Lux Aeterna-The Eternal Light

As an adjunct to what James Burgess said in today’s video post, we have the incredible music of Morten Lauridsen to remind us of the Eternal Light that is ONE with all Suns in the known Universes. Put your headphones and let this wash over you.

May it open your heart, heal your fear and cynicism, bring the light of faith to your trauma to release it all knowing that we can ALL be fully healed in every way. Let Go and Let God show you your OWN LIGHT. Forgive yourself and forgive others to be free.

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Lux Aeterna


Rest eternal grant them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine on them.
You are praised, God, in Zion,
And homage will be paid to you 
in Jerusalem:
Hear my prayer,
To you all flesh will come.
Rest eternal grant them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine on them.

Thou, having delivered mankind,
did not disdain the Virgin’s womb.
Thou overcame the sting of death
and opened to believers the kingdom of heaven.  

A light has risen in the darkness for the upright.

Have mercy on us, O Lord,
have mercy on us.
Let thy mercy be upon us, O Lord,
for we have hoped in thee.
In thee, O Lord, I have trusted:
let me never be confounded. 

O Nata Lux  

O born light of light,
Jesus redeemer of the world,
mercifully deem worthy and accept
praises and prayers from your supplicants.
Who once was clothed in the flesh
for those who are lost.
Allow us to become members of
your holy body.

Veni, Sancte Spiritus 

Come, Holy Spirit,
And send from heaven
Your ray of light.
Come, Father of the poor,
Come, giver of gifts,
Come, light of hearts. 

The best of Consolers,
Sweet guest of the soul,
Sweet refreshment.
In labor, thou art rest,
In heat, thou art the tempering,
In grief, thou art the consolation. 

O light most blessed,
Fill the inmost heart
Of all thy faithful.
Without your grace,
There is nothing in us,
Nothing that is not harmful. 

Cleanse what is dirty,
Moisten what is dry,
Heal what is hurt.
Flex what is rigid,
Heat what is frigid,
Correct what goes astray. 

Grant to thy faithful,
Those that trust in thee,
Thy sacred seven-fold gifts.
Grant the reward of virtue,
Grant the deliverance of salvation,
Grant joy everlasting.

Agnus Dei – Lux Aeterna  

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant them rest.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant them rest.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant them rest forever.
May eternal light shine on them, Lord,
as with your saints in eternity,
because you are merciful.
Grant them eternal rest, Lord,
and let perpetual light shine on them,
Alleluia. Amen.

Blue Storm Archetype Tryptophan

Electrons stimulate sleep hormones and relax us. Our blood carries our polarity charges.

Mutating the CV2 Virus Intentionally to Increase Infectiousness

They say he’s a Pfizer director but he seems like a hotdog to me. But maybe some corporate people are like that now. IDK.

Friday Reading-White 7 Resonant Wizard-Boomerang Circling Energy Today so it Can Feel Intense

Artist is Klimt

The Aries Moon mediating the Guide Power adds to the fun. The Women around us can seem wound up or on a high horse because we land on White Wizard-The Goddess Ixchel. Gender balancing is kicking in. It’s all about setting boundaries on ourselves and in our relationships. Psychic energy is rife for the female principle in all of us. Remember, women have energy of the gods and men have energy of the goddess. Balance the female/male IN YOURSELF so you can be equitable to others.

Body Pulsing

The theme with White Wizard and Red Serpent pulses to our mammalian breasts, otherwise called mammary glands because we give birth and feed our babies as women, or we used to. It needs to continue. Tone 7 is right at the 5th Voice Chakra, the front of the throat, C7 area. Mercury is in Capricorn so we do have some restraint for a bit, but it’s no longer retrograde so hopefully, you’ll say what you mean.

