Is the Sun Conscious?

Sun Gathering

By Rupert Sheldrake

From The Bridging Tree, Vol. 1 No. 1 – Winter, 1997 – 1998

Over the summer solstice of 1997, thirteen people of diverse backgrounds and disciplines met in a secluded valley in the west of England to discuss the consciousness of the Sun. One participant, John O’Donohue, an Irish poet and visionary, arrived with the misunderstanding that we meant human consciousness of the Sun in science, myth and art. When he discovered we meant the consciousness of the Sun itself, he later confessed he was convinced that this would be a non-starter. In fact, it proved to be the most wonderful starter to all our imaginations. No one is used to thinking about the consciousness of the Sun. The subject is rarely raised, still less discussed. There are no experts. If we want to think about this subject, we’re on our own.

As Kevin McCarthy, a school teacher, pointed out, young children almost invariably draw the sun with a face and a smile. Its consciousness is not discussed but simply accepted. And the face has eyes: the Sun does not only emit light but also sees. Similar imagery of the Sun is found in all civilisations including Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, Rome, India, and in Christendom.

On the other hand, since the seventeenth century, science has portrayed the universe as inanimate. The Sun is simply a star like other stars, burning up fuel. Celestial bodies, like all other bodies, are essentially mechanical. In modem scientific thought, the Sun cannot be conscious. The question does not even arise.

For materialists, our consciousness is nothing other than the activity of our brains. From this point of view, since consciousness is confined to human brains ( and is perhaps present to a lesser degree in higher animals) then neither the Sun nor the stars, nor the Earth, nor anything within it except man and perhaps some animals can have consciousness. The Sun, Gaia and indeed the entire universe cannot be conscious because they do not have brains.

Most materialists suppose that the complex electromagnetic rhythms in our brains provide the interface between brain activity and consciousness. Could rhythmic patterns of electromagnetic activity likely be associated with the consciousness of the Sun? One of the starting points of our discussions was the recent discovery of the extraordinary dynamism of the Sun. The eleven year sun-spot cycles, linked to reversals of the magnetic polarity of the Sun are well known. But the sun has recently been found to reverberate, like a gong, to over a million pitches, each bouncing back and forth through the different layers of the interior of the Sun, with the resonance being determined by their pitch. As well as this extraordinarily complex spatio-temporal pattern of vibration, there are the oscillations, perturbations, and harmonics of the electromagnetic field associated with the phenomena on the surface of the Sun such as sun-spots. Magnetic storms on the sun are so intense that they can disrupt radio communications, cause homing pigeons to lose their way, and in other ways affect what happens on Earth.

A cosmologist at Queen Mary College, London (who prefers to remain anonymous) described some of the ways these investigations are being carried out through an international programme called SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) with a special satellite positioned at the point of equal gravity between the Earth and the Sun and orbiting around the Sun together with the Earth, permitting continuous examinations and observations of the Sun’s activity. Meanwhile an earth-based network of observatories, GONG (the Global Oscillation Network Group), is also tracking the Sun’s vibratory activities 24 hours a day, overcoming the interruption of observations by nightfall by means of observatories at different longitudes.

Perhaps the Sun can think in a way barely imaginable to our more limited power of thinking, its thoughts interfacing with its ever changing patterns of vibratory activity. In this way, it is scientifically imaginable that the Sun could be conscious.

The scientists among us were more interested in such arguments than some of the other participants. Some, like esotericist and educator Ida Urso, said they had never doubted for a moment that the Sun was conscious. They thought of the whole universe as conscious; and if there is consciousness in everything, why not the Sun?

Inevitably, it was not long before we found ourselves discussing what was meant by consciousness. Christopher Clarke, a physicist, was opposed to any attempt to see consciousness as a kind of add-on extra, somehow fitted into a world of autonomous physical processes in autonomous space-time. Consciousness, in his view, is somehow fundamental or innate to physical processes and these processes are not separable from space-time itself. Space and time are not absolutes, as they were for Newton, but bound up with everything else, including consciousness.

