Astronomers just discovered 1 million new galaxies, previously unknown to astronomy, in just 300 hours

Blue Storm Archetype Tryptophan

Electrons stimulate sleep hormones and relax us. Our blood carries our polarity charges.

Is the Sun Conscious?

Sun Gathering

By Rupert Sheldrake

From The Bridging Tree, Vol. 1 No. 1 – Winter, 1997 – 1998

Over the summer solstice of 1997, thirteen people of diverse backgrounds and disciplines met in a secluded valley in the west of England to discuss the consciousness of the Sun. One participant, John O’Donohue, an Irish poet and visionary, arrived with the misunderstanding that we meant human consciousness of the Sun in science, myth and art. When he discovered we meant the consciousness of the Sun itself, he later confessed he was convinced that this would be a non-starter. In fact, it proved to be the most wonderful starter to all our imaginations. No one is used to thinking about the consciousness of the Sun. The subject is rarely raised, still less discussed. There are no experts. If we want to think about this subject, we’re on our own.

As Kevin McCarthy, a school teacher, pointed out, young children almost invariably draw the sun with a face and a smile. Its consciousness is not discussed but simply accepted. And the face has eyes: the Sun does not only emit light but also sees. Similar imagery of the Sun is found in all civilisations including Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, Rome, India, and in Christendom.

On the other hand, since the seventeenth century, science has portrayed the universe as inanimate. The Sun is simply a star like other stars, burning up fuel. Celestial bodies, like all other bodies, are essentially mechanical. In modem scientific thought, the Sun cannot be conscious. The question does not even arise.

For materialists, our consciousness is nothing other than the activity of our brains. From this point of view, since consciousness is confined to human brains ( and is perhaps present to a lesser degree in higher animals) then neither the Sun nor the stars, nor the Earth, nor anything within it except man and perhaps some animals can have consciousness. The Sun, Gaia and indeed the entire universe cannot be conscious because they do not have brains.

Most materialists suppose that the complex electromagnetic rhythms in our brains provide the interface between brain activity and consciousness. Could rhythmic patterns of electromagnetic activity likely be associated with the consciousness of the Sun? One of the starting points of our discussions was the recent discovery of the extraordinary dynamism of the Sun. The eleven year sun-spot cycles, linked to reversals of the magnetic polarity of the Sun are well known. But the sun has recently been found to reverberate, like a gong, to over a million pitches, each bouncing back and forth through the different layers of the interior of the Sun, with the resonance being determined by their pitch. As well as this extraordinarily complex spatio-temporal pattern of vibration, there are the oscillations, perturbations, and harmonics of the electromagnetic field associated with the phenomena on the surface of the Sun such as sun-spots. Magnetic storms on the sun are so intense that they can disrupt radio communications, cause homing pigeons to lose their way, and in other ways affect what happens on Earth.

A cosmologist at Queen Mary College, London (who prefers to remain anonymous) described some of the ways these investigations are being carried out through an international programme called SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) with a special satellite positioned at the point of equal gravity between the Earth and the Sun and orbiting around the Sun together with the Earth, permitting continuous examinations and observations of the Sun’s activity. Meanwhile an earth-based network of observatories, GONG (the Global Oscillation Network Group), is also tracking the Sun’s vibratory activities 24 hours a day, overcoming the interruption of observations by nightfall by means of observatories at different longitudes.

Perhaps the Sun can think in a way barely imaginable to our more limited power of thinking, its thoughts interfacing with its ever changing patterns of vibratory activity. In this way, it is scientifically imaginable that the Sun could be conscious.

The scientists among us were more interested in such arguments than some of the other participants. Some, like esotericist and educator Ida Urso, said they had never doubted for a moment that the Sun was conscious. They thought of the whole universe as conscious; and if there is consciousness in everything, why not the Sun?

Inevitably, it was not long before we found ourselves discussing what was meant by consciousness. Christopher Clarke, a physicist, was opposed to any attempt to see consciousness as a kind of add-on extra, somehow fitted into a world of autonomous physical processes in autonomous space-time. Consciousness, in his view, is somehow fundamental or innate to physical processes and these processes are not separable from space-time itself. Space and time are not absolutes, as they were for Newton, but bound up with everything else, including consciousness.