Earth Holon Evolving

Up 39%
The amplitude power is up to 22% s 4;20pm

3D Space and 4D Time Synchronicity

We are mediated by our asteroid belt karma with Mars and Jupiter Guiding and challenging. These are mediated by Mars in sync with the Aries Moon. Maybe, don’t drink too much coffee today and take it easy. Pulsing is Jupiter and the Earth, all Tone 7 circling.

7asteroid belt, 7Mars, 7Jupiter, 7Earth
  • Mercury forms a square to Chiron this morning, which can point to strained, unnatural communications. We can be more sensitive to criticism. We may doubt ourselves when solving problems or learning and expressing ourselves. Ideally, a temporary dip will boost our motivation to improve.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aries until 6:43 PM EST, which can be impatient but enterprising and straightforward energy.
  • The Taurus Moon is an even-tempered position, and we tend to seek comfort, harmony, familiarity, security, and pleasure.
  • The void Moon occurs from 4:02 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Taurus at 6:43 PM EST.
  • Jupiter is in Aries also making the energy focused and direct.
  • Venus and Neptune are in PISCES so Firm but Loving is coming out of us. Boundaries again, which people need.


The 5GForce to Level UP Your Own Frequency

Kin46-White 7 Worldbridger-OUR GUIDE POWER~! I’ve never seen this in the Tzolkin before

“I channel in order to EQUALIZE. Inspiring Opportunity, I seal the store of death/change with the resonant tone of ATTUNEMENT. I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

We are guided some very psychic, feminine energy today, women’s intuition. We’ll see who comes forward or who even gets a voice. I doubt she will be in big media. It may just be in a small way such as this blog. IDK

White Wizard Tribe Archetype Ixchel

ScR Rising-Thursday Night

Up12% since 7 EST
Look at the spike coming on earth’s lower layers at 5AM. Those are right next to the planet.
Amplitude power is 12. We have storm after storm rolling in also from the West.

Aries transit in Jupiter is about FOCUS. Vision or ambition? As an Aries ♈️ I am in beingness. I’m driven to do the mission I came here for. I have neither of those.

Earth’s inner-core rotation is reversing! | Nature Geoscience (the nerdy Link is below)

This rotation has been inferred from temporal changes between repeated seismic (earthquake) waves that should traverse the same path through the inner core. Here we analyze repeated seismic waves from the early 1990s and show that all of the paths that previously showed significant temporal changes have exhibited little change over the past decade. This globally consistent pattern suggests that inner-core rotation has recently paused.

The Link

South Sandwich Islands doublets going back to 1964 seem to be associated with a gradual turning-back of the inner core as a part of an approximately seven-decade oscillation, with another turning point in the early 1970s. This multidecadal periodicity coincides with changes in several other geophysical observations, especially the length of day and magnetic field. These observations provide evidence for dynamic interactions between the Earth’s layers, from the deepest interior to the surface, potentially due to gravitational coupling and the exchange of angular momentum from the core and mantle to the surface.

The Link

The South Sandwich Island is the White Wizard Time Portal, the Tiamatian Goddesses, Ixchel. It’s a Gateway Kin; 60°S–15°W in the South Atlantic off of the South Sandwich Islands!

The simultaneous disappearance of the inner-core waveform temporal change along all paths in the recent decade (Figs. 2 and 3 and Extended Data Figs. 1–3) and the consistent pattern of the ddt measurements (Fig. 4 and Extended Data Fig. 4) strongly suggest a rigid body rotation of the inner core.

The Link

Without the science terms, this sounds very esoteric. But it says, “THE DATA strongly suggest a rigid body rotation of the inner core.” And OUR information is that the inner core is a CRYSTAL. I haven’t heard that from them yet. I believe they say it’s hot iron ore. ?

This article is 17 pages long and very nerdy. I love it but you might not.