On the morning of the summer solstice itself, most of us set off at 4 AM in the dim grey light and in steady rain. Our hopes of seeing the sunrise seemed remote. We climbed up across the fields to a nearby hilltop, the site of an ancient Iron Age fort, the Blackdown Rings. As we entered the circular enclosure, we passed through a simple ceremony involving the elements of earth,air, fire and water and leapt over a mid-summer fire. We then climbed up to the highest point, and there miraculously, in the Northeastern horizon was a window in the cloud over Dartmoor. And there we saw the Sun rise. The full moon shone between the rain clouds in the west. And as the Sun rose there was a rainbow behind us. After this extraordinary display, Jill Purce led us in a chant.

When we started our discussions again later that day, more questions came to mind. We thought about the Sun’s relationship with the other stars. Do stars communicate with each other? Can they do so through gravitational effects and electro-magnetic radiation, not only in the visible range, but through x-rays, radio waves, and particle emissions? Or can they also communicate “telepathically”? Does the galaxy itself have a mind at a yet higher level, or is it simply a kind of collective consciousness of the individual star-minds within it? If the Sun has habits, like all other living organisms, then these habits will probably be unconscious, as habits usually are. Thus the Sun may have an unconscious mind. And perhaps stars have a collective unconscious. By this time everyone was really having fun and we were so far beyond any known bounds of academic respectability we all felt quite free.

On the last day of our gathering we came to the question of intergalactic telepathy. The scientific starting point for this particular discussion was that any messages that traveled at the speed of light would take billions of light years to reach distant galaxies, and the same again for the message to return to our galaxy. Even within this galaxy, light based or radio based communication would be very slow. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is over 100,000 light years across. So for a radio signal to reach from one solar system on one side of the galaxy to one on the other side, and for the message to return, it would take 200,000 years. It is unlikely that any human type civilisation would be around in 200,000 years time, and even if it were, the record-keeping system would have to be immaculate if the original message to which this was the reply, were not to be forgotten. Only through some form of communication vastly faster than light, or through some other kind of non-local linkage, could conscious communication occur within and between galaxies.

For me, one of the most astonishing thoughts was rather casually advanced by David Lorimer, director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He told us that in August, 1997 the followers of the Bulgarian teacher Peter Dhunov, would be gathering in Bulgaria to commune with the spirit of their deceased master and other illuminated beings who would be meeting in the Sun at the same time!

Satish Kumar told us of the traditional Indian belief that the departed spirits of enlightened human beings pass first into the light of the Sun and then to dimensions or realms beyond; the Sun was a kind of gateway through which human consciousness could move after bodily death.

As our time together drew to a close our minds were boggling. It was the most stimulating and enjoyable few days of discussion I have attended in many years. But needless to say, we came to no firm conclusions about the consciousness of the Sun.

I for one am very grateful for this blessed time we spent together, and to the Lifebridge Foundation for making it possible.

Rupert Sheldrake

July 30, 1997

PO Box 327
High Falls, NY 12440
Tel: 845-658-3439

Pluto in Capricorn Transit

This is in 100% synchronicity with Time as 4D, one with 3D, our bodies and astrology today. Listen well.

Listen to what he he says about astrologers and MIND. It’s because they don’t know that MIndset IS Time. Just as our bodies ARE time. Our time belongs to us and is completely malleable.

The sun, the earth and the other planets RESPOND and work in partnership WITH US. He’s right. The sun and planets are not CAUSAL. We are causal. Damn!

I need to make a point about intuition because mine is on all the time. Tea leaves, crystal balls, white boards, white snow, the sky, these are all tools for the intuitive to go into a partial trance-like state of mind.

He kept talking about feelings. It’s not feelings, it’s vibrations and frequencies. Feelings are physical and not rational. They are a certain truth but not the whole truth. IMO, one should never make assessments or decisions based on feelings.

INTUITION is the higher rational mind and you can search on it in the search box. I’ve blogged on it and have written a book about it. When looking at the past or the future, those timelines that ARE the DNA in our bodies you need to use all of it; your intuition, rational assessment, and feelings.

I’m adding this to today’s oracle.

Wednesday Reading-White 4 Self-Existing Mirror-Neptune

“It’s the Strands of time in our DNA not the hands of time on a clock.”

We entered a new HF60 yesterday; Rhythmic Matrix. Self-regulate the universal fire of equality as we move to Yellow 6 Sun over 3 days. I Ching 20 is Contemplative View. The overarch nucleotide is TTA-Leucine.

This was the gateway on 1-11-11 also. Today is 1-11-23, 22 years later which is synchronistic given our focus on the 22 year solar cycle we just began.