On the morning of the summer solstice itself, most of us set off at 4 AM in the dim grey light and in steady rain. Our hopes of seeing the sunrise seemed remote. We climbed up across the fields to a nearby hilltop, the site of an ancient Iron Age fort, the Blackdown Rings. As we entered the circular enclosure, we passed through a simple ceremony involving the elements of earth,air, fire and water and leapt over a mid-summer fire. We then climbed up to the highest point, and there miraculously, in the Northeastern horizon was a window in the cloud over Dartmoor. And there we saw the Sun rise. The full moon shone between the rain clouds in the west. And as the Sun rose there was a rainbow behind us. After this extraordinary display, Jill Purce led us in a chant.

When we started our discussions again later that day, more questions came to mind. We thought about the Sun’s relationship with the other stars. Do stars communicate with each other? Can they do so through gravitational effects and electro-magnetic radiation, not only in the visible range, but through x-rays, radio waves, and particle emissions? Or can they also communicate “telepathically”? Does the galaxy itself have a mind at a yet higher level, or is it simply a kind of collective consciousness of the individual star-minds within it? If the Sun has habits, like all other living organisms, then these habits will probably be unconscious, as habits usually are. Thus the Sun may have an unconscious mind. And perhaps stars have a collective unconscious. By this time everyone was really having fun and we were so far beyond any known bounds of academic respectability we all felt quite free.

On the last day of our gathering we came to the question of intergalactic telepathy. The scientific starting point for this particular discussion was that any messages that traveled at the speed of light would take billions of light years to reach distant galaxies, and the same again for the message to return to our galaxy. Even within this galaxy, light based or radio based communication would be very slow. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is over 100,000 light years across. So for a radio signal to reach from one solar system on one side of the galaxy to one on the other side, and for the message to return, it would take 200,000 years. It is unlikely that any human type civilisation would be around in 200,000 years time, and even if it were, the record-keeping system would have to be immaculate if the original message to which this was the reply, were not to be forgotten. Only through some form of communication vastly faster than light, or through some other kind of non-local linkage, could conscious communication occur within and between galaxies.

For me, one of the most astonishing thoughts was rather casually advanced by David Lorimer, director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He told us that in August, 1997 the followers of the Bulgarian teacher Peter Dhunov, would be gathering in Bulgaria to commune with the spirit of their deceased master and other illuminated beings who would be meeting in the Sun at the same time!

Satish Kumar told us of the traditional Indian belief that the departed spirits of enlightened human beings pass first into the light of the Sun and then to dimensions or realms beyond; the Sun was a kind of gateway through which human consciousness could move after bodily death.

As our time together drew to a close our minds were boggling. It was the most stimulating and enjoyable few days of discussion I have attended in many years. But needless to say, we came to no firm conclusions about the consciousness of the Sun.

I for one am very grateful for this blessed time we spent together, and to the Lifebridge Foundation for making it possible.

Rupert Sheldrake

July 30, 1997

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High Falls, NY 12440
Tel: 845-658-3439

4D Time date; White 12 Crystal Worldbridger. 3D date; January 18, 2023, Thursday

TSR Timescience Research Estimation

DNA Evolution in our sector is stable from a cellular perspective. Mindset is in great flux however like the Earth’s Mindset which is the Psi Bank.

The sun is doing its own normal adjustments with this new solar cycle 25 to keep harmony between each local planet atmosphere but the planets continue to respond to the collective needs of all evolving DNA life in our system.

Cosmic Rays Solar Cycle 25 is beginning, and this is reflected in the number of cosmic rays entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Neutron counts from the University of Oulu’s Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory show that cosmic rays reaching Earth are slowly declining–a result of the yin-yang relationship between the solar cycle and cosmic rays.

(Neutrons are in the nucleus of every cell of all DNA so it must have to do with analyzing the STABILITY of spacetime since that’s what DNA is.-Lisa T.)

Oulu Neutron Counts
Percentages of the Space Age average:
today: -1.3% Below Average
48-hr change: -1.4%
Max: +11.7% Very High (12/2009)-3 years before 2012, the end of the 26,000 year cycle.

