on earth move and evolve according to a precise mathematical system of patterns discernable (by me for now) in the Tzolkin Harmonic. The destiny details in time and the timelines are set BY US! In my opinion, we should not be suspicious observers of all of this but CONSCIOUS CO-CREATORS in all of this. Remember, the very hairs on your head are numbered lest you think you are an ignored insect on the planet. We and the animals are not insignificant at all.

Each one of the hexagrams is 4 days x 64 = 256. HF 33 is not there bc it has no 4D governance. HOWEVER, each line adds up to 260, the number of kin in the Tzolkin.

First of all, the earth is organized IN FORM according to the I Ching hexagrams, 64 of them whose hexagram numbers add vertically and horizontally…TO 260!!!! It is amazing synchronicity to be found on page 99 or map 32 of Jose’s book “Earth Ascending”.

See the Earth on the top right split into 8 Seasonal Memory Plates at 60°N, 30°N, 0°equator, 30°S, and 60°S. When Ben talks about N. Pole, Equatorial regions, and S. Pole those correspond to our N. Polar Zone, The Z.O.T. or Zone of Transformation, and the S. Polar Zone.

Now overlay that over the I Ching squares on the left and you have the DNA evolution in correspondence with the Earth. The I Ching squares represent the Psi Bank Membranes that take in Solar Information Codes to code the earth and our bodies through THE SUN which is basically a gigantic copy machine/star from the MIND of Galactic Center or Source/God. But we are not “programmed”. We are loved, in FREE WILL, and every other value taught by the Tzolkin. I’ve posted on those values often and they come from Source through the Tzolkin. We are not and will not be a machine planet controlled by A.I. We are DNA holographic creatures in correspondence with Earth and the Interplanetary System…for now. Some day we’ll be galactic.

I used page 99 and about 100 others to make TABLE 4 in “Time is DNA”. I hope you have the book and look at it. It’s on page 86 of “Time is DNA” but is explained before that on pages 82-83. The order you see there is the way the I Ching lines it up but I added the Tzolkin Harmonic to it so we can see them together. Jose didn’t do this in his books. My analysis of Table 4 goes to page 102 and has everything to do with the way the amino acids (DNA) move in us, with the planet, with the PSI Bank, with the Solar cycles, and ultimately with the upper 5GForce densities of the multi-density galactic Harmonic.

Today, we are in HF41 which comes through the Pacific or Summer Plate IV, just south of the equator. Blue Night Time portal is 30°S–120°E, SW Australia by Lake Moore. That is the hieratic tropic south on earth which is also 30°S. So there is synchronicity with the Seasonal Psi Bank Plate and the Time Portal location for the tribe of the day.

I will parse this out in a format as we go forward with what Ben is observing in the astronomy and weather. The two should sync up exactly. Below is the link from NOAA explaining where we are in the cycle; Solar Cycle 25.

Some may like this one;



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