In Space, this gateway spins in Stage 3-history in the ancient world on the CA, past to present strand of our DNA. It is civilization advance.

Earth Evolution-The Psi Bank and The Sun (See my recent post)

Amplitude is 5. It’s actually too flat. Our ELM is swinging a bit wild due to the new solar cycle. The sun north and south pole have flipped.

FARSIDE SUNSPOTS: Two more sunspots are coming. Helioseismic echoes reveal a pair of large farside active regions just behind the sun’s eastern limb. They will rotate into view later this week, adding their dark cores to an already very-spotted solar disk. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

ANOTHER X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: The sun produced another X-flare on Jan. 10th, this time from new sunspot AR3186. This movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the X1-class explosion hurling a plume of debris into space:

Radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere (the Scbumann Resonance), causing a shortwave radio blackout over the South Pacific: blackout map. Mariners and ham radio operators may have noticed fadeouts and other unusual propagation effects at frequencies below ~30 MHz.

This is the 3rd X-flare in a week, and each flare has come from a different sunspot. It’s not just a single active region; the *whole sun* is becoming more active. NOAA forecasters say there is a 30% chance of another X-flare on Jan. 11th. X-flare alerts: SMS Text.


Function: The essential amino acid Tyrosine is an essential component for the production of several important brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, including epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Neurotransmitters help nerve cells communicate and influence mood. Tyrosine also helps produce melanin, the pigment responsible for hair and skin color.

This archtype evolve the brain and pulses to the left eye. Reflection and meditation are its attributes illuminated by the Maya before modern science.

The 5gforce

Kin 62-White 10 Planetary Wind

I perfect in order to communicate. Producing breath I seal the input of spirit with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am.guided bu the power of heart.

3D Astrology in Sync With 4D Time

We are on the 4~10 pulse today; self-existing to planetary. These kin tend to have very high self-esteem because they have that Tone 4 pulse either as theme or Hidden Wisdom. They’ve learned how to fight their way into manifestation of their Light Body against much resistance, usually from childhood. They can seem superficial but they are not.

All Zodiac Signs
4Neptune, 4Neptune, 4asteroid belt, 4Venus, 10Saturn
  • The Moon spends the day in Virgo and harmonizes with Mercury and Uranus. This transit encourages our desire to help, sort, and analyze. We find it easier than usual to tap into novel ideas and find common ground with others.
  • However, retrograde Mercury forms a semi-sextile to Venus, and our words may not reflect what’s in our hearts. (Yellow 4 Star antipode)
  • As we try to get the words just right, we could fall short with sensitivity. This transit subtly contrasts a logical and playful approach. Still, while we may not be especially focused today, we’re adaptable and making an effort to understand one another.


Uranus Rx Transit

N.Node on Taurus ♉️ 12

Wow, this is a big one to stop and listen and then ponder what he’s saying. I agree with all of it but it’s very controversial in our world.

I would even suggest taking notes on this one. Pause it and then journal regarding your own issues.

I’ve always said people have the right to be in shadow if it is authentic for them, if that’s what they truly desire. And I have the right to be a lightworker!

As he says, it’s not wrong to be in shadow but you are creating karma for yourself so know that there are consequences. What he doesn’t say is that living in light is more natural than shadow. Children are born free and happy, having fun. That’s proof. There are only a minority of children who are born very adverse. For some reason he doesn’t mention it.

Where are we in the Tzolkin here? 12th degree. Tone 12 is pulse 12~2 so it is Crystal Polarization creating the hidden wisdom adding to 14. That’s the 4D up level.

He talks about Tone 12 and Tone 2 ISSUES; community, cooperation, diplomacy as an option to violent war OR, go ahead and have the war if that’s how you really feel! Mars, the Red tribes are leaders. We get assertive and are fine with it. Even my Red Earth kid is a leader. But he’s as kind as a peach to his friends even though he will call them out and fight. Tone 2~12, duality.

The Urantia Book talks about how much wars have helped humanity learn and expand because people would travel, go to new places, leave home, spread their seed. We’re on the planet to grow and expand and sometimes, many times it isn’t neat and tidy. I’ll say. That has been my life. When you do good and have an open heart you tend to be a target. I know how to dish it back though now that I’m 60 and won’tbe crucified by the nefarious. I’m no codependent doormat to shadow nor do I judge it. Just stay away from me and just try to get in my way. That’s Warrior Skywalker. We fight for evolution forward with love, truth and good works!