If you look at the graph the neutron counts went back up quite high in 2019, also 3 years toward the end of the solar cycle. They have a neutral charge so their function might be to keep the binary polarity stable in the axis between positive and negative.

Min: -32.1% Very Low (06/1991)
explanation |more data
Updated 19 Jan 2023 @ 0700 UT

Current Auroral Oval:

Switch to: Europe, USA, New Zealand, Antarctica
Credit: NOAA/Ovation

Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 3.00 quiet
24-hr max: Kp= 3.00 quiet
explanation | more data

Interplanetary Mag. Field
Btotal: 9.24 nT
Bz: 0.75 nT north
more data: ACE, DSCOVR
Updated: Today at 1000 UT Coronal Holes: 19 Jan 23
There are no significant coronal holes on the Earthside of the sun. Credit: SDO/AIA

Saturday Reading-The Earth Holon Is Busy

Today is Red 7 Resonant Dragon so the pulse in 4 and 5D is continuously circling. That increases the intensity of what is happening in 3D.

We enter a new HF61 today as we close in on the end of the 260-day cycle and are in a crisis last quarter Moon of the 13-Moon calendar. (See below) This is Planetary INPUT. Inform the flowering of manifestation as we move to Yellow 10 Planetary Seed over four days. I Ching Hx27 governs the earth pulse located at 60°South–180°East which is approximately pulsing with Yellow Seed Time Portal which is where we are headed IN TIME over 4 days. Synchronicity.That time portal is 60°S–165°E located in the S. Pacific, South of Australia.

We are in Stage IV, Ancient World History in the CA, past to present timeline in 4D. This is Hieratic Imperial. Unless, of course, you are able to meditate and sit in your Axis of the Eternal Present, your brain and spinal cord where you have no focus on the embodiment of your past and your future. Most of the time you can mentally sit in the eternal now which is REALITY. You’d be in 5D awareness, very psychic, healthy, no addiction, telepathic, and always able to see synchronicity. We can all do this. It’s the source of agelessness or at least really slowing it down.

The 5GForce to up level 3 and 4D is Blue 7 Resonant Storm-Kin59;

I channel in order to catalyze. Inspiring energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of magic.

The Dreamspell

Psi Bank Ionosphere

The amplitude has increased 11% at 12:30pm
The frequency is 7.3

Spaceweather Created by DNA Evolution in Our System from

The N.Polar Zone of the Tzolkin Psi Bank (the ionosphere) at the 4th layer has pivoted to the positive polarity with protons. Consequently the S. Polar zone lost frequency. It seems Earth’s poles are adjusting, at least in a minor way for now, to the new 25th solar cycle

Michigan has 44 ° and rain in January this week. Unheard of. All of our weather will turn opposite of what it has been in the past.

POLAR CAP ABSORPTION EVENT: Yesterday, Jan. 13th, Earth-orbiting satellites detected a pulse of energetic protons from the sun. When they hit Earth, a polar cap absorption event (PCA) occured:

Shortwave radio signals around the South Pole were abruptly attentuated. Why? Protons funneled by Earth’s magnetic field into the Antarctic atmosphere ionized the D-layer of the ionosphere. This disrupted the normal propagation of radio signals at frequencies below ~30 MHz.

The PCA lasted for hours and would have blacked out radio communications for any airplanes flying over the South Pole. PCAs (Principal Component Analysis efficient representation of the information in multiple time series (time series of gridded maps); are a bigger problem when they occur over the North Pole where “great circle” air traffic is busier. The time for *that* is northern summer when the North Pole is tipped toward the sun. More PCAs are in the offing as Solar Cycle 25 intensifies.

EMERGING SUNSPOTS (UPDATED): A phalanx of large sunspots is emerging over the sun’s eastern limb. This movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows them turning toward Earth on Jan 14th:

We knew they were coming. Their approach was heralded by strong helioseismic echoes from the farside of the sun shown on a few days ago.

