Of Course They Want to alter the human genome

But 12:60 isn’t going to work anymore. We are epigenetic, not genetic.

Astronomers discover 26 mysterious repeating radio signals from deep space. 26, 13, it’s Completely Tzolkonic. Synchronicity

I originally posted this back in February as a Twitter link but got more deeply into it today. I’m working on The Tones of Creation Book instead of posting daily readings that aren’t being seen. This is more productive.

THE EARTH’S PULSE IS 13:20 folks, not 12:60. The banks pulse to 12:60. Creation does not and neither do humans and all DNA.

The Tones of Creation x 2?

What is a microseism?

A microseism is a faint seismic signal that can be detected by sensitive instruments. Unlike earthquakes, which are caused by the sudden movement of tectonic plates, microseisms are generated by continuous or periodic sources, such as ocean waves, wind, or human activity. Microseisms can reveal information about the structure and dynamics of the Earth’s crust and mantle, as well as the interaction between the atmosphere, ocean, and land.

The 26-second pulse is a type of microseism that has a very regular pattern and a single source location. It was first discovered in the early 1960s by Jack Oliver, a geologist at Columbia University, who noticed a strange “blip” on his seismograms every 26 seconds. He traced the source to somewhere in the southern or equatorial Atlantic Ocean, and found that it was stronger during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months.

(We know all about this!)

Since then, other researchers have confirmed and refined Oliver’s findings, using more advanced seismometers and data analysis techniques. In 2006, a team led by Mike Ritzwoller at the University of Colorado, Boulder, pinpointed the source of the pulse to a specific spot in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western coast of Africa, near the island of São Tomé. (Now we’re getting somewhere. This looks like the Red Earth 4D Time Portal at the Equator–15 degrees West in the mid Atlantic off the coast of Liberia, Africa. OMG, this is a CORE KIN whose purpose is to be the HEART of the planet and to Transduce our frequency. SYNCHRONICITY. I love alignment.

(Why is it taking them 46 years to figure this out? They need to read my data. Lisa T.)

What causes the Earth’s pulse?

Lisa’s answer; THE SUN, via the Tzolkin which is the Psi Bank, the MIND of Earth connected to OUR MINDS which pulses to the Core kin, the heart of the earth are the Red Earth Time portal mediated by Uranus.

Despite decades of research, there is no consensus on what causes the Earth to emit a pulse every 26 seconds. Some scientists think that it is related to ocean waves hitting the continental shelf in the Gulf of Guinea. The shape and orientation of this underwater feature could create a resonance that produces a harmonic vibration in the Earth’s crust.

However, this theory does not explain why the pulse is stronger during certain seasons, or why it has not changed over time despite variations in sea level, wave patterns, and climate. (It’s explained by Jose Arguelles in Earth Ascending)

Moreover, some scientists doubt that ocean waves alone could generate such a powerful and consistent signal that can be detected thousands of kilometers away.

Another possible explanation is that the pulse is caused by volcanic activity in the region. The Gulf of Guinea is home to a chain of volcanic islands and seamounts that are part of the Cameroon Volcanic Line. One of these volcanoes, located on São Tomé island, is very close to where the pulse originates. Some researchers have suggested that this volcano could be releasing gas or magma periodically, creating pressure fluctuations in the crust that result in seismic waves.

This hypothesis is supported by the fact that there is another well-known microseism that is caused by a volcano: The Mount Fuji Tone. This is a sound that occurs every 138 seconds and is linked to the volcanic activity of Mount Fuji in Japan. The Tone was first recorded in 1960, shortly after a major earthquake near Chile that triggered a series of eruptions at Mount Fuji.

However, not all volcanoes produce microseisms, and not all microseisms are caused by volcanoes. The link between the 26-second pulse and the São Tomé volcano is still speculative and requires more evidence. Furthermore, some scientists argue that volcanic activity would not produce such a regular and stable signal over such a long period of time.

The mystery remains

The Earth’s pulse is one of those fascinating natural phenomena that challenge our understanding of how our planet works. It could be a simple physical process that we have not yet fully explained, or it could be a sign of something more complex and profound happening beneath our feet. Either way, it reminds us that there is still much to discover about our dynamic and mysterious home.

(Read my stuff guys.)

Mass is Made of Matter which is Made of Atoms…

You are pure energy spinning with intention of mind.-Me

Atoms are 98% electromagnetic space, not solid but vibrating at such a high speed frequency that they appear dense and still. Can we reverse the formula algebraeicly, the theory of relativity; E = mc2?

How about M=ec2? Mass equals energy times the speed of light squared.

E = mc2. It’s the world’s most famous equation, but what does it really mean? “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing.

E = mc2 Explained. Einstein’s Big Idea homepage

They say what I’m suggesting right here. Mass and energy are THE SAME THING. They are interchangeable because they are both composed of pure ELM frequency or vibration.