Venus rules Taurus, which is an earth sign. But when it comes to earth, there is little harmony, and beauty is hard work so Taurus kin know brass tacks about beauty. Especially the 10~4 pulse.

People who are beautiful inside and out work very hard at it so if you want to be jealous of their success, also be jealous of all of the physical pain, trial, practice, and bloody feet they have as well.

Pet peeve of mine; lazy people who are jealous and create roadblocks for others or throw toxic energy at them because they are willing to work far harder than them. You have to eat that s… for breakfast. Life on this planet is a rumble or you’re sitting on the sidelines.

Mystic Mamma




SUN moves into Capricorn… and we welcome the 

+ + + +  SOLSTICE + + + +


the turning of the wheel 


we feel the passages of time

changing of the seasons

crossing over




the sun appears to be 

standing still


we too take time to pause

amidst the flurry of movement 

the preparations for celebrations


drop in

rest for a moment 

abide in the stillness


hand on heart

the generous gift 

of breath

of life 


standing still 

we return 

to who we are 

when we feel safe

and loved


hand on heart

holding a vision of the future 

we dream* into being




we cross over the threshold, 

and the NEW MOON dawns 

on the 23rd…


as the Sun and Moon and 

Mercury and Venus and Pluto 

all gather in Capricorn


ushering in the wisdom 

of Father Time…


asking are we aligned?




we feel our way forward 

and take the necessary steps

to create the form- the structure 

to provide rhythm-

so we can flow

with steady cadence


so we can build our dream*


*the lovers, the dreamers and me



happy holy days!



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love love love

+ + + +

+ + +

+ +



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James Burgess Nails This One. Current Sabian Transit

This physical life is just a momentary dream. Now he does talk about physical death but…he hasn’t read my book and you can tell his mind is wrapped around atrophy and aging. So be it! It’s just not my thing. It’s one way off the planet but not the only way.

Neptune rules White Mirror and Red Dragon coming up in one more day. Resonant Tone 7 has the action of channeling which lands on December 6 as White 7 Wind. That’s doubled channeling!

Full Moon and Full Lunar Eclipse at 6am Has Me Wide awake at 3:30am EST

Asteroid belt, Uranus, Jupiter and Earth are pulsing. The asteroid belt is an apt metaphor for our lives in pieces.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness

The astrologer wrote a short novel here so I’m posting it now rather than later. There is also a transit video. We are mediated by the asteroid belt today with White 5 Wizard so IMO we are just releasing more Maldekian karma. Don’t get overly excited unless you’ve been exceptionally repressed, especially with family or sexual issues.

  • This morning, at 6:03 AM EST, a total Lunar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Taurus. We take an urgent interest in the physical world and our own sensual needs and desires at this time. While we should watch for stubbornness, some self-interest is healthy and necessary now.
  • This eclipse is the fifth in a set along the Taurus-Scorpio axis that will continue until October 2023. It’s another prompt, nudge, or push in the continuing story of improving Taurus- and Scorpio-ruled areas of life in our charts, and feelings of discontent can magnify. There can be inflated feelings, so it’s wise to sit with them for a bit before taking action. Full Moons always pit opposite signs of the zodiac against each other and invite us to balance the opposing energies. The contrast between earthy, practical, peace-loving Taurus and emotional, transformative, crisis-oriented Scorpio comes full bloom now. It’s a passionate and creative Full Moon, ripe with possibilities and learning experiences. Intimate relationship matters, such as personal comfort levels, sexuality, and values, figure prominently now. Our feelings about a lingering problem or issue can become very clear now. While there can be a tug-of-war between closeness and independence, we might discover ways to interact while honoring both needs. We may need to deal with distractions and feelings of discontent that can lead us along unexpected tangents. Disruptions now may lead to a desire to explore motivations and understand meanings.
  • Also occurring now–and gaining more power because they’re tied in with the eclipse–are the superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury and these bodies’ oppositions to Uranus. Ideas and realizations now are pivotal. As we see our very different needs pitted against one another today, we can feel quite a bit of tension, but it can be instructive. We are likely to encounter resistance from others and from within ourselves. Unanticipated events may be part of the picture now, mainly through our relationships and the illumination of a different perspective. This energy is rebellious and touchy, especially if we feel constrained. We may need to deal with distractions and feelings of discontent, which could lead us along unexpected tangents. Disruptions now may lead to a desire to explore motivations and understand meanings.
  • Transits today pull up the need to review our desire for more freedom. (Uranus is Rx in Taurus) We are reaching a point of total exposure, especially regarding autonomy, innovation, and independence issues. Sudden changes in plans are likely, and these could motivate us to try new approaches. The drive to do something new is with us, but we still need a direction or purpose, and it’s best to avoid making hasty decisions.
  • Today’s Full Moon is fertile and potent, awakening us to our feelings or a new approach to enjoying ourselves. With its ties to the Sun-Mercury-Uranus configuration, there can be surprise or abrupt elements to our epiphanies. There can be a strong urge (or need to break free from old patterns in our relationships. Our feelings about a lingering problem or matter can become very clear now. The desire to experience something new, exciting, and bold can figure strongly, yet we can also experience some fear of breaking out of our comfort zones.
  • The Mercury-Sun alignment offers us a nice window of opportunity to clearly see our goals in our intimate worlds. There can be an epiphany, illumination of a matter, or a clearing of the air. We are sharp, communicative, and open at this time, and what we say or write now has a strong impact, for better or worse! An idea or plan can come to full bloom. There can be new insights into our intimate relationships, personal psychology, or finances. This energy is very much a mental, light-bulb-over-the-head energy.