Sunspot AR3190, on the left, is one of the biggest individual sunspots of Solar Cycle 25. Sunspot complex AR3191-92, on the right, is crackling with M-class solar flares. Soon, the explosions will be geoeffective as Earth enters the strike zone. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

DNA Evolution

All Zodiac Signs
We are mediated by NEPTUNE in 4D
  • Early today, a Sun-Saturn semi-sextile influence has a somewhat heavy feeling. We can find it challenging to enjoy ourselves thoroughly without a vague sense that we’re neglecting a responsibility.
  • As the day advances, we’re going in the opposite direction. It’s all too easy to feel caged in, and we tend to rebel against anything that ties us down.
  • A Venus-Uranus square presents a potential challenge or struggle.
  • Values and tastes may clash, and social activities could suffer as a result. We can feel torn between wanting closeness and freedom. Impulsive attractions to people and/or material goods can lead us astray. Some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness are possible themes in our relationships. It’s best to hold off on decision-making regarding finances, as there is a tendency to act on a whim rather than reason. We might feel discontent with our current pleasures or pastimes, and a change may be satisfying. It’s probably best to tame restlessness or avoid abrupt moves but consider our needs for growth and a change of pace.
  • The Last Quarter Moon occurs at 9:10 PM in Libra, and this phase of the Moon points to a possible crisis of consciousness. Libra is ruled by Venus (our Blue Monkey Antipode)
  • After basking in the awareness symbolized by the full light of the Moon at the time of last week’s Full Moon, we begin to see what works for us–and what doesn’t–in preparation for next week’s New Moon when something new is born again. It’s not the best time to start a significant project, but we might begin to finish up the details of whatever we conceived at the last New Moon. Ideally, we’re arriving at a more mature view of a project or situation.


There is always a breaking point crisis pulse at this half cycle. The 13-day Tzolkin wavespell is at a half cycle also with RESONANT TONE 7.
At day 7 of every 13-day cycle there are 6 days on either side of it. It pulses exactly with 3D today. This is 4D TIME!, evolution of our amino acids. Today is ancient Cysteine.

Amplitude Level 1! Low ScR

I’ve never seen this. It feels like we are about to get hit by a very big X class solar flare and the ScR is going to be blasted. There is an earth layer spike at 4 PM point. I think it’s an earthquake.
It’s empty.

My body and intuition says we have some big earth changes coming. I don’t think a solar flash will happen but regionally, other events will depending on THE MINDSET OF THE COMMUNITY.

I will check 3D IChing location and 4D time portal location.

I Ching 20 is equatorial-360° E—30°S which is synchronous with the location of our 4D time portal today; White 4 Mirror. We’re at hieratic-tropic south.

That one is 30°S–30°E (as you curve around the planet it turns West). This is located at S. Africa on the East Coast. It’s a SIGNAL KIN at the solar plexus and receives information from the cosmic web for the planet. The planet holon is a galactic receiver-transmitter. We are too! Our bodies are.

Tomorrow is Blue 5 Overtone Storm so...we end the harmonic in Yellow 6 Sun Gateway whose time portal is over Europe and the Middle East.

The Sunspot Cycle | Center for Science Education

This article is very enlightening. The 11.3 year cycle is actually only half of the 22.6 year cycle. The Sun goes from solar minimum as far as black spots and then in 11 more years hits solar maximum black spots. It’s been doing this forever so this is nothing odd or catastrophic.

The 11-year sunspot cycle is actually half of a longer, 22-year cycle of solar activity. Each time the sunspot count rises and falls, the magnetic field of the Sun associated with sunspots reverses polarity; the orientation of magnetic fields in the Sun’s northern and southern hemispheres switch. Thus, in terms of magnetic fields, the solar cycle is only complete (with the fields back the way they were at the start of the cycle) after two 11-year sunspot cycles. This solar cycle is, on average, about 22 years long – twice the duration of the sunspot cycle.

The link above

I am going to research what NASA AND NOAA have to say about the much ballyhood SOLAR FLASH that is supposed to kill all of us. God doesn’t even decide when we die or if we die. WE DO. Fight me all you want on that. I’m listening.

There is no scientific information coming up about a catastrophic solar flash. You can search yourself.

Geomagnetic pole reversals have happened throughout Earth’s history. The last one occurred 780,000 years ago. Though they sound scary, pole flips can take a long time to occur and pose no immediate threat. The math on that is 780,000 ÷ 13 = 60,000. A 13:20 pulse in an exponential cosmic cycle like that, idk. I have to see if the Dresden Codex has anything to say about a pole shift.