When we say different forms we mean different dimensions. Light, for instance is absorbed and takes the form of, or helps to make the form of a flower. We don’t actually know what any DNA form would be like without sunlight because it wouldn’t exist without sunlight. No life anywhere in our local system would exist without our sun.

Sunlight is considered abstract, but it is not. Light is literal, and because it is literal, it makes manifest our world. It’s physical in another dimension, but it is still physical. You can feel sunlight and see sunlight but you can’t touch it.

Why does that make it abstract? Sunlight is literal. So are the auroras. So is the light of the etheric body that Reiki workers can see, feel, or sense.

Here’s an example. If you could turn every one of the atoms in a paper clip into pure energy—leaving no mass whatsoever—the paper clip would yield 18 kilotons of TNT. That’s roughly the size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. On Earth, however, there is no practical way to convert a paper clip or any other object entirely to energy. It would require temperatures and pressures greater than those at the core of our sun.”-The link


The actual manifested mass in the center of any cell is only 2%. That is like a pin prick in the dome of a cathedral. 98% of every cell is electromagnetic 4D time. There is nothing DENSE in it. What makes it and us appear and feel dense is the speed we are spinning, which is epic.

If the atoms of a paper clip have that much pure energy, according to science, how can you doubt for a second the power of your own manifestation in a body and the power of your mind on the trillions of cells in your body? Then, as a collective of 8 billion people on earth, how can you doubt the effect we have on the weather, the earth, the sun, and each other?

Don’t doubt it. Focus your mind on what you want, what is GOOD, and what we need as a collective that is basic without intruding on our differences.

Lisa T., 13Skywalker

Sound is the Source of Light and Light is the Source of Manifestation

But matter isn’t dense. It is Space moving at a super high frequency so that it just appears and feels dense. We are pure energy of Mind with Intention.

Mice with Two Fathers? Researchers Develop Egg Cells from Male Mice

Misogynist much? From Scientific American! It’s the end of science as we’ve known it. Maybe that’s a good thing.

All we would have to do to get rid of men is stop having sex with them and ignore them. Their brains would shrivel from loneliness.

Women don’t need men. They need us too much, and this proves it. It’s out of hand.


Ascension is Just Evolution Which is Nature

I just watched The Cosmic Secret again. There were pieces I missed.

We need to chill with the end of the cycle. Apocalypse means the great revealing. We are all children of God. Any secrets that have been withheld will come forward.

I feel we need to REMAIN in our community of choice where we feel safe and loved. Be ethical in your community. Be a Lightworker wherever you are. Get training if you need to BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS, honor yourself, and see each person as a child of God.

I know I post on gender inequity a lot and I believe there are a few men out there who can deal with their feelings and be connected to their soul, I just haven’t met one yet. But I do believe they are out there.

In my holistic practice, I can’t help the fact that the women who come in have suffered, been punched, been disrespected and used, and more, and my work and example as an independent single woman give them hope. I don’t need a man…for anything. It’s up to each woman to stand on her own feet and refuse to be victimized by the patriarchal system. Same for the men. It’s the same system oppressing all of humanity. I see that.

I’ve also had male patients who were vets or hurt in work accidents or were hurt in prison! This is a rough planet and my patients all have stories. I minister to each one of them equally, for 23 years now. Everyone gets Reiki. Everyone can feel it. It’s real.

Do take a look at this movie again. It’s fascinating how our perception can change in 4 years. I think it’s dated 2019!


– ufo collector series vol 460 A & B https://a.co/d/eSNgwE5

I’d like to get my hands on this. Amazon has made it unavailable. They are talking about Dr. Flandern on The Cosmic Secret. Let me know if you see one.

He was Red 9 Moon, 3:9:9:9, the first start codon in the Tzolkin. I’ve posted on it. He was a professional astronomer feom Yale that supported the belief that Tiamat exploded and became the asteroid belt. It’s in the movie The Cosmic Secret.

9~5 pulse

Senate Votes Unanimously to Declassify COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Leak Intelligence

Great! They can be bipartisan on this for political expediency. Both parties will benefit at this juncture so they timed this right for themselves.

Have you searched on Dr. Chavez or covid 19 yet in my search box? The fact that the virus was artificial is old news and the fact that the U.S. government was NOTIFIED that it was, according to lab observation, is old news. They sat on it on purpose.

The political profit agenda has been achieved for Big Pharma, thanks to Congress, with mRNA vax, and scapegoating and punishing China for stepping in and buying our debt when we needed them to. How dare they be in a position to HELP the lame U.S. IN DEBT economy to the tune of trillions of dollars. They must be punished.🫣 China must be seen as weaker than us.

God bless America 🇺🇸 No integrity in our government, bought and sold by corporations and the ICC. No disclosure.

The E.T. are shutting down nukes. So…take the WWIII propaganda card off the table and get busy with full military disclosure.


Contaminated Wuhan Rice Sample Proves Wuhan Lab Was Carrying Out Secret Coronavirus Experiments | Truth Over News


Artificial mRNA has been proven, which Dr. Chavez knew in 2020. He wrote them letters. Just search on “Dr. Chavez” and see my posts on it. He was ignored, lost his job, and then mysteriously had a stroke and lost his eyesight. ?