Monday Daily Reading-It helps to have a Plan Before Exploring

We are in a new HF44 today, Resonant output, express the intelligence of attunement is the message given to our flesh body by our 5D light body. I Ching 53 is about development and gradual process, in other words, patience with how things play out in 3D. Today is a GAP kin so it powered up.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain were 4 Skywalker public figures. I know 7 people in my personal life in this gateway and one patient I had to kick out of my office.

The 4, 5D gateways in this harmonic, 4 SW, 5White Wizard, 6 Blue Eagle and 7Warrior are light body chakra pulses for I Ching Hx53 location on Earth

Body Frequency

4glutamine, 4threonime, 4methionine, 4alanine, 10leucine on a 10~4 tone pulse. Manifestation and form are transcendent.

Glutamine is important for removing excess ammonia (a common waste product in the body). It also helps your immune system function and may be needed for normal brain function and digestion. You can usually get enough glutamine without taking a supplement because your body makes it and you get some in your diet.

The 5GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Hand, Kin 127.

“I perfect in order to know. Producing healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of vision.”

Earth Frequency

ScR is 23 at 5:30am EST in the U.S.

Red Skywalker 4D time portal is located at 30 degrees south–60 degrees west in N. Argentina, South America, North of Santa Fe in the Andes Mountains.

3D IChing hx 53 is located at 60 degrees north and 270 degrees East on the N. American Plate.

Interplanetary Frequency

Plenty of synchronicity between 3D and 5D today. The 4D Time portals are the bridge between the 3D solar system/IChing and the 5D Tzolkin

Mars mediates while Mercury, Saturn, and Venus pulse which you cam see in the 3D astrology.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness 😉
  • The Moon leaves Aries and enters Taurus at 12:16 AM EST, and the desire for more security motivates us.
  • Mercury’s sesquiquadrate to Jupiter this morning occurs not long after a Venus-Saturn square, and we can move from overly negative to unduly optimistic. We tend to make more of an issue than it deserves and should watch for exaggerated perceptions and communications or news. (This shows tension between the Saturn ruled antipode and Venus ruled Hidden Wisdom)
  • A creative aspect between Venus and Mars is excellent for seeing relating patterns and using them positively to encourage creativity and excitement. (Here is the helpful occult relationship between theme and Hidden Wisdom).
  • While the Taurus Moon is peaceful, a Lunar Eclipse will occur in the sign early tomorrow, and emotions heighten today. (No Taurus I know is peaceful. They are The Bull)
  • The void Moon continues today until 12:16 AM EST, when the Moon enters Taurus.


The next time we see Neptune pulsing in 5D is in 5 days with White 9 Solar Mirror. This is the DAY AFTER 11/11/22 so we will find ourselves applying this transit energy to whatever we learned about ourselves the day before.

Some great music from Yellow 13 Cosmic Human. Artists tend to be Tone 13.

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