Multidecadal variation of the Earth’s inner-core rotation

In geometry, a dodecahedron or duodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces. The most familiar dodecahedron is the regular dodecahedron with regular pentagons as faces, which is a Platonic solid. There are also three regular star dodecahedra, which are constructed as stellations of the convex form. Wikipedia

Number of faces: 12 (12:60 SPACE) The I Ching

Number of edges: 30

Number of vertices: 20 (13:20) Points in 4D time on our timelines Tzolkonic

Volume: (15+7×√5)/4 × a³

Properties: convex, face transitive

World record: 25.24 seconds

Shapes with similar faces: Pentagonal prism, Pentagonal pyramid (5)–txaGEe5TmtsYeCtr0R2pkcXuM6prj0831e0SH8hucy1VrODco3cpPL4LZe03pNbCokJToVnBHLK0Ql7dn96thB_HT3DWh_0YQ%3D%3D&

Yellow 5 Overtone Human-Synchronicity Journal for Wednesday 1/24/23

This a good day to get grounded and realize our Earth roots will never be changed. We’re just going to have to go through letting go of heavy tech over time. Evolutionary DNA is the highest technology because it incorporates love and many other spiritual attributes that come through the female mother. Something very sinister has been trying to get rid of that on earth since humans have been here.

We’re at the end of the overtone process in this harmonic. Have you figured out an aspect of your radiance to contribute to the collective? I have.

The 5GForce is Kin48, Yellow 9 Star-

“I pulse in order to beautify. Realizing art I seal the store of elegance with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of flowering.”

Earth Holon-Ionosphere ScR

Our amplitude is still at 24. Frequency is 7.83. It has dropped to 7.6 at 1:30pm EST. It does this before it shoots back up.

3D and 4D Synchronicity in Spacetime

We see the Aquarius Sun in our Antipode as radiant communication. Are we saying something educational and helpful or something to instill more fear?

Uranus, an AIR planet of communication rules Aquarius an air sign in 3D and mediates Red Earth~White Wind. Look at that synchronicity!

The Sun and Taurus are currently in Uranus so the earth, our bodies and our money are in revolution. The bulls aren’t happy with it. They like to sit still and have their way.

Uranus is a transpersonal outer planet that moves slowly and is linked to social patterns and trends, Uranus spends approximately seven years in a sign. And right now, it’s moving through the fixed earth sign Taurus. It first entered the sign of the Bull in May 15, 2018 and will remain there until April 27, 2026.

5Earth, 5Pluto, 5Uranus, 9Mercury. Glutamic Acid, Isoleucine, the Stop Codon, Glycine, and the Start Codon Methoonine
All Zodiac Signs
Aquarius Sun rules 3D
  • We seek refreshment or escape with the Pisces Moon until 1:49 PM EST, after which we’re ready for action with an Aries Moon. (Aries isn’t always action. Another astrologers bias about us.)
  • The Moon’s alignment with Jupiter tonight encourages us to embrace our needs for self-direction, self-expression, and initiative. Our moods lift.
  • The Aries Moon also harmonizes with the Aquarius Sun, and while we want to be the first to discover new things with this Moon position, it would benefit us to share time with others. We can enjoy increased clarity derived from a feeling that what we want and need are in harmony.
  • Mercury is in Capricorn. It represents mind, and is a quick-moving planet that spends only two to three weeks in a sign, unless retrograde. With Mercury in Capricorn the mind becomes pragmatic. Everyone’s conversation and the expression of their ideas is more deliberate and aimed at being taken seriously. Your viewpoint becomes more traditional since the mind now tends to value what’s tried and true. (We see this as our Hidden Wisdom with grounding Solar Tone 9 in the subconscious mother position)
  • The Moon is void from 11:12 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aries at 1:49 PM EST


The Binary Sunspot Cycle MANIFEST as Bipolar Psi Bank Calendar Matrix

After you read this, please keep it in mind when you listen to propaganda about the sun killing us. That’s like suggesting it’s natural for mothers to kill their children. Men kill children but it’s extremely rare for women to. So much of our violent world is a projection from the male psyche. I’m tired of the no love paradigm. Just lust, food, servitude and useage? Not in my female world.