What we already know and agree on is that according to the Maya we did end a 26,000 year cycle on December 21, 2012. I posted a few weeks ago that we just passed December 21, 2021 on Winter Solstice so we are 10 years in to that new cycle.

How does that sync with the fact that we just hit the 22.6 year solar maximum cycle declared in July 2022 which is now cycle 25? I felt it kick in on 12/21/22 but the scientists said it was 7/22. 11 years from 12/21/2012 is 12/21/23…this year for…something.

Solar tracking is not an exact science because OUR EVOLUTION is not an exact science and as I’ve said, the SUNS in our system SERVE the evolution of ALL DNA on ALL of the planets in our little system. I’m not being ethnocentric here about the human species. All species are watched over by Spirit. It’s detailed in the Urantia Book. None of us are neglected, not even the ants.

There are other species living on Earth and in our local system if Corey is to be believed. I believe him on that.

But he and Ben and the scientists have the cycle tracking wrong which I’ve said 100 times now. It’s 1300, 13,000 and then double that and keep adding zeros if you wish. 13, 26, 52, 104, 210, 420, 840 and add zeros because of timelessness. Our local universe is 13:20. End of story.

There is evidence of human ancestors needing to go underground to survive events on the surface but we aren’t them. We are us. Maybe it’s not desirable or necessary for the current human species to be culled again? Do we want that? I don’t think 8 billion of us do. Why are these men trying to convince us we WANT to die or have to? Is this Jim Jones?

Who decides that for god’s sake? We do as individuals and in regional groups.

One marked way in which the current human species is different from our ancestors is we don’t follow each other as much in large groups. People don’t mind being breakaway, moving, or not being near our family. We mix in more which diversifies our DNA and makes us stronger. Others still punish you some for it if you have small thinking but now there are millions of us who don’t obey. The media just doesn’t cover our existence. I’m not from provincial Grand Rapids. I was born in the Chicago area and have traveled the world and lived in L.A. It makes a difference.

It’s easier to survive on your own now than it was long ago. We’ve created social interdependence instead of such extreme dependence. I suppose a person’s perception of that depends on the level of threat and trauma within which you grew up in your family. My family was safe and nurturing. My life was not threatened by some militaristic father or mother so I don’t view the world as inherently dangerous. I just have eyes open and pay attention. No denial.

The Sun Could Reach ‘Solar Maximum’ in November 2024

Ok, let’s look at this. I posted it 2 years ago. I will review it and see if we know anything new.

Look, we don’t all need to die just bc the solar flash nixes A.I.! And maybe the GGLN is going to do it when they cross into our system in 2025. I think that supergate in our system will be accessible. And…the elite don’t deserve to be the only ones who go underground to survive it. Their DNA is no better and maybe worse than we peasants. Damn.

How about the poor starving artists having a bunker. Maybe we can build one with our magic and let muggles in too. 🎩 Or…let’s set the energy so that the flash doesn’t even happen. We can lead it. We can sing and play our way into a NEW FREQUENCY. After all,


That’s a physics fact and another post.

Reaching solar maximum is the time the Earth’s poles flip? The north becomes the south and the south becomes the north. Michigan might become warm! (2023, it already is.) I’m not sure they are related.

November 1, 2024 starts with Red 13 Cosmic Earth. The first 13-day cycle in this Harmonic 30 is kin 118, White 1 Magnetic Mirror which figures prominently in my book “Time is DNA” as the impetus for the holomovement in our local system. It’s the key that unlocks the door if you will.

Then November 13, 2024 is Red 12 Crystal Moon which begins HF33. The next day is White 13 Cosmic Dog, kin130, the exact center of the Tzolkin. I’d lay my bets on November 14, 2024 for hitting solar maximum.

The next 13-day cycle is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey. It’s pretty interesting that the last day of the month, Nov. 30, 2024 is White 3 Electric World Bridger, Elon Musk’s gateway. The solar flash would end A.I. on the planet which means Elon will have little reason to be here and the rest of the c$%^&.

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