So this was conveniently swept under the rug by Trump and Biden to fulfill their CORRUPT AGREEMENTS WITH BIG PHARMA to make these crappy vaccines and haul in the dough at the expense of people.

In addition, now they can try to set up China as being at fault for everything even though it’s the U.S.’s fault for getting into so much debt and thus selling the debt to China.

The U.S. government, both parties, love to scapegoat so they can keep their very profitable relationship going with the ICC, the off-world International Corporate Conglomerate which has not made it into the mainstream yet. Corey Goode is all up in it.

Saturday 2/25/23 Spacetime Weather

🌎 The Earth Holon as the Eternal Now

The context of the Earth changes is 4 billion years. It’s been doing this for that long. Humans only arrived on scene 1 million years ago, approximately so we are a new species here. We need to calm down and LEARN about the earth and its ways so we can cooperate with all evolving life forms peacefully and continue to thrive here, not just survive and obey the edicts on the news as though it’s God.

The purpose of this section of my blog is not to fear monger cataclysm for the federal government or any other agency who wants to institute A.I. on Earth. You know I believe natural evolution will continue here and so must our bodies.

To achieve that through the earth changes, it’s important to know that our bodies and minds contain eternity, the eternal NOW, AS TIME, expressed in LIGHT AND COLOR in the auroras as the collective emanations of the etheric aura of all DNA forms. They are emanating our 52-day cycles. The Maya left these time patterns for us on Earth thousands of years ago.

  • The Red Light 52-day cycle is kin 1-52
  • The White Light 52-day cycle is kin 53-104
  • The Blue Light 52-day cycle is kin105-156
  • The Yellow Light 52-day cycle is kin 157-208
  • The Green Light 52-day cycle is kin 209-260

The Tzolkin IS TIME, as OUR BODIES and All DNA.

Every day happens all at once in one Gestalt of Time, which is Eternity. But because of evolution, we can see it in pieces. Because we see it in snippets, we believe it exists in pieces, like a day, but it does not. Every day is eternally a day and night, like the movie Groundhog Day, but without the time warp. As we change our minds and hearts, the time warp ends so that every day LOOKS AND FEELS different.

Time is ONE WHOLE, all of the time as the double strand DNA, the past, and the future, which are actually just partial projections of what we’ve created before.

As soon as today arrives, tomorrow is gone, so tomorrow IS TODAY. There is no “live” past, there is only now. We just have memories of events and feelings. The 3D pieces we see or have are only shadows of time. They aren’t alive.

Only DNA that has some form of breath is alive. Everything living breathes in its own way. It doesn’t breathe like animals, but it breathes.

There is no set future because of FREE WILL. The future is created based on what THE COLLECTIVE MIND wants, which I read all of the time and thus make predictions. But it’s never set in stone. No one can predict the future for sure. They only see their perspective from their point in time, but the collective is always changing its mind!! We are not of the same mi d as our ancestors when some fellow we know harps on that. We are US.

We can only see it in the Tzolkin as the 7th harmonic run, the axis of the eternal present, the Mystic Column that pulses to our CNS or brain and spine. It is kin 121-140, and I’ve posted on it continually. Just search on the Mystic Column in the search box, and more information will come up. And the GAP kin are the activation points on our spine for our eternal DNA, so heads up when those hit.

From NOAA spaceweather.com

Shock waves inside the CME accelerated protons (our DNA positive+charge) to nearly light speed, and they have already reached Earth.

Our planet’s magnetic field is funneling the particles toward the poles, where a second type of radio blackout is underway–a polar cap absorption (PCA) event. Airplanes flying over these regions may find that their shortwave radios won’t work due to the ionizing effect of infalling protons: map.

These are the 52-day light emanations as TIME; the Tzolkin, or count of days as evolution through the Loom of Maya from our mothers. They are different colors because they are different Hz frequencies of SOUND via The Tones of Creation 1-13. Light comes from sound. But what is the Source of sound?

The Psi Bank Magnetosphere ScR

Frequency is 7.94, and amplitude is 35

A CHAIN REACTION ON THE SUN: A magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR3229 erupted on Feb. 24th (1949 UTC), Friday, producing a chain reaction of events. First, the filament sliced through the sun’s atmosphere:

Its liftoff destabilized the sunspot, sparking a long duration M3-class solar flare (2030 UTC). The flare, in turn, ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, blacking out shortwave radio transmissions around the Pacific Ocean: map.

Next, a CME emerged from the blast site. Coronagraph images from SOHO show a lopsided halo with an Earth-directed component:

Type II solar radio emissions from the leading edge of the CME suggest a departure speed of 1200 km/s (2.7 million mph). The flank of the CME could reach Earth on Feb. 27th. NOAA analysts are modeling the storm cloud now, so stay tuned for a refined forecast.

That’s not all.

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