The magnestosphere around the earth measured by the Scumann Resonance IS the Tzolkin. It is also called the Van Allen Belts after James Van Allen of the notorious Manhattan Project. I note him and Einsteins’ letter in my book “The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method”.

It’s fluctuations affect time and thus the timelines as the two strands of the DNA double helix, the past to the present and the future to the present (AC/CA).

Earth Ascending map 31, page 97. Tiahuanaco is in the Andes mountains in Bolivia South America; the Gate of The Sun. 🌞 Note Tone 7 right in the middle under the Axis of the Eternal Present, The Mystic Column; our Spine.
Gateway of the Sun in Bolivia

Tiwanaku (Spanish: Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanacu) is a Pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia near Lake Titicaca, about 70 kilometers from La Paz, …

Location: Tiwanaku Municipality, ‎Bolivia

Founded: c. 110 AD?

Cultures: Tiwanaku empire

Tiwanaku Empire · ‎Gate of the Sun · ‎Puquina language

The Mayans and their MesoAmerican kin, through precise attunement and DEVOTION TO THE SUN and related celestial cycles, represent the terrestrial correspondence to but a single sunspot movement; the north equatorial one. The sunspots are binary, operating within thirty degree latitudes north and south of the equator, so we should anticipate a complementary bipolar solar calendar south of the terrestrial equator corresponding to the southern sunspot movement.

This south equatorial solar calendar is to be found on the Gate of the Sun in Boliva, South America, the chief feature of the site now known as Tiahuanaco, the mysterious high region of the Andes.

The South Equatorial Calendar is in Bolivia, The Gate of The Sun. Guatemala in Central America, home of the Maya is just north.

Similar to the 260-day calendar of the Mesoamerican civilizational pulse, the monumental stone-hewn site of Tiahuanaco has long baffled and mystified archeologists, giving rise to numerous fantastic theories. The principal reason for the mystery is the altitude of this site. At 12,596 feet above sea level, Tiahuanaco is unique among man’s architectural efforts. Little grows at this altitude, so the idea that Tiahuanaca is an urban center in the usual sense of the word presents problems.

However, if we consider Tiahuanaco as a hieratic solar research center, then its altitude makes more sense. The altitude, for an era predating satellites and rocket ships, is perfect for solar investigation, particularly if the chief tool of study is the finely tuned human organism. The results of the high-altitude solar investigations are carved into the monolithic Gate of the Sun, the single most outstanding artistic/scientific monument of Andean civilization. (This is in the Yellow Human Time Portal, a Core Kin, Equator–105°west, most appropriately as a monument to human achievement.)

The Tiahuanaco calendar emphasizes the larger rhythmic pattern of thirteen. Though comprised of twelve main units, the central figure counts for both one and thirteen, alpha and omega. Reading below this main figure to the left, we have, in alternating units figures two, three and four, the solstice. Returning in alternating manner are the figures five through nine, arriving at the next solstice figure, ten. A final return with figures eleven and twelve brings us again to the large Viracocha figure, thirteen.

It is to be noted that the seventh figure is directly beneath the central alpha and omega figure, signifying numbers 1 and 13. The central axis thus corresponds to the mystic column, the seventh of the thirteen columns in the Mayan calendar, which we see slipping down behind the head of the central Tiahuanaco figure. Like the central solar figure representing 1 and 13, these two numbers are at the very center of the mystic column. In the bipolar calendar matrix only thirteen units of the mystic column are visible, the other seven being within the central solar figure.

Finally, since it contains the matrix from which the binary triplet and the crossover polarity are derived, the bipolar calendar serves as an integral description of the holonomic code of time. What it also demonstrates in comprehensive manner is the way in which the key primary numbers seven and thirteen fit with binary progression figures and their multiples, including two, four, eight, twelve, and sixteen.

Jose Arguelles (today’s Hidden Wisdom) in Earth Ascending page